Energy and Connection

In spite of second-guessing by speculators, Albert Einstein’s work has stood up pretty well since his general and special theories of relativity were published more than a century ago. For instance, matter and energy are proven to be different forms of the same thing. Nor does anybody of repute now question the equivalence of space and time.


As a matter of fact, scientific literature now reflects the unities illuminated by Einstein in the conjoined phrases (with or without hyphens) “matter-energy” and “space-time.” Of course, astrologers and some others knew all that a long time ago — along with some other conjoined words that will be used further on in this piece.

Now, and only in this century, science is building on what Einstein revealed, thereby demonstrating some things he wasn’t sure of. This is especially true of the concept known as “entanglement” (what Einstein called “spooky action at a distance”).

Basically, entanglement tells us that there is in fact no separation. Compartmentalization is out. Oneness is in. To paraphrase T.S. Eliot, all of space-time is in fact present. As any astrologer (or quantum physicist) would tell you, however, reality is not a spectator sport. The observer (you) is-are the party who determines what’s what (“is-are”? Think oneness). In other words, perception is reality for all practical purposes even if it flies in the face of fact.

Hence, as astrologers have long told those they serve, neither astrology nor demonstrably correlated tangible realities simply happen. Both astrology and reality are made to happen. Furthermore, both are the result of collaboration. Not only are we all in this (whatever it is) together, we in fact have made it together — for better or worse, just as in often-said marriage vows. For in a very real sense we are all already married, by choice no less — and divorce may not even be an option. It is, however, an option to distinguish yourself as you see fit.

Each human being (at least) has that highest form of instinct called conscience. Deep down inside, you know the difference between what’s wrong and what’s right for you-me, us-them, here-there and then-now. While conscience can (as with many other realities) be denied, it will never go away completely. It will keep nagging at you, either consciously or unconsciously.

Indeed, the nagging of your conscience could well be at the root of a great deal more than any of us realize. For that reason alone you might as well go ahead and ‘have’ (as in admit and integrate) a conscience, and use it.

Among other purposes, conscience may be used to distinguish yourself even as all about you have lost their heads and all reality contained within them. That’s an important consideration now. Perhaps as never before in human history it is now vital to heed your individual conscience for the sake of our collective reality now being symbolically demonstrated in astrology.

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Mars, for instance, is practically stationary from our perspective on Earth as its retrograde on April 17 waxes nigh.

As astrologer Steven Forrest recently put it, any planet at station is liable to be especially strong in its worldly correlations. As Robert Hand stated in his book Planets In Transit, the earthy expression of Mars is that it “is an energy planet.”

Of course, Mars is not the only energy planet. Uranus, which is being conjoined by the Sun (consciousness) this weekend, represents an energy on the collective level in a manner equivalent to what Mars is on the more personal level. Additionally, Pluto (which stations retrograde on April 18 for most of you reading this) has its own “spooky action” correspondence to energy in your life.

That’s how this moment can be defined as an energetic one. It’s also how you can be distinguished by what you do with your energy, for better or worse, on behalf of us all.

So when you feel energy coming on, remember it is the equivalent of matter in that it matters what you do with it. There is no separation. Just as surely as your energy (however your conscience tells you to express it) can serve to injure us all, it can also serve to heal us all. It’s your choice. It’s your conscience, because (not in spite of) how connected we all are.

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2 thoughts on “Energy and Connection

  1. Barbara Koehler

    “Perception is reality.” Oh my goodness Len, only you in your own beautiful way can bring astrology and science (as in astronomy) in to accord for all to understand. Above the cacophony of what our reality appears to consist of is the sound of silence. My paternal grandmother was a deaf-mute and when provided a hearing aid by her sons, she could not bear the sound of sound and returned to her silent world for the rest of her days.

    Some of us are destined to experience life in the thick of the fray while many others require less volatility to thrive. All of us may experience both ends of this dichotomy during one lifetime (just so we know what we’re missing!) even though we have natural preferences for one or the other. Conscience may be one reason we would move out of our comfort zone, stationing Mars might be another.

    I’m a believer in the we-are-all-one concept, yet when I’m out amongst-em it depletes all my energy and it takes days to recuperate. Hence, most of my energy contribution to the Whole comes via the Internet. As for the time-space thingy, I suspect we here on Earth need to grasp reality in smallish doses, much the way kids take their learning in one grade at a time. Such is life in the lower dimensions. I bet retrograde planets serve a similar purpose, a gradual introduction to new concepts and directives.

    You mention this month’s retrograde of Mars and Pluto and I would call attention to Mercury who will also station retrograde this month. These 3 planets are working in concert ever since the Mercury-Mars conjunction opposite Pluto last summer. What Mars (and Mercury) does (do) on a personal level is related to what Pluto does on a collective level, at least in this go-round between Mercury and Mars. While I don’t keep track of the whole world, I do know that in the U.S. they will work their magic in ways that can be seen in the U.S. natal Sibly chart.

    When transiting Mars stations retrograde, transiting Mercury will be conjunct the U.S. natal Vesta at 19+ Taurus, the 1st of 3 passes over U.S. Vesta that Mercury will make in the following 7 weeks. Mars himself will be in the degree opposite the U.S. Uranus in Gemini when he stations on April 17. There must be a connection between U.S. Vesta and U.S. Uranus at that time.

    When transiting Pluto ends his retrograde in September he will be at 14+ Capricorn, in the same degree he was in when Mars and Mercury at 14+ Cancer started their cycle in July 2015. At 14+ Capricorn, transiting Pluto was square the U.S. Saturn at 14+ Libra and opposite the U.S. Sun at 13+ Cancer (the degree behind the degree where transiting Mercury and Mars were starting their new cycle on July 16 last year).

    In keeping with your words today, that space and time are equivalent, it behooves us to take note of the synchronicities of these 3 planets and their present energetic attraction to the U.S. natal planets of Sun, Saturn, Uranus and Vesta. Literally, stretched out over 14 months (the end of July 2015 through September, 2016) we are being given the chance to absorb the meaning of it all.

    I imagine we will need every minute of that time – and then some. Considering all the other transiting aspects and events going on during that time frame, it would be too much to grasp and integrate, but to get the discussion going, I would say that your readers are familiar enough with the meanings of Sun (consciousness), Saturn (form) and Uranus (awakening), but maybe a little vague on the meanings associated with asteroid Vesta. Suffice it to say for now she is a symbol of what we invest ourselves in; hence what the U.S. is vested in. As a whole. Is it money? security? freedom? health? equality? education? A combination of some or all of these?

    We have 6 months before transiting Pluto stations direct, and as it happens it will still be election season with a month to go before we elect a new President of the U.S.A. So much astrology will be going on then; the eclipse season will have peaked with a Pisces lunar eclipse conjunct transiting Chiron and square transiting Mars. (The eclipse will also trine U.S. Mercury and oppose U.S. Neptune.) Transiting Saturn will square transiting Neptune and transiting Mars will trine transiting Uranus. Transiting Mercury (stationing direct) will trine the transiting Pluto just before he stations direct, and in mid October transiting Mars will conjunct transiting Pluto.

    Oh there’s more but just this much awareness justifies some time spent thinking about what Vesta in the U.S. chart means and why we should care. On Tuesday, April 19th, transiting Mercury makes his first of 3 passes over U.S. Vesta (19+ Taurus) just as the Sun (consciousness) enters Taurus and Venus, who rules Taurus, squares Pluto. The energy you feel then is trying to tell you something and if you perceive it, it is real, right?

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