Making Space, Time and Energy Matter

The three dimensions of space (height, width and length) function to define a lot of your reality. There is, for instance, only so much room in any given physical container. Contents are thus identified in part by both their proximity to each other and the nature of what holds them. You might say something of the same for any given amount of time.


Time is not amenable to the same static measurements as the three dimensions of space. Even so, you have no doubt experienced a given period being defined by what you can (or can’t) fit into it.

Additionally, the concept of fitting in goes beyond quantification of space and time to take other forms of identity. It is not unusual for you to be faced with the question of how or whether to fit in with a group of people, to cite just one example.

The same principles of how and whether or not things fit together is part of astrology’s way of understanding the world. It so happens today’s astrology combines representations of space, time and energy to indicate something of how you can affect the climate in which you are, and will be, living your life.

As regards to spatial considerations, the Sun and Moon come together in the same degree of Leo today shortly before 5 pm EDT (20:44:29 UTC) to define the prototypical conjunction aspect known as a New Moon.

When any two objects conjoin, they are essentially sharing the same space on the zodiac. In a way, then, the Sun and Moon become one today. Among other things, the two luminaries are astrologically emblematic of your conscious awareness (Sun) and unconscious understanding (Moon). Both exist alongside each other in your mind. Sometimes those two parts of your mind are not fully cognizant of each other, but when they are you can reasonably be said to have yourself together. That’s an especially pertinent theme for a New Moon in Leo, where issues regarding the self are emphasized.

In addition to having the nature of their merger today defined by its Leo container, the Sun and Moon are also initiating a temporal container. That’s because every New Moon is considered to be the end of one period called a lunation, and the beginning of the next one as well.

Lunations bequeathed the commonly used unit of time fittingly named after the Moon: a month. If you are at all typical, many of the cycles of your life complete and renew again on a monthly basis.

No two months are alike. Many of those differences can be traced to how each month begins. The same is true of lunations. Any events taking place at the same time or in spatial aspect to a New Moon are thus considered by astrologers to anticipate the array of possible environments defining the four or so weeks to come.

Today’s Leo New Moon is taking place at about the same time Mars is returning to Sagittarius after a retrograde foray that took it back to Scorpio. Additionally, the merged luminaries will today be in a trine aspect to Saturn, which is also in Sagittarius.

When any object changes signs, its role in the astrological order changes as well. Among other things, Mars is, as Robert Hand put it, “an energy planet.” It would be fair to say that the role of energy in your life is now subject to change precisely because Mars is changing signs. In addition, the concurrence of the Martian ingress to Sagittarius with today’s New Moon would appear to be saying that energy’s changing role could very well be a defining theme for you this month.

Saturn is the very essence of containers and definitions. Trine aspects are second only to conjunctions when it comes to representing things flowing together through the auspices of a common element. In the case of Leo (where the New Moon is) and Sagittarius (where both Mars and Saturn are), the common element is fire.


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Fire is closely related to the energetic nature of Mars. The visible countenance of Mars is red like fire. In addition, Mars rules the third fire sign — Aries.

Combine the timing that today’s Leo New Moon has with Mars and the spatial aspect it also has with Saturn, and you might reasonably draw a few conclusions about the life conditions you may well be able to co-create during August.

First off, this new month is likely to be a defining time. It is probable that you will participate in defining yourself, as well as who and what you do or don’t fit in with.

The nature of your participation, in turn, will likely be determined by the amount, inclination and nature of energy you can bring to bear. Where, when and how you apply yourself will thus go a long way towards making not only this month, but you. The net result of today’s astrology is thus an implied practice.

On the whole, the protocol indicated by the astrology today is the practice of asking yourself aloud where you want to put your energy on a daily basis. Based on the principle that what you put in is what you will get out, you should be able to shape not only yourself but your environment with greater efficacy than usual. The final result, however, will not be a matter of destiny so much as a matter of choice followed by action.

So act with care. Combine a conscious awareness of your intent with an understanding of your desires in order to invest your energies wisely. In essence, the implied outcome will be a significant chapter in your further evolution, that of your life, and how both fit into the world.

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4 thoughts on “Making Space, Time and Energy Matter

  1. Beth

    Love this. And time is not always the same, no matter how much we insist it is. New Moon is conjunct my ascendent opposite natal Venus, truly rising out of the ashes after a deep Pluto transformation, a phoenix…

  2. Bette

    New moon in 2nd house conjunct natal Pluto, square natal moon (5th) & trine Sun (6th), which is hosting transiting Saturn. Meanwhile Neptune hangs out around my M.H. I am/am not clearly seen as who I am in my community, & the whole process around that seems to be shifting. Just can’t quite see around the curve in the river. Yet.

    Thanks for the pointers, Len. Yes, making thoughtful choices in where I focus my time & energy seems to be key right now.

  3. Barbara Koehler

    Well, speaking of containers when the Moon joined the Sun at 10+ Leo, five of the major planets were within a space of 42 degrees of the zodiac. The other 5 major planets ranged within a space of 138 degrees. The Sun and Moon grouping was composed of inner (personal) planets plus Jupiter. All were moving direct. The other group consisted of 4 non-personal planets and one personal planet and all the non-personal planets were retrograde.

    Marc Edmund Jones would call this a See-Saw pattern because the 2 groups were appropriately separated by (at least) a span of a sextile (60 degrees or more) of empty space on one side and a span of 90 degrees (a square) or more on the other side. Each side then can be either level with the other side or weightier (lower) or lighter (higher) than the other, depending.

    On what would it depend you might ask, regarding the level of balance in this See Saw. Well, maybe on how it affected any particular individual, or even the consciousness of a community could determine the degree of balance. Perhaps the fact that one side – in this particular case anyway – is focused on the personal while the other side is focused primarily on the non-personal could determine whether the 2 sides are level or not. Also, one side might change the balance because its focus is totally forward (moving in direct motion), while the other side is primarily in review mode (4 of the 5 major planets in retrograde).

    With all these variables, there is one bridging influence that could maintain a sense of balance this month; transiting Mars, newly direct and now closing in on the degree where it previously stationed retrograde, is in the sign ruled by Jupiter who is on the other side of this See-Saw pattern from Mars. Thus, Jupiter, from his position on the predominantly “personal” side of the See-Saw will influence the “energy” of Mars on the predominantly “non-personal” side of the board. Mars’ focus, usually pretty self-centered anyway, will be balancing that urge due to his association with the non-personal side (outer or collective planets) of the See-Saw, and because he is in Jupiter’s sign of Sagittarius. For a couple of weeks anyway, Mars will be somewhat reined in.

    Mars will reach that point where he stationed retrograde last April on August 22, well after the See-Saw pattern has elapsed, and after the Aquarius Full Moon takes place. He, Mars, it would seem would then be released from any demands to be a team player. That is, the influence of the See-Saw binding him to the non-personal side of things, and the fact that transiting Saturn (also on the non-personal side of the See-Saw ) will have stationed direct by then.

    Based on what you have told us Len, and on this New Moon See-Saw pattern, I’m thinking that our conscious awareness (Sun) and unconscious understanding (Moon) in the very personal sign of Leo will likely be lured into a more worldly focus thanks to the Jupiter-Mars connection. At least until the Full Moon, or more probably until Mars clears his shadow.

    As luck and/or the Universe would have it, that day, August 22, when Mars reaches the degree where his retrograde began, transiting Mercury and transiting Jupiter will make the 1st of their 3 conjunctions that will end their old cycle and begin their new cycle. This is a game changer.

    Not only that, but Sun and Moon will both enter new signs that day, calling for even more change. I’ll mull this over but for now it appears a subtle influence of compressed (42 degree span) personal awareness and understanding within the broad scope (138 degree span) of the collective will give countenance to a creative period (new moon in Leo) for a new stage of development. This might include participating in some worthy group enterprise that benefits all.

    If that were to happen on a broad scale it could change the world!

  4. aWord

    New Moon on my AC opposite natal Pholus on the DC. (That’s a see-saw in itself, of another sort). Lots of containing and see-sawing going on, but what’s new? Maybe an almost imperceptible feeling of what might be a sort of balance?
    With all this energy opposing natal Sun, one could wonder (about that balance thing) but who can be too concerned with that with all this Mars energy? Yep, Saturn has provided containers, just want to be sure that energy gets put to good use prior to Mars and Saturn connecting with transiting (retro) Pholus. I don’t know when that will be, but I’m watching my calendar. Thanks Len (and Be 🙂

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