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The territory of astrology is the zodiac. As noted by Len Wallick, certain things implicitly go with each part of that territory. Once you understand that one principle, you will have an important tool to work with when Mars comes to the penultimate degree of Cancer to square Uranus early next week.

It’s interesting how the next-to-last degree of a sign keeps coming up as a theme in astrology lately. The total solar eclipse of Aug 21 will take place in the penultimate degree of Leo. Chiron recently stationed retrograde in the 29th degree of Pisces. Now, Mars and Uranus are getting into the act.


Late Monday (or early on Tuesday, depending on your time zone) Mars will reach the 29th degree of Cancer. At that time, Mars will have separated by precisely 90 degrees from Uranus in Aries for what astrologers call a “square” aspect.

Square aspects have an undeservedly poor reputation. Perhaps it is because of an implied correlation with the experience one might call tension.

It is entirely natural to desire relaxation. Yet, even at its most idyllic, life on Earth is never without challenges from the environment. Tension goes with the territory of life on our planet.

Because responding to challenge requires making an effort (and also because the ultimate outcome is nearly always uncertain), it can often seem as if ease is an elusive state. In fact, relief is nearly always a cyclical (if ephemeral) condition which can often be brought about by well-timed action.

Then there is the type of tension which originates either from the consequences of choice or point of view. This type of internalized concern can seem as if its origin is in the external world, even if that is not the case. The accumulation and correlation of experience with astrology usually indicates that such an inner lack of ease is the type of tension which normally corresponds with squares.

Regardless of its origin, an act which (however temporarily) lessens tension usually results with not only some relief, but also a sense of empowerment. Of course, there are situations when it is not wise or appropriate to push others (or yourself) overly much for an immediate and conclusive settlement. That’s where discernment comes in.

Interestingly, the latter degrees (what astrologers call “anaretic” degrees) of any given sign tend to demonstrate a quality of their own not unlike tension. If you keep track of the Sun’s motion around the zodiac, for example, you will probably notice a refreshed sense of conscious awareness right after the Sun has changed signs. To a certain extent, depending on the nature of the object(s) involved, you can usually say something of the same for any ingress of the Moon or a given planet.

When you consider that the nature of both Mars and Uranus are (among other things) energetic, you have a clue about the impending astrological situation of Mars square Uranus. Combine that piece of data with what square aspects usually correspond to. Then, factor in how both Aries (associated with metaphorical fire) and Cancer (associated with emblematic water) are both cardinal signs, and you will have the information to be more discerning than most as next week gets underway.

Putting it all together, both the approach and arrival of Mars at an exact square aspect with Uranus will likely express with noticeable energy. It is every bit as probable that the source of that energy will have a lot to do with what is going on inside you, and others. In addition, any given being’s sense of perspective could very well be more narrow than broad.

Take all of that into account with how human beings have distinguished ourselves by learning how to harness the interactions between fire and water to work our will in the world (with cooking being but one example). Finally, remember how cardinal signs are where things begin, and the upcoming Mars-Uranus square is no longer so intimidating. If, that is, you can manage to hold the implicit tension until an opportune moment when constructive resolution presents itself.

In all probability, such a moment will take place with or before the New Moon (the Sun and Moon coming together) in the first degree of Leo on July 23. Exactly when will, in large part, depend on the individual. For you, it could be tomorrow. The idea is not to force anything unduly, but not to procrastinate either.

In other words, what the upcoming Mars-Uranus square might be said to entail is something more than anxiety. Indeed, discomfort would not seem to be absolutely necessary at all.

So long as you go into the next several days knowing that both relief and increased strength are there to be gained, you will have an objective. After that, it will be a matter of being honest about yourself with yourself, and the practice of appropriate timing.

Equipped only with such an attainable perspective, all you really need to do going into next week is the best you can with what you have to work with. If you can do simply that, you will implicitly come out better, and more prepared than ever to make the most out of the Great American Eclipse.

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  1. Glen Young

    I’m thinking that the Moon was in Aries, in Mutual Reception to Mars in Cancer at the time of this premeditated murder. Yes, its true, the tension (plus unawareness) got to me as well, and I am so thankful (there is a God), that the Sun and Mars was also trine Chiron as well. Peace & Love (Brother).

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