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Almost regardless of where you live, this a special part of the year. In many places, the season which initiated with the vernal equinox in March has now become clearly evident to the senses. Sometimes (such as with pollen allergies) the full manifestation of this time can be challenging. In other instances, it is comforting. In any case, the only practical response is adjustment.


One thing that recommends tropical astrology (the modality nearly always practiced here at Planet Waves) is that it is synchronized with the seasons. Even in this modern era of thermostats and even virtual reality, the Sun still matters. A change in the ratio of daylight to nighttime hours always provokes a response among us earthlings.

Along with either an expansion or contraction in the Sun’s temporal hegemony, plants and animals all around you are going with the flow. Undoubtedly, you are doing some of that as well. The clothing you are wearing today, for example, is likely to be somewhat different from only three or four months ago. So it is that the astrology corresponding to one half of tomorrow’s New Moon conjunction (the Taurus Sun) will be clearly expressed for anybody and everybody under the Sun.

The other part of tomorrow’s New Moon (the Moon itself, occupying the same degree of Taurus with the Sun) will be less obvious. In this particular case, however, there will some empirical clues of what’s gong on even though the New Moon is (by definition) basically invisible. That’s because the Moon is only a few days away from moving through the part of its orbit (known as the perigee) nearest the Earth.

When there is a Full Moon near its perigee, it looks a bit bigger. A New Moon near its perihelion (such as will be the case tomorrow) has other ways of making itself known. If you live near an ocean, for example, the tides will be somewhat more extreme than average. Another practical indicator will be within you.

All living things on Earth require at least some water to sustain themselves. What’s more, fluids within your cells chemically emulate the ancient tidal pools where life appears to have originated. Even though there is no detectable sloshing back and forth in the narrow confines of your body to compare with that of the expansive seas, a memory of (and hence connection with) tidal rhythms is still there to be physically felt – provided you make an effort to pay attention.

Combine your physical memory with the astrological fact that the Moon is strongly expressed (or “exalted”) in Taurus, and you will have the other fundamental component of tomorrow’s New Moon. Along with a solar-mediated season reaching its explicit midpoint, two significant components of the lunar cycle will be taking place at nearly the same time with implicit results. In both cases, the indicated response is basically the same: adjustment.

To go with the lunar part of the flow for tomorrow’s New Moon you must first of all acknowledge your body. To do so takes only a few moments every once in a while. While safe and healthy sex or exercise are just a few of many ways to get in touch with what your flesh is telling you, the main requisite is a little time

If all you do tonight and during the day tomorrow is put aside the external world for a few minutes, that should do the trick. By simply being fully present with your corporeal existence for just a little focused while, you should be able to “get” what’s most important to you about the Taurus New Moon of 2017.

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