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Given all the politics going on in public right now, you could miss the introspective vibe implied by this week’s astrology. What’s inside, however, is bound to come out. As Len Wallick reads the skies, there are some practical measures you can take to assure that what’s inside you comes out for the best.

“…there is a certain responsibility and expectation in terms of how you behave and how you present yourself.”
— President Obama (referring to standards for presidential candidates)

You can’t control how other people behave. Realistically, the only person you can aspire to regulate is yourself. At best, you can serve as an example to others. At the very least, how you express yourself, along with the actions you take, will serve to define who and what you are.


Taken as a whole, the astrology for the remainder of this week will support you in defining yourself as you wish to be known. There is even some chance that your example could make a greater difference than usual. As always, your conscious participation with the sky will be the necessary requisite for an optimized outcome.

As usual, your collaborations with the universe this week must necessarily begin on the inside. You can start by making an effort to be fully conscious of your thoughts. Given how the so-called ‘personal planets’ (the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and probably Mars) are moving, that endeavor will require more effort than usual.

The Sun (astrology’s emblem of consciousness) has been in Scorpio since the weekend. Mercury (astrology’s symbol of mind) followed the Sun into Scorpio yesterday. As result, there is an implicitly introspective vibe to the astrology. Blend in the waning Moon’s ingress to Virgo (ruled by Mercury) last night, and indications are that your thoughts are, or can be, running very deep. If you add in what Venus and Mars are currently doing, it would be worth your while to exercise some executive function and plumb those depths with intent.

Right now, Venus is cruising in Sagittarius towards aspects that indicate you will feel compelled to express what you are thinking. That’s probably a good thing. At the same time, Mars is moving through its Capricorn exaltation and into aspects that imply you will be strongly motivated to act on your thoughts. That could be even better. The key is to make sure you don’t put yourself into a situation where you later wonder (or are asked) what you were thinking prior to speaking, writing or acting.

To avoid regrettable behavior this week, there are three practical things you can do. First, write. Second, read what you wrote. Third, behave as if you actually are a presidential candidate campaigning for votes.

If keeping a journal is already part of your lifestyle, gift yourself with a little extra time to examine what your entries are really saying. If you are not a diary person, experiment with sending all of your electronic messages to only you for thorough review before passing them on.

Finally, think of yourself as a candidate of sorts. It will not benefit anybody if you are inhibited. Speaking your mind comes with the territory. Neither is inaction likely to be appropriate. It would not do, however, to be either thoughtless or reckless in how you behave or present yourself.

Be aware of where you stand. Know your issues inside and out. Speak to encourage. Act to inspire. Give others a reason to agree, rather than argue with you. Support from above is already there. Now, what you need to do is bring the skies down to Earth. In order to manifest the current celestial implications here below, work from the inside out.

Offered In Service

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Len Wallick

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5 thoughts on “Inside Out

  1. Chantal Binet

    WoW…Thank you Len. It is always powerful to read you… As a Scorpio, ascendant Pisces I always find it really difficult to fully express myself – I learned to fit in a box. These weeks I really feel more challenged but in a good way: to accept and express Who I really am… it takes courage and a lot of self-love…and this time I feel the table has been put for me and I am ready to eat and enjoy the 7 courses that Life has to offer me :-)
    Warmly, Chantal

    1. Len WallickLen Wallick Post author

      Chantal: Thank you for your kind affirmation. I can relate to your water-sign astrology, being born with a Scorpio Moon and Cancer ascendant myself. In addition, my father was a solar Cancer, my mother a solar Scorpio. My best friend of nearly 50 years is also a solar Scorpio, so i do have a really deep appreciation for the how modern culture (at least) does indeed force the Scorpio vibe into “a box” (as you put it so concisely, but so well – after all, how much sense does it make to put water in a box?). The reasons for Scorpio energies being so often confined are (like Scorpio itself) probably quite complex, but mass denial is probably part of the picture. Strength to you!

      1. Chantal Binet

        Thank you Len! Really funny the similarities with have with all the “water” in and around us: my father is a solar Scorpio, my mother a solar Cancer and my brother a solar Pisces! And you made me laugh out loud with “after all, how much sens does it make to put water in a box?” This is so true, I will always remember that now, especially when I will feel my body contracting :-)

  2. CarolynkcCarolynkc

    Thank you, Len,

    “If you add in what Venus and Mars are currently doing, it would be worth your while to exercise some executive function and plumb those depths with intent.”

    The good Lord knows I am sick to death of plumbing those depths.. and more than helpful to know that the plumbing is particularly timely.


  3. Len WallickLen Wallick Post author

    Carolynk: Thank you for sharing so courageously. i can relate to your fatigue when it comes to going deep. It is not unlike the what scuba divers experience when their blood becomes saturated with nitrogen – timing is of great importance.

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