Just Like Flying A Bicycle

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Len Wallick guides you to meet Mercury’s ingress into Gemini as a shift from intuitive bicycle rider mode to being an attentive and intentional mental pilot. In fact, given Gemini’s symbolism, getting yourself a co-pilot might not be a bad idea.

This is a transitional week in a transitional year. Against a backdrop of slower-moving changes, as this week draws to a close, the Moon (now in earthy Virgo since late yesterday) and Mercury (now in earthy Taurus since April 14) will transition from earth to air signs.


The Moon will leave its air sign, Libra, after only a little more than two days. Mercury, however, will enter Gemini for about two months just three short seconds before 10pm EDT Thursday (01:59:57 UTC Friday).

Two months? After just more than two weeks in Taurus? Yup, must be getting close to Mercury retrograde time again, but time enough for all that later. It would not be advisable to get all hung up on Mercury retrograde details now. It would keep you from getting off the mental ground you are on now.

Planet Waves will be here in a timely manner to guide you through Mercury’s retrograde with the Spring Report readings and other services. For this week, let transition be your focus.

To gracefully begin Mercury’s transition (initially in concert with the Moon) from a short run in Taurus to a long winding flight through Gemini, it would be appropriate to use your imagination. That’s because one of the ways versatile Mercury manifests in your life is through mental activities in general, and your own thinking specifically. The Moon’s own association with dreams makes an imaginative touch appropriate, at least enough to get you off the ground and into the weekend.

In this case, a useful mental construct would be to tell yourself that Mercury’s transition from Taurus to Gemini will be “just like flying a bicycle.” That way you combine a familiar and reassuring old saying (“just like riding a bicycle”) with what is still a relatively new activity for human beings, one that requires conscious awareness: flying.

Gemini is one of the two signs Mercury rules, along with Virgo. In other words, for Mercury, entering Gemini is like going home. Hence, you can safely anticipate Mercury’s ingress to Gemini on Thursday will be the mental equivalent of getting back on a bicycle after a long period of not having pedaled on two wheels. Your mind will likely adjust quickly and comfortably to the change. 

Yet, it’s inevitable that you will not be able to take this particular traversal of Gemini by Mercury unconsciously. Depending on how sensitive you are, you may have to shift from intuitive bicycle rider mode to being an attentive and intentional mental pilot as early as the first week of May.

That’s because Mercury’s apparent motion will begin to slow down rapidly once it enters Gemini, which is not a natural state for what appears to us as the fastest planet. Much like an airplane, greater speed provides what you could call greater lift for Mercury’s metaphorical wings. By the same token, slower speed implicitly brings up the possibility of stalling, even crashing.

In an actual airplane, a consciously aware pilot can often employ a counter-intuitive strategy to prevent a crash in the event an unexpected stall — by going into a dive to increase air speed and restore lift under the wings. Sometime before Mercury emerges from Gemini to enter Cancer, you might have to be something akin to a skilled pilot as regards to mental activities in general — and your own thinking, specifically.

For this week, however, it will be enough to know what you are getting into while accomplishing a smooth transition. It will mean relaxing and allowing your natural, unconscious mental reflexes to come back. It will also mean being prepared to calmly and confidently employ less intuitive and more intentional strategies if and when they are called for.

One other possible strategy to investigate now is getting yourself a co-pilot for the next couple of months. It’s an idea that fits with Gemini’s iconic representation as a set of twins. It’s also a practical concept that suits any ongoing endeavor that involves transitioning from one lifestyle or state of being to another.

So, relax and trust your instincts while also being aware and (ideally) arranging for a buddy this week. If you can do that, just that, you will be able to more easily transition into a near future timeframe — one astrology indicates will be just like flying a bicycle.

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