Mercury Unbound

There’s a lot going on presently, both in the sky and in the world. As regards to public affairs, it would be fair to say a large number of occurrences are competing for your attention. It would also not be surprising if your personal life were emulating both the celestial and public flurry. For most, if not all, one pertinent question is where to begin.


On the Atlantic side of the U.S., an onslaught of winter weather is of immediate and urgent concern. At many locations in that same area, a significant number of people have found it worthwhile to stand in line today to purchase a certain controversial book.

If you were to take a clue from that single combination of events, it would make sense to begin an analysis of our current astrology by paying attention to what Mercury is doing.

As is the case with other sign rulers, Mercury has a sizable portfolio of correlations. What is emphasized among the large number of Mercury’s earthly associations at any given time will usually depend on context.

We live at a time when, for a combination of reasons, books printed on paper have a questionable future. Plausibly, that would go double for bookstores. Hence, to have a large number of people brave serious weather and queue up for something which could be obtained by delivery or digital auspices is an event worthy of note.

Among the many things Mercury corresponds to is information. In this century, the printed word has faced intense competition as a source of information. Even so, no other way of accessing data can duplicate the stability of a book. Once ink is committed to paper, the only way of eradicating or distorting what it says is through the implementation of drastic and draconian measures that cannot be concealed.

Somehow, a substantial number of us still seem to know that.

Mercury is now in the last handful of days before it finally leaves behind the segment of Sagittarius where it has moved back and forth since mid-November. Interestingly, the same, brief period of time will see a flurry of interactions among Mercury and other major planets reach a climax — which has been building for weeks — before they all move to develop new themes more commensurate with a new year.

Assuming there is some truth in the observation that what occurs above is reflected here below, Mercury thus seems to be a prime indication of what to make of this moment. In essence, much of what’s happening now is a summation of what has gone on before. In one case, at least, that consolidation is being committed to a lasting form — one that will serve as a stable future reference beyond the easy reach of those who would prefer that both your memory and attention span be short.

If you look at it that way, the next handful of days will not be so intimidating after all. In all probability, we can expect some density and intensity, but that too shall pass. Afterward, new business will be at hand. From all appearances, the best way to approach that near future will entail not forgetting the past, while also being newly unbound from it.

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4 thoughts on “Mercury Unbound

  1. chief niwot's son

    Thanks Len for the reminder that Mercury is still in his shadow phase, it explains the current round of “dredging up” that I am experiencing.

  2. Boscoe Fritz

    Thank you for a great focus….i feel it and i feel it ending…but what a lot of crazy energy. i am glad to be able to ‘read’ the heavens. heaven help us all….

  3. Sue Edwards

    You are amazing in your insight Len. Thank You for sharing the fruits of it.

    Your reading is spot on for me. I’ve been engaged in a battle that has lasted 9 years and is now reaching a point of resolution. I am free of attachments, no matter how the situation is decided. I couldn’t always say that but 9 years has been a long time. What I have been focused upon is that it will finally be over and me free of it.

    We don’t have any bookstores in my town or area and I don’t drive on highways where speed is in excess of 30mph. (I have 2 speeds: slow and stop.) So I was one of the lucky for me individuals that pre-ordered “the book” on Amazon and am now waiting for my copy to arrive on Tuesday, the original release date. I expect to laugh and giggle all the way through it, seeing it as a bat that hit a beehive. Gossip is buzzing, feeding upon and consuming itself in the process.

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