Free Audio Preview of the Sagittarius Birthday Reading

Illustration by Chelsea.

Illustration by Chelsea.

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Your Sagittarius birthday reading is ready — you may listen above, or download it using the links. If you like the preview, the reading is available for instant access! I give a overview of what I cover in this three-part, 90 minute reading, with much of it devoted to the positive aspects of Saturn entering your sign this year and much else. Everyone who purchases this reading will be invited to a live conference call with me where we talk about your astrology and how you’ve responded to your reading.

7 thoughts on “Free Audio Preview of the Sagittarius Birthday Reading

  1. Sandy Stewart via Facebook

    Wow Eric! I’m impressed. You got all that without even seeing someone’s personal planets. Wowza! I can’t imagine what it would be like if you saw someone’s chart. You said some things that are exactly on point in my life.

    1. Amanda Painter

      wishzoom — sorry I did not see your question last week! Hopefully you’ve sought out the answer. If not, the answer is YES — Saturn in Sagittarius will affect people with Sagittarius rising, too. Very strongly, in fact.

      Saturn in Sag will affect everyone in some way, because we all have Sagittarius in one house of our natal chart or another. I imagine most of the readings Eric is creating for the 2015 annual edition (“Cosmophilia”) will cover Saturn’s sign change for each of the signs, because it is a big shift.

      But those with Sag Sun or rising will get it in a very front-and-center way — and Eric creates his birthday readings to work just as well for your Sun sign or rising sign.

      Hope that helps! 🙂

  2. Amanda Painter

    Some more enthusiastic feedback about the new Sagittarius birthday reading:

    “I loved this reading. I have only listened twice and I know there is so much more for me to get. It validates what I am in the process of doing and gives me some guidelines for going forward.”

    “Your enthusiasm about what you are doing is wonderful and infuses the reading with an inspired energy.”
    – Kris

  3. Robyn, via email

    The “afterthoughts” which ended up being quite a deeper explanation of Saturn and what it means for this 3 years and for this sign really stuck with me. I felt like had a deeper understanding of Sag than I ever have before too.”

    Each new reading I learn more about subtler shadings of what it is to be Sag that are not obvious through other astrologers or sign descriptions, it seems.

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