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Saturday’s Libra Full Moon and total lunar eclipse will be part of a nesting series of solar and lunar sequences and cycles, within which you might frame your own recent history so as to gain a deeper sense of your life. The shortest sequence started with a New Moon and total solar eclipse as the Sun and Moon briefly came together in the last degree of Pisces on March 20.


Only hours after the Pisces New Moon and total solar eclipse, the Sun entered Aries to precipitate a vernal equinox and initiate a new seasonal cycle.

You can almost certainly recall what you were doing less than two weeks ago. As the Moon briefly blocked daylight over the North Atlantic just as the immediately previous season was coming to a close, you know where on Earth you were.

Even so, it is nearly as likely that you now find yourself having in some sense gone further and through more than you normally would during a typical fortnight.

Now the Moon has come around to the other side of the zodiac and the sky to nearly oppose the Aries Sun from the middle of Libra. That will be the impending Libra Full Moon and total lunar eclipse, which also concludes a longer sequence going back nearly seven months.

The seven-month sequence now coming to a close started with the Pisces Full Moon on September 8 or 9 (depending on your time zone) of 2014. Since then, every successive Full Moon has taken place while the Sun and Moon were precisely opposing each other from the mid-point of their respective signs.

Saturday will mark the end of that remarkable series of Full Moons taking place precisely midway between luminary (Sun and Moon) sign changes. The occasion will probably serve to close a chapter for you as well. To participate in writing the end of that chapter, think about what you have been consistently in the midst of since the Sun was halfway through Virgo. Then, consider how to finally extract yourself from being stuck in between.

Yet, not every notable series of luminary sequences and cycles is nearing an end. Saturday’s Libra Full Moon will be but the third of four total lunar eclipses in a row.

Lunar eclipses routinely take place every six months or so. Nonetheless, only the occasional lunar eclipse is considered to be a totality, with the Earth passing precisely between the Sun and Moon.

It is even more unusual to have a series of four totalities over 24 months. The current sequence of total lunar eclipses started with the Libra Full Moon of April 15, 2014; it continued with the Aries Full Moon of Oct. 8, 2014; and will conclude with yet another Aries Full Moon later this year on Sept. 28.

Hence, you may want to reflect on how you might be three quarters of the way through something unusual yourself when Saturday’s lunar eclipse rolls around. Framing things that way could very well provide a perception of how very exceptional you are as distinguished from previous generations (and even incarnations).

Having gained such a perspective, you might even want to plan ahead for the fourth and final total lunar eclipse of the current sequence. You could conceivably frame a plan to discover and honor just what it is that makes you and your personal history so extraordinary. Who knows? It could be the start of something big. Or at least that is the implication of what may be the longest life-cycle indicated by the forthcoming Libra Full Moon and total lunar eclipse.

That’s because no lunar eclipse of any kind (much less of the total variety) has taken place within one degree of mid-Libra since April 3, 1996.

Of course, that was 19 years back. It’s not so easy to remember what you were doing or even where you were nearly two decades ago. Nonetheless, if you can simply recall something that originated for you at that time, you might be able to close the outer frame of a nesting sequence of luminary cycles that appear to be intersecting for you on Saturday.

Within that frame you might at long last see yourself being renewed, revived, returned or even redeemed from where some long-ago series of events sent your life. And wouldn’t that be appropriate while a new season is still young?

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12 thoughts on “Frame Your Life

  1. Barbara Koehler

    You are so beautiful Len! We are on the same wave-length regarding the continuation or evolving or developing solar-lunar cycles, only I was focused on the new moons (all at 0 degrees of their signs) in October, November, December and January. We most often tend to zero in on the immediate full moon or new moon and what to expect from the aspects they provide with not a lot of attention to what’s passed or what’s coming. Yet this present set of eclipses seemed hitched to the previous Winter Solstice even though the solar eclipse on March 20 was on the same day as the new Spring Equinox. I just commented on this in Amanda’s article titled Lifting the Veil.

    It was the solar eclipse in the last degree of Pisces, technically part of the winter solstice coverage of late December through late March, that started me thinking. Yet that Pisces solar eclipse happened on the same day as the spring equinox, giving rise to the notion that the two seasons were somehow directly connected.

    Now I see (thanks for widening my perspective) it is also tied back to these full moons falling midway through their respective signs, at the most potent part of the sign. Holy moley; 1996? Not sure I could connect the dots that far back in my personal story without devoting a lot more time than I have. Maybe after the family visit, but even the thought of it gets the wheels spinning already. Thanks Len for pushing the envelope!

  2. Bette

    Len, it’s quite astounding to me how the astrology you’ve outlined today illuminates my life & process over quite an extended period of time!
    Discussions which began back around the Pisces full moon last September have now, finally, come to fruition this week, between the solar & the upcoming lunar eclipse. Wow!
    That successful outcome necessitated the growth of considerable trust on both sides, & I can see that the others involved worked as hard at this as I did.

    Saturday’s eclipse will occur very late in my natal 4th ( 3 degrees from natal Chiron, about 5 degrees from Jupiter. ) I’m feeling that I’ve made the right decisions here for all concerned. My Libra-rising adult daughter will also benefit, & be able to get on with some of her dreams. She has a Jupiter return upcoming, & this weekend’s full moon in Libra will conjunct her rising Mercury/Venus. That works, doesn’t it?!

    Throughout my life, I’ve generally taken “the road less travelled” (love the Frost poem – practically my mantra), & some have been, shall I say, hazardous. I’ve often glared at my rising retro Saturn in Cancer, but maybe I’m finally learning to work with him. All of it, including the rocks & bumps in the night, flowed from my choices.

    Thank-you, Len – as always, your words offer us some clear light by which to make our way.

  3. pam

    Within that frame you might at long last see yourself being renewed, revived, returned or even redeemed from where some long-ago series of events sent your life. And wouldn’t that be appropriate while a new season is still young?

    Hoping so Len. many thanks…

  4. goatwool

    Thank You for this framework to my experiences around the eclipses and the poetic, artful, soulful, knowledgeable writing.
    Curiously I seem to be able to recall 19 years ago more readily than 2 weeks past. Perhaps that touches upon some other PW topics of my hijacked brain by modern media and devices. I looked at the / my chart for then (04/03/96) and noticed that Jupiter is within a degree of where Pluto is at the moment and with my particular flavor of Capricorn that pretty intense and interesting. My immediate emotional response was one of nostalgia and melancholic.
    Then I realized that April 4 2020, Jupiter conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn. My immediate emotion response to that was one of hope and a vision of myself further into this new season more renewed, revived, returned and redeemed. (unveiled) I hope that I’m not slicing and dicing up the zodiac to carelessly with my observations. I do greatly appreciate the beautiful perspective which blossomed from your article and your writings here at PW.
    As for my current experiences and the depth of your article, it’s gonna take a bit to really speak deeper and I know it will.

  5. Jere

    Apropos. ’96 I went to work at the first organic garden I worked at. Way cooler than selling petrol!

    This time around, I’ve firmed the beds, nurtured the soil, and am paying attention to the seeds, in my own backyard.

    I’ll be out at 3 a.m. Saturday morn., here in California.. I’ll have a few hours to soak it in. See how far I can’t open it up…

    Len, hope you got clear skies!


  6. wandering_yeti

    Yes I remember 1996: it was the beginning of the end of my life as a song maker which was also the beginning of the death of my childhood. It was the year I realized that all the head brain stuff of ceremonial magick wasn’t enough to get me out of the things that vexxed me: I needed physical practices. I started meditating but it would still be another 7 years before I trained with a Tai Ji master. Yoga brought some relief, but it mostly brought pain beyond the breathing and sitting exercises. All those unnatural stretches were too extreme for me and Yoga’s fire path kept causing explosions in my Gate Of Life point which in 2006 got so extreme I could barely walk for the space of a month because as the Chinese doctor put it “the dragon and tiger are fighting in your spine”.

    In 1996 I got involved with some Crowley people and spent many years offering my energy to the OTO’s egregore. It was what it was: a stopping place on my escape route from my childhood ontologies sufficiently different from my family to teach me more independence and sufficiently similar to my Catholic upbringing so I didn’t freak out. Nevertheless nowadays I see that influence as mainly a social influence that ultimately led me to the teachers of Chinese medicine and martial arts that began to heal me and teach me how to heal myself.

    I’m just now beginning to interact with practitioners of ritual again cause I got ritual damage from the OTO at the same time I got art damage from studying art at a university and music damage from studying fine art which in the academic lens looks down on ‘folk arts’ like music unless it’s properly classical. My whole world was nothing but middle class white people and an occasional Asian martial arts teacher back then. Additionally to the influence of Chinese martial arts I have to say that spending time playing music with and just hanging and talking with black people and native Americans that their ways have showed me a different way to be male than what I got from my Indo-European birth family. They taught me how to listen, how to feel more deeply, how to sense the humanity of another through the heart instead of always trying to hash it out with the aristotle bottles in the head brain.

    As for back around the entry to this underground path two weeks ago I had just birthed 3 new songs that helped round out and deepen my aural story, riding the waves of a solar magnetic storm that preceded the eclipse. That and a general focusing of all the things I’ve been learning since 1996.

  7. aWord

    I had to chuckle at your comment about “being stuck in-between”, Len. As you know, I ventured from my long-term home heading “north” thinking my first destination was THE destination, only to discover that I’m really at the half-way mark and will be continuing northward soon. In the meantime, circumstances cause me to be stuck here; half-way in-between.

    And of course, the journey initiated around that 7-months-ago mark; the Pisces Full Moon of Sept 2014 in my Sun Sign.

    Yes, I can see back to the 1996-era clearly. Perhaps the Aries Full Moon (sign of natal Moon/Eris 9th house) this coming September will put some book-ends around a journey that I’ve actually been on for that longer cycle— points of which these current Full Moons and Eclipses have served to illuminate—as luminaries should.

    Maybe aspects of my 9th “talents” will finally start to see some productive realization—although at the moment it could seem as though once again I’m tossing away formal higher-education in pursuit of something, well, “higher”. I’m not clear yet on that point.

    Renewed, revived, returned and redeemed sounds like a good algorithm, Len. Thanks for the space and prompting to consider new life-generating concepts.

  8. Yoniyoganidra

    Forget the Fully Monty…I am going for the Full Resurrection and starting afresh from the center of it all.

    I meet, married, lived happily and then un-happily, left and had to push every inch of the way for a divorce from my now Wasband, over the course of those 19 years.

    It’s a journey that has left its imprint (how could it not ?) and like a great teacher, has invited me deeper into defining how I will engage with life.

    I like being single and socializing as a 1 not a 1+, even when it scares everyone else in the room. And, I am grateful I live in a time when I can do that easily. So why not take the Full Resurrection? What do I have to loose but a whole lot of “same old, same old” in exchange for a whole lot of “I want to improvise here”

    Thanks Len and Happy Eclipsing!

  9. Len Wallick Post author

    Barbara: So good to have you back! Thank you so very much for sharing your erudition and for your knack of making connections. The correlation of the March 20 solar eclipse with the Capricorn solstice really doe serve to meld two adjacent seasons together (perhaps explaining how winter lingered so long in so much of the US) . An yes, Mars conjunct QB1 again is not without its resonance in the news of the day.

    Bette: Thank you. It’s interesting how something of the timeline, the nature of and the outcome of the discussions in your personal life have an interesting parallel regarding negotiations in today. And yes, (considering i am without the benefit of seeing your daughter’s nativity as a holistic entity), the transits you describe do have an efficacious ring to them. Finally thank you for your example of getting along with Saturn and for your very kind words as regards to my service here.

    pam: May it be so for you. My thanks to you in turn.

    goatwool: Thank you for sharing your perceptive perspective on some very interestingly correlated transits past and future. Should you and Barbara ever collaborate on a book, i would be first in line to get a copy. i do not see you as “slicing and dicing” at all. The thought and depth of your comment today is noble and deeply appreciated.

    Jere: Thank you. i’m hoping for clear skies here in Seattle. The previous three lunar eclipses have all been clouded-out. i envy your garden, may it return with abundance all of the work, experience and love you put into it.

    wandering_yeti: Thank you again for sharing both the clarity of your consciousness, the progress of your evolution, the growth of your wisdom and the continuous climb of your creativity. Your own correlations with the astrological themes presented here today really do frame how you have courageously carved out your own definition and terms with life – you have my admiration and respect for having done so. You have my gratitude for sharing it here.

    aWord: Thank you. May the clarity you see duly accrue with all reasonable speed. i believe in you. How could one not be impressed by how your always-resonant nativity consistently correlates the progress of your life so closely with transiting astrology. Your clarity as regards to personal priorities – just that one thing alone – is a credit for the sheer quality of your being. i’m so very grateful that you choose to share some of yourself here.

    Yoniyoganidra: Speaking of how quality of being consistently shines through in correspondence with transits, thank you for charing your own shining example here. Congratulations for your having come out the other side, and for sustaining the vision to do so with admirable grace. You are yet another blessing among the many i count here today. It is such an honor to receive your comments in response to my humble attempt at service.

    Craig: Last but not least, you are most and very welcome.

  10. Sarah

    Well spoken, Len. This 19-year period roughly encompasses what I consider to be my “professional life”–while I’ve been working since I was 16, in the late 1970s, I began my “professional career” in the consulting engineering field in very early 1995. How this reflects on today is that I’ve made some huge changes in my life since early 2008 (starting with Pluto into Capricorn, yep!), and one of the things that seems to have fallen by the wayside as a result is… you guessed it… my “professional life.” I am a Libra sun with many planets in the 1st decan cardinal signs. After a divorce and moving to another state in summer 2010, I haven’t been able to find a job in the same field, though I’m well qualified. I worked for a couple of years at an absolutely horrible job between 2011 and 2013–in a local “owner/operator” office of arguably the largest restaurant chain in the world–a job that pointedly showed me the ugly underbelly of global capitalism. With a Pisces MC, I’m considering retraining in the allied health field. Even as someone who was feeling and embracing the need for major change in my life as early as summer 2007, this cycle of change has still felt like a mental, emotional, and spiritual flaying. Eric wrote in a recent horoscope: “…You may wonder how it is that you missed how solid and stable your life has become, which is something you can prove to yourself if you do so little as tell yourself the story of the past five years in a paragraph or two. The sensation looks like the discovery that you are where you belong….” Yes. That’s the place, finally, and it’s good on many levels … but I still sometimes find myself throwing myself repeatedly against that now-locked professional door. Thank you for sharing the intuitive awareness that shines through in all your writings.

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