Mercury Stations Direct: Keep Your Promises

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Mercury stations direct in early Sagittarius tonight at 8:42 pm EST. This happens as we are still riding through the wake of Saturday’s total eclipse of the Moon in Gemini, the second of two eclipses for this mind-bending round that began in late November. Eclipses themselves offer an astrology lesson: borrowing a line from the late Patric Walker, “This sodding stuff works,” but how it works we discover when the eclipses themselves happen. Now as we consider the implications of recent events, Mercury stations direct in Sagittarius after 23 days retrograde, which will bring out a new layer of information, revelation or at least recognition.

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Note that the next eclipses occur in May and June of 2012, in the midst of a concentrated series of events that leads into the first exact Uranus-Pluto square. I covered that in a recent special edition podcast on the top five events of 2012.

Tonight’s Mercury station direct makes a square aspect to a Pluto-like planet called Orcus. This is an underworld deity from the days of the Etruscans, or the dwellers of the European continent before what we think of as Europe. Orcus was probably a precursor to Hades and Pluto, but he has a special property involving the keeping of oaths, and holding to account those who swear false oaths. In our time this translates to promises and agreements. Whatever else may be going on for you at this time, please review the promises you’ve made and consider the ethics and the wisdom of coming through with them.

Given that Mercury is stationing direct (concentrated, slightly overwhelming mental energy; a point of turnaround) in a square to a planet similar to Pluto, I would include on the agenda careful consideration of what you may be obsessing over. Consider the use of power over others (direct or indirect), the use of religious power in any form (such as influencing people through their beliefs), and any attempts to run an agenda that you’re not disclosing. Subversive activity, including that which emerges as a result of your psychological tendencies, is not likely to go well. Said another way, keep your plans and your intentions above the boards, especially where prior commitments are concerned.

There are a number of other minor planets in the same aspect setup (at about 3 to 5 degrees of the mutable signs). Two aboriginal figures show up in the configuration: Altjira, an Australian keeper of the dreamtime, is one of them. Opposite Mercury, this contrasts the immediate needs of the moment (decisions, commitments, promises) with a kind of alternate reality. Just make sure that other dimension is a source of inspiration and nourishment rather than a source of delusion. It’s a reminder that this reality is not all that exists without negating the necessities of what we have to do here.

The other aboriginal god is Teharonhiawako, in Pisces. He is the Iroquois creator god depicted as a giant who holds up the sky. Coming from Pisces, you might ask: What is holding up your beliefs, or deeper in, what supports your faith? Does your faith feed you, or deplete you?

Finally, Mercury stations direct conjunct the centaur planet Okyrhoe, the daughter of Chiron and Chariklo. Okyrhoe was a prophet. Mercury conjunct Okyrhoe in Sagittarius carries a message to be aware of what you know, and to use what you know. While we like to pretend we live shrouded in mystery, in fact most of the time we know what we want, and we understand the meaning and implications of our particular circumstances. Using what you know comes back to the commitments you have to yourself, particularly to make honest decisions and follow through with them. It’s a reminder not to be surprised by what you knew all along. You are your own best divining oracle.

I’ll see you Friday with a regularly scheduled edition of Planet Waves, and I plan to have a regular edition podcast later today. Please check the Planet Waves Daily Astrology page for that.

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