Gemini 2016

Moonshine Horoscope for Capricorn New Moon #1132 | By Len Wallick

When you were younger, you might have had reason to feel that you were born either too early or too late. Now it would be fair to say that the world and you have at least potentially caught up with each other. You can bring the improved sense of your being in the right time (and even at the right place) to practical fruition. Try taking either a two-day sabbatical or two hours every week for at least two months to record a short history of your happiest moments on paper. The purpose of using paper and making bliss your subject matter is to help you focus on where personal experience has most pleasantly intersected with physical existence. Stick to the facts, and write for yourself only. Once you have finished, read what you have written. Then, ask yourself two questions. First, what desires can you let go of now that they have been met? Second, what do you now have the strongest will to reach for next?

Monday Morning Horoscope for Dec. 26, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

You appear to be headed for a breakthrough in a negotiation process where you may lack any clear advantage. Don’t let that deter you. Consider the wider circumstances that surround your situation. Consider everyone involved; ask yourself what’s motivating them, what they want and what they need. Then you will understand the actual position you’re in. Two factors will work in your favor. One is information. Learn everything you can, whether it’s from reviewing your own notes, research, or asking for information from others. Discover everything about every person involved. And then ask people older and more experienced than you what they think. Listen carefully to the opinions you disagree with the most vehemently: they are likely to hold the very best clues. You’re trying to do something that will require some thought: rebel and fit in at the same time.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Dec. 19, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

Set all of your commitments into pause-and-review mode. You seem to have various contracts, agreements or understandings with people that need a think-through. For some of these, the issue boils down to dollars and cents. The numbers simply must add up, or nothing else will work. For others, the question is one of willingness, particularly your own. You have time to consider this, and it will be better if you bring the question to the front of your mind rather than having it lurk and linger at the back. Can you deliver what you’ve promised? Do you want to? If the answers to both of those questions are yes, then you may have a third question that’s not so easy to articulate. Going forward with your plan will require you to change and deepen. You might feel like you have to give something up to gain something else. Yes, you will need to give up the past to gain the future.

Moonshine Horoscope for Gemini Full Moon #1130 | By Len Wallick

Keeping in touch with those you care about is always important. For the time being, however, it’s probably at least as important to keep in touch with yourself. To do so, dial back a bit on distractions. Try spending less time watching images on a screen and more time listening to your own thoughts. This does not necessarily mean you should spend your days in isolation or sensory deprivation. On the contrary, some quiet time outside walking under the sky and among trees would probably be one of the best ways for you to explore what’s going on inside your head. Don’t neglect sleep, either. If you are not feeling well rested, it’s unlikely you will have the stamina it takes to think about thinking and to be fully conscious of your awareness.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Dec. 12, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

You get a fresh start this week, though you are likely to be carrying over some business from last week. No worries: now you get to use the Full Moon Clear-The-Decks method of astrology. Tuesday’s Full Moon takes place in your sign, which will help you resolve any stuck issues, move any stuck energy, and motivate any creaky, squeaky people. Remember not to argue with anyone. Merely keep the discussion focused on action, and move things along. You have unusual persuasive power right now, and you also have certain points of leverage that will help you focus on your goals. Oh, that bit: be clear about what you want to get done. Check in with higher-ups to make sure that your goals are aligned with theirs; don’t run wrangle over anyone else’s agenda. You have the passion and the intelligence to make the outcome work for everyone.

Short Monthly Horoscope for December 2016, #1129 | By Eric Francis

State your expectations clearly, whether you’re speaking to relationship partners, business partners or the representative from your cellular provider. You are the one who must set the tone of all of your communications, and not for a moment allow yourself to be intimidated. When in doubt, stick to the facts and figures. This is your most important hedge against being swayed by the emotions, power or charisma of others. Keep your language simple and make sure that people understand what you mean, and that you understand what they say. The result of every discussion must be a clear agreement.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Dec. 5, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

In the realm of sexuality, too much emphasis is placed on power and pain. Too little is placed on communication, pleasure and healing. You have the ability to shift the conversation toward loving, creative ideas. You can set the agenda; though if I may give you a clue, here’s how it will feel when you do: like you’re venturing into taboo territory — and that’s because you are. It’s perfectly acceptable to cast relationships and sexuality in terms of victimization. Where people tend to panic is when things get sensitive, and where the only valid path involves honesty. You get to lead the way. In any discussion requiring two or more people to open up, be the one to speak your heart and soul. Take the risk of vulnerability. Admit your desire. Admit what you need. Offer your assistance in any form that you can give it. One such place would be your willingness to let go of jealousy as a form of gospel truth.

Moonshine Horoscope for Sagittarius New Moon #1128 | By Len Wallick

Nearly everybody has had at least one occasion to understand how opposites do indeed attract. Just such an experience seems to be on your horizon. To help assure that any such encounter will be a positive experience on the whole, all you have to do is remember just one thing: two perfectly complementary personalities might not always be in perfect agreement.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Nov. 28, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

You will need to maintain inner discipline in your relationship transactions during the coming weeks and well into January. There is a double influence at work. One involves a kind of marriage impulse, and the other looks more like anarchy. Neither is especially trustworthy. Each contains deeper emotions or motives, and you would be wise to look for them. One thing I want to emphasize is not having relationship conversations when anyone is under the influence of any mind-altering substance, even a little alcohol. There’s room for some serious distortion. Therefore, conduct discussions of relationships and sexuality out of bed, such as at the kitchen table; and stone cold sober. You need to know what you’re saying, hear what’s being said to you, and fully trust the understandings and agreements you come to. There’s no wiggle room here. It’s essential that all parties state their true needs, and listen to those of the other. Beware of scorekeeping.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope — December 2016, #1127 | By Eric Francis

Everything about your charts is saying go deep: that you want to, and that you need to. This means having the real conversation sooner rather than later. No matter how apprehensive that may make you feel, you’re the bold person in the equation, the one who has a feeling for what you need to say, and what you want to know. Once the discussion is going, though, you don’t need to push any particular point. Take it gently and allow the momentum of truth to carry the subject forward. You will know you’re having a real conversation when it takes on a life of its own, when things come up that surprise you, and when you end up in a completely different place than you may have intended. You seem to be climbing around on the wreckage or artifacts of the past. If you get that feeling, think of it as the unresolved remnants of past commitments. In the midst of all that, you might find one or two things you can still stand by, though not much else. To actually live, you must clear out of your way any promises you’re no longer able or willing to keep, and free others from the same things. Be aware that most of the time, most humans try to live in the past; that’s why so little of actual relevance ever seems to happen. Your way is different.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Nov. 21, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

Now is not a good time to make important decisions in your relationships. If you work through the current challenge, you will have another perspective more liberating and beautiful than you might be feeling now. It’s not your relationships that are holding you down; it’s an idea you have about them. You’re in a rare phase of your journey when you can clear those tendencies out of your life. First you must see them for what they are: relationships that are more about structure than about feeling; more about commitment than about devotion. The difference is nothing less than that between what you’re supposed to do, and what you want to do. If you consider this possibility and you feel the allure of freedom, and then you feel guilt, know that you’re moving in the right direction. Guilt is your confirmation of what you really want.

Weekly Horoscope for Nov. 17, 2016, #1126 | By Amy Elliott

You’re on the way to taking some positive and useful steps toward a career that really suits you. You’re almost ready to make the move; just now, you seem to be at the point of deciding what to carry with you and what to leave behind. Your famous mercurial nature aside, it seems there is some particular habit or issue of which you are unwilling to let go. It may help to consider tackling this now as an important learning experience that will assist you toward a kindlier future. Employ that quick brain of yours and persevere until you have the solution.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Nov. 14, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

All is not fair in love. It may be fair in war, but they’re not the same thing, and the competitive situations in your life are far from combat. As for love, you need to be guided by your personal code, and decide consciously when you choose to bend or amend it. In other words, when faced with something you consider a temptation, consider the consequences and make a conscious choice. It may be worth the risk — only you know. One question that will be floating around is: what is the meaning of marriage? If that one appears on your radar, ask the question honestly and from as many viewpoints as you can. It would be beautiful if there were not winners and losers in love, and in truth that is actually possible. Along the way, you have the strength to be kind to people, and honest with them. That will lay a strong foundation for the future.

Short Monthly Horoscope for November 2016, #1125 | By Eric Francis

All work is creative work. If for some reason you’re feeling bored or overwhelmed, bring more passion and soul into what you’re doing. You might be saving that for some perfect future scenario, yet it’s your own life-force energy that will get you from here to there. Your talent, vision and love are needed where you are, right now, even if you don’t always feel appreciated. Rise to the occasion of every circumstance in your life. Then take the chance to rise above and get some perspective. From there you will see that each seemingly small, loving gesture contributes to much greater progress.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Nov. 7, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

You’re in a good position to buy, sell or trade secrets. Your chart is the very picture of intrigue. Just remember, you would be playing with fire. Looked at another way, you have access to inside information for a reason. That would be to enhance your ability to succeed and to help others succeed. This is about gaining an advantage — but not an advantage over anyone. Use your information honestly and fairly. You must be mindful of a few things, one of which is making sure that your facts are correct. Proceed only with data that you’ve verified a few times. Get other viewpoints and assemble your own picture. Also, people are likely to reveal to you sensitive information that they might regret having said. Like a competent journalist, you must protect your sources. And it’s never good form to take any pleasure at all in the pain or struggles of others. Rather, help any way you can.

Moonshine Horoscope for Scorpio New Moon, #1124 | By Len Wallick

If it is at all possible, take at least one day to be all by yourself sometime soon. It’s time to get reacquainted with who you are when separated from work and relationships. Let your special day alone be unstructured. Be rather than do. The possibilities are endless. Whether you stay inside or go outside does not matter so much, so long as you break routine. You could follow up on something that has been intriguing you — something you have not had time to investigate — so long as you do it on your own. Another viable alternative is to be utterly un-ambitious and simply remember how to enjoy your own company once again.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Oct. 31, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

There is a way through or around any obstacle or obstruction. You will need to decide whether someone in your life is being stubborn and intractable, or whether they have an interest in growing. If you repeatedly come up against their refusal to change, and if this has gone on for a year or so, you will need some kind of workaround. They are unlikely to be interested in changing. Yet you’re too well suited to adapting to discomfort for your own good. You need to put your survivalist tendencies to good use, rather than letting them be used against you. Anyway, the purpose of relationships is not to endure; it’s to be productive, share in the benefits of life and have fun. So if you find yourself making excellent use of your coping skills, you might back off a little bit, and find other ways either to adapt or to make a real decision.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for November 2016, #1123 | By Eric Francis

Gemini is said to be one of the more mental signs, but now there’s no avoiding an emotional situation that’s been vying for your attention for some time. Once you devote yourself to understanding and healing, you will discover a world of possibilities, by which I mean support from others and an opportunity to grow and create. One item to address is your sexuality, from the standpoint of healing. This can be challenging because few people have any concept of sexual healing until they’ve experienced it, and few healers or thought-leaders bring up the topic. You still tend to think of sex as something that must exist inside a social construct like marriage or commitment. Sex came first. The human body and its feelings came before anyone’s notion of right or wrong imposed over basic biology. One element of healing is living by your own personal code of ethics, one that realistically reflects who you are and what you feel. That’s predicated on knowing what you feel and seeking to discover the truth of who you are. This is opposite from trying to fit yourself into what someone else thinks you’re supposed to be. Just embracing that one idea will help you feel better and set yourself free. You might try this as your mantra for a few weeks: “I am not my parents. I am myself.”

Monday Morning Horoscope for Oct. 24, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

Mercury, your personal planet, is about to move into Scorpio. The psychological insight offered by this sign will help you make some sense out of people or situations that were previously not quite adding up. You’ll also have more tolerance of things being out of balance in that characteristically 21st-century way. The thing to remember is the human factor. People have egos, and they tend to be oversensitive, just like you get sometimes. When they’re in that condition, what they need is empathy. This might come as recognition for what they’ve accomplished, even though you might perceive this as excessive pride or childishness. Humor people. Tell them what great work they’re doing and they will be much more cooperative with the great work that you are doing.

Weekly Horoscope for Oct. 20, 2016, #1122 | By Amy Elliott

Everyone is a work in progress to some extent, and it appears progress is what you’re currently making. If life is a detective novel, you’ve either just found an important clue or are about to come across one. Your present mission may involve digging deeper than you usually like to go. Yet, there is every indication that it’s worthwhile, to say the least. If you feel inclined to back away rather than face possible discomfort, here are two thoughts that might help: firstly, talk to someone you love and trust; secondly, think of this as a puzzle, and you’ll get on splendidly.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Oct. 17, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

You may be feeling scattered, but creatively you’re in rare form. To get the flow of ideas going requires a little chaos, and your life certainly qualifies at the moment. You’ll benefit from channeling your energy into productive activities (making art in any form, imbibing art in any form, passion, sex, etc.) rather than merely emoting, or talking about things. In fact it would make sense to skip the part about telling people what you’re planning to do, and instead get down to business. Meanwhile, your astrology suggests you pay special attention to anything involving shared finance or matters of taxation. Get second opinions, sleep a few nights on any question and, most of all, read before you sign.

Moonshine Horoscope for Aries Full Moon, #1121 | By Len Wallick

There are different types of contests. Some are private, others public. Sometimes the stakes are high; other times the outcome is more of a learning experience. To help your own cause regarding any bones of contention you are faced with right now, give some thought to the interests of others. You need to understand both the motivations and objectives of those you are contending with. In addition, it would be helpful if you were cognizant of how those only looking on are invested. If there is a way you can participate so that everybody involved feels like a winner, your prestige and influence will be unavoidably enhanced.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Oct. 10, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

You can afford to come out of your shell. In fact, it would seem to be the very thing you want to do the most, and being responsive to that will benefit you. For a couple of months it would seem that you’ve been lost in your own sauce, more concerned with a kind of inner reflection than with expressing yourself. Maybe it felt productive; maybe it was frustrating; I reckon you learned something important about yourself in any case, particularly about your insecurities. Now you get to collect the results of that work, which will come in the form of expressing yourself. That means a form of freedom you haven’t had for a while. Freedom is something you take, not something you’re given. This will require courage, and shifting out of some old patterns — though you have help, and you have incentive. Still, you’re the one who must take the seeming risk of expressing yourself, which means opening yourself up to the potentially significant rewards.

Short Monthly Horoscope for October 2016, #1120 | By Eric Francis

You’re experiencing a creative burst like you’ve rarely ever felt. Celebrate, explore and give yourself some extra freedom to find out what you want to do. You have more potential than you think. It’s a matter of focus, and that is coming. You might feel you have to give up some things to focus on one or two priorities. Let this happen organically. Remember, you’re not really giving anything up. You will take every talent, passion and idea with you, and these will combine into new forms, new projects and new gigs. Have faith in this process, and in yourself.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Oct. 3, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

Be mindful when conducting any negotiations, particularly if they involve contracts, matters of taxation or negotiating about finances in partnerships. You appear to be motivated to get a fair outcome, but don’t move too quickly. If you feel the discussion is proceeding in a way that is unfair or in which you’re lost in the maze, ask for time to get your facts right. Use your energy on inquisitiveness rather than fighting or resisting. And remember, this is not a matter of how hard you work, or having to earn something extra by your service. This conversation is at the stage of brass tacks; it’s now far less about opinion and almost entirely about power. To keep your power, you must be armed with facts and figures and keep your presentation chilled to just above freezing. People must deal with reality. Emotions get in the way.

Moonshine Horoscope for Libra New Moon, #1119 | By Len Wallick

You know life is good. You also know that the best way to enjoy yourself is in a life-affirming way. Now is a good time to begin putting all that hard-earned knowledge to work, beginning with some serious reflection regarding what works best for you now. Don’t despair if an old thrill has somehow gone. It doesn’t mean you have lost your groove. It simply means you have evolved. Allow yourself to experiment and explore new forms and sources of gratification appropriate to the person you have (perhaps unknowingly) become. If you don’t know how or where to start updating or upgrading your groove, look first into your own heart for what’s currently most important to you. Then, look in the world for where your heart’s desire will be just as important to others as it is to you.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Sept. 26, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

Jupiter and the Sun are now joining forces in the boldest and most adventurous angle of your chart. That’s an invitation to push the limits of what you think is possible. You have a special challenge ahead of you, which will come with unusual rewards if you step up to your potential. It takes a special state of mind to look at a blank page, or to listen to the silence, and imagine something into being. Yet that seeming blankness is speaking to you now. Ideas are bubbling forth from everyone and everything, if you would only listen. You will also need to take the risk of creation, which means letting your ideas out and then giving them a chance to develop. Don’t rush this process; attend to it like the plants on your windowsill: looking after them daily, giving them light and water, and encouraging them to grow. Light and water includes fun and passion. Keep your energy moving.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscopes for October 2016, #1118 | By Eric Francis

You must be careful what you commit to this month. During the Mercury retrograde into late September, you got a clue just how little it takes to create a misunderstanding. You need to be vigilant about this going forward. That means understanding your responsibilities and commitments under any contract you sign or promise you make. To put it bluntly, you must figure out how much power over you any agreement gives the other party. From the look of your solar chart, that power will be lopsided in favor of others. The first step toward claiming it back is not giving any more away. Any situation where there is some question about this is likely to come to a head, so you will want to be prepared for any discussion in advance. You are not the type to submit to anything against your will; you’re too intelligent and you value your autonomy. Yet what’s unfolding in the current scenario involves old patterns that go back to parents and early caregivers, wherein you had to content yourself with having no influence over the course of events. This is no longer true; however, most of your strength and volition will come from knowledge. Therefore, set no limits on what you know about your circumstances, your rights or anyone with whom you’re dealing. For this is indeed your power.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Sept. 19, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

Mercury is about to change to direct motion this week just as the Sun enters your fellow air sign Libra. You may have the urge to accomplish every task that’s been bumped off your to-do list the past three weeks. You might suddenly feel that anything is possible. I suggest, however, that you begin your catch-up process close to your most basic emotional needs, your physical body and your living space. Then it will be easy to branch out from there. It will serve you better to work from the inside out, because without you being aligned inwardly, it’s difficult to manifest your intentions or desires in the outer world. One question you might face is what to do in the case of seemingly conflicting desires. This is why knowing yourself, feeling centered and understanding your priorities is so important, and why it’s the place to start.

Pisces Full Moon Moonshine for Sept. 15, 2016, #1117 | By Len Wallick

You have always been able to move on. It’s one of your strengths. Over the last year or so, a different imperative may have come to the fore. Perhaps it’s a need to stake out and occupy some form of ground. Alternatively (or in combination) you may have been compelled somehow to be more persistent than ever before in quest of a goal. Either way, the result at this juncture may be a bit of internal conflict. To resolve that tension, employ a three-step process. First, mentally retrace your choices over the last 12 months. Then, take adequate time to be clear about what you want. Finally, envision what inner peace would look like four years from now, and take your first steps towards achieving it.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Sept. 12, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

An artist is someone who is aware of their environment in the moment, and who carefully considers the impact of their words or other creative expression. An artist can be in any field, no matter how technical or seemingly ‘non-artistic’. You’re being called to just such awareness now: to bring yourself and all of your talents into everything you do, but more than that, to understand what you make as being inherently relational: that is, with every breath you breathe, with every mark of a pencil on a page or letter that you type, you are connecting to someone. And in connecting, you’re having an influence and creating an effect. As a matter of your highest ethics and what some call dharma — acting as if to hold the world together — you must consider the impact of what you create. This is best as a matter of day-to-day habit. Your true talent will flourish when you do.

Short Monthly Horoscope for September 2016, #1116 | By Eric Francis

You’re learning how not to be informed by your insecurities. They seem so certain of themselves — which is strange, since they’re describing uncertainty. That alone should make them suspect. One thing you’re being guided to do over and over is to avoid placing your self-esteem in the hands of others. It seems to work for a while, but people and their attitudes can be flaky. Your respect for yourself must be based on your opinion alone. Others may say things that make you feel better or worse, or they may say nothing at all. Your truth about yourself is in your hands.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Sept. 5, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

You seem to be under the influence of a forgetfulness spell. Therefore, focus on remembering: remember your agenda, remember what you need to do and who you need to talk to, and remember your most basic needs. Most of all, remember your ideas. This is one of those weeks when a beautiful turn of phrase, a solution to a persistent problem, or an elegant chord progression can get lost between the moment you discover it and the time you get to your notebook. So be persistent about this, and trust you are having ideas that are worth remembering. Your chart shows you working toward some impressive goals; remember that the big achievements in life are always a mosaic of seemingly small goals met, combined with an overarching vision. Therefore, set out to accomplish those seemingly little things, and remember that you did, and why you did. And then pull back and size up the big picture at least twice a day.

Virgo New Moon Moonshine for Sept. 1, 2016, #1115 | By Len Wallick

There is a potential and substantial creative achievement inside of you waiting to come out. Interestingly, it is not only your inner environment that needs attention so that your creation can be realized. What you have between you and the manifestation of a masterpiece is thus a two-fold task. You might think of it as doing on one level and not doing on the other. Fortunately, there is nobody with a greater aptitude than you at managing two parallel but related strategies. To begin with, actively attend to the physical space (either home or studio) where you compose. That probably means less clutter and more air. Follow up by taking the pressure off yourself. While still holding a clear vision of your objective, relax regularly in your own way toward a state of inner peace, even temporarily, and see what flows out of its own accord.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Aug. 29, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

Mercury, your home planet, is about to station retrograde. Typically this is classified as the astrology of inconvenience. For you, and for those you influence, this will be an unusual one, rich with discoveries and a major personal breakthrough. For this to serve you best, you need to remember something you’ve learned many times, which is how to stay open-minded. This extends to being open to your own feelings, and to your feelings changing. Pay attention to your tendency to have to understand every single emotional impulse before you let it in. You’re likely to be feeling so much, particularly the next few days, there’s no accounting for it all. If you open up to your own mental and emotional flow, you’ll feel better, you’ll feel more grounded, and you’ll get more done. The one thing I suggest you give up on is control. This is the primary message coming from your chart: relax a little and let life happen.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for Sept. 2016, #1114 | By Eric Francis

The obsession with security that our society has developed during the past 15 years has a parallel on the human level: how is it possible to feel safe on our planet at this time? There are days when everything seems to be unraveling. We are constantly reminded of what’s supposed to threaten us, from mosquitoes to the nuclear arsenal. The spiritual approach is to declare yourself the safe place. You become your own sanctuary. Yet the private dimension is one of the most menacing for many people, where their own inner voices, such as the critic or the moralist, leave them the least room to be themselves, or to feel safe. However, inner poise is what you must cultivate, and you have many opportunities to do so. One thing your astrology indicates is an inner exploration of the sources of insecurity as they are rooted in your childhood experiences. You might avoid these memories and emotions as one way of dealing with them, though I suggest you address them directly. This is the simplest way to neutralize the power they seem to hold over you. When you hear an inner critic or authority speaking, ask yourself: whose voice is this? If you can get past this layer of turbulence, you will feel safer, and you will tap into a well of wisdom and knowledge from which you will surely benefit.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Aug. 22, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

Let others lead the way, at least for themselves; they know best, or they think they do. If you stand back a few paces, you’ll succeed in doing two things: allowing close partners or loved ones to make their own decisions, and having some perspective so that you see where you fit in (or don’t). What I suggest you not do is intervene, or try to alter anyone’s trajectory — even if you don’t think they’re doing the right thing. You might be right; or alternately, they might know something you don’t know. There is plenty going on in your life that’s calling for your attention. You seem to be preparing for some emergence into a new phase of your talent. Stick to that. Take care of yourself. Leave the people close to you space to deal with their stuff, and give things a solid week or more to settle down and sort themselves out. You’ll save a lot of needless bother.

Full Moon Moonshine Horoscope for Aug. 18, 2016, #1113 | By Len Wallick

It is not unusual to teach what one most needs to learn. In your case, however, it’s not so simple. For the foreseeable future (which will not be all that long, really), the key to your advancement in the world will largely consist of how willing you are to be taught. There are those who are ready and able to coach you, both to your benefit and to theirs; but the best of them will not be willing to offer their services if you are not at least receptive and willing to learn. The extent to which you are now open to taking in what comes from others is the degree to which you will be able to become more than you have ever been.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Aug. 15, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

Learning is discovering that something is possible. The next week or so will be rich with this energy: of self-discovery, of your learning potential, and most of all, figuring out how much you already know. Please don’t resist this. Slow down and take your time with everything that you’re doing and everything you’re feeling. We’re not talking about knowledge that’s limited to what you’re holding in your head. For you in particular, authentic knowledge is rooted in your feelings, your blood and your bones. Your body informs your mind, not the other way around, and this quality of your being is coming on strong now. Along with this process, pay attention to what you eat and how it makes you feel. Pay attention to your sleep patterns and dreams. And if you have any connection to your ancestors, particularly on your father’s side, consider what they have taught you and what they are offering you now.

Weekly Horoscope for Aug. 11, 2016, #1112 | By Amy Elliott

On more than one occasion Eric has said, “space is intelligence.” If you have an idea on the brew, it’s possible that the first step to drawing it forth is to make sure your space is ready. Tidy up any clutter that’s preventing you from breathing freely. You may be surprised by how much clearer your head feels afterwards, and by the potentially multiplying effect on your creative skills. Then you can get on with the business of making a more vibrant and wonderful world.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Aug. 8, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

Don’t trip over yourself. Tie your shoes, pull up your socks and walk forward. You might not be feeling self-confident enough to blaze forward, though this is what I’m speaking about. If you act confidently and proceed with some direction, you will feel confident. If you overthink everything, especially in the context of what will make you feel safe, you’re likely to feel stuck. Others in your environment may seem bold or aggressive, which may be irritating; however, you might consider that they have the right approach to life. It’s true that some people around you may have a higher tolerance for conflict, though you have a skill that can convert friction into cooperation: that would be your gift of language. Your ability to negotiate and to see both sides of an issue will help you turn potential competitors into allies and even friends. Find your common goals and agree to work toward them.

Short Monthly Horoscope for August 2016, #1111 | By Eric Francis

It’s time to be direct with people, and to let them be direct with you. Some feathers may get ruffled, but you’ll save a lot of time. You no longer have the need to analyze psychological motives. You can no longer afford to hope that someone will change, or that you can adapt to anything you don’t really like. Your life right now is a question of stating what you want, listening to what other people want, and deciding on the spot whether there really is a meeting between the two. If you see common ground, seize the moment; and if not, you must live your life your way.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Aug. 1, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

At a certain point you have to come out of your comfort zone, and it would seem as if a relationship partner or potential interest is guiding you to do just that. If someone seems to be confronting you, ease back and take it not as an offense, but as a friendly challenge. Work with the idea that it’s up to you to offer people the space to be themselves. You do plenty of changing and choosing; you know that the people you truly call friends are the ones who give you the widest berth to be yourself. If you extend that truly loving courtesy of affirmation to others, you will discover the corresponding reward of how good it feels to offer freedom as well as to have it for yourself. They are so similar as to be the same thing. And it would seem that in this situation, the feeling is mutual.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for August 2016, #1110 | By Eric Francis

The more you cling to your reality, the shakier it will seem. If you can hang loose, you’ll find it much easier to adapt. It might seem that your adjustments mainly involve people and their changing needs and desires. In truth this is about you. There are certain outer circumstances, such as work or partnerships, that seem to protect you from the truth that you’re growing and changing on a constant basis. It’s true that Gemini is the master of being a different person every day, though I’m referring to something deeper. For example, possibly you’re becoming aware that you need your family of choice around you, rather than your family of origin. You may have ideas about how you want to structure your home, or where you want to live. Most of all, you have ideas about what will help you feel safe and secure on the planet in a time when that’s an extremely rare commodity. You may not have the answer to that, though you may also recognize that certain factors in your environment run contrary to that goal. If you discover and acknowledge that something or someone aggravates you, you have the power to remove that influence. Don’t expect it to go away or mysteriously get better. You know it’s your job to take care of yourself. It’s your job to make your own decisions.

Monday Morning Horoscope for July 25, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

It’s worth one more mention that quality writing, once the purview of high school students, has become an art form as rare as ballet. The ability to read, once the foundation of all knowledge, has been replaced in most people by the ability to keep up with the latest rumors. Yet you have reading skills that are better than most of the people you know; and better still, reading and writing for you are a dependable form of fun. With that said, these things also make you a more valuable collaborator. Put another way, these skills are actually worth something, by which I mean they have a significant monetary value. Remember that. And do not take your skills for granted: refine them all the time. Read three books on a subject where you might ordinarily read just one. Carefully proofread everything you send, and be one of the people who set the example of honoring language.

Weekly Horoscope for July 21, 2016, #1109 | By Amy Elliott

There’s a reason they say nobody’s an island. If you have a particular project on the go this week and are perhaps scratching your head, don’t be too proud to ask for help. In fact, it’s quite likely that someone you know will have the very answer you seek, whether you bring the subject up consciously or happen to be discussing something entirely different. So keep your eyes and ears open; a moment of serendipity could be all you need. Moreover, if you seem to be getting bogged down in routine, you can easily find inspiration again through taking a break or switching things up. Do what you enjoy, and you’ll be doing it right.

Monday Morning Horoscope for July 18, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

Those born under your sign are said to have a way with words. I have found few astrological ideas to be so true. You have a gift and you also have the potential to turn it into something that sustains you. Yet for that to happen, you must make your ongoing investment, and you must collect on what you’ve invested in the past. Though more words are spoken and written now than ever before, genuine literacy is not doing so well. By that I mean actual, grounded knowledge that has context, and can be referred to on paper and ink. You may not consider yourself a writer or a scholar, but you’re an intelligent person doing interesting things with your life. Every last endeavor you might explore will benefit from your ability to read and write well, and with passion. And if this means anything to you, such will increase your value as a collaborator, leader or team member.

Full Moon Moonshine Horoscope for July 14, 2016, #1108 | By Len Wallick

Time flies, and in today’s light-speed world it’s easy to miss a trick or two; plus, sometimes we all need to slow down a little. For that reason, look to get ahead of schedule as much as possible over the next four weeks. Think of yourself as now having the chance to build some momentum that will make it a lot easier to get over the next hill, and the number of steps forward will continue to exceed any steps you might have to take back. In addition, you might want to consider the advantages of not flying solo. Many hands make shorter and lighter work. Either look to become part of a team or recruit one. Even a team of two will work better than one.

Monday Morning Horoscope for July 11, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

You have a rare opportunity to stabilize your life. You’re accustomed to going in cycles, which sometimes takes you by surprise. The first thing to do is get a handle on those cycles. You must observe yourself; and then when you’re on the upswing, set aside energy, save money, get ahead or tackle difficult tasks. Yet there is another dimension: you need to build relationships that provide structural support. That means partners who have some ability to focus and be consistent. That means professional gigs that are steady. That means friends who are solid and not flaky. This is done over a period of time, though it could be well begun today. The one ingredient you will need to bring is commitment to this process even when you don’t feel like it; that is, whether on good days or difficult ones.

Short Monthly Horoscope for July 2016, #1107 | by Eric Francis

Your financial life has a tendency to run in extreme cycles, more than those of most other people you know. If you know how to ride the waves, you can do well for yourself. Your solar chart indicates that this is a moment of relative abundance. This is a great time to get into the habit of stashing away money and other important resources. Just the fact of doing so will have a stabilizing effect; not just on your finances but on your self-esteem, and wealth attracts wealth. Society teaches us a big drama about running on empty. Running on abundance suits you much better.

Monday Morning Horoscope for July 4, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

Focus on your most valuable personal assets. Not everyone knows what they are — it’s time for you to figure it out. It’s not enough to be awesome, or a great person. You need a specific inventory of what you know how to do, what you have to offer, and what you have the capacity to learn. Know what you’ve accomplished; and from there, have an idea what you want to do next. The current vogue is to have all this be in some vague form, to be generically talented in some way. This is merely palliative. Your skills are your tools, and you have them for practical purposes. I suggest you take any opportunity to acquire new ones, or to sharpen and maintain the ones you already possess. What you may find is that this goes further toward solidifying your self-esteem and self-respect than any psychology exercise, personal brainwashing or personal improvement campaign. Feel the exquisite beauty of, “Yes, I know how to do that,” or, “I’ll figure that out.”

New Moon Moonshine Horoscope for June 30, 2016, #1106 | by Len Wallick

Among the great forms of wisdom demonstrated by little babies is how to own. It’s a simple matter of taking things in hand and putting them into the mouth. While infants do indeed require adult supervision to assure their safety until they learn the necessary discretion about what to grasp for and what to eat, there is no question that kids are born with the right idea of how to participate in the world. Hence, you already have (and have always had) all that you now need to take your own part in the world to a new and more adult level. First, take possession of all that you have ever done or experienced. Then, get your mouth into the action — not to eat, but instead to declare who and what you are with justified pride.

Monday Morning Horoscope for June 27, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

You’re more intelligent than you think. If you feel like there is some issue or problem that’s over your head, all you need to do is slow down and tune in. This may relate specifically to a goal you have, one you might think you’re not up to. This insecurity may come back to a single comment some adult made to you as a child. You might also be struggling with an effect of digital life, which is to scramble certain forms of self-awareness. In any situation requiring your ability to think, the first thing to do is to be self-aware. Tune into your body and how you feel. Then start to put things into context. If you feel you don’t understand something, begin to break down just what it is you don’t know. You will figure out that you know more than you think, and you’ll have an inventory of missing information to put the pieces together. This works for any scale of question or problem.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for July 2016, #1105 | by Eric Francis

It’s time to go beyond any semblance of survival mode. This is particularly true when it comes to money. Your chart blends the theme of survivalism (accented by old lessons not learned) with the image of natural abundance, including financial. You might be wondering what the hang-up is. Money is its own special game, with its own skills and techniques. You are particularly susceptible to negative infiltration by ideas such as ‘money is bad’, or ‘people are corrupted by wealth’. Anyway, I don’t see your goal as being rich so much as having enough and some to share. There is a difference. One of the Gemini traits around finance is that you tend to run in cycles, and you must plan for those turns of the tide. You’re likely to be running on the abundant side more than usual right now, and that’s the time to set cash aside. In fact, you will sooner or later figure out that it’s always time to stash money aside, as a kind of religious devotion. One other bit: like many companies, you’re likely to have one profitable product. For you, fortunately, that something is likely to be a direct, tangible benefit to the people who take advantage of what you offer. Put some energy into that every day and you will have something that produces for you on a dependable basis.

Monday Morning Horoscope for June 20, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

You may be feeling the calling to devote yourself to a goal with full strength. It may seem like you’re doing this for someone or something, though you’re really doing it for yourself. I don’t mean self-serving in the usual sense of that; I mean in service of your integrity, your ideals and your bonds with others. Once you have those things in line, there will be plenty of overflow of benefits for everyone. Therefore, focus on your commitments. Keep your promises; and for what you cannot keep, or must delay, negotiate and make new arrangements. You’re not the prisoner of your commitments, though you might feel like that at times. Rather, you work in service of them and they work in service of you. Be grateful that you have a structure to use, which will help keep you focused. The more you work within your existing structure, the more freedom you will have — including the freedom to make changes.

Moonshine Horoscope for June 16, 2016, #1104 | by Len Wallick

What success consists of depends on who you are, and what you want. In nearly every case, however, winning has more to do with surpassing yourself than overcoming others. That would appear to be especially true for you now. No matter how well you have achieved your ambitions in the past, the new level of aspirations now within your reach will require you to somehow do and be better than ever before. There should be no doubt about your ability to step up. As a matter of fact, meeting and matching new challenges should be easy as pie for you. What may not be your piece of cake is facing limitations, especially those of your own creation. Acknowledge how you might be holding yourself back, and you will be taking the first and most important step toward propelling yourself beyond your personal best. You’re bound to discover a whole new you on the other side.

Monday Morning Horoscope for June 13, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

Your astrology seems, on one level, to be inviting you to avoid or escape from something. Pay attention to that impulse. You may be trying to run from the very thing you want the most. Yet another way to read the same pattern is that you’re seeking a peak experience of some kind. You want to go the whole way into something and do it for real. This desire for intensity is why people do things like bungee jump or parachute from airplanes. The inner movement is the desire for something that will actually change you. This could come in many different forms, though think of it as a real experiment with the thing you think is the realest, or that you want the very most. However, it’s a fine line between escape and what I’m calling peak experience. Pay attention to the distinction, and watch for distractions. For example, if you’re preparing for an interview, an audition or a placement exam, and someone invites you out for drinks, which do you do?

Monday Morning Horoscope for June 6, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

The debate over whether love works, or is real, or lasts forever, is meaningful only to those who are obsessed by guilt. Once guilt is seen as the obstruction that it is, the nature of love becomes obvious. Yes, it’s something that you offer to the people around you; yet in our era, perhaps the greater need is to accept the love that’s offered to you. You can only have as much as you’re willing to receive, and I suggest you open all the way up and just let people care about you, feel for you and support you. You might be thinking that love and support are just not there; or “I’ll receive it when there’s more available.” That, however, is not a formula for happiness. Embrace what is offered to you. Little kids smiling at you count. Random dogs saying hello count. Your ex emailing to see how you’re doing counts. Even an honest ‘no’ gives you information about how and where to proceed: count that as a form of affirmation.

Short Monthly Horoscope for June 2016, #1103 | By Eric Francis

Feel your own presence anywhere you go. Just the fact of your being somewhere has an influence in your environment, and by all indications a positive one. Imagine yourself holding the space open for the right thing to happen. You don’t need to say anything; the most important thing you can do is be aware of who and what is in your environment, and what the purpose of any meeting or project is. Say less than you might normally, though speak your mind when you know your contribution is likely to make a difference. Then, be sure to listen and learn.

Monday Morning Horoscope for May 30, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

Anytime you see a finished creative work, or someone’s solid accomplishment, it’s easy to forget what went into it. You might not consider all the steps involved, including how what you’re currently looking at began in an entirely different form (such as the musical that started as a novel). It’s also easy to forget that creating a work of art or culture changed the artist or the author, sometimes radically. You are involved in a process of discovering who you are at the same time you’re discovering what you want to achieve. Remember that these are the same process, the same journey. And this is always a journey into the unknown within you. It may be a cliché to say that there are no easy answers, nor answers that come from outside of yourself. Yet the beauty of those ideas is that they can point you in the right direction: inward, where the real creative fire is, and then outward, in the spirit of everything — everything — being an experiment.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for June 2016, #1102 | By Eric Francis

You must make space for yourself in your own world, and in the world. Nobody’s going to do it for you. In fact you might feel as if you’re being crowded out of an increasingly mobbed society. It’s nothing personal, of course; but you must make it so as a conscious act. Space begins with actual room: to work, to think, to live, to explore. Whether there might be an opening for you in a given field starts with whether you have the room to do what you do. Is your worktable big enough? Is your space quiet enough? Do you have time to think? Is there any wasted space in your home, office or studio that can be cleared out? You might start with the corners and work your way into the middle of the room. You could do that mentally as well, noticing what you tend to gloss over or habitually shove aside. As you clear physical and mental space, your energy will begin to flow in a new way. You will gain back some of the emotional self-control that you need to master your creativity. Here’s something to keep in mind: you are more likely to discover an opening or an advantage in the world searching inwardly than you are, say, from a listing on Craigslist. Then you must hold that open as you move through the social world and look for the connection you need.

Monday Morning Horoscope for May 23, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

The Sun recently entered your sign, with an unusual traveling companion: the brightest asteroid, Vesta. Associated with devotion, with young women and — most of all — with the use of physical space, Vesta is a reminder to make room for yourself in your own life. We tend to have crowded existences these days; our time is stuffed, we often share living spaces, and our minds are crowded by a dozen different inputs going off night and day. Your astrology is urging you to make quiet space for yourself, especially here in your birthday season. What you’re seeking is the sensation of returning to your inner sanctuary. Warm up that space. Get the fire going. Make sure you have what you need: your notebook, music or a musical instrument, your sketching pencils, your tarot cards. Come home to yourself, and get to know yourself again. Vesta was last in your sign four years ago, in the summer of 2012. Tell yourself the story of what has happened since then, and read it back carefully. You’ll be impressed.

Planet Waves Weekly Horoscope for May 19, 2016, #1101 | By Len Wallick

That which is delayed is not necessarily deferred. There is a difference. You are better at discerning that difference than most people are, and it is precisely that native skill which will allow you to navigate through the period of time you are now entering. Trust your judgment about whether simply being patient will pay off, and endeavor to make forbearance look easy. Conversely, if you sense you are being put off by others, consider not letting such actions simply pass. There are ways to keep your issues and negotiations alive and moving towards results that give everybody a chance to win. Find those ways, and others will see how it is in their best interest to compromise with you — without any requirement that you compromise anything that’s important to, or about, you.

Monday Morning Horoscope for May 16, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

In a few days, the Sun will burst into your sign, which I reckon will come with the feeling of being set free. Yet from what, exactly? A state of mind, mainly. You might call it density. Lately it’s as if your thoughts are moving in slow motion. At the same time it’s become difficult to change your mind in the usual way, to shift your thinking or to change the topic. This may be a reminder that something brewing requires focused, conscious thought. Developments this week will make that possible. I suggest, however, that you create mental space to work out your question. By that I mean the equivalent of clearing a table for the purpose of doing a specific project, such as assembling a puzzle. It’s obvious that something like that needs its own dedicated location for a while; you can’t keep moving it around, or taking it apart and putting it back together. The same is true with the problem you’re solving. Leave it out, where you can see it, with a light shining on it — and the solution will come to you, along with a few other brilliant, practical ideas.

Planet Waves Weekly Horoscope for May 12, 2016, #1100 | By Len Wallick

You have every reason to cultivate optimism at this time just as you would care for a garden in its early stages. While flower and fruit may not be evident now, they will be delivered with time and a surprisingly small amount of effort on your part. The key is to be both patient and consistent in all your daily efforts to support any current endeavor that has the potential to support and nourish you in return. Do not allow pessimism to take root. Yes, it is important to be realistic. Most important, however, is a belief in your own ability to be and do what is needed to ultimately enjoy an abundant harvest.

Monday Morning Horoscope for May 9, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

Your mind has the power to conjure reality. People dispute this fact, though bridges and skyscrapers, clever inventions and the lyrics of hit songs all begin with thoughts, often simple enough to write or sketch on a napkin. If that is not a form of conjuring I don’t know what is. Some highly unusual astrology is presenting you with the opportunity to put this power to work. On Monday, the planet Mercury — the one associated with your sign — will make a rare transit of the Sun. This is an exact conjunction similar to an eclipse, which is likely to make news reports in every country. Rare astrology describes a rare opening in your life. This takes place in your chart where your imagination merges with the substance of the material plane. This is another way of saying that you can create something tangible with the power of your imagination. It’s time to get busy.

Moonshine Horoscope for May 5, 2016, #1099 | By Len Wallick

One way or another, sooner or later, some undeniably good news will almost certainly find its way into your life before the year is over. That, however, is not the really big story for you. The feature event developing for you this year is that one way or another, sooner or later, you can (and probably will) become what amounts to very good news for at least one other person, and possibly for many others. Being an object of gratitude means being given a place of appreciation in the heart of another (or others) because of what you’ve done for them. It is a type of immortality. The trick to earning such a place without undue sacrifice on your own part is to be every bit as kind to yourself as you are to any and everybody else.

Monday Morning Horoscope for May 2, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

Have you ever had one of those experiences of thinking about something, but not realizing you’re doing it? Or that sensation of remembering a dream, in little pieces, throughout the day? And then you stop and consciously remember what you experienced? Your chart is describing you having what I call ‘parallel world’ experiences. These might include the feeling of deja-vu, or the sensation of being two places at once. In case you’re wondering, I consider these to be not just normal but also helpful; they are indications that your consciousness is expanding. Think of it this way: there is much more of you than is typically invited into the circumstances of your life. There are feelings, thoughts and visions that don’t fit into the usual day-to-day, and those are the places you’re growing into. Let them seep into your mind, and remember to set aside some quiet space to consider what they’re telling you.

Short Monthly Horoscope for May 2016, #1098 | By Eric Francis

You have deep insight into yourself at the moment, though you may be wondering what someone else wants. Is this person interested, or not? Are they offering you something, or expecting something from you? The best idea would be to ask openly: politely, willing to hear any answer. Yet it’s also important to give people a chance to make up their mind, and to change their mind. This is the mark of maturity: remembering that people are free, and what they are most free to do is choose. Merely admitting this could quell much of the personal drama in the world.

Monday Morning Horoscope for April 25, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

Listen to yourself. Listen to the words that you say, and how you say them. Sense the feeling beneath your words, which can sometimes conflict with what language alone implies. Imagine for a few days that everything you say, you are saying to yourself. Everything you write, you’re writing to yourself. Everything you perceive is some element of your own mind. When you do that, how does your approach change? Are you sterner or gentler toward others? Are you more or less sincere? It’s not a stretch to say that everything you express has you as its first and ultimate recipient; and that, in a sense, everyone else is coming along for the ride. It’s just so easy to forget this, and it can be a profound experience to remember.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for May 2016, #1097 | By Eric Francis

Once I wrote an article called “All Dogs Need Jobs.” Dogs want nothing more than to participate, which means having an assignment of some kind. This is an approach I suggest you apply to relationships as well. While the romantic notion of relationships is that they should exist for their own sake, I think that the lack of some agreed-upon purpose is where most relationships get lost. It could be a shared commitment to mutual happiness. It could be raising a family. It could be creating a business, or being missionaries in Zimbabwe. It could be giving one another the hottest sex ever. Whatever it is, I suggest that you define that thing as a tangible, observable purpose. You can proceed from this point with a commitment to explore, in what you might think of as a discovery process. First, notice what applying the concept of purpose does to your relationship and how you think about it. If you’re not currently in a partnership to which this applies, notice how it changes your thinking, or perhaps creates some apprehension. The reason I’m making this suggestion is that all relationships have a purpose, whether you’re aware of it or not, and whether you agree with your partner or not. The name of the game, in my view, is being fully connected to, devoted to, and responsive to a reason for being.

Monday Morning Horoscope for April 18, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

Take a light-hearted approach to any conflict that might emerge in a relationship. You might feel as if people are being obstinate for its own sake, but you’re probably misreading the situation. One of the most important things we can learn in life is not to take things personally. This is not easy, especially when it seems personal. But how many times has that happened, and then it turned out that the way someone was reacting had nothing to do with you? That’s the most likely scenario; and if you don’t take offense, you won’t create any either. If you live in the moment and focus on your own priorities, you’ll remember all those goals you have and ambitions you’ve been cultivating. I suggest you focus on the most important one, or the one you want the most, and work till you have a sense of accomplishment.

Planet Waves Weekly Horoscope for April 14, 2016, #1096 | By Len Wallick

Some say luck is the residue of preparation. That’s true enough. Even more valid for you is that good fortune can be made to happen based on what you have learned from experience. Specifically, every relationship in your life up to this point is now about to come in handy when it comes to you being as fortunate as possible. You need not believe in anything but yourself. Lucky charms will not be necessary. All that you’ll really need to get what you want is to recall and apply all the lessons that your life’s relationships have taught you about expressing your needs, while also showing others that it’s safe to do the same with you.

Monday Morning Horoscope for April 11, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

You have the mojo working to make quite an impression on the people around you, so I would recommend practicing the art of understatement. You don’t need to push your point, or any ideas; you merely need to speak in a normal tone of voice, and people will hear you loud and clear. It’s essential that you not underestimate the impact of your words or your example. I know that in the current version of the world, it’s possible to feel as if you’re never really heard or appreciated. Whatever anyone’s reaction may seem to be, you are, at least, serving as a catalyst. Therefore, choose your words carefully, and think more slowly than you usually do. Consider that there may be several ways to interpret anything you say, and do your best to account for that. More than anything, delicately sidestep direct confrontations. If you must fight, keep it subtle.

Moonshine Horoscope for April 7, 2016 #1095 | By Len Wallick

Time to update the reputation that precedes you. You know you are not the person you were five years ago. You are better. You are more. Fortunately, there is no rush to refresh your social profiles, or even to replace your publicly available photos. Take the time to develop a strategy before you employ any tactics. Get grounded in who you are now, and get clear on who you aim to become. Then, sort out all the ways in which what you see in yourself and envision of yourself differs from how you exist in the minds of others. Finally, think on how to most convincingly change the minds of those who think they know you, so that they can both see and support you in a new and more authentic way.

Monday Morning Horoscope for April 4, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

Spend more time listening than you do speaking, particularly at work. Tune into your environment, and notice what people in positions of leadership and management are concerned with. If you take your time with this, and take some notes, and sleep on what you’ve observed, in a few days you may come up with the winning idea that is eluding all of them. If you’re self-employed, you have a free pass to re-think and re-envision your business plan, matching it to some new real-world goal that has come to your attention. It will help immensely if you trust what your intuition is telling you. Listen to yourself; and, rather than second-guessing, give any inwardly discovered information a few days to bear itself out. There is no rush to start the new story, and your time would be well spent tying up old commitments and finishing old projects, the better to make room for the bold adventure that is just ahead.

Short Monthly Horoscope for April 2016, #1094 | By Eric Francis

Sometimes you try to make a goal, and then aspire to it. Other times, you find yourself doing something truly interesting that you never planned on, but discover that you love. Whatever new mission finds you this month will call forth your very best qualities, including your confidence expressing yourself in group situations. If you trust nothing else in this life, have faith in your voice. By that I mean your physical voice and how beautiful it is, and also the fact that you have something to say. Now you get to put the two together in grand style.

Monday Morning Horoscope for March 28, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

Do you take your own neurosis as a given? This is a word we don’t hear much any more, though it’s a helpful concept that means conflicting mental scripts. For example, imagine someone likes to stay up late, needs to wake up early and also needs their beauty rest. Those instructions-to-self are in conflict, and something needs to give. Most of the time we live with these things for years, though it makes as much sense as walking around with your shoes tied together. Notice the ways you may have desires or intentions that conflict with one another, and then sort out the appropriate action to take. Often these conflicts are subtle, but sometimes they are glaring if only one would look. Once you solve one or two of these riddles, you will gain a sense of accomplishment, and feel like you have some power to improve your life. Three of them would be a worthy goal for the week.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for April, 2016, #1093 | By Eric Francis

Whatever you may be doing, you have the ability to reach many people this month. What’s more is that you get to be unusually bold about your ideas. Generally society requires people to mince their words and blend them with mayonnaise to ensure public acceptability. You have the opposite effect going on. You will gain traction by presenting your actual concepts, even if they seem radical or like you’re way ahead of your time (which is likely to be true). A window to the future is opening up, and it will stay open long enough for you to make your mark. I would, however, recommend that you follow what I call the American law of success: You can do anything you want, as long as you do it well. Based on that social contract, refinement counts. Quality counts, and so does being thorough. Presentation is essential. If you want to violate cultural taboos, or push the edge, it helps immensely to be polished and manicured. When dealing with business people, have your numbers in order. When addressing editors, make sure everything is already fact-checked and proofread before you turn it in. When working with art directors, present them with two or three options. Above all, be polite, pay attention and listen. You can pull off some wild, unusual coup this month, as long as you’re smooth and well organized.

Monday Morning Horoscope for March 21, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

Are you somehow feeling left out of the action? Do you have this sensation that huge events are developing around you, and yet you can’t seem to connect? Have no fear. By which I mean that fear is a distraction from the perhaps-subtle information that’s coming, or from a point of contact that can immediately deal you into the game. Yet that point of contact may not necessarily come from someone who hands it to you; the greater lesson here seems to be about how you can make your own success. In that project you’re excellently situated because your words and ideas have extra influence right now. Therefore, I suggest you guide yourself out of survival mode, or any concept of existence that pits you against the world. Strive for communication, clear exchanges with others and, most of all, emphasizing a cooperative spirit in everything you do. More than anything, remember that your words and your ideas count.

Planet Waves Weekly Horoscope for March 17, 2016 #1092 | By Len Wallick

Your capacity to envision is about to come in handy. Whatever you are passing through right now, and no matter how you feel about it, imagine how you would like to feel once the passage is completed. Perhaps you would like to feel lighter when this current chapter of your life has come full circle into renewal. If so, seek out a non-intoxicating source of levity, so that your own laughing might provoke an image of being effortlessly lifted into your next phase. If, on the other hand, you would like to feel more grounded, begin a daily practice that prolongs your contact with the Earth, and see yourself as deeply and comfortably rooted once again.

Monday Morning Horoscope for March 14, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

As someone once wrote, in the empire of the senses, you are the queen of all you survey. Therefore, take total responsibility for your destiny. As the captain of your own ship, you determine where you sail. As the CEO of your own life, you set your agenda and your mission. It’s true that this is the thing everyone dreams of doing, but that so few actually accomplish. You might ask yourself whom you would be betraying if you were to step up to the challenges of living and take control. Do not fear the jealousy of others, and brush off any resentment others may project at you — or that you fear others may be harboring. To really live takes courage. You must do for yourself everything that your parents did not do. Most of all, it’s necessary to stop waiting for some moment to arrive and decide that you have arrived in this very moment, ready to embrace your existence fully.

Moonshine Horoscope for March 10, 2016 #1091 | By Len Wallick

Education is more than formal schooling. Learning is a process that never stops. Even so, erudition is more than accumulation. The true value of education is revealed when it is put to use. Indications are that you have reached a point where your storehouse of knowledge is quite valuable indeed. Now, the trick is to figure out just how to offer and exchange what you know for something of value in return. It’s a big world, but don’t let that intimidate you. Indeed, let the size and scope of the world encourage you to feel sure that this is the time, and that there is a place, for you to apply your unique combination of skills and scholarship. Start now to look for that place with the same patient effort you have put into your life’s education, and keep the faith until you find it.

Monday Morning Horoscope for March 7, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

Avoid power struggles at all costs this week. To do that, say little, and listen with rapt attention to what people around you are talking about — especially those in authority. Statements you make can be taken the wrong way, or push emotional buttons in others that you didn’t know existed. Save yourself the trouble, and keep your options open. Listening to people and actually hearing them will help you map out the psychology of your environment. Many changes are going on around you; and once you get the lay of the land, it will be easier for you to see your role, and to plan your timing and your moves. Those opportunities will come, sooner than you may think. You have the feeling something is in the air. Keep your sixth sense tuned in, and wait quietly like a kitty cat for the right moment to pounce.

Short Monthly Horoscope for March 2016, #1090 | By Eric Francis

You may never understand the choices that others make, so therefore strive to understand yourself. If, however, you’re trying to grasp the motives of a close partner or loved one, consider that they’re having a crisis of faith. This may take them some time to work out, and you can be supportive by remembering it’s not about you. Brilliant things are brewing on the career front — opportunities you’ve never experienced and may never experience again. Keep your focus there, and set your sights high. You’re in a position to command respect for your singular talent, vision and creativity.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for March 2016, #1089 | By Eric Francis

As you know, it’s easier for you to have wide, general goals rather than specific ones. Yet in recent years, a few special ambitions have manifested and taken up a life of their own. Events this month, including a total eclipse in the house associated with your highest calling, can propel you to a new kind of success. This is, however, the kind of success for which there is no formula. Yet several things are clear. You must strive for what is important to you now. It’s easy to get caught up in old goals, or outdated images of yourself. Stay in the moment. What comes your way may be something you’ve never considered before. Real opportunities can be total surprises. You may not feel ready or creative enough; you may feel overwhelmed. Let none of that deter you. Many of the greatest successes in the world arrive at odd or inconvenient times. Many people discover talents they never would have considered unless the circumstances presented themselves. I suggest you use this extraordinary time as an opportunity to set aside your expectations, whether negative or positive, and rise to the occasion of what transpires. The world is a strange place right now, and the quantum idea that life is a dream we create was never more obvious than it is today. Dream beautifully.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Feb. 22, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

It’s helpful to flow with your emotions rather than analyzing them. You know you’re analyzing based on how you feel; for example, if you’re feeling self-critical, that’s a clue. If you’re imagining someone else is being critical of you, that’s also a clue. You may need to wake yourself up a few times and snap out of it. Anything that’s set in motion today will gather momentum, so be careful what you emphasize. I suggest you put some energy into having the basics of life covered. It’s always helpful to be grateful for having food and a dry roof; be grateful for the people who care about you, and if you need reassurance reach out and say so. Feeling safe is a discipline. It’s the first cousin of feeling self-confident; one will lead naturally to the other.

Planet Waves Weekly Horoscope for Feb. 18, 2016, #1088 | By Len Wallick

Don’t be intimidated if something looks like it’s going to take a lot of work. An energetic challenge is exactly the situation you want. Whether you are faced with restoring something tangible or developing a skill from scratch, throw yourself into whatever effort presents itself to you. Go at your most difficult tasks like there is no tomorrow, and you’ll soon find yourself the beneficiary of some very gratifying fringe benefits. Among the gains that acting industriously will probably incur for you is a greater sense of wellbeing, both physically and financially. In addition, the harder you work in the short run, the more likely you will find ways to save labor in the long run. Last, but not least, those to whom you lend your hands will ultimately offer their hearts in return.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Feb. 15, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

You may feel this week as if a cloud has passed over you, and you can finally see the Sun and the sky. It’s been a while. You’re someone who lives for new experiences, and you have plenty of them to look forward to. I suggest you go consciously into fresh territory in your life. There are things you’ve wanted to explore for a while — they might involve spiritual or intellectual interests, or someplace you want to go. Encourage your curiosity to expand. If you want to go somewhere, look at photos of the place. If you’re curious about a topic (for example Tibetan Buddhism, a Supreme Court case, or scientists’ visions for the future) get a book on the subject and start reading. Your mind is a fertile field right now, and what you plant will grow.

Moonshine Horoscope for Feb. 11, 2016, #1087 | By Len Wallick

Anything unsatisfactory about the recent past can very soon be behind you if you release any attachments you have formed to what is now done. Breakthroughs are up ahead, if you place yourself in a position to make them. One way to get yourself through what might previously have felt like a ceiling is to find the real-world equivalent of a stairwell, escalator, or elevator. Going back to school is one option to consider. Travel is another potential way to expand your horizons. Neither should you limit yourself to making your breakthroughs alone. There could very well be a crew of some sort not only going your way, but also looking for somebody just like you to complete their number.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Feb. 8, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

Monday’s spectacular New Moon in your fellow air sign Aquarius is reminding you that you’re the inventor of your own life. Now that you’re free of certain commitments and entanglements, you can look toward your horizon and feel the potential that you have. It’s true that in many ways, we live in hopeless times. But you have more than hope. You have intelligence, you have ideas and most of all, you have a talent for strategy. All these things are blossoming for you right now. What will help you the most is to have flexibility. What you’re planning or seeing in your own future will take different forms once it manifests, and it will help if you’re able to adapt your plans ongoing. If you encounter an obstacle, remember: you can go over, under, through or around.

Planet Waves Weekly Horoscope for Feb. 4, 2016, #1086 | By Len Wallick

If you are feeling an itch of some sort, it’s probably because you need to move on in some way. It could be a relationship situation. Or perhaps you’ve just worn a rut into whatever you have been focused on manifesting. Either way, it’s more a matter of how you move on than whether or not you should. No wise sailor, for example, needlessly cuts the rope or breaks the chain to an anchor. Rather, the anchor is raised and converted to ballast so that restored mobility will also be more stable. Additionally, the time will inevitably come when that anchor will need to be dropped again. The same almost certainly goes for you. Rather than needlessly abandoning what has served to keep you in a particular place, seek first to change its role — from holding you fast, to keeping you steady and on an even keel. After all, life is big. There is potentially room enough in your life to contain both the old and the new, even if it means you need to expand your heart as well as your horizons.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Feb. 1, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

Keep your thoughts and ideas moving. Mercury is now direct, after yet another challenging retrograde phase. You may have noticed a subtle shift over the past week, which led to some unusual discovery about yourself or some unusual breakthrough this past weekend. Don’t fixate on that. Take it with you as you travel, and hold steady in the river of your emotions. Keep looking ahead. If you’re going to pause, I suggest you get to a high place and get a view of your surroundings. I mean this literally, as in a tall building, a mountaintop, even a hilltop or the view from the roof. You are in a rare moment when you can see the future, and feel what is possible. You can catch a glimpse of where you might go. Once you have a strong preference, the plan will manifest.

Short Monthly Horoscope for February 2016, #1085 | By Eric Francis

Follow your intuition on a career matter. Listen to what you’re telling yourself. While you’re doing that, it would be wise to stay three drinks behind the crowd at any work-related event. You must be clear in your understanding of people and not second-guess your perception. Remove any silly reasons to doubt yourself and you’ll find your way to confidence.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Jan. 25, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

You will need to pay close attention to joint financial matters this week, which may go through more alterations than a tailor does in a month. Keep your calculator handy, and make sure the numbers add up. Even if they do, add them again. Be on the lookout for hidden information, which you might discover when two facts seem to contradict. Meanwhile, beware of acting impulsively, or becoming obsessed with, well, anything. Finances and investments are the surface issue, which conceals something else. Peel back that layer and see if you can reach the underlying subject matter that is the energy source beneath any possible disagreement. The more intense your feelings, or those of someone else, the more necessary it is to seek and discover the deeper truth.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for February 2016, #1084 | By Eric Francis

Start paying attention to financial matters. It could pay off, and it could also save you a lot of hassles. What exactly happened the past two months? Do the forensics; for example, study your bank statements. Yet the real highlight is on shared resources and investments. There are clearly opportunities available, though to get to them, you may need to go back over some points of disinformation that entered your consciousness recently. You might have the feeling that you don’t want to know the truth, but you will directly benefit from knowledge. More to the point, the more information about your own affairs that you’re working with, the more independent you will feel from the influences of others. This is crucial for you now — it is perhaps the deepest ongoing theme of this long phase of your life. You need to not be under anyone’s thumb, or under their financial thrall. That doesn’t mean that mutual support, or being helped by someone, is out of the picture. This really is a question of power. The problems begin when one thing becomes another, and that thing is not questioned. What seems like sex, for example, can often be seen, more truthfully, as a matter of money and consequently of power. The first step toward transcending this is being absolutely honest with yourself about what you’re experiencing and how you feel.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Jan. 18, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

You may be cooking up a strategy to keep certain secrets hidden away, though it’s clear that you want to reveal yourself. If you’re working with a plan, perhaps let it be a conscious way to handle self-disclosure. People tend to smother themselves in what they don’t want to say, particularly if it involves their family background. One of the themes of your life is learning how to regain your power, or perhaps even to gain it for the first time. I suggest you reveal your secrets to people on a need-to-know basis. Understand exactly why you want someone to know something about you, and discuss the subject on that basis alone. If you’re uncertain about anything, give it a week, until Mercury grants a new level of inner clarity.

Planet Waves Weekly Horoscope — Jan. 14, 2016, #1083 | By Len Wallick

Pay attention to what reflections are passing through your mind, no matter how idle they may seem. Take pains to note details about people passing through your life, in spite of how insignificant your interactions with them might be. Yours is an exceptional perspective right now. Though it may sometimes seem as if the world has passed you by, nothing could be further from the truth. While you may sometimes feel isolated, your lot may in fact represent an enhanced connection with ways of knowing that has long been neglected by our kind. Even if your mind tells you that you are falling behind, your heart knows the ways in which you are, in fact, far ahead in connecting dots and adding things up.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Jan. 11, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

It’s time to think with a clear strategy. Certain plans didn’t work out the way you intended, though better things are possible. I suggest you plot out the path to three different outcomes, rather than just the obvious one, or the one you want the most. Consider each step you must take. Your charts suggest you would benefit from consulting with someone more experienced in this particular subject than you are. Do this before you actually need their assistance or guidance. With Mercury, the Gemini planet, moving in retrograde motion for the next couple of weeks, prevention is worth a lot more than a cure. Yet on a happier note, planning for different positive outcomes will ensure that one of them works out brilliantly.

Planet Waves Weekly Horoscope — Jan. 7, 2016, #1082 | By Len Wallick

Make ‘returning’ your theme and you will be in greater harmony with the world. What specific form returning takes will depend on who you are and what you perceive your circumstances to be. In general, however, what you are best off reverting to should probably look like a place or time in company with others rather than in isolation. If you have had a setback that has set you apart, for example, now is the time to begin referring to yourself as the ‘Comeback Kid’ regardless of your age, and whether or not you see any opportunity for reunions. You will also want to contemplate taking proactive steps to catch up or seek closure with classmates, business partners, chums or even lovers from days gone by. Don’t worry about whether your return will be welcomed. So long as you offer what you seek (and honor others’ need for space, when expressed), arms will open.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Jan. 4, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

Life is not a game of truth or dare, it’s a game of truth AND dare. Be bold about your personal reality, and have a policy of keeping no secrets from the people you care about. One problem with secrets is that at first they seem to give you power, but in the end, they give others power over you. You have made great strides in your effort to bring your life onto level ground with others whose influence has, in the past, seemed daunting. The way to maintain that equality is to be transparent, and to insist that others are as well. Most of all, you must consciously take emotional risks and open your heart as well as your mind. Remember that a risk means there are no guarantees. That’s much more fun, anyway.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for January 2016, #1081 | By Eric Francis

Aspire to what has lasting value. Since the future is becoming increasingly difficult to see, you must do this in the present. Yet this does not merely mean going for immediate satisfaction. In material goods, purchase what is of high quality, of real use, and built to last. Yet where you invest your energy must also match the other kind of value — that which you personally possess. You’re being guided as if by cosmic forces to slow down your mind, to see beneath the surface, and to probe deeper into your personal truth. You could say this is about getting real with yourself. Scrupulous honesty with yourself is required, as is acting on authentic goals that match who you know you are. For this you will need to sort out wishful thinking from observing where you actually connect with existence. Which brings us to the most important theme of your year: living every day. The only way to deal with the vast uncertainty of the world is to focus on what you must do, now. As you do, it’s essential to notice whether what you’re doing is working for you, and whether it serves the ‘greatest good for all’ factor as well. It is the quality of your individual days, and individual tasks, that amounts to the quality of your life — and the strength of your foundation for the future.

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