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Dwarf planet Ceres, otherwise known as “1 Ceres,” enters Capricorn at 10:23 am EST (15:23 UT) on Thursday so you can flex, and feel it. Since Capricorn is where elementary earth meets cardinal qualities, realization is appropriate. For example, when the Sun entered Capricorn (where it remains today) back on Dec. 21, a new season was made perceptibly real.


Now, you are about to enter a suitable season to begin making Ceres real in your life, and not just because it’s entering Capricorn, either. In addition, Ceres is finally ready for its close-up.

That’s because of the spacecraft called Dawn. The same spacecraft that brought you close-up photos of asteroid 4 Vesta just over two years ago is now on approach to rendezvous with, orbit, and survey Ceres in about two months.

Also, we are just a few days past the anniversary of Ceres’ discovery on Jan. 1, 1801 — the first day of an entire century of astronomical discoveries that would change how we perceive ourselves.

While it’s almost certain that NASA did not schedule Dawn’s final approach to Ceres in order to coincide with either Ceres’ discovery date or its ingress to the slice of zodiac pie where manifestation initiates, you have to admit the synchronicity is probably indicative.

What’s probably being indicated is that this is a fitting time to get a feel for how Ceres manifests for you. Having just been through a Cancer Full Moon the night before last, your sensitivity should be acute.

You’ve just experienced Venus and then Mercury entering Aquarius over the weekend, followed by the Moon entering Leo last night (or this morning, depending on your time zone). So you should have a fresh feel for how a major object changing signs correlates with your reality.

While many astrologers would not consider Ceres to be a major object in the same league with the Moon, Mercury or Venus, there are good reasons to at least explore what weight Ceres carries for you as it enters Capricorn.

First, Ceres is now classified by astronomers as a dwarf planet on par with Pluto. Among astrologers who employ Pluto in their work, very few would deny its potency. So why deny Ceres without a closer look?

After all, Ceres is in fact closer. It orbits the Sun in the main asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. All the other objects so far officially designated dwarf planets by the International Astronomical Union (IAU), including Pluto, are orbiting the Sun out past Neptune and take far longer than the longest human life to move through all the signs.

Ceres, on the other hand, takes only about 5 years to move through all 12 signs, giving it both a personal frequency like Mars and an interpersonal correspondence like Jupiter.

With its ingress to Capricorn, and at least to begin with, you may want to tune in to how the myth behind Ceres’ name has both personal resonance and interpersonal correlations for you.

What a myth it is! A story showing how the divine feminine is every bit the equal of the divine masculine no matter how push comes to shove; a reminder to respect mothers and sisters as every bit the equal of fathers and brothers here on Earth.

As with every planet discovered by telescope, however, you might not want to lean too hard on nominal serendipity. You might also want to keep the date, circumstances and orbital characteristics of Ceres in mind as you endeavor to suss out how its astrology works for you.

At the beginning of the 19th Century, the world felt smaller and human consciousness bigger than a century before, bringing us all closer together under the sky — like it or not. That’s part of Ceres.

Any object discovered by telescope represents your mind’s potential to exceed the limits imposed by your body and senses. That’s a pretty darned amazing statement, and that’s part of Ceres too.

Finally, as the largest object (by far) in the main asteroid belt, Ceres neatly emulates the spherical form of a major planet while co-existing as an integral part of a greater collection of smaller and less regularly shaped objects.

In other words, Ceres invokes both the humility and aspirations necessary to contribute more than your share to society while retaining your connections with the universe.

As both representative of a stalwart individual, and also merely being part of something greater, Ceres is worth feeling and flexing over the next several months as it cruses Capricorn, before entering Aquarius on April 3.

As an added bonus, retrograde motion will bring Ceres back to Capricorn for comparison and review from Aug. 3 to Oct. 27, before Aquarius claims it again for the rest of the year. All the more reason to make this the year you get a feeling for and flex your Ceres while the good old boys (Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) do their thing.

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14 thoughts on “Flex Your Ceres

  1. Barbara Koehler

    How true Len, synchronicity isn’t just a coincidence!!! Thank you for your words “Any object discovered by telescope represents your mind’s potential to exceed the limits imposed by your body and senses” is priceless.

    Ceres was conjunct the Galactic Core in Monday’s full moon and right away we non-astronomical types should have realized she’s ready for her close-up. But now, we all know the whole story thanks to your offering today. Two months you say? Like late Feb-early March, just before the great Pisces total solar eclipse and the Aries Equinox? Perfect!

    My favorite (but I love ’em all) key phrase for Ceres is Earth Mother (or Mother Earth) and I believe I’ve already mentioned the likely focus on climate change and other related ecological damage we will soon be addressing as a whole. By March’s eclipse-equinox time trans. Ceres will trine trans. Sedna, and trans. Neptune will be conjunct the U.S. Sibly Ceres and square the U.S. Neptune. There will be plenty of opportunity to “contribute more than your share to society while retaining your connections with the universe”. Much obliged for this heads-up Len.

  2. Fe Bongolan

    Len, Be:

    Natal Ceres is 0 Cap in the 10th, and since the Sunday Full Moon, I’ve been putting up chantrelle conserves, baking Shaker lemon pies with home grown Meyer lemon filling, nurturing self with really good food combos and not feeling at all heavy, but healthy — really feeling Ceres coming!! And she’s taking over and taking care of me!

    My 0 Pisces Ascendant is much obliged!

  3. Lainie

    My natal Ceres is exactly conjunction my IC/fourth house cusp in Cancer – suggesting that I deeply need a nurturing and perhaps traditional home in many respects – yet with Uranus in the fourth and a Capricorn moon any sense of a stable or protective home has been elusive for my entire life. I’m always interested in Ceres dynamics. Thank you for a thoughtful article.

  4. DivaCarla Sanders

    The first half of the year will see a Ceres return for me. 12 Cap. She holds down the Cap angle of a natal grand earth trine, along with Hecate and Persephone. Thank you for this chance to get to know my natal Ceres in Cap better, Len.

  5. Len Wallick Post author

    Barbara: Thank you for finding merit in my service while (as you always generously do) adding significant value with your own words. As regards to the schedule for spacecraft Dawn to engage with Ceres, simply put your cursor on the words “spacecraft called Dawn” in the third paragraph of my above piece and click to be linked to a full article on the subject. Basically, Dawn is scheduled to enter orbit around Ceres on March 6, which (as you pointed out) is very auspicious timing. And yes, your own key phrase for Ceres has also proven itself to be very appropriate for those reading who are looking to develop their own sense of Ceres and its place in the cosmology within.

    Fe: Speaking of a meaningful personal cosmology, congratulations on so appropriately ushering in your Ceres return (ie: transiting Ceres returning to the same degree of the same sign it occupied when you took your first breath in this life). To have Ceres also sextile your Pisces ascendant with every return is indeed implicitly supportive of good health and a well-balanced life. It’s no wonder how your writing here has never failed to nourish the rest of us toward a healthier and more balanced perspective.

    Lainie: Thank you. Please consider how an impending Ceres opposition (ie: transiting Ceres about to oppose its natal position for you) may help resolve your quest for home by correlating with reflections on how re-defining the concept of home might actually put you there. At the very least oppositions do open possibilities for resolution which may not have been evident before. May you find your heart’s desire fulfilled while transiting Ceres traverses Capricorn. My heart and good will go out to you in this matter.

    DivaCarla: Another Ceres return afoot! As part of a goddess trine, no less! That’s some powerful divine feminine about to get a boost. This last Full Moon must have given you quite a glimpse of your own power. Thank you for sharing it here.

  6. Amy Callahan

    Ceres entering Capricorn means a conjunction with Luna for me– and so mother plus nurturance means I should go apply my wits (natal Ceres in Gemini sandwiched between Mars and Psyche) with my mother on something. As it happens I am about to go build little models of da Vinci’s Florence cathedral. The now defunct bookstore Borders had these kits for 2.99 as you walked in the door so I bought two. I was saving them for my niece and nephew, but it will be decades before they appreciate them, in all likelihood. So we’ll see what happens between me and my mother. Architecture is a big theme for me lately, too.

    WOW awesome grand earth trine DivaCarla! my ceres trines persephone and pluto. (not a grand air trine though)

  7. Alaine Grant

    hi Len! Ceres move to Cap. wil conjunct my natal Chiron @ 2 degrees which is opp. Uranus @ 5 Cancer…my natal Ceres is @ 0 Pisces…I am currently clearing out the kitchen cupboards in anticipation of new ones…tried unsuccessfully to find a cabinetmaker all last year…two days before New Year Patrick is found…the rest of my remodelling is in sight!

  8. Yoniyoganidra

    Ceres invokes both the humility and aspirations necessary to contribute more than your share to society while retaining your connections with the universe.

    Here’s to being a Bridge and may your 2015 enhance that quality for you too Len!

  9. P. Sophia

    Thank you Len, With her speed trans. Ceras must have just passed over Natal Ceras which is conjunct natal GL 25+ and 26+ Sagittarius respectively, in 3 rd house. With regards to universe wondering what that means/ may bring forth if i am aware. And have an inkling now may be why I feel my true home is not of here. #justsayin

  10. Len Wallick Post author

    Amy: Thank you. Interesting (and meaningful) how you bring up the subject of architecture, which has many subtle connections with astrology. It appears as if you have a sublime connection with the Universe with both disciplines. Thank you for sharing that connection here.

    Alaine: Thank you also for sharing your own profound experience with synchronicity, May your remodel now proceed apace now that the cabinet-maker linchpin has been found.

    yoniyoganidra: A bridge! Precisely! Thank you for being a linchpin for all of us here.

    P. Sophia: Speaking of precise. You appear to have captured the very essence of Sagittarius as we have come to know it. Not to say that essence is set in stone (everything changes), but for now and the forseeable future you have given us a very useful gift of your prescient perception. Thank you!

  11. P. Sophia

    *Divine. Third try ..”Someone” does not want this posted apparently..
    No worries, if there is one thing I have learned over this time, it has been perserverence!!

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