Moon-Mars Opposition: Whose Feelings are Whose?

Posted by Eric F Coppolino

Moon-Mars Opposition: Whose Feelings are Whose?

Today’s most interesting aspect is the Moon opposite Mars. This aspect often presents a challenge of some kind — to one’s sense of security, to one’s emotional state, or a direct confrontation in a relationship. Yet today’s version of the aspect is especially interesting because the Moon is in a sign ruled by Mars (Scorpio) […]

Today’s most interesting aspect is the Moon opposite Mars. This aspect often presents a challenge of some kind — to one’s sense of security, to one’s emotional state, or a direct confrontation in a relationship.

Yet today’s version of the aspect is especially interesting because the Moon is in a sign ruled by Mars (Scorpio) and Mars is in a sign where the Moon is exalted (Taurus). This is called a ‘mixed reception’. The concept of ‘mixed’ is about combining rulership and exaltation in the same aspect pattern (were both planets involved ruling planets of the signs in question, the term would be mutual reception). Note, this is a window into classical astrology and its many rules of play.

The upshot is that the Moon and Mars can seem to trade places (mutual reception is the same basic idea). Whatever or whoever Mars represents can be signified by the Moon, and vice versa. Or the setup can describe a situation where it’s unclear who is who, and further, where both parties take on both roles. You might say that Moon-Mars in mixed reception is a deep involvement, particularly emotional. It’s one that might be so deep that the dominant force is unconscious projection — one person assigning their feelings to another.

The themes that arise in this setup are ones that are often caught in projection — desire, need, passion and anger. The pattern suggests that you consider the possibilities of how you feel, based on how you think others feel. To me it also suggests that you listen for what people are saying when they suggest that you (or their partner or a friend or their dog) thinks or feels something — they may be speaking for themselves, but it’s convenient to say it’s some other entity who is really doing the feeling.

It’s worth making a brief comment on anger. New Age thinking, which is basically pop spirituality and self-help, is basically against anger. There is little to no allowance made for why someone feels the way they do — their feelings are simply put into the ‘bad’ category. I don’t think this is healthy.

I think that the first thing we need to do with anger, or desire, or fear, is to listen to what it’s saying, rather than size it up and attempt to make a determination based on a prefab concept. From a therapeutic standpoint, I find this to be disturbing, for just about every reason. Mainly, though, the best way not to address anger honestly is to pretend that it’s bad, which is another way of saying you’re subjecting it to denial.

Under this astrology, be mindful of anything that resembles a hostage situation, that is, if you think something terrible will happen if you want to step away. Pay attention if you’re acting a certain way because you fear someone else will get angry. And especially pay attention if you propose that someone wants or desires or lusts after you, but you’re not into it. We really might ask: how does everyone really, truly and, in actual fact, feel?

It is fair to say that anything arising under this astrology is calling for careful evaluation: for projection factors, for accountability, and for slippery properties such as what, in New Age parlance, is described as mirroring. Mirroring is interesting, because it attempts to account for projection — the idea is that someone acting a certain way toward you is ‘showing you how you really feel’. Psychology calls this introjection. I would remind you that mirrors show a mirror image.

Therefore, in whatever you’re seeing, feeling or noticing, check from several viewpoints. Consider the possibilities. Ask yourself how you really feel and what you really want. You’ll learn something interesting. If you do, please share it with us.

12 thoughts on “Moon-Mars Opposition: Whose Feelings are Whose?

  1. Michael MayesMichael Mayes

    I have found that what I really and truly want is for everything to go smoothly on the home front. That is truly all that matters to me during this astrology. I went skateboarding, cleared my head, got some space, and realized that my nest with Cass and the 2 cats are where I want to focus my energy.

  2. Fe BongolanFe Bongolan

    I am not feeling this full moon as much today as I did Saturday when I slid into a perfect outlet for waxing Full Moon energy: an all-day cooking marathon for the familia. Made my Cancer-Jupiter and Uranus 5th House leap with inspiration, though I did need to crash Sunday at my own home afterwards for a 45 minute nap which turned into 4 hours. Got to watch my energy outflow, making sure its balanced with rest.

  3. DanielHugging Scorpio

    I don’t think I’ve personally changed my viewpoint on Anger despite a lot of work I’ve done with where I choose to focus my attention. I still view it as energy that needs freedom to be expressed and felt. Just like with anything, how we determine the best most productive expression of our energy is our choice and should still be grounded in awareness.

    I love it when I feel my anger. It is a direct access point to clarity and is wholly regenerative. But I try to own it in a productive way. I do not like it when anger is used as a way of ego identification. When we don’t use it as a launching pad to an improved situation or outlook, it can turn into a pattern of self abuse.

    I’ve seen people not really want to look at what’s behind their anger, only to drop further into confusion and even substance abuse. It starts gradually, almost as an afterthought, as a small comfort. Before you know it, they’re making excuses and pointing fingers, and the personal “story” doesn’t change – or doesn’t get to change.

    I agree, there is so much good information about the anger we feel. The momentum, however, should be added on the flip side of that energy – on the “what I want” direction – on the improved visualization.

    Just a few thoughts I felt inspired to share.

    1. Amanda PainterAmanda Painter

      Hugging Scorpio — I remember once reading (perhaps in “The Artist’s Way”? Not sure…) the phrase that “anger is something to be acted *on* — not acted *out*.” In other words, that anger will always point us to something that needs our attention, needs us to take action in some way to put things right, to bring ourselves or a situation into better alignment.

      But that kind of action, which uses anger as an indicator that something needs to change, is not the same as kicking and screaming and getting abusive (to others or to self). Throwing a tantrum and raging and getting violent (physically, verbally, emotionally, psychically) is expressive, but more likely to be destructive rather than constructive.

      And sometimes we need to vent that energy in that way — but once it’s vented, the change action the emotion is pointing to still needs to occur. Otherwise, we’re just fueling a perpetual cycle of venting without addressing what the anger is showing us. Then I think we’re more likely to get into that “anger as ego identification” thing you mention.

      That is, I think we’re on the same page here. Just adding my long-winded way of re-phrasing it.

  4. Caterina Ragusa

    In the spirit of this title, I have been ruminating for a while about what it means when people want you to be accountable for their own feelings. It is a tricky subject. One that can acknowledge feelings being real, yet one that questions how one’s own feelings factor in. Probably a bit of both. The real strangeness is when you are literally not sharing the reality of why someone is upset at you. One might wish there was a genuine thing to take responsibility for, but when you ain’t feeling that, you ain’t feeling that.
    I have moon and mars in the same sign, Gemini. Have often felt largely baffled by what expression of feelings are acceptable. I think of it as “user-friendly empathy”– that sometimes we only acknowledge another’s reality by its user ability. And even sometimes assign someone as ” too emotional ” or “not feeling enough” because the emotional landscape we interpret is inconvenient.
    I really love this astrology in focus! Even though this topic surrounding empathy/feelings I have always found to be a great challenge, it is also infinitely insightful upon the slithery nature of reality.

  5. Michele WestbrookMichele Westbrook

    This certainly helped me make sense of myself today. I was madder than a wet hen even after a kick boxing class. I finally rescheduled my afternoon obligations and sent myself to time out at Chewacla State Park. Feeling a little less ‘Hulk’ now :-)

  6. SheridanSquare

    Really great post. I’m all astrology and common sense right now. At a crossroads involving Saturn Return, Saturn square Mars, Saturn oppose Merc. Uranus square natal Moon. Pluto oppose natal Moon..Yes, some pretty good stuff. Finding clarity in the surrender and the deconstruction. Holding on to inner ground, while outer ground in flux. So taking in various points of view in the time I have to influence my choices. Very rapid movement. My natal Moon in Cancer..all about home, family, bonds, status quo and so forth.I’m taking in other’s feelings as a “rear view mirror” to my blind spots and long term attachments, dependencies, or just convenience. I am flowing with the speed of the moment, recreating and adapting, fast and furious. The issue at hand is change,maturity, uncertainty and trust. Being a rolling stone that gathers no moss. I’ve gathered a lot of moss, time to shed it. Moving faster than what I feel comfortable with..but hope to enter this new phase with energy to nurture the future.

  7. MandyMandy

    I’ve been blocked in accomplishing many practicalities lately. One step forward, five steps back. I woke up feeling fear and anger. As I sat with it, I realized the fear was an illusion – worry of things that weren’t happening today, they were only happening in my mind, based on someone’s unrealistic expectations of me. She thinks I can put the cart before the horse, and I can’t, so I let that go. If she gets pissed off, well that’s up to her.
    I realized the blocks were actually helping to narrow down my focus, and as doors were closed (temporarily) it simplified the step by step requirements. I concluded that I had all that I needed for today, and the anger turned into motivation to do what I could for today. I opened to adventure.
    It turned out to be a day of accomplishment, and even a surprise open door appeared!

  8. Mary Turcich

    I was terribly angry this past Saturday. Natal Pluto conjunct Ascendant almost got the better of me but I left the area and expressed myself to whatever spirits I didn’t scare off. When I listened to what I was fitfully muttering, I noticed it was all about planning to run away to avoid expressing my needs to those around me.
    It struck me that this is a familiar coping pattern of mine. I began to realize that I did not want to run away but do need things to change. Allowing my anger gave me an opportunity to break a harmful pattern and develop my problem solving abilities. Thanks to those spirits who stood by Ms. Pluto. And thanks Eric for an opportunity to share something positive about anger.

  9. Susy

    Been full of desire lately and where my thinking goes, lots of fear and catastrophic projections to slough off, connected with allowing myself something a little bit questionable, better to let them flow through than swim against that current, waiting for the clearer water to follow the flood.

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