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Saturn is leaving Sagittarius behind to enter Capricorn either later today or early tomorrow, depending on where you live. As Len Wallick sees it, you could very plausibly think of the occasion as something like coming home for a while — just in time for a holiday season when many of us will be doing just that.

We are now just hours before Saturn leaves Sagittarius behind to ingress Capricorn. Logically enough, inquiring minds want to know what that will mean. In general, the answer will depend on who you are. Each person’s personal astrology (derived from date, time and place of birth) provides a highly unique context for any significant astrological event.


Broadly speaking, the most meaningful astrological occasions fall into four categories: eclipses of the Sun and Moon, lunations, ingresses and retrogrades. One of the highlights of 2017 was the so-called “Great American” solar eclipse of Aug. 21.

Lunations (the period between one New Moon and the next) are quite familiar to nearly everybody. The largest subdivisions of the civil calendar used by most of us (what we now call ‘months’) had both their linguistic and practical origin in the lunar cycle.

Ideally, eclipses and lunations can be witnessed by simply looking at the sky. Ingresses (the Sun, Moon or a planet moving from one sign to another) and retrogrades (which have to do with Earth lapping — or being lapped by — another planet) on the other hand, are more readily seen on a zodiac chart.

Because Saturn moves around the zodiac quite slowly (taking almost 30 years to make a circuit of all 12 signs), its ingresses are a significant occasion. When you consider how Capricorn is considered by astrologers to be one of Saturn’s two ‘dominions’ (where it is most at home), the event takes on even more significance.

Consider what a difference it makes when you are most at home. You can relax more easily and exercise broader discretion as compared to being on somebody else’s turf. For starters, then, imagine Saturn finally being able to put its feet up and grab whatever it wants out of the fridge for the next two-and-a-half years.

Actually, since Saturn’s other traditional dominion is Aquarius (the sign immediately following Capricorn), make that about five years. Think along the lines of a long and extended ‘staycation’ for Saturn, and you get the general idea.

Perhaps foremost among other symbolic characteristics, Saturn itself is an emblem of form, order and structure for astrologers. If you combine that perception with Saturn coming home to stay or a while, you will not be far wrong in knowing some of what’s implied for the handful of years to come. Above all, there is nothing explicitly necessary to fear.

Indeed, you might want to begin the next five years or so by relaxing a little bit yourself wherever you feel most at home. While you do so, take a look around, and allow your thoughts to wander to where you want to be (and what you want to be doing) by the time 2023 gets underway.

After all, every form, order or structure ever created by human beings had its inception in the imagination. Since an extended holiday season is already underway for many of us, the timing of this particular Saturn ingress alone could very well hold all the meaning your inquiring mind might need to know — at least for now. And that’s not bad at all.

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3 thoughts on “Not Bad is Good

  1. chief niwot's sonchief niwot's son

    Thank you Len. With all the astrological hoopla regarding Saturn’s ingress into Capricorn, I have not read anything along the lines of what you have offered. Saturn is home, and home is, or hopefully is, a place of comfort. My Saturn is now home, and I am happy to receive the wisdom of letting him chill for a while.

  2. LizzyLizzy

    Yes, many thanks Len! My Saturn is home now, too – “and I am happy to receive the wisdom of letting him chill for a while.” Yes, lovely! The last weeks of Saturn in Sagittarius have been exhausting, and I felt a lovely peaceful shift and sense of grounding when Saturn finally moved ‘home’ for me.

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