Evidence and the Moon

Another October has now been consigned to history. November has begun. In an interesting bit of timing, the Moon left Pisces behind to enter Aries just as the new month was getting underway. It may well prove a lunar ingress to remember.


Aries is generally recognized as where the zodiac cycle of signs starts over. In large part, that particular designation has to do with astrology’s central reference point and primary trend setter: the Sun.

The annual solar return to Aries every March initiates more than just a new season. It’s also the one and only vernal equinox – astrology’s version of New Year’s Day.

Given how the Sun provides so much of astrology’s context, it’s fair to consider how any other object crossing into Aries can somehow be in emulation of the Sun. Hence, even though the Moon is not currently in one of its more significant phases, Luna can reasonably be thought of as having just turned a page in unison with the civil calendar.

A big part of the Moon’s place in astrology is as the Sun’s complement. To paraphrase Robert Hand, the Sun has a straightforward correlation with daylight and what is commonly understood to be consciousness (being aware of and interactive with the world).

As would befit an association with nighttime, the Moon’s astrological symbolism is more subtle and subjective than that of the Sun. The same can be said of forms of consciousness which correspond with the Moon.

To have November initiate with a newly Aries Moon is thus indicative, but not clearly so. Some patience will probably be required of you as the month goes on. It would, for example, be a good idea to simply be present with any unbidden sensations you woke up with today.

With a Full Moon coming up overnight between Friday and Saturday, anything which seems unassociated now could conceivably fall into place rather quickly — given a chance.

Indeed, if November is starting off to imply anything, it is the value of proof. By all means, pay attention to (and, if possible, work to develop proficiency with) your intuitions, but don’t ignore hard evidence.

As the month wears on, you may have to do some detective work. In all probability, however, your greatest labor will be to honor the facts that find you. If you can do simply that, a November beginning with an Aries Moon will conclude with your being more coherently whole than ever before.

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