It’s About Time

The hours of your day cycle in synchrony with the rotation of the Earth on its axis. The years of your life are most often gauged by the orbit of the Earth around the Sun. Yet, time as traditionally measured sometimes feels a bit off, especially at this time of year.


Occasionally there is an entire year that feels either incredibly short or especially long, as measured by the events of your life. If 2015 has been like that for you, you may have made an important discovery about your connection with the universe.

It could be that your own sense of time is influenced by the motions and meetings of Venus and Mars. This year has been distinguished in significant part by three Venus-Mars conjunctions. While it is not exactly rare for Venus and Mars to come together in the same degree of the same sign three times in one calendar year, it is at the very least unusual.

That’s how Eric saw fit to include this year’s triumvirate of Venus-Mars mergers in his listing of the top five astrological events of 2015, which he compiled nearly one year ago. The way things turned out, Eric’s anticipation was highly cogent (as evinced by Amanda Painter and reader responses to her) when she resonantly wrote earlier this week to close the circle after this year’s final meeting of Venus in Mars in Virgo.     

The more common pattern for Venus-Mars conjunctions is roughly every other year. Witness the two immediately previous (on May 23, 2011, and April 7, 2013), as well as the next one to follow, which will again take place in Virgo (on Oct. 5, 2017).

If there is anything to astrology, a return to the usual patterns of time as measured by the aspects from Venus to Mars will begin to become palpable when Venus enters Libra on Sunday. That’s because Libra is one of the two signs (along with Taurus) where Venus is said to rule, distinguishing itself from other planets there most strongly.

The enhanced perspective that will implicitly correlate with Venus in Libra will, in turn, provide a chance to begin evaluating and understanding how 2015 has transpired for you.

If this year has felt especially long, you might be able to chalk it up to the fact that three conjunctions from Venus to Mars in one year symbolically correlates to six years of more usual experience. If it feels as though that has been the case for you, the ingress of Venus into Libra on Sunday can be used to begin consolidating what you have gained through personal evolution, growth and progress, particularly in areas of your life (such as relationships) that correspond with the nature of Venus and Mars in combination.

If, on the other hand, 2015 has felt like something significantly less than a year for you, that perspective will offer valuable information as well. For as proverb informs us, time does indeed seem to pass more quickly when you are having fun.

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The same can be said for any period when you are so involved in what you are doing as to become disconnected from any external means of measuring time’s passage.

If your own experience of 2015 was more along those lines, Venus moving on to Libra will represent a chance to begin coming up for some air, and re-engaging with time as experienced with (and by) others.

Even though Mars will follow Venus into Libra one week from today, a new die has been cast. Venus is accelerating to pull away from Mars, as well as from both the pace and patterns of an unusual year. This does not necessarily mean, however, a return to business and life as usual. Not unless you can manage to ignore or deny your own experience in 2015.

Rather, as this year draws to a close, Venus moving on will represent an example for you to consider following. Instead of going back to the way things were, consider honoring, validating and vindicating everything you have been through in 2015. Leave behind all that was previously usual, so as to better and more bravely go where you have never gone before.

After all, isn’t it about time?

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14 thoughts on “It’s About Time

  1. Barbara Koehler

    Sure hope you are right Len, this year has been speedy and I’m so ready to come up for air. This last conjunction between Venus and Mars was conjunct my progressed Neptune; doesn’t that sound magical? Delusional maybe? Well, whatever, the emphasis this year has been on my personal experience of Neptune and I daresay he deserves his reputation.

    TRANSITING Neptune, on the other hand, is making a septile to natal Saturn (rules time) and although I personally stay on daylight savings time all year (referred to as “bird time” since birds know from nothing about changing the clocks), except for the clock by the TV, it’s takes a while to ascertain the time. It all depends. However, now I really have to pause to even figure out the day of the week, let alone the date. Involved, yes, that’s what it is. . I’m involved in what I’m doing.

    Naps can confuse one as well. Rarely do I sleep more than 4 hours at a time anymore, and frankly my dear, I don’t give a day’am what day it is. I think I’m going to like Venus (and Mars too) in Libra this year (month? week?); less focus on reality/time/material things. Fewer chores like cleaning the balcony and sorting through the closet for what can be parted with. I’ve not parted with anything in my closet the last 3 times I’ve tried. “Some day”, I say to myself, “I will wear this again, I’ll socialize and go to plays. . “. Some day Jupiter will get to my 7th house, I rationalize, and I will feel like doing those things again.

    Venus in Libra should help if that’s the case.

    1. Pisces Sun

      If I lived by you be, I’d be certain to go to plays with you! It’s time for you to make today that someday, no more living for tomorrow, grab today by the hands and go either alone or join up with a book club or any social club and suggest an upcoming play to attend–I bet you will find someone to go with you!

      I feel everything you described wrt time flying, Neptune, and the like. I have never cared much for the concept of time and really wish in many respects we never invented such a restrictive device. I understand why we did of course but man, it can rule our lives if we allow it! I prefer to watch the birds home into the earth’s rhythms and go from there, if only I can for a short duration before I get jolted back to the human experience of living together. But all is not lost, those plays start at a time and the delight us and remind us again of what makes us human.

      Why wait for Jupiter to be in your 7th house? Certainly we don’t just rely on Jupiter to broaden us and give us merriment, please tell me it isn’t so!

  2. P. Sophia

    Yes it is about time! This year flew by. It was fun on many accounts, active, passiinate in expression, and much travel and adventure. The last few days seemed to be the most challenging and incidentially requiting the most patience, faith and trust of/in me. Only until i was reminded these are the characteristics in valuing the spirit of synconicity. It becomes alot easier and accepting when you understand all the various ingredients and moving parts that are necessary, when it is all continuing along in perfect unity.

    Thank you Len.

  3. P. Sophia

    “This last conjunction between Venus and Mars was conjunct my progressed Neptune; doesn’t that sound magical?”

    Haha Be! ..I can relate. The conjunction was opposite my Natal Chiron.. Was not easy. All for good cause tho, eh! :). Onward..

  4. P. Sophia

    Just realized the third Venus/Mars conjunction was also the exact timing to Trans Saturn Square Natal Saturn at Pisces 4+ degrees. Real niiiiice… Thank God this one wraps up in a few days on the 10th. Just in time initiating a new cycle on 11/11, what’ said to be (for all) a very auspicious day.

    1. Pisces Sun

      11/11? Thanks for the reminder, wow, what a higher octave vibration of new beginnings and falling on a new moon, too. This thought gives me much pleasure, thank you!

      1. Geoff Marsh

        Interesting to note, too, that the Cancer Full Moon falls on Christmas Day at 11:11:27 UTC. Not only 11:11 but 3 to the power of 3 on the day the Holy Trinity is made manifest by the birth of the Son. Will the Pope’s Christmas message herald a new beginning for the Catholic church?

  5. Barbara Koehler

    Hmm….to P.S. and P.S., that “reminder of 11/11 (and I thank you as well P. Sophia) might just be due to a little aspect between trans. Neptune and trans Uranus called a novile which is 40 degrees between planets. It’s a lovely little version of a trine, only more subtle. It works from a higher dimension than what humans ordinarily utilize. So, we are supposed to pay attention to this year’s 11-11, not just because it’s a New Moon (that forms a sextile with Jupiter and, along with Uranus, completes a Yod, which becomes a Boomerang when considering Juno opposite Uranus!)

    Some in the spiritual community feel that Earth (and Earthlings) will get a super download of “light” (or love if you prefer) at that time, further advancing our march toward evolving to greater perception and other nice things. Because of their novile (subtle trine) aspect I checked the chart for when Uranus was conjunct Neptune (the 3rd of 3 in 1993) and it shows that the north node at 3+ Sagittarius was recently highlighted by transiting Saturn starting on October 22.

    Perhaps trans. Saturn, now at 4+ Sagittarius and quintile the U.S. Sibly Neptune at 22+ Virgo (where Mars and Venus were on Halloween Saturday night) has more Neptune-flavored (but down to earth) adventures to be enjoyed by us. Maybe a play for example, Pisces Sun! A quintile separates 2 planets by 72 degrees, and it too operates on levels we are not accustomed to – at least for now. It provides a unique gift of being able to connect 2 different sets of circumstances and to understand their relationship.

    Ergo, we connect P. Sophia’s reminder of 11-11 to the New Moon and it’s quincunx (make adjustments) to trans. Uranus in Aries, who is in a novile (wee trine) aspect with Neptune in Pisces, which connects to their conjunction in 1993, and a reminder of it’s north node in Sagittarius, That same NN was activated by transiting Saturn until just 6 days ago (although still in orb of effectiveness now), who made a quintile (connecting things) aspect to trans. Venus and Mars in Virgo (who were conjunct the U.S. Neptune) which might lead to who knows what once Venus and Mars arrive in Libra.

    This may or may not also be connected; transiting Jupiter is now in the degree(s) where the conjunctions between Uranus and Pluto took place in 1965-66. Although they are past their series of 7 exact squares, they are within a 4 degree orb (still hot), and in their 3rd of 3 conjunctions, Mars was at 3+ Sagittarius. Just sayin’.

    1. Pisces Sun

      Wow, it always blows my mind to read your material be! I can say that my Halloween night was spent at Disney World watching Cirque de Soleil La Numba and it was amazing! So I will take anything that is “Neptune-flavored yet down to earth” if it comes close to resembling the show of that evening!!!

  6. Barbara Koehler

    Sorry, that would be the 1st of 3 conjunctions of Uranus and Pluto that Mars was at 3+ Sagittarius. In the 3rd of their 3 conjunctions, Mars at 22+ Gemini was square the U.S. Neptune. He was at 20+ Aries in the 2nd one.

  7. abc123

    “Instead of going back to the way things were, consider honoring, validating and vindicating everything you have been through in 2015. Leave behind all that was previously usual, so as to better and more bravely go where you have never gone before.”

    Indeed, it seems that many routines and sources of joy and comfort have been swept away by the tide, especially since August. I have found myself turning my world upside down in order to reach for new sources. One example: even though I abhor early morning exercise and value my sleep and pre-breakfast journaling, this past week I realized that my best, only chance of getting sunlight into my day was if I got up early and went for a run before work. I never thought I’d be able to do it, but I did, three times, and I liked it.

  8. Barbara Koehler

    Venus (now joined with the Super Galactic Center in Libra) is now providing new perspectives on her triple conjunction with Mars this year, as well as her triple conjunction with Jupiter. Mars’ role required that he oppose, square and conjoin Jupiter this year. It wasn’t until I conversed with a friend, whose natal chart resonated with transiting Jupiter-conjunct-Mars-Venus in Virgo last month, that I became aware just how this year-long pattern was integrated into a larger process spelled out through astrology.

    At the time of the 2nd conjunction of trans. Venus and Jupiter on August 4 (and before the 2nd conjunction of Venus and Mars on 9/1) trans. Jupiter was square trans. Saturn, who was trine trans. Mars. Because the Saturn-Jupiter cycle aspects symbolize changes within societies and cultures, their square implied social and cultural challenge. Because Venus joined Jupiter and because Mars was trine Saturn, it suggests (now anyway) the cultural/societal challenge was about men and women and a time for balancing their polarized energies in all their manifestations.

    This last conjunction between Mars and Venus, occurring as trans. Jupiter (understanding) reached the degrees of the Pluto-Uranus conjunctions in the 60’s, ties this cultural/societal challenge (balance of male/female energy) to the greater Collective cycle of these 2 outer planets. These planetary aspects culminated as the Taurus full moon took place in the degree where Chiron the healer was discovered. I’m feeling that, just as much as it’s about a balance between groups of living men and living women, it’s even more about a balance of these energies within individuals. Taurus is ruled by Venus.

    In this country for example, the Benghazi Committee questioned at great length, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on October 22. At that time Mercury (communicate) in Libra (balance) was square Pluto (transform) in Capricorn (government). Mercury (non-defined gender) was also conjunct Juno, a symbol of holding position equal to a king but which is not recognized as such. As it turned out this grilling of a presidential candidate who is also a woman, turned out to benefit her and expose to the world (consciously and/or unconsciously) patriarchal attitudes of domination on the part of the committee.

    There are probably numerous examples of this kind of re-balancing going on in everyday life, but unless we are conscious of the metamorphosis within society and in ourselves, we might miss them, and that’s how Neptune would prefer it I imagine. When Pluto and Uranus made their conjunctions in 1965-66 (where trans. Jupiter just was), trans. Neptune was sextile them in Scorpio, a sign known for keeping things covered up as well as transfromation.

    Trans. Jupiter, while in this pattern with Venus and Mars on a “personal” level, was also actively in a pattern with Neptune and Chiron on a “collective” level that started when they were all conjunct each other in Aquarius in 2009. Jupiter’s cycle with Venus and Mars, from its January 1st Mars-opposite-Jupiter through its November 2nd Venus-conjunct-Mars, coincided with Jupiter’s opposition (half-way through cycle) to Neptune on September 17th and his opposition (half-way through cycle) to Chiron on November 3rd.

    It isn’t any stretch of the imagination to see these three planetary patterns, personal (Venus-Mars-Jupiter), cultural (Saturn-Jupiter) and collective (Uranus-Pluto and Neptune-Jupiter-Chiron) intertwining and yet separate, operating like synchronous clockwork. Like watching the petals of a flower gradually opening up, it is breath-taking to watch humanity’s unfolding.

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