Let’s Talk About Uranus

By Amanda Moreno

I’ve been hosting a monthly AstroCircle for the past several months. After going back and forth about how to best present an ongoing astrological workshop in a way that caters to varying levels of experience, I decided this format would be the best way to go.

Photo by graywacke/A Landing a Day

Photo by graywacke/A Landing a Day

Each month we look at a particular theme, typically chosen based on current transits. I do some lecture, we do a lot of imaginal exercises, some personal sharing and storytelling, we involve oils and stones and images, and have some time for open discussion. I leave each session excited and inspired.

When pondering what to teach for the October circle, I decided to just ask the universe for direct insight. Direct insight seems to be pretty rare, so when it happens — especially when I ask for it — I pay attention. It became quite clear that the universal request was that I teach about Uranus. I didn’t quite understand why, as recent circles have been very current-transit oriented, but went about preparing anyway.

Uranus is probably my favorite planet, although I do have to give the disclaimer that I am a person who throws around the terms ‘favorite’ and ‘love’ quite freely and enthusiastically. I do identify as non-monogamous, after all. Plenty of love to go around.

Uranus aspects pretty much all of the major planets, the angles and some asteroids in my chart. My sun is in Aquarius, which is co-ruled by Uranus and Saturn, a planetary pair that is integral to bringing structures to conscious form and then testing the limits of what we think is possible in order to grow. I would consider myself to be a Uranian type. But what does that mean?

When I think of Uranus and Aquarius, I tend to think first about liberation, de-conditioning and individuation. Jung’s theory of individuation speaks to the process of hearing the call of the soul, answering the call, and then integrating unconscious and conscious contents in order to become “who we are meant to be.” This involves liberating from the Saturnian structures and conditioning that are not in alignment with this call.

The concept of hearing the call of the soul sounds somewhat romantic, but it’s often uncomfortable, isolating and therefore avoided entirely. How many people do you know who embrace their difference willfully and enthusiastically, especially those who buck societal conventions in big ways?

The process of individuation, therefore, is associated with de-conditioning and liberating from the known. At the same time, and perhaps because of this de-conditioning process, individuation can be an isolating and lonely experience. Many people do not respond consciously to the pull to individuate because the response can create a lot of insecurity, as breaking down Saturnian structures is wont to do. Here we can see the Aquarian themes of the rebel or outsider coming to the surface.

As the higher octave of Mercury, Uranus represents long-term memory and is therefore also associated with past life memories. Whereas Saturn represents the boundaries of our conscious awareness, Uranus represents the higher mind or personal unconscious — the long view of the memories of our soul’s individuation process.

In the natal chart, the placement of Uranus can indicate where these de-conditioning or liberation processes can be worked through in our lives in a unique way. It is where we can create our own mythology. It is also where we can see karmic triggers that have been traveling with us for many lifetimes.

In Evolutionary Astrology, aspects to Uranus, the 11th house and Aquarius are all indicators of mental trauma. This is different from Plutonian trauma, which is primarily seen as emotional and psychological, although there is some overlap. Uranus represents the shock that takes us out of ourselves, the disassociation connected with the ‘flight’ side of the ‘fight or flight’ response. In less trauma-focused Aquarian terms, it is known as gaining perspective and taking the long view.

Quite honestly, I’m sometimes hesitant to write about trauma especially to a general audience. Therefore it might be worthwhile here to mention two things. First, it’s always helpful to keep in mind that when we are looking at a chart through a specific lens, it is not the only lens.

Second, the reincarnation or karmic lens invites us to bear in mind the fact that human history is full of some pretty horrific events. In my belief system, that helps me to understand that many people are born with a certain amount of PTSD. Perhaps some of us are here to work through that, and some are not. For those who fall in the former category, the Uranus-as-trauma-signature filter can be a useful way of bringing awareness to patterns. Mark Jones’ Healing the Soul and Patricia Walsh’s Understanding Karmic Complexes are fantastic resources for understanding Uranus in this way.

Don't let the word "change" scare you; Planet Waves just helps you grow as you move through life's seasons. Try an affordable Reader Level membership (tell your friends about it!); for more comprehensive service, try a Core Community membership.

Don’t let the word “change” scare you; Planet Waves just helps you grow as you move through life’s seasons. Try an affordable Reader Level membership (tell your friends about it!); for more comprehensive service, try a Core Community membership.

The other day I was pondering Uranus’ correspondence with The Fool in the tarot. A tarot mentor of mine once told me that she sees The Fool as the scariest card in the tarot because it indicates an entirely new beginning and stepping off into the unknown.

As the card in the deck that is numbered zero and therefore falls at the end as well as the beginning, it completes the circle. The Fool arrives just after the mastery signified by the final card in the tarot, The Universe, which is a card also corresponding with Saturn. The structures have been identified and are ready to be tested, the limits are once again ready to be pushed beyond; and The Fool, that fantastic Uranian complex, is either greeted willfully and with conscious intention, or else a lightning strike bolts us in the next phase.

In my natal chart, Uranus lies in the 4th house in Scorpio. Themes of sudden loss of family members through traumatic death have been consistent since my early childhood. My life seems in many ways to be an experiment in shrugging off conditioning about what family looks like. Whether I’m inherently the black sheep or have consciously chosen to be so, in this life I get to create a new myth of what ‘blood ties’ look like. I am learning a lot about sudden loss and change.

Two days before I was set to lead the Uranus AstroCircle, I got a call from my mom who let me know that a family member had died, suddenly and traumatically. I was plunged back into the Uranian realm, with transiting Saturn having just moved away from my natal Uranus, which lies in Scorpio.

I then understood a bit more about the universe’s directive to have me focus once again on a Uranian configuration that really is at the crux of my natal chart. The AstroCircle was rescheduled, and I had a chance once again to revisit the archetype and my lived experience of it.

I’m not actually at a point in my life where writing out all of my Uranus stories seems like a great idea. I was, however, compelled to type out my thoughts, once again not entirely sure why, but trusting in the process. Hopefully it’s helpful in some way; I’d love to hear your thoughts on the topic.

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About Amanda Moreno

Amanda is an astrologer, soul worker and paradigm buster based in Seattle. Her adventures in these forms of ‘practical woo’ are geared towards helping people to heal themselves and the world. She can be found in the virtual world at www.aquarianspirals.com.

17 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Uranus

  1. Vincent

    dear amanda,

    my sun is also in aquarius , libra rising, moon in aries – thats all I really know about my chart
    your words resonate – every one
    it began in 2011 – i thought it was (and it was) about love but i am now realizing its bigger than one person – “happily ever after” is a lot of hard work – to face oneself – to learn to ‘be’


  2. dbdesigns

    “but it’s often uncomfortable, isolating and therefore avoided entirely. How many people do you know who embrace their difference willfully and enthusiastically, ”

    Uranus is in my 1st house – Leo. I’m an Aries with Leo rising and Gemini moon. I’m also an INFJ.

    I am probably the only person I know who embraces their difference willfully, and have no problems accepting any isolation it causes, as being alone is more than just a comfortable experience for me, it is absolutely necessary for my psyche and creative expression. I’m not a social butterfly, I am perfectly content within myself.

    I think that those who need confirmation from outside themselves may have a harder time *being* themselves.

    What uranus in Leo means, I am not sure – would need to refer to astrological reports I had done yrs ago.

    1. Amanda Moreno Post author

      “I think that those who need confirmation from outside themselves may have a harder time *being* themselves.”

      This makes me think of how often I joke that all extroversion is really just avoidance.

      There can probably be some truth in that, but I also like to value the fact that many of us are very much learning through the compare/contrast function — I am/not this. We are a relational species. In that sense, I suppose that I could see how someone might say that my [at times quite intense] introversion is avoidance as well.

      Uranus in Leo is a generational signature — a generation intending to shrug off conditioning when it comes to the need for recognition, and uses of the spark of life we call creation in terms of artistic creativity, romance and children. The house placement is what makes it personal. I suppose the goal is to heal in a way that allows for creative self-actualization. Right expression of will — whatever the hell that means. Those details get filled in by the individual.

      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. And for embracing your differentness willfully. The world needs you 🙂

      1. dbdesigns

        You’re very kind, Amanda!

        LOL, even if the world did need someone like me, they’d first need to understand where I come from/my perspective! People tend to find me… entertaining… I make them laugh, because I see things and say things others won’t/don’t. I’m also inciteful, for the same reason, which they don’t always enjoy!

        Indeed, there are many times, especially since chemo/radiation/endocrine demise, where I need to choose to not be social, but this choice is really a need, based on my biology at this time. I find people to be exhausting, even when I was younger and healthier, much more so now. Adrenals have been through several wringers. And what we didn’t know about methylation 20, 30, 40+ yrs ago is enormous.

        People drain my energy, but then, there’s that INFJ. It, like the status of my neuros, dictated by my affected gene snps, defines how much interaction my body can stand. LOL, and it ain’t much, anymore! It’s hard to mete out energy to activities and people, like a miser, when, one’s natural energy pattern was endless.

        Perhaps having Uranus in my 1st house, Leo, is why the U/P Square landed SO hard on my life and health.

        In reading comments on the 2016 Vision thing for fire signs, I’ve been wondering where all the Aries are? A lot of Sag are replying, but where are all the Aries suns? Makes me think we Aries got burned up by that blasted square, and we’re all in hiding, licking our wounds and trying to get our wool coats smooth, or as it tried to do to me – wipe me off this Earth!

        Peace, Love, and Abundant Health and Happiness to all,

  3. Pisces Sun

    Uranus is Retrograde in Leo in my first House, opposition my Sun in Pisces, tri My Moon and Venus both in Aries in my 9th House, sextile Jupiter and Saturn in my Sixth House. Uranus is also conjunct my Ascendant, Leo. So I guess I have a lot of aspects with Uranus as it relates to the Self, the first house and in Leo, and from what I read, when Uranus is in Leo, it is considered in detriment. But Uranus represents change in any fashion whether it directly relates to change in the first or any other house, it still is change and the question is, I believe, how does one grow or evolve through it?
    My astrology is novice, so my naiveté’ will likely be demonstrated here but the way I perceive it. From my take, Uranus allows us to stretch and grow in various aspects of our lives. If life were comfortable we would likely not reach for the stars, dream bigger dreams, and aspire to be something grandeur than ourselves. We would also not have introspection nor reflect on our deeds (recent past or past-lives, if we can). Without Uranus present in our lives I picture the phrase contained in the words of a song by the Talking Heads: “Heaven, Heaven is a place, a place where nothing, nothing ever happens.” I don’t want the misery of failure or the pain of losing a loved one, but I also don’t want to live where nothing ever happens. That sounds way too robotic and sterile.
    Anyway, that’s my take, which is likely credited again to Uranus Rx in my First House of Leo.

    1. Cowboyiam

      Pisces Sun – you say:
      “From my take, Uranus allows us to stretch and grow in various aspects of our lives. If life were comfortable we would likely not reach for the stars, dream bigger dreams, and aspire to be something grandeur than ourselves.”
      Wow that is the exact way it works in my chart. Uranus compels toward confrontation of all I want to – but cannot be – of a world that could but doesn’t exist. Saturn tells me to deal with reality and shames me with threats of punishment for not staying in line.

      1. Pisces Sun

        Thanks Cowboyiam, it’s always nice to converse with you! I have read that Uranus challenges us to radicalize our thinking in whatever house & sign it appears, more so than we are confronted with change by any other manner in the other houses, at least this is what I have been reading. Where does Uranus appear in your house?
        I have an interesting relationship with Saturn myself since it is conjunction almost down to the minute with Jupiter, so the two of them basically give me a third dimension as if its a different planet all together, I think, not a Jupiter nor a Saturn (when dealing with my natal chart) but this hybrid planet instead. Which is likely a good thing because with Uranus in my first house in Leo, I was enough of a rebellion and prided myself on being different, I really didn’t want to blend in, even now, I prefer to be a part of a group but yet still stay on the fringes. I always thought it was my free-spirit, now I see it was my Uranus in Leo in the first house! 🙂

        1. Cowboyiam

          Pisces Sun, My Uranus is 5 minutes from exact conjunct my NN in Leo. My Saturn is loosely conjunct Jupiter in Capricorn. My changes in life are like putting off pulling a tooth, painful for a long time and then abrupt. Relief is freedom.

          I always tried to blend into society but led a secret life of my own mind. That left me feeling guilty and pretending much of the time. Allowing Uranus more freedom these days and struggling with Saturn guilt at times but no longer consciously ashamed. Losing my religion many years ago has put me on the other side of the canyon and life is much more honest here.

  4. Len Wallick

    Amanda: Thank you for sharing your rich, learned and perceptive perspectives regarding Uranus. As a natal Aquarius Sun who has Uranus in the first house conjunct my Cancer ascendant, it’s not surprising that i resemble at least some your remarks. To cite just one example, all through my life many who know me have perceived me as “The Fool” in one sense or the other. Also, there’s another synchronicity to support your insight from the Universe. Via an e-mail i received today from Carol Van Strum: it’s the birth anniversary of William Herschel, the the astronomer who discovered Uranus.

  5. Glen Young

    With Uranus conjunct Jupiter in the 12th house, both in Cancer, conjuncting my Leo ascendant; the Moon in Sagittarius, in the 5th house is in mutual reception, and also quincunx. Saturn in Scorpio in the 4th house, and in mutual reception to Mars in Capricorn, in the 6th house, also sextile. I had a dream of my mother dying at a very young age, before she actually did past away when I was eleven. I can only add my confirmation to what you have so profoundly written, and read it with my admiration of you, because I never really share this personal childhood memory with anyone before. Who would understand?

    1. Amanda Moreno Post author

      Wow, Glen. That’s quite a story. When I think of Uranus in the 12th, I often think about sudden, direct flashes of insight, particularly in the dream time. Thanks for sharing. It can feel pretty amazing to be able to use the language of astrology with others who understand it — it’s an extremely validating experience. Such a rich language we have!

  6. Bette

    The comments here discussing a variety of personal Uranus placements have offered me a great deal of food for thought, supplementing Amanda’s excellent article. Thank-you to all.

    I have Uranus retrograde in Gemini in my 12th – the only planet above the horizon – it opposes my natal sun & Mercury, is within orb of trine Neptune, Chiron & Jupiter in Libra, & sextile Pluto. I have a rebellious & independent streak a mile wide, but my Saturn rising in Cancer has not only often inhibited overt expression of that streak, but also, somehow, disguised it: much of my “differentness” has flown under the radar. Less so these days, as I grow into cronedom, happy to be free of the need to please employers or parental expectations. Now most disagreements are internal, as I challenge the remaining “you-can’t-do-that!” messages buried in my conditioned mind.

    The 12th house has always been obscure to me, so coming to an understanding of Uranus therein is an ongoing challenge.

  7. Geoff Marsh

    Sorry, but I couldn’t bring myself to reply earlier. I think we should organise an Aquarian group within PW, our rational understandings are much needed in this Piscean realm!

    I am Aquarian with Uranus in Gemini in the 7th house (Scorpio ascendant); I am, therefore, fairly old but am in good company. Hello, Vince.

    My Uranus is conjunct Mars and both these planets are in a grand air trine with the Sun and Neptune. I have no planets in water, although my Ascendent, as noted, is in Scorpio. This makes people think I am very sexy, although I am, in fact, totally unhistorical in matters of fleshing. Again, apart from Mercury in Capricorn, I have no planets in earth signs. This means my madness is grounded and I try to be realistic and acceptable. Hard luck. I wish my Mercury was in Aquarius, then I could be totally off the wall and as mad as I wish I was. But it was not 2 B.

    I identify most strongly with my astro-twins, Angela Davis and Nick Mason (google ’em, youngsters), who were born about four hours either side of me. Apart from that, I’m of no significance, except that I could have been if only I’d pulled my finger out from wherever it was stuck. Or whatever.

    Your turn to gibber.

  8. Tug

    As my conversation with Len a couple years ago informed me… I am leo with Uranus 14 degrees ahead of my sun when I was born, with mercury 5 degrees ahead of uranus. Lots of leo energy there 😉

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