Open Access Audio Samples of Aries Reading

Eric has just finished recording the 2016-17 Aries birthday reading, and it’s now available for instant access. This reading has something to offer if you have Aries prominent anywhere in your astrology, such as a Moon, Ascendant, Saturn or Chiron placement. It also makes an extra-special gift for the Aries you love.

The reading contains two audio sessions and a third on video, each about 30 minutes. It covers all the themes about which Eric has recently written, such as Uranus-Eris and Mars retrograde, and your relationship to personhood, identity and technology.

Here is a complimentary audio sample for you to mingle your mind & senses. If you like what you hear, you may get the full reading here.

And here is another:

Hear (and see) your reading from Eric Francis Coppolino. Photo by Jeff Bisti.

Hear (and see) your reading from Eric Francis Coppolino. Photo by Jeff Bisti.

The music was composed and recorded this week by Vision Quest (Eric, Daniel and Daniel).

We will hold the pre-order offer of just $19.97 for another 24 hours, and then the price will increase. Sign up for this pioneering Aries reading right here and experience Eric’s invaluable wisdom in a whole new medium.

PS — This Aries reading marks six years of the birthday reading project. Thank you for your involvement over the years, making this such a successful endeavor. Eric’s goal is to make the best astrology easily affordable, easy to understand, fun and positive. Don’t miss the new music!

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