Go In, Come Out

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As you move into and through a busy holiday weekend, don’t forget to take a bit more than the time you need to take care of all your most essential needs. Such a seemingly simple protocol will, as Len Wallick reads the astrology, open the door to reveal all you could easily miss.

It’s Friday, and the Moon is now in Scorpio where it will remain for basically all of the holiday weekend. In context with Mercury having recently stationed retrograde in Capricorn, the waning Moon is now starting to echo a motif recurring all over the zodiac. As usual, the holistic nature of the tableau above implies how you might currently best harmonize with the sky from here below.


Generally speaking, the key to your fitting in with the celestial flow for the next few days (and very possibly the rest of the year) comes down to a two-step protocol. First, and probably most challenging, you need to slow down whenever, and as much as, you practically can this weekend.

Only after slowing yourself down will you be able to take the second, equally crucial step of looking more closely. In general, you want to be on the lookout for patterns in your life that were not clearly apparent only a handful of days ago. This does not necessarily, nor even probably, mean something has changed in the world. Given how the Moon more often reflects inner processes, the more likely possibility is that something has changed (or is changing) on the inside.

This is, of course, one of the most challenging times of year to simply slow down. Many will be traveling. Others will be shopping. Nearly all of us will have more, not less, to do for the next week or so. What is also true is that everybody needs to take time for maintenance.

You would be well served to consider maintenance down-times (to eat and sleep, for example) as a door that you can open more widely. Getting to bed a bit earlier, rather than later, will give you a perfect opportunity for aimless reflection. The same might be said for lingering a little longer than usual over a meal or in a bath. It’s the sort of time you can essentially manufacture from what’s already available.

A few extra minutes here taking care of yourself, and occasionally an additional hour there, will obviously be good for your health. As an added benefit, it is distinctly possible that extending essential respites will reveal something that has recently emerged within you. Any time you take to notice and integrate inner changes will, in turn, almost certainly help you to discern more clearly emerging patterns of the external world.


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Another important thing to remember about the Moon is that it moves quickly. By Monday, the Moon will have left Scorpio (and nearly all that will be left of its reflective qualities) behind to spend the rest of its current cycle swept up in Sagittarius.

Then, as Wednesday segues into Thursday, the New Moon’s merger with the Capricorn Sun will already have us turning the corner into not only a new lunar circuit of phases, but also a new year.

When all is said and done, it is astrologically probable that some (if not many) will ultimately look back on this coming weekend to realize what they have missed. Don’t let yourself be among them.

Take thorough and complete care of your body’s needs, and in the process do some inner detective work. Listen to yourself think for long enough to actually hear your thoughts. Sit with your feelings long enough to actually know them. Look into what you are on the way to becoming so as to better understand yourself, and your life, when and where you ultimately come out.

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3 thoughts on “Go In, Come Out

  1. Bette

    Thank-you for these thoughts, Len – immersed by necessity in a quiet time, I continue to spend much time in reflection. Listening to my thoughts & self-talk has been instructive & pointed out major changes I need to be making in both.

  2. Kazimira Rachfal

    Reading ‘go in, come out’ is a slowed down process, like hearing myself think. You have a beautiful way of writing from your heart. I’m very thankful.

  3. Glen Young

    Yes, the waters from the Urn are indeed being distributed; so glad I can catch these waves.
    I’m thankful as well, to all and everyone at Planet Waves. On a great job (some really hard work); that keeps us focus.

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