Full House

For those who play poker, a “full house” is a hand of high value. It combines three of a kind with a pair, and wins against anything but four of a kind or a straight flush. For the day or two immediately preceding and following the Leo Full Moon this weekend, the sky is offering something of a full house of its own.


When the Aquarius Sun opposes the Full Leo Moon just before 8:46 pm EST Saturday (01:45:42 UTC Sunday), there will be two other aspects — both exact to the degree, and both involving key points in the lunar orbit.

Together those aspects plausibly constitute three of a kind because all three have the Moon in common. One of those aspects will be retrograde Jupiter precisely conjunct the ascending lunar node (one of two points where the Moon’s orbit intersects with the plane of Earth’s orbit around the Sun). The other will find Uranus just as precisely opposed to the lunar apogee: otherwise known as Black Moon Lilith (BML), the point where the Moon’s orbit is furthest from Earth. 

Shortly before this weekend’s Full Moon there will also be a major planet ingress: Venus enters Capricorn on Saturday at 20:31:27 UTC. Then, on the heels of the Leo Full Moon, Mercury will station direct at 5:50 pm EST (21:49:36 UTC) Monday. You could definitely call that a pair of astrologically significant events. Hence, if you allow 48 hours or so to be a short enough time to constitute a single celestial ‘hand’, the next several days could be of high value for you. But first, you need to play your cards right.

You might want to consider the Leo Full Moon one card that is ‘showing’ face up on the table. As with all Full Moons it will reflect the Sun’s light from the entire side facing Earth, and rises when the Sun is setting to remain in the sky all night long. Unlike a Full Moon in any other sign, it is taking place in the one sign (Leo) that is considered the Sun’s exclusive domicile.

As such, we might consider this particular Full Moon to be more the Sun’s proxy than any other. The best way to play that metaphorical card is, if possible, to focus on being consciously aware. Any potentially high value this weekend holds for you will thus depend on your keeping inattention at bay.

You might consider Jupiter conjunct the lunar north node in Virgo to be a card you can elect to show (because Jupiter is also bright in the sky during most of the night right now), or conceal (because the lunar nodes are two hypothetical points, and thus invisible except on a zodiac chart). Either way, the common Virgo background prioritizes knowing what you are dong before you bet on what sort of outcome you are trying to create. In other words, be flexible and willing to adapt to how your hand develops, but when in doubt go for the sure thing rather than wager recklessly.

Uranus in Aries opposed to BML in Libra, on the other hand, could well be your ace in the hole. Rarely, if ever, is Uranus spotted by an unaided eye. Likewise (in a manner similar to the lunar nodes) BML is a calculated point viewed only as a symbol and never as an object. The combination suggests you could hit the jackpot if you can figure out what action would constitute doing both the right thing and what nobody expects of you. If you go into next week with friends saying you surprised them pleasantly, you will know you played that card well.

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Venus entering Capricorn just before the Leo Full Moon and Mercury resuming direct motion in Capricorn not long after constitute the pair that will probably prove to make your astrological full house a big winner. Both together and separately, Mercury and Venus will represent encouraging developments you might parallel in your life.

Look to turn with, rather than against, your best mind. Also appreciate how both your material resources and intangible advantages might well stabilize (or even increase in value) as things go along.

All told, the astrology this weekend indicates that there will be some big winners. You could enhance the odds of being among them if, first and foremost, you endeavor to remain alert.

So keep your game a sober one as much as your social obligations will allow. After that, manage your risk with a level head. Bet most heavily on the outcome of showing good character and making responsible choices. Finally, work to improve the value of your already high-valued hand by playing what is dealt to you to the best of your ability, rather than discarding (or blaming) any of the cards that come your way.

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22 thoughts on “Full House

  1. Mary

    I believe I’m liking “domicile”, Len — Unlike a Full Moon in any other sign, it is taking place in the one sign (Leo) that is considered the Sun’s exclusive domicile. At first it was sounding too clinical or formal. I do believe the word infers the energy that I was looking for. Thank you, Len.


  2. P. Sophia

    Thank you Len, such a creative, (and what looks like a very positive) look at our Full Moon .

    Full Moon in Leo will be conjunct Natal Eros. Also housed there is Natal Mercury at 13+ Degrees. Where I just noticed is now Trine Trans Saturn in Sagittarius, to Natal Vertex 13+ conjunct Trans Vesta from Aries. All in Fire signs. Is this considered a Grad Trine? I had my chart done 30 years ago and I remember the astrologer mentioned this term, but I have never heard that spoken of here. I am couious what denotes a Grand Trine from a Trine. Is the term out of fashion now?

    1. DivaCarla Sanders

      Hi, P. Sophia. I didn’t see your post. With both of us asking about Saturn trine Vesta, I hope someone will weigh in. I feel like it is important, because I have been making a lot of art about the sacred flame. In mythology, Vesta is the daughter of Saturn. I just looked it up.

      1. Len Wallick Post author

        Diva Carla: Thank you so very much for your supportive response to P. Sophia and for your patience while i was (mostly and unavoidably) offline. Saturn and Vesta have a lot in common myth-wise, as you have already noted. Astrologically, there is also a connection in that there is an emphasis on the role of the individual in society. Both show something of both the upside and downside of contributing to and taking identity from that social role. Add the fire element AND a trine aspect and you get a spiritual basis both supporting social roles and (sometimes, at least) undermining the innovative and/or conscientious side of individuality. Please, does that work for you?

    2. Len Wallick Post author

      P. Sophia: Thank you for your patience while I was (mostly and unavoidably) offline. Basically speaking a trine is a separation of 120 degrees between two objects occupying two different signs which have the same element in common (fire, earth, air or water). Generally speaking, a grand trine is three objects occupying the three different signs which each element has in common. Four (elements) divided into twelve (signs) equals three signs for each element, which (based on how the tropical zodiac is organized) are oriented so at for the “points” of an equilateral triangle. Please, does that explanation suffice? Or are you on a quest for something more (or something different)?

      1. P. Sophia

        Great, thanks so much Len!! I just had not noticed the term Grand Trine being used here before, so was not sure if it was still the correct term. I am still a novice guessing, so I do not want to speak out incorrectly.

        So Grad Trine it is, between Natal Merc, Trans Saturn and Vesta. With one of the points (Trans Vesta) conjunct Natal Vertex point@ 13+ Aires. Nothing found online with this exact configuation of all 4, but I think I am getting a picture of it. I just was not sure how Vertex fit in. One intrepretation I read on Vertex being activated by a planets conjunction mentioned, it was like a turning point. With Vesta being activated in Aries from my 7th house in relationship to Natal Mercury in 11th, Trine Trans Saturn in 3rd. ..A turning point in relationship to new forms of communication, and thinking being recieved?! I will take personal note of the experience.

        I hope one day there may be an article and discussion here on Vertex in general, as i would love to have your professional opinion and other’s experience.

        In synasty, I just read this can be a very powerful point if activated through others, (conjunct) by partner’s natal planet. In looking at my last boyfriends chart, sure enough his Natal Vesta (of his 1st house) is exact! conjunction my Vertex to 7th. Which explains much of the sexual connection which was complex and profound. I knew this was a very karmic and healing relationship for both. It was an extremely strong devotional/connection (Vesta) like none other, ever experienced. It was a gift, a merging of our energies we both felt ..hard to let that go. In pulling up the chart now for the date of our meeting, sure enough (as I expected even before checking) Trans Uranus in Retrograde (Nov 28, 2014)) was exact conjunct the same degree, Aries 13+ degrees . “A turning point of fate.” How Amazing our planets are in us. You can’t make this stuff up.

        One last point about Vesta I found in research that is quite valuable and may resonate with others here. Vesta can be understood as both a devotion asteroid, as well as a tantric sex asteroid. My Natal Vesta is conjunct Natal Chiron in Pisces 18+ degrees. This whole configuration makes considerably more sense to me now.

  3. Barbara Koehler

    Wow, Len, sounds like you have had some experience playing poker and winning so I trust your obvious expertise. Know when to hold ’em and know when to draw, right? Stay conscious, be alert and don’t play the blame game. Gottcha.

    Now there aren’t any jokers in this game I presume? Not fair holding an ace up your sleeve? I just ask because, well, with Mercury conjunct Pluto this morning and then again a week from tomorrow. . . . , you know how the trickster can be sometimes.

    I just spotted a sesqui-quadrate (3/8’s of a circle) the full Leo moon makes to Chiron in Pisces which could signal something dramatic requiring immediate attention, and an almost-perfect tridecile (108 degrees or 3/10’s of a circle) she makes to Uranus in Aries that adds some unusual tactic to the game, perhaps of an emotional quality. . things to be conscious of I thought everyone should know about.

    She also makes a near-perfect bi-quintile (144 deg.), well within range, to Neptune in Pisces, suggesting more than a fair amount of creativity and possibly indicating considerable financial activity. Who couldn’t use some Moon-Neptune chutzpah in a game of cards? Just be sure to keep your poker face on and like Len sez, don’t wager recklessly.

    1. Len Wallick Post author

      Barbara: Thank you. i am not a great poker player, but i’m good enough to know that. i am somewhat of a purist and would prefer that there be know jokers in the deck, but “When in Rome…” play as they do. Special thanks for keeping us current with the pertinent (and so-called) minor aspects (which, as you so often demonstrate) are not minor at all, Better the “Moon-Neptune chutzpah” than losing your money like a man.

  4. aWord

    I didn’t purchase a PowerBall ticket Len, so a hand of poker might be in order. The right thing and what no-one expects? (I typed “excepts” how apropos). Story of my life. But the ante can be upped, yes? I haven’t looked at my cards (planets) for quite awhile now as they seemed to be stacked against me (and being a former bridge player, the blind-move of a finesse is more my style.) I’ll take a full-house though, a little positive action would be welcome. Too, I’m counting on some yet unknown (not the Joker, Be :)) influence to make this game worthwhile.

    1. Len Wallick Post author

      aWord: i also love bridge. There are some fond memories from my youth, making use of the Italian Blue Team bidding system. In in terms of your astrological “cards (planets)” the main thing for you to remember is that uncanny resonance your astrology has with planet ingresses. Any planet changing sign represents a change of luck for you – often for the better. May it be so for you sooner than later.

  5. DivaCarla Sanders

    Poker: fate and destiny. Fate deals the hand, and Destiny plays to win. Another aspect I noticed is Saturn and Vesta in a fire sign trine. They are not quite trine the full moon in Leo but before the full moon window is over, the moon will pass through an exact 3 way. This could be the stabilizing “nerve” that lets us hold the cards till hand is played, while the other aspects are tempting us to fold or shoot the piano player. How do you read Saturn trine Vesta, Len?

  6. Bette

    I too am interested in Saturn trine Vesta. She’s the goddess energy I’ve always been most drawn to, & it’s probably time I learned more about her (astrologically speaking).

  7. Barbara Koehler

    I know how I see Vesta and Saturn; they have much in common. As Carla said she was his daughter and I believe the first kid he swallowed and the last one to barf up. I think later he must have been very proud of her because, like father, the daughter is disciplined and a hard worker. They work as a team in my chart (conjunct) and when Vesta focuses on an issue, Saturn has her back. I’m sure that is even more true when they are in a trine as in the full moon tomorrow, er tonight.

  8. aWord

    That’s interesting, Be. I’ve an orb of 4 degrees re: a trine of Vesta/Aries and Saturn/Capp. (Vesta is conj Sedna so there’s a bit of Father-stuff for ya). As Diva points out; that’s a good use of Saturn.

  9. P. Sophia

    Hi CaraDiva: Thanks for adding Vesta is Daughter of Saturn. I did not know that. The professionals here are not getting back so ..I will say personalky that makes sense to me, and one of the reasons why She may be associated with holding the fire; embracing that creativity. I don’t particularly see it as Saturn has her back, but rather the combination may activate and inspire the quest, and expression of freedom in their association. It’s a great combination to unlock / release anyway, particularily if one is coming from a linage of controlled environment.

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