Not Dire, Maybe Tired — Virgo Full Moon

To hear some tell it, the Virgo Full Moon on Thursday at 1:05 pm PST (18:05 UTC) heralds dire events to come before our current season ends. That’s almost certainly not true. What’s far more probable is that we will all be more than just a little tired of at least one thing (probably more) by the time the Moon swings around to mid-Virgo in opposition to the Pisces Sun.


After all, who on the East Coast and Midwestern portions of the U.S. has not grown just a bit tired of the freezing, icy, snowy weather? Maybe a few ski resort owners, or kids excused from school, but likely few others.

Then there’s politics. Who is not tired of elected representatives who claim to do their job by suspending government functions and holding you hostage? Perhaps those whose true agenda is no government at all?

Then there is war — only those who profit from it have not been fatigued to numbness by perpetual armed conflict. Thugs (in suits or ski masks), bullies (with or without badges), institutionalized oppression, corporate hegemony, and inhumanity to human beings as standard operating procedure are just among the many things that suck vitality out of modern living.

And you know what happens when you get tired. You might get cranky. Probably you make mistakes. You may possibly even self-medicate to excess (or get behind a steering wheel after even moderate medication) and make it all worse for yourself and others.

How about making things better? What an idea. You could start by not entertaining tired old astrological predictions of gloom-and-doom based on doctrines that assume we are helpless puppets of the heavens. You can claim your birthright of power to participate actively as fully-fledged members of the solar system.

One way to actively participate in astrology is a simple two-step process: observe and correlate. It is recommended that you compile more than three observations before attempting correlation. That takes some patience and some effort. Fortunately, the Virgo Full Moon coming up represents nearly the end of a very interesting and long pattern which is now ripe for your observation and correlation.

It goes like this: Thursday’s Full Moon will be the seventh in a row (since the Pisces Full Moon of Sept. 8, 2014) to take place in the middle of its sign. That’s right, Full Moons in Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo and now Virgo, all at either 14, 15 or 16 degrees and the pocket change of an arc minute (one sixtieth of one degree) or an arc second (one sixtieth of an arc minute) here and there.

The trend will not end until after the Libra Full Moon next month. It is an unusual streak, and it has meaning because mid-points have substantial meaning for astrologers, and for you.

Ever hear of Halloween, Groundhog Day or May Day? Those are the husks of ancient astrological holidays observing the midpoints between seasons. The very fact that some remnant of what the ancients called cross-quarter days still remains active in common consciousness testifies to the power of mid-points in your life.

Beyond the traditional cross-quarters, the Full Moon (and opposing Sun, please remember) at the midpoint of any sign places both Sun and Moon in the middle of a square aspect between the cusp of signs that share the same quality (cardinal, fixed or mutable).

The cusps of signs that share the same quality are always 90 degrees apart. A separation of 90 degrees on the zodiac and/or in the sky defines a square. Squares represent tension, usually internal in origin but often ascribed in error to external causes. Anything in the middle of a square is thus symbolically in the middle of astrology’s prime emblem of anxiety.

Thursday’s Full Moon, for example, will find the Pisces Sun halfway between the cusp of fixed Aquarius and fixed Taurus. The Virgo Moon in turn, will be at full phase just as it is precisely (to the degree) between the cusp of fixed Leo and fixed Scorpio.

When you are in the middle of something you are often so involved so as not to be fully aware. It happens to all of us. When the Sun and Moon are in the middle of a square for seven Full Moons in a row, the implication is that your entire psyche is rather deeply involved with some prolonged tension, and probably not aware to what extent.

No wonder it seems like there is so much for you to be sick and tired of no matter where you go. Because no matter where you go, there you (and your long-sustained internal tension) unavoidably are.

But now you are aware. Now that you have received what seems to be the pertinent observation, and now that you have been given a plausible correlation, you have something to work with. Not the weather, not the politicians, not thugs, not bullies, not even the masters of war and industry. Thankfully, what you have to work with is the one thing in the Universe you can change — yourself.

And, mercifully, you have a timeframe. After next month, the Full Moons will move off sign-center and imply different correlations, new challenges and different rewards.

In the meantime, get to work on yourself. Try having a nap instead of a drink. Instead of ascribing what you are sick and tired of, describe it. Observe what others are doing with their tension. Get them to to describe what theirs is. Encourage them to own it. Support them. Find something in common rather than seeking conflict. Find reason to bond.

That’s your Full Moon in Virgo. Not an end. Not at all. Rather a real and meaningful beginning, if you will but make it. What say ye?

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25 thoughts on “Not Dire, Maybe Tired — Virgo Full Moon

  1. Sara Victoria

    Insightful and relevant – many thanks.
    The yod pointing to Jupiter (Sun & Pluto at the base) seems
    to be describing the underlying intensity of desire for real
    change and progress that is concurrent with the vibes you
    describe so well…

  2. Len Wallick Post author

    Sara Victoria: Thank you for your kind remarks and for catching that yod with your sharp and perceptive eye. Yes, the astrology of the Virgo Full Moon even finds jolly old Jupiter coming and going, from pillar to post.

  3. Lizzy

    What a wonderful, constructive and charming piece, dear Len. “Thankfully, what you have to work with is the one thing in the Universe you can change — yourself.” I’ve really been trying to do this lately – to stop the non-stop moaning and groaning in my head and force myself to really feel and experience what is going on underneath it all – and to change my knee-jerk reactions to people and life, Not easy – but when I’m able to do it it brings up some real truths, and also some serenity.
    And thank you for your gorgeous Moonshine horoscopes (one happy Scorpio moon here).

  4. Len Wallick Post author

    Lizzy: Glad you like the Moonshine Horoscopes as a companion to this piece. Thank you so very much in turn for the serenity your kind comments afford for me.

  5. Michael Mayes

    Good stuff Len! My worst fears rarely, if ever, come true. Thanks for the invitation to participate in the unfolding astrology, you make it easy to join in.

  6. Nicolas Salinas

    I was about to comment and I had a Deja Vu, like this had happened before, seeing it briefly like I commented and then you replied and it had some effect on the way things go. When I have Deja Vu’s I have an innate habit that I like in which I stop and look at the Deja Vu to see what the consequences were, supposing it really happened, but this time it disappeared too quickly so I’ll go on with what I had in mind. It was briefly saying that it’s interesting what happens with squares, although they are tiring sometimes because they are like always demanding attention, I don’t think I would do as much as I do without them, specially natally, sometimes as you say I think it is something or someone external to me that brings about this tension but then I change scenes or people and the same comes up, good thing that with time one becomes better at handling them. Also with oppositions and a square to them, I think I personally have perceived that what squares both points(?) in opposition sometimes can provide a release, like an active outlet while keeping the planets in opposition happy, I don’t know what effect the planets in opposition have on the one squaring them but they retribute fairly in a way I am yet to acknowledge. Haha, thank you Len, hope I made any sense and by the way I couldn’t help but appreciate what seemed to me the scientific method you proposed when you advise to have three observations here, very cool.

  7. Len Wallick Post author

    Michael: It is for me to thank you. It is also the astrology which invites. It is only for me to serve both you and the astrology.

    Tug: You are very welcome.

    Nicolas: You are once again on to something important. The sense of deja vu is indeed in the proverbial air. Whether it is the patterns New and Full Moons have been following since last year, or whether it is something else. Your expository on the Chironic nature of square aspects does make sense also. As to what you call my “scientific method”, it’s not strictly scientific, just another observation that once correlates with a fluke, twice correlates with a coincidence, and three times correlates with a pattern – at least when practicing astrology.

    1. Nicolas Salinas

      Much appreciated, I’ll remember that one, two, three, it’s great to be learning here and participating here somehow in this stargazing with fellow Planet Wavers under the same sky, many thanks Len, for your wisdom, generosity, tolerance and endurance. I wish many blessing for you with this coming Full Moon.

  8. Mandy

    Fascinating information, Len. I love this Full Moon – it has a multitude of meaning for me. It happens to fall on the wedding anniversary of my parents, which just seems oh-so-Virgo-perfect right now as YES, I do claim my birthright of power to participate actively as a fully-fledged member of the solar system.
    Yup, I’m a little bit pooped out right now – the naps have been beautiful.
    I also feel profoundly blessed and absolutely thrilled about the making of this beginning.
    Thank you, Len. Onward, Forward Ho!

  9. Len Wallick Post author

    Mandy: You are most welcome. Thanks to you as well for sharing your personal resonance with the impending Virgo Full Moon. Onward indeed.

  10. Barbara

    Thank you for this……….I have been working on a mystery……( that the Pisces full moon ushered in)….lots of HMMMMMMMMS abound……………Thank you once again…………

    1. Nicolas Salinas

      Is it you that signs be? I read you here, although your astrological skills surpass me. Just wanted to say you are kind of missed when I don’t see you on the comments, well, that’s all, blessings 🙂

  11. Kelly K

    Hi Len
    In your post : “Departures: Following the Second Aquarius New Moon”
    “Our first Aquarius New Moon saw the luminaries (Sun and Moon) share the very first degree of fixed air last month on Jan. 20. This week’s merger of the Sun and Moon will depart from a pattern of five consecutive luminary conjunctions in the first degree of successive signs. That pattern started with a Scorpio New Moon and solar eclipse on Oct. 23, 2014….Instead, the Sun and Moon will briefly share the very last degree of Aquarius this week just before both depart for Pisces…Appropriately, that new pattern will both repeat and conclude next month with yet another New Moon on March 20 in the very last degree of Pisces, just before the Aries equinox. That New Moon will also be a solar eclipse…”‘

    In the above post
    It goes like this: Thursday’s Full Moon will be the seventh in a row (since the Pisces Full Moon of Sept. 8, 2014) to take place in the middle of its sign. That’s right, Full Moons in Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo and now Virgo, all at either 14, 15 or 16 degrees and the pocket change of an arc minute (one sixtieth of one degree) or an arc second (one sixtieth of an arc minute) here and there.
    The trend will not end until after the Libra Full Moon next month.”

    So, the 2015 Full moon pattern concludes this trend in Libra at around 14, 15 or 16.
    Yet, the 2014 New moon to set a pattern at the beginning first degree of successive signs started with a Scorpio New Moon and solar eclipse on Oct. 23, 2014.

    Okay…what does it mean… Len? ..Someone?

  12. Len Wallick Post author

    Barbara: Thank you. Please, is this your first time commenting here? If so, welcome. Please do you care to share your mystery and get some help solving it from our erudite readers here?

    Kelly K.: Since New Moons and Full Moons are two weeks apart, it makes sense that a Full Moon near the middle of a sign should be followed by a New Moon in in either the last degree of the same sign or the first degree of next sign. What we are nearing the end of is a long period of time during which that same pattern held without substantial change. What it means probably differs with each person. Whatever started for you around the Full Moon of September 8, 2014 is evidently either re-starting (as is more often the case with astrology) or ending (as is less often the case with a modality – like astrology – where patterns go in cycles as a rule). And yes, it would be interesting that what began with a New Moon and solar eclipse in Scorpio would end with a Full Moon in Libra. Except, thinking about it some, i would say this pattern MAY have started with the Pisces Full Moon of September 8, 2014, includes the New Moon of September 23, 2014, and ends with the Libra Full Moon in April. Back to you, detective Kelly – which interpretation would you favor? And please remember, maybe we should not be talking about months here – maybe the time frame should be phrased in terms other than our civil calendar. What say ye, detective(s)?

    1. Nicolas Salinas

      And what is ending/beginning with the Libra Full Moon in April will end/begin with a Full Moon in Taurus somewhere during the Scorpio Sun this year? Just took a chance, quite a difficult puzzle. If I got lucky, would the Scorpio Sun be where the New Moon in Scorpio began this? Lol, crazy.

  13. KatSvU

    Dear Len,
    Lovely piece and as always much food for thought, and written in your characteristic manner that makes it seem so beautifully simple, a natural fluid arc.
    Since middle of last year going through a great deal of transformation, which upped the amp in September. I’ll have to check the dates with this series, but it did have a great deal of resonance when reading.
    Thank you. Namastê.

  14. beths

    Brilliant Len! This cycle has been very pertinent to me, and the synchronicity is fascinating. I initiated a new phase of work on 9/8/14, started working on 10/8/14, my car engine died 11/7/14 (and had to get a new car), negotiated a new amount of money on 12/6/14, and things are still being renegotiated (having committed to the work during a Mercury Retrograde) and growing. Interestingly this cycle is also directly related to my natal T-square in mid Pisces, Gemini and Leo. It started on 9/8/14 while the full moon was conjunct my natal Chiron/Saturn conjunction in Pisces in the 8th, I negotiated more money when it was conjunct my natal Jupiter in the 11th, and now the full moon is conjunct my natal conjunction of Pluto and Uranus in the 2nd. This past Friday I offered more ‘products’ as an option for mutual growth at my new workplace (I’ll finish sending samples today), and they are being well received. I have a feeling they may come to fruition by the next Full Moon~!

  15. Barbara

    To Nicolas……..I am a different Barbara……thanks for the good wishes…..and the same sent back to you……….I appreciate it…….and as an aside…….I’m riding the wave of this astrology learning process…Thank you……..

  16. Barbara

    Hey Len……I’m relatively new to these parts…….Thank you for the welcome and your work…………I’ve been “ON” to the “cycle of patterns” idea ……learning as I go….from everyone here…..part of the learning (curve)….is the articulation of ideas…..sometimes it is more image than translation into word…..Can’t help but think of Running Down the Dream………….Thank you again for your kindness…

  17. chief niwot's son

    “Ever hear of Halloween, Groundhog Day or May Day? Those are the husks of ancient astrological holidays observing the midpoints between seasons.”

    Len, I’d like to give a little love for Jerry Garcia’s birthday on August 1st, also known as Lugnasadh, the fourth of the cross-quarter days.

    As for this Full Moon, my vocational life got reorganized last year to re-align a key event so that it begins on tomorrow’s Full Moon. Keeping it in sync.

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