Indian Point nuclear incident

Summary by Len Wallick:

(1) No statements by Federal Government agencies that I could find so far.
(2) The incident is not without precedent.
(3) No indications of elevated radiation levels from any source.
(4) The term “fireball” does appear to be from Al Jazeera only (although it must be said “where there’s smoke, there’s fire”).
(5) Photos and eyewitness accounts (regarding the smell) support the story of a transformer explosion.
(6) No evidence of National Guard, Coast Guard, or other martial mobilization other than state police.

This does not look to be a nuclear emergency so far.

It is, however, notable that the most prudent precaution (shutting the facility down completely until an investigation and inspection is completed) has not been undertaken. To me, that’s the real story so far.

Also, those who are attempting to contest the NY State ban on fracking will probably be mis-using this incident to support their enterprise.


New York Daily News
Basically a press release for the operator, Entergy

Contains photos of smoke

Photos and story of oil sheen on river. Apparently there is now a cleanup under way.

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