Monday Diary: Exploding the Robot Within

This weekend we experienced the Sun-Eris conjunction. As of Monday it’s still within one degree, still vibrating the world. Eris aspects can have a feminist flair. What we saw Sunday, the day the aspect was exact, was Hillary Clinton finally officially declaring her candidacy for president.

The exploding robot, originally drawn for a blood pressure medication advert.

The exploding robot, originally drawn for a blood pressure medication advert, now the story of our lives.

Other women have run; she has done the best so far and is the strongest candidate of what is, so far, an admittedly extremely weak talent pool. I think most people would say she’s a bit mechanical; a bit robotic. Nobody can figure out what she stands for. She is functional but seems to lack depth and meaning — that’s a robot for you.

In Thursday’s Core Community edition of Planet Waves, I brought up the topic of the Uranus-Eris conjunction in Aries. This conjunction will be building for a while and then will be exact in 2016 and 2017 — the year of the election and the winner’s first year in office. Notably, the 2016 campaign will be the most robot-infused of them all, using Twitter, Facebook, email, YouTube — all your favorite automatons.

Among its many talents, Eris is subversive. In fact Eris will subvert anything that can and needs to be undermined, and that would include what is happening to people as a result of having their thought processes reduced to a fill-in-the-blanks form that is compatible with an Android.

I’ve been contributing to and participating directly with the Internet for nearly 20 years. It started as a broadening and expanding process. Very nearly everywhere, it’s been reduced to a dumbing-down process. You can only do something about that if you notice it.

The Internet and our relationship to it seems poised for major changes as this big Eris aspect develops. To me the current Sun-Eris conjunction and the now-forming Uranus-Eris conjunction says: claim your humanity back. Indeed it may help us explode the robot within, and all its scripts and programs.

To get there, you may need to feel the disturbing extent to which something about you has been taken from you. If you feel bossed around by your ‘smart’ phone, responding to it like it’s a crying child, that is a clue.

Apropos of the blend of humanity and technology, the Moon is now in Aquarius — where, by the way, it was for Hillary’s big announcement Sunday. (That in my opinion is a lot better for her than a very late Capricorn Moon, which almost happened.)

Monday the Moon will square Mars (motivation, assertion, frustration, anger). Then it will make an opposition to Jupiter, which may appear as some exaggerated situation — individual interests versus group interests, for example; but it’s not as far-reaching as it seems.

Then into Tuesday that Aquarius Moon will make a series of sextiles to many planets now in Aries. Sextiles are the ‘here is a tool, do what you can with it’ aspect. They don’t compel action like a square or opposition and you don’t slip on them like you do a trine. They are like having a firm, confident grasp on something, and applying whatever that is if you want to.

Sextiles say you can get a grip. These days it’s worth having, but you know, not too tight. The most useful approach seems to be halfway between grasping and letting go.

21 thoughts on “Monday Diary: Exploding the Robot Within

  1. Bette

    I remember looking at Hillary Clinton’s chart back in the days when she was First Lady. As I recall, she’s a Scorpio, 5th house sun perhaps? No doubt you’ll be having a look at her chart as her candidacy proceeds.
    I agree with the perception of “robotic” – I’ve long wondered, where’s the water/feeling nature?

    As for my personal experience of technology, it doesn’t have much of a chance to get a grip on me. I own a PC & a digital camera, feel no need for a smartphone. But then my rural, sort-of-retired lifestyle does not require constant connection. I know it can take over, & I see it in the young folks around me. They seem unable to function without it, & I find that scary.

  2. Barbara Koehler

    I agree too Bette, a computer is as far as I go with it and even that can take up too much of my time. I like your phrase a lot Eric,,,,.sextiles say you can get a grip. Some of my best work as been done while using a sextile or two.

    I’m thinking that the Eris-Uranus conjunction is going to put more pressure on our Aquarius parts, as Saturn continues to cope with his challenging grip on that sign, which is where the U.S. Sibly Moon resides. If the Moon = the People, then we-the-people will continue to feel the push-pull of Saturn’s preference for stability and Uranus’ desire for breaking glass ceilings. I read that “the Olympian ruler of the sign Aquarius was Juno” (A. Guttman & K. Johnson in their book “Mythic Astrology”). Perhaps we should consider Hillary’s Juno at 29+ Sagittarius and the fact that transiting Saturn will conjunct her Juno by the end of her first year as President.

    Hillary has natal Pallas at 27+ Aquarius which her Juno sextiles and that surely gives her a good grip on the People’s problems as it is in the same degree as the U.S. Moon. When I think of how transiting Nessus had the people in such a state for so long when he was transiting back and forth over that degree right up through last year’s mid-term elections, I wonder how that affected her plans (Pallas).

    Hilary may surprise us all with her plans as expressed during her campaign. Transiting Sedna conjuncts her north node which suggests she will address some environmental issues (particularly about water) that we haven’t heard from her before. After all, her natal Uranus in Gemini opposes her natal Juno and trines her natal Pallas. That would certainly appeal to the tree huggers amongst us and go a long way toward breaking glass ceilings.

  3. David

    Another meaningful, well written article ….your journalistic chops revealed. With respect to the
    Sun / Eris conj. and Hillary Clinton’s declaration on the same day and within hours of the Sun / Eris
    exactitude, I think the symbolism is right on the money. Sun (light) on Eris “the goddess of discord”.
    Perfect. Being “known for your works” has always been a reliable way to form opinion and a little
    dispassionate research into her public life and political carreer, reveals considerable discord.

  4. chief niwot's son

    If nothing else, the amount of chaotic responses to Hillary’s announcement will be something to watch. It’s almost as if she is apple “Kallisti,” rolled into the midst of US politics. Many possible outcomes, but I wonder if a few conservative women will be awakened to a new perception of their lives by watching the caterwauling of the men in their lives? The potential for fun is quite high with all this.

  5. Mary Turcich

    Perhaps it’s time to grasp this female candidate for president yet leave room for her expansion. Like the U.S. she hasn’t established a firm feminine presence within or without her borders. It’s a matter of both standing up for themselves, by themselves, and finding out the world has been waiting for that.

    As for robots, if they treat us better than humans, why wouldn’t we hang out with them?

  6. Sara Victoria

    The Aquarius Moon (trine Venus at the time of the announcement) is also the Sibley Moon… It is, of course, excellent political theater (strong Leo component in both Clintons’ charts) but this is
    the stage of life, and demands audience participation. I’m concerned about a cynical detachment that undermines the power of those whose participation is necessary for any desired outcomes at all. Is a relentless focus upon dis-empowering effects of technology helpful for the essential re-animation of the audience from whatever robotic trance they may have succumbed to? An honest question.

  7. Amy Callahan

    Yes It’s going to be great political theater with all the Leo in the Clintons’ charts but I already know that kind of means more random gunfire in my semirural area while frustrated men try to tell the “Evil Woman” to “piss off”. Because I think we can respect Hillary Clinton she has a lot of experience. Probably that robotic thing is something she has honed and developed as an outer image because the other side of her is just the fearless woman who can actually bellylaugh? That’s totally unelectable right? I don’t know it’s a pretty heavy prospect…. Rand Paul seems to be saying we just can’t deal with her she’s too much. Let’s be Free! Liberty without Hillary! perhaps another way describing her right now is doused in gunk or at worst, the woman tied to the railroad tracks what with all the scandals in health insurance and international politics… actually i want Chelsea to be president after some time has passed 🙂

    Having not been an avid TV watcher since the days of the Cosby Show / Family Ties, I’m not sure what the Xena reference is about but I guess there’s a bit about Artemis. I wonder if Artemis wasn’t an asteroid if that could have been the name? not that Eris is bad it’s just that this apple thrower seems to be just the collective Holy Hell what is going on –nothing personal whereas we have Pluto which gets pretty damn personal. but i have Eris in the 11th house so either way there is something community oriented to it — and probably robotic if it wasn’t such a flamer.

    something i was thinking about If you cast aspersions about someone or something they become outcast and then the apple is created. but c’mon apples are good for you an apple a day keeps the doctor away. i was recently kind of castigated by a hair stylist for being a morning person when you know what the night owls are okay. so in lieu of this apple-thrower i will do penance for being too snobby towards night owls. i’d like to know how someone with Eris in the 3rd house feels. verbal or not so much?

    Sara Victoria — i’ve felt real pressure to let go of my smartphone and go back to some earlier version of a cell phone maybe a texter since i missed the beginnings of that. not a bad idea. but is it a trick? am i being urged to be outcast again or am i picking up some skipped steps. not sure.

    thinking of my friend Jason today whose birthday it is and who in college asked a relentless question in his genius brain “Is that bad?” and who really bored into me some stability around progressive thinking. later on he was the only one to call me when i fell from my station in life and told me he was a “bad friend” as a kind of apology and i still don’t know what he meant. still waiting for an explanation i wonder what he did? Pluto in Libra is really not fun at all…. i’ve cast it as “antisocial” for now. at least we got the whole internet up and running! (sad face) i actually think the internet already knew what it was going to do at the mover and shaker level. and couldn’t help but pick at the scab. utopia/dystopia that wasn’t clear in the 90s. we did afterall win the Cold War I’m sure we were too simplistic in explaining exactly how and why. 🙂

    1. Barbara Koehler

      Amy, I like your style. You said something about Hillary’s robotic thing being “honed and developed as an outer image” gives credence to the idea that her MC/midheaven is Pisces (I know of 3 different versions of her birthtime) , putting her natal Neptune at 11+ Libra in a sextile to transiting Jupiter in Leo (creating a useful tool) for announcing her career aspirations (10th house/MC). Pisces can shape-shift into any “form” or appearance in order to create a necessary disguise if you will. It can make it difficult for someone gunning for you to get a clear view.

      By election day (November 2016) Jupiter will be at 11+ Libra.

  8. Bette

    be, thanks for the insight re Pisces MH – I have that, & I seem to have the capacity to appear like “this” one day, “that” another – & I have known for some time that I can use this capacity to obscure my tender, watery asc. & Scorpio moon/Venus. I’ve not always used it consciously/wisely, but it has afforded me some safety at times, until I could see clearly.

  9. Hugging Scorpio

    I believe we have so much power to guide our awareness out of the cage it seems enmeshed in with out the of control technology. To manoeuvre around these robots and psychopaths is something so crucial. I don’t know what’s worse: tuning out of the rhetoric and meaningless tweets, or exposing them to be what they are – outright manipulation. They are professional manipulators. There are so many layers to peel back to see whats really going on. Who cares about Hilary and her freakin’ chart. I could care less.

    What should I be aligned with? Does the effort placed on resisting the sham of politics of today really empower me? Where is my power?

    I think we need to slow down more. To turn things off more. To be quiet more. Maybe then we have a chance at feeling more, noticing more, and allowing more of that wellbeing to come through.

    I don’t think the answer is resistance. I think it’s about rising above it. That, in my opinion, is true transformation – and it affects everything.

  10. Amy Elliott

    Thanks, everyone, for a distinguished set of thoughts.

    It’s a shame that this set of presidential candidates seem to be nothing special, but it would certainly be nice to have the first female US president ever. The first female British PM didn’t really cut it…

  11. Sara Victoria

    I haven’t studied her chart in depth, though I am certainly intending to, but I have run a bunch of significant dates for transits and progressions and it looks to me that the Scorpio rising chart is the accurate one.. . Puts her Sun in the 12th and Mercury conj. Asc. The comments here are all in reference to the Gemini rising chart (the only two I have seen, the two proposed at Astrodata Bank.) I found this article by Eric last night, as I was looking for folks who had written about her conflicting times:

    Scorpio does not reveal what’s going on inside, and the battlefield demands armor. As the first woman who could actually win, and a favorite target of both the right AND the left, she’s forged some mighty steel in some hellish flames. I look forward to really spending time with her chart….

  12. sojourn

    Many of us like to think we already know Hillary and what she stands for based on her past. I’d like to believe (hoping) she has evolved, grown and changed some outdated thought patterns, as we all have over the years. I’m referring to those which she may have had to embrace in order to make her way inside the old boys club.
    Looking forward to hearing her perspective (what’s changed- what has not). But I can’t say I am looking forward to the political theater. Watching people tear each other down is just not my thing (and, yes, I understand the necessity of proving the differences – especially with the hairs-on-fire crowd).
    She’ll get my vote.


      re: sojourn’s comments
      I completely agree: let’s be open minded enough to acknowledge her potential EVOLUTION.

      She certainly is no dummy and I highly doubt she is the scorned First Lady of yesteryear! And her Ascendant or “facade” is the mask she wears to have gotten to where she is and probably survive the extreme anti-feminism she has endured, here and abroad. (I heard an NPR story yesterday about leaders in China SEETHING with the idea that a woman could run the U.S. Govt.)

      I’d like to think (at least at this stage) that if she DOES get the nomination and all proceeds as we can safely assume, that she is going to get a groundswell of support for her being the possible First-Female President. But that is not enough: there needs to be massive PRESSURE from her base her to expand her message: the Wage Gap for starters, and to stand up for the Environment (Goddess knows we need SOMEONE in politics at the top to be the ultimate Earth Mama, and to kick off a whole new level of mainstream Activism for Gaia!)

      You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I refuse to conform to any story on her at this point…..

  13. GardenGirl

    I truly appreciate Hugging Scorpio’s observations regarding slowing down to ‘more of that well-being to come through’. The goodness that actually exists right now in our lives has been over ‘shadowed’ by our exposure to toxic manipulation of media messaging. (And belated to kudos to Eric for the timely re-examination of Marshall McLuan’s efforts on our behalf)

    There is so much to appreciate that goes unnoticed; Spring has been glorious in my neck of the woods! My hope is to savor it’s arrival and all the goodness that comes from surviving yet another Winter. So the ‘blooming world’ is more obvious right now; I plan to carry its sweetness and optimism with me through the year into next Winter.

  14. Hugging Scorpio

    I think we should be very careful of the ideals we cling to and project on to her. I don’t care that she is a woman or man because that story can be used to manipulate an agenda very quickly, using our psychology and projections as tools. The sooner we see her beyond gender, the quicker we can address things that are more encompassing.

    And is she really at the top? Let’s ask that question again and again.

  15. Barbara Koehler

    Victoria and sojourn, you address an important point; we have all changed. The Old Boys Club did demand that Hillary be almost macho in order to be taken seriously. There was an article (I’ve not read it yet) that she is supporting the idea of overturning Citizens United. That’s change I admire. This is going to be a grinding election campaign. . . . for all of us!

    What will keep me going is the thought that more history, important history could be made. That and the fact that her Pallas is conjunct the U.S. Sibly Moon, which conjuncts the U.S. Sibly Pallas, all in Aquarius (the Evolution of Mankind), tells us she is in touch with the need for stability (Saturn ruler of Aquarius) as much as the need for change (Uranus ruler of Aquarius). SOMEBODY’S gotta do it!

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