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The Moon entered Capricorn this morning, where it will continue to move until Thursday. Combined with what the Pisces Sun implies, Len Wallick recommends that you take what the Moon and a few select other planets are doing this week as a sign to go gently into your good, inner work.

In his column yesterday (The Essential Message of Pisces), Eric reminded us of the abiding association Pisces has with your inner life, where you are empowered to foment change. With the Sun’s emblem of waking consciousness now moving through Pisces until the vernal equinox on March 20, you will have ample time for creative introspection.


This does not mean the next four weeks or so will represent a uniform climate for self-examination, however. When you consider the Pisces Sun in context with the Moon and planets, this week especially will be a good time to take it easy on both yourself and others.

Let’s start with the Moon. In its astrological capacity as complement to the Sun, the Moon implicitly represents another side of consciousness. It goes almost without saying that there is an association between the Moon and the dreams that may come with sleep, but there is more to the lunar role than that. Emotions, intuition, imagination and issues of comfort and safety all correlate with Earth’s natural, original satellite.

As with all objects in the sky, your experience with the Moon will vary. First, there is your own individual astrology. Some people simply have more affinity for the Moon than others. It is neither good nor bad, right or wrong to relate to the Moon in a way that works for you.

Then, there are also the Moon’s phases. You know from your own experience that a Full Moon not only looks different but also feels different from a crescent Moon. Finally, the sign the Moon occupies and Luna’s geometric relationship (or ‘aspects’) to other objects on the zodiac are of significant importance when evaluating the astrological environment for any given event or timeframe.

That’s how you might be mindful that the Moon entered Capricorn this morning, and will continue moving through the sign of cardinal earth until Thursday. Because Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, and is on the opposite side of the zodiac from the cardinal water sign of Cancer (where the Moon is said to rule), having the Moon in Capricorn is a better time for some things than others.

One thing the Moon in Capricorn is not good for is being harshly judgmental, especially of yourself. As eminent astrologer Robert Hand has written: “The strict justice of Saturn does not blend well with the need to be human, as signified by the Moon.”

In addition, the Moon is now waning. Among other things, a waning crescent Moon means time is running out for the current lunar cycle as we head for the New Moon (and solar eclipse) on Sunday. Better to bide your time, then. This does not mean you should practice denial or procrastination. Rather, you should go gently into self-examination, at least until a new lunar cycle brings you out on the other side of the eclipse zone, which we all entered with the Full Moon and lunar eclipse back on Feb. 10.

As is so often the case, a number of other planets are also moving so as to reinforce the message currently being conveyed by the Sun and Moon. This week, versatile Mercury (which corresponds to your mind and its means of expression) and Mars (which so often correlates with your strongest desires) are going to be especially active, often with a parallel imperative to exercise care.

So begin your Pisces introspection slowly and gently, much as you would a relaxed walk. There is no need to hurry. Nor is there necessarily anywhere to go. Allow yourself to observe for now, with both an open heart and open eyes. Explore and note what you discover for a later time. It’s possible to get a lot started (and even a lot done) while still taking it easy on yourself. Remember only that, and this week will be made easier by none other than you.

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One thought on “Easy On Yourself

  1. aWord

    The moon is more prominent in my life than before my daughter’s death, Len. Aaryn came and went on a full moon and reveled in her; the “force was with her” to paraphrase.
    In myself, I have found the moon hard to locate, but then, she’s exact conjunct Eris in a very masculine sign and positioned to be somewhat obscured from my natal Sun.
    I have been learning this past year+ to stop shaking my fist at her (the moon) and try to hear her voice. Indeed I can feel her ebb and flow (again?). That voice is subdued perhaps, but maybe only–as with many things–she only seems behind the scenes because she is actually so prominent.
    As you point out Len, I won’t hurry. Where I’m going is right here–if I can only learn to recognize it.

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