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Len Wallick covers Mercury entering Capricorn, where it joins Venus and Pluto. Since Mercury rules the mind, and we have a Capricorn New Moon on the solstice in less than a week, begin setting your intentions now for the change that’s sure to come.

It’s been a long, a long time coming, but I know a change gonna come.
— Sam Cooke

Intent is a powerful thing. Mercury enters Capricorn at 10:53 pm EST tonight (3:53 UT tomorrow), symbolically inviting you to prove just how powerful your intent can be. Intent originates with the mind, which (among other things) versatile Mercury represents. Intent is part of the ‘conceive’ that must precede the ‘achieve’.


Mercury will join Pluto and Venus in Capricorn, and will precede the grand entrance of the Sun and Moon on Dec. 21 for the astounding and unlikely simultaneity of a New Moon and solstice — which appears for all the world to be the initiation of a manifestation.

That’s because Capricorn is a cardinal sign (along with Aries, Cancer and Libra). Cardinal signs are where seasons initiate upon ingress of the Sun, setting a template for other ingresses.

Capricorn is also an earth sign (along with Taurus and Virgo), where the nature of things are made tangible. What is made real in Capricorn is also likely to endure because of how Capricorn is ruled by Saturn’s proficiency for leaving form, order and structure in its wake.

When Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008, the indications were clear. Implied at the beginning of a decade and a half of Pluto’s tour of Capricorn is that form, order and structures in place for more than two centuries were up for transformation. The only question was what the nature of the transformation would be.

Then, for nearly two seasons from late last year to early this year, Venus spent more time in Capricorn (due to retrograde) than it had for more than two centuries, to implicitly make us receptive to the change that has to come.

Now Venus is back in Capricorn (since Dec. 10) reminding us to be receptive, and Mercury is about to follow. That’s how Mercury entering Capricorn this year is your cue to participate (or not) in answering the question of just what the form, order and structure of an inevitable and lasting change will be.

Your participation begins with setting an intent for what you want the rest of your life to be like. After that, what you want the lives of today’s children to be like. After that, the children and grandchildren of today’s children.

Because Mercury is and will be in swift and direct motion for all the time it will be in Capricorn (it leaves Capricorn Jan. 5 or Jan. 6, depending on your time zone), it is emblematically powerful. Hence your intent is implied to be powerful at this time.

So step up and stand in your power. Set a clear intent for the initiation of a new season in your life, and the life of the world. It will make a difference. Especially when the Sun and Moon conjoin for a New Moon solstice, and do so as the rulers (or co-rulers) of fully half the signs of the zodiac gather in Capricorn. The planets are inviting you to participate in determining the nature of the change that’s gonna come.

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Len Wallick

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20 thoughts on “Intent — Mercury Ingress Capricorn

  1. chief niwot's sonchief niwot's son

    Thanks Len for putting me (and us) on notice that Mercury is riding point for the Solstice. Plans are coming together for an old school gathering round the fire on the evening of the 21st, and now you bring the call to set intentions and focus attention in advance of the coming initiatory event. Another opportunity to step up.

  2. Deborah Wilcox

    With my Mars in Capricorn in my 3rd House, this will definitelt be powerful for me! Especially with the Solstice coming soon. That’s a lot of Cap. for me, alright! Thanks Len!

  3. Barbara Koehler

    Venus was softening things up, eh Len? Making us receptive? Might that softening up, that “becoming receptive” that Venus did to us late last year and early this year (and again right now) be the basis of a Vision that would in turn become a powerful Intent, thanks to Mercury’s swift trip through Capricorn?

    It seems true enough that ‘timing is everything’ when a successful outcome is your goal, and Saturn rules timing and Capricorn. I love these words of yours Len, “Saturn’s proficiency for leaving form, order and structure in its wake” and since methodical and slow are the ways of Capricorn, I can see (in my case anyway) why softening-up was required. Letting go can be so hard.

    As usual, your perspectives broaden the possibilities of any given circumstance, and with Saturn’s mutual reception with Pluto coming to an end, there’s just enough Time to cement one’s commitment to this powerful Intent; Mercury’s part of the Conceive that surely Saturn’s entry into Sagittarius will supply “form, order and structure” to. Most grateful.

  4. Len WallickLen Wallick Post author

    Chief Niwot’s Son: Thank you for your kind acknowledgement. i hope those surrounding the solstice fire with you do so in full appreciation of your company on such an auspicious occasion.

    Deborah: Typos or not, your words are deeply appreciated here. A natal Mars in its Capricorn exaltation is a powerful Mars, and the resulting vivid life spirit comes through with your every word. May the planets transiting Capricorn at this time serve to enliven you further.

    Barbara: Thank you. And bless you for bringing my humble offering of service to a more distinguished level of expression once again through your erudition and grace.

  5. sojourn

    Len, I can’t really go into too much detail about it, but over last several months I have been working on a writing project (fiction) that has to do with ‘transformations’ and the ‘initiation of a manifestation’ – and other similar things wrote about in this article… re: ‘being receptive to change’ and ‘intent,’ etc.

    I was a little stunned (to say the least) when reading this today, it’s kind of… freaky.

    And of course, I also want to thank you (as always) for your recommended action during the upcoming Solstice. xo

  6. abc123

    I am haunted by the thought that when I was a child of about three or four years old, enchanted by Disney movies, I wished upon a star that I could be just like Cinderella. By the time I was five, I’d lost my mother, was sent across country to live with my dad and stepmom (both of whom I’d met only once, for but a weekend). I was terrified and no one explained what was happening. From that point on, I have had very much Cinderella’s life. Perhaps this is a chance to make a new wish that will (hopefully) be influenced by more wisdom.

  7. Len WallickLen Wallick Post author

    sojourn: Thank you for sharing how we are on the same wavelength through different transmitters. That’s pretty darned exciting. Of course with the astrology we are sharing, such synchronicity is not surprising. Best of luck on your writing project.

    abc123: My heart goes out to you. Children (especially very young children) are innocent and wise in their own way, and not to be held accountable as adults are. If you simply love who you were and who you are, that (i propose) is the highest wisdom. We love you here at Planet Waves.

  8. DeborahDeborah

    I just posted “A Change Gonna Come” on my FB page a few days ago because of its relevance today. From yours and Sam’s lips…
    I’m ready to set those intentions that have been such a long time in coming and so long overdue.

  9. Len WallickLen Wallick Post author

    Deborah: Thank you for sharing yet another synchronicity. i’m probably not worthy to be mentioned in the same sentence as the great Sam Cooke, but i appreciate your sentiment and support your intentions sight unseen.

  10. Bette

    Ah, thank-you again, Len, for such useful insight & guidance as we approach Solstice & the new Moon. It is particularly personal for me, as it will occur on my South Node in my ever-somewhat-obscure 6th house, this year with the additional energy (& hopefully better light to see by, or better ears to hear with?) of Mercury ingressing Capricorn.

    My ongoing reflection on 6th house placements has raised the idea that both staying occupied with useful activity (often, in my case, art or craft, writing or reading) & endeavouring to do what I do with attention, care, & as much excellence as possible, may be part of understanding my Sun/Mercury in 6th this lifetime. I have long believed the adage that if one has a gift or talent & chooses not to use it, one will lack that gift next lifetime, yet long fiercely to be able to practice it. Maybe that’s a 6th house matter – the Virgo “usefulness” idea?

    In the meantime, Pluto hovers around my 7th house cusp. I am seeing some remarkable transformations in a couple of people around me, friends who are suddenly getting some clarity on matters dear to their hearts. They may or may not “like” what they’re learning, but I sense some relief in their being able to see what was before obscured by shadows. Strikes me as Pluto stuff happening. I haven’t always liked what it taught me, either – but I do know that resistance to change is futile! We’ll see what emerges when Venus reaches my ascendant this weekend, & opposes Pluto/squares Uranus. Still hoping for a quiet holiday season, though!

  11. Phyllis Capanna

    Len, as usual, I resonate with what you have written. With my natal Mercury in Capricorn and natal Saturn in Sag coupled with what is always a very powerful time of year for me, I am happy to be reminded of the power of setting intention. I am so relieved that some of the planets have come home (for me), finally, as that stretch of ultra-scorpio was soooo trying, much as I love all things Scorpio (usually). Happy Solstice to you, and thank you for your work.

  12. Len WallickLen Wallick Post author

    Bette: Thank you. From what you write, it appears as though you are making excellent progress with your explorations of the 6th house. If you think of the lunar south node as representing (among other things) “an old story” (as Eric recently put it in reference to the Ferguson grand jury announcement chart) a route to even greater progress is to perceive your 6th house issues as something to remember more than subject matter to learn or discover. Hope you fine that useful. Also: (1) that’s excellent correlation you made of the 6th house with Virgo; (2) if you are not already using whole-sign houses, i recommend that you experiment with them, and; (3) that’s also an excellent observation you made about Pluto. We look forward to your sharing further.

    Phyllis: Thank you. It is gratifying beyond words to know that my words resonate with your cogent thinking. As for your recently ambivalent relationship with Scorpio, i think it’s very possible that Saturn in the anaretic degree is correlating to a lot of people feeling that way – even solar Scorpios. We will also all have a parallax view of sorts when Saturn returns to Scorpio in retrograde motion next year to pay off the remaining time owed there.

    abc123: You are most welcome. It’s a good time of year to feel lighter.

  13. Len WallickLen Wallick Post author

    Bette: Thank you for your question. Robert Hand has been one of the leading advocates for whole sign houses (as has Eric). You might want to start with The Mountain Astrologer’s interview with Robert Hand in the Oct./Nov. 2014 edition.

  14. Amanda PainterAmanda Painter

    “In the meantime, Pluto hovers around my 7th house cusp. I am seeing some remarkable transformations in a couple of people around me, friends who are suddenly getting some clarity on matters dear to their hearts. They may or may not “like” what they’re learning, but I sense some relief in their being able to see what was before obscured by shadows”

    this makes so much sense to me — thank you for phrasing it like that, bette!

  15. P. SophiaP. Sophia

    “Intent is part of the ‘conceive’ that must precede the ‘achieve’.”
    Interesting coincidence Len before reading yours I just commented on Amanda’s New Moon Solstice article that ‘recieve’ was the new manifestation of intention. Receive! Let us all go forth joyfully into this season and new year : )

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