Into the Retrograde Eclipse Zone

This is the week that the intriguing astrology of Northern Hemisphere autumn takes full form. I have written the Inner Space horoscope for October with some ideas about how to work with this astrology to your maximum benefit.

Mercury is now in Scorpio, just a few degrees from where it will station retrograde on Saturday. During the three-week retrograde, there will be two eclipses, one of the Moon on Wednesday, Oct. 8, and one of the Sun on Thursday, Oct. 23.

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Detail of stone bed of the Coxing Kill on the Grandmother Land in High Falls, New York. The direction of water flow is to the left, a few feet north of the waterfall. Photo by Eric Francis.

The overall effect could be some confusion, and the possibility of getting blown off course. Before that happens, you might want to check your navigation — where are you headed, or where do you think you’re headed? I think that it will be essential to know your priorities, your objectives and your goals, so that at least you can keep some perspective.

There’s another pretty wide-open possibility, however. If you investigate and decide you don’t have any desire or plans to which you’re truly committed, then this astrology will help you shuffle the deck and make some discoveries. It’s interesting enough, potent enough, strange enough, that you could come out in a totally new place, on whatever level of your life you’re considering.

Speaking to the first possibility, if you have some definite objectives, then keep your focus and observe the opportunities that arise in the mix of upcoming events. Unexpected developments can help you advance in ways you were not planning on and could not have foreseen. At least using astrology we can see that much.

I will cover this in tonight’s edition of Planet Waves FM, which usually posts to the program’s homepage and also to the new site (available to everyone) by about 5 pm.

I’ll see you then and there.


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