Capricorn 2012

Posted by Eric Francis


Weekly Horoscope for Friday, Dec. 14, 2012 #930 | By Eric Francis One theme of the astrology the past few months has been about inner reality vs. outer. In a world dominated by appearances, it’s easy to forget that there is an inner reality, though you’re unlikely to be missing that fact now. The question […]

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, Dec. 14, 2012 #930 | By Eric Francis
One theme of the astrology the past few months has been about inner reality vs. outer. In a world dominated by appearances, it’s easy to forget that there is an inner reality, though you’re unlikely to be missing that fact now. The question seems to be not what you want to bring forth into the world, but how exactly you’re going to do it. Your inner space is churning with passion and pathos; with questions about your past, and an urgent desire to enter the moment you are in now. Crossing over this barrier can seem like finding your way through an invisible portal, or making your way into a parallel universe. It’s really not so difficult; ordinary circumstances will draw you out of that veiled world. Bring your feelings into your daily experience. Remember at 10 am that you’re the same person who had those thoughts, feelings and desires at 6 am when you were dreaming. Remember that you’re never separate from yourself; you are yourself.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, Dec. 7, 2012 #929

There is a lot that seems ready to burst out of you right now. You may wonder if you will set the house on fire by allowing any of whatever that may be out of yourself; there is a lot in there, and it has the approximate constituency of cosmic fire. One of the biggest Capricorn secrets is how passionate you are. I know it’s easy to conceal behind your somewhat formal demeanor and your constant attention to your image, but that does not change the fact of what is behind the veil. If astrology offers any clues, the time is long gone that you need to conceal who you really are. Indeed, it’s verging on impossible for you to do so, and if you pretend that nobody knows, you will just seem silly. Here is an analogy: imagine you’re wearing thin summer clothes, and you get rained on and they become transparent — and you have nothing dry to change into. If you want to feel good, acknowledge everyone can see what you’ve got — because they can.

Planet Waves Inner Space Monthly Horoscope for December

At least you’re not expecting everyone — or anyone — to do it for you. You may be in the most self-determined moment of your life, with more options than you’ve ever had. I suggest you make a point of noticing them, especially if you’re feeling limited. Yet far from feeling hemmed in, you might be feeling like you have way too much energy and you don’t know how to contain yourself. You may have the feeling that you’ll never live up to your potential. That is a feeling — not the reality. Yet no matter how much energy you have now, I suggest you remember, and trust, the fact that real progress takes time. Be content with the fact that your life is going in the right direction, and do yourself a huge favor: avoid unnecessary conflict like it’s the best thing you can do for yourself. In actual fact, it is.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, Nov. 30, 2012 #928

You don’t need to push yourself, anyone or anything as hard as you may think. There is plenty of momentum carrying you, and your boundaries are working well enough that you have no need to be defensive. In fact, you could let your guard down at the same time you ease off on the push energy, just a little. Just enough to see that you feel good relaxing into an environment that you have every reason to trust. One thing you may want to be aware of is that over the next week or two, your fantasy world (yes, your rather exotic erotic one) is about to set itself on fire, as the Sun in Sagittarius makes a series of aspects and Venus and Mars continue to dance around your chart. Your imagination may even take on a life of its own, and seem so vivid as to be real (this, I call phantasy). This is sometimes a form of astral contact and it may be that you are actually communicating with some of the people who enter your mind. I suggest you stand way back from judging anything you imagine; just let it work its wonders on you.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for December | By Eric Francis
Standing in for Weekly Horoscope #927

“Become the change you want to see in the world” may be getting old as a slogan, but not as the thing to do. The 2012 phenomenon — day of the Mayan calendar (marking the completion of a 5,125-year cycle of time) — happens when the Sun ingresses your birth sign in December. What is the message, to you personally? It’s a resounding cry for social justice, which can only be answered in the embodiment of leadership by example. It’s the only kind that works, whether intentional or not, and whether the example is of corruption, truth or love. Therefore, be conscious of the example you provide. Be conscious of the alignment of your words and of your actions. What you say, what you do and who you are has an impact on the world. You may not feel that way, yet. One thing that will help you notice your influence is to pause in trying to live up to what you think others would have you be. You do not need to be anything but who you are. In our particular world, the fact that this may not be acceptable to some people is evidence that you’re doing what is right, and popularity may be a sign that you’re wasting your time. Express your passion for justice by being just. Include people rather than exclude them. Make nobody conform to your point of view. Offer your empathy and consciously, vocally refrain from trying to control anyone — especially yourself.

Planet Waves Inner Space Monthly Horoscope for December

At least you’re not expecting everyone — or anyone — to do it for you. You may be in the most self-determined moment of your life, with more options than you’ve ever had. I suggest you make a point of noticing them, especially if you’re feeling limited. Yet far from feeling hemmed in, you might be feeling like you have way too much energy and you don’t know how to contain yourself. You may have the feeling that you’ll never live up to your potential. That is a feeling — not the reality. Yet no matter how much energy you have now, I suggest you remember, and trust, the fact that real progress takes time. Be content with the fact that your life is going in the right direction, and do yourself a huge favor: avoid unnecessary conflict like it’s the best thing you can do for yourself. In actual fact, it is.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, Nov. 16, 2012 #926

Mars is about to ingress your birth sign, and that’s likely to arrive with a bolt of energy and the release from anxiety you may not have noticed you were experiencing. If you did, it may have come in this form: is anxiety the cause of inaction, or is inaction the cause of anxiety? When this riddle resolves itself, it suddenly may not matter which was the cause and which was the effect; action itself is a form of relief. Focus helps you clear up the blurry edges of your thoughts, and expressing energy gives you more energy rather than consuming anything. As the next week progresses, this sensation may build. I suggest that you invest yourself into your choices and actions without hesitation. Practice living as if you have total confidence in yourself. Think of it as a gift you give to yourself. Dare to go beyond any feeling of doubt, taking confident steps. Fear is an emotion and it rarely speaks the truth. What we think of as freedom always takes courage, and offers courage as its first reward.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, Nov. 9, 2012 #925

For the next week or so, notice how you feel being seen, particularly in public places. ‘Being seen’ may translate to the sensation of being felt, and being responded to, which even under normal circumstances is an experience that can arrive with depth and vulnerability. It’s as if you feel naked in public, which may soon feel like naked and under a spotlight. What’s different about this moment is the influence you’re having on your environment, and the way that the vibes you exchange with others can influence your perception of yourself. The sensation factor is going up: deeper feelings, with a more poignant effect, and it’s like a feedback loop. There’s a word for it, which is biophilia. For a concise explanation from one who knows what’s she’s talking about, play the recording at the bottom of Meanwhile, as you navigate this territory, it’s best to make small, subtle moves. There’s no point running for the shadows when you can adjust your posture by a millimeter or two and get a much better effect.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, Nov. 2, 2012 #924

Beware of ambition — or any tactics that might indicate you’re driven by any motives that might lead you to suspend your ethics. We live in a time when it’s popular and even accepted that people will throw their conscience to the four winds if that’s what it takes to win the game. You are now walking a razor’s edge where you must emphasize fairness and sincerity as your first responsibility, particularly if you’re in a position of leadership. Neither is this the time to kiss the ass of anyone in authority. It’s time to align your choices and your actions with what you really value. Any attempt to put image over substance could backfire. Therefore, devote yourself to quality, to sincerity and let your actions speak louder than your words. Pay attention and you will notice that your inner world is calling you more loudly than your desire for outer success, and if you attend to this seemingly subtle level of awareness, and stay clear and in alignment with yourself, you will not have to worry about succeeding in the world.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for November 2012 #923

In retrospect, you may decide this was the month you actually woke up and figured out that you’re alive, and that you’re here to live your life, your way. One element of this is the discovery that it’s simply impossible to please everyone, and a miracle when people actually recognize who you are. The message coming through from life and from the planets is: don’t bother trying to please anyone, and recognize and appreciate who you are. Acting on this intention will introduce a shock to your psyche, making you more alert and calling several people around you into focus. Then, you’ll get to have a different kind of conversation. When you feel a real level of trust, take the opportunity to push the boundary of who you are — and by that, I mean not only to stretch but to exceed your comfort zone. The idea is to be realer than you’re accustomed to being, even to the point where it feels a little dangerous. Yet I suggest you do this in a contained environment, not live on YouTube. Perhaps the most significant aspect of this journey is an experiment in revealing what you would have been reluctant to reveal before, or indeed, what you would have never considered. You cannot be comfortable with yourself if you’re not comfortable being yourself and allowing others to see who you are. While you might think that you would feel confident before making any such revelation, your growth will proceed in the other direction.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, Oct. 19, 2012 #922

Your charts are rather emotionally potent at the moment (an understatement), and I suggest you ask yourself whether you’re feeding on intensity for its own sake, or you actually have something to express. You seem to be seeking peak experiences, which isn’t unhealthy in and of itself — the question is the content of those experiences, what they offer you, and what their influence is on the environment of your relationships. Are you creating a diversion of some kind, or are you reacting to pressure within you that you don’t know how to handle? It’s possible that there’s an exaggeration effect going on; you’re perceiving others as being overly serious, and they are perceiving you as failing to see the virtue of self-control. If so, there’s some truth to the equation. I would ask, however, what is underneath all of this emotional intensity. What is driving you? What’s the source of your restlessness? You may just be reacting against gaining the emotional discipline you know you need to cultivate.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, Oct. 12, 2012 #921

You need to act on a career-related matter despite your emotional reservations, and despite the fact that it might not be a perfect situation. Your own hesitancy is most of what’s getting in the way of your judgment; were you to take a more objective look at the situation, you would probably agree that it’s set up to work in your favor. There may also be someone influencing your judgment, primarily by their subtle refusal to acknowledge your influence, talent or your power over your own life. This, and you’re famous for your perfectionism where professional engagements, plans or ambitions are concerned. I suggest you set aside the notion of ‘perfect’ and substitute ‘practical’. Then ask yourself whether what you’re considering, or being offered, bears any resemblance to what you’ve said over and over again that you really want. If it does, I suggest you trust that the details will take care of themselves — and that you have a distinct advantage as the underdog in the situation.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, Oct. 5, 2012 #920

Saturn, the planet most associated with Capricorn, changes signs this week. There is something in this move, from Libra to Scorpio, about your figuring out that you are involved in some form of collective responsibility. Even if you cannot discern something specific, I suggest you consider the wider implications of everything that you do, and of everything that happens to you. Consider the ways in which you’re influenced by the wider world in the choices you make, the feelings you experience and the values that you claim as your own. This is a time to start questioning the many ways you’ve been infiltrated, and to sort out who you truly are and what is really yours. Yet the influences of the collective, wider world are becoming more important, not less. This requires careful discernment, and really knowing when you’re thinking something and whether someone is thinking for you; when you’re coming from commitment or obligation; when your actions are self-serving or for the greatest good of all concerned — including you.

Monthly horoscope for October 2012 standing in for Weekly Horoscope #919

This is the time to be responsible not to your own ambitions, but to your community. I know that this idea is pissing into the wind of the privatization, privation and exclusion that is all the political rage now. Greed worshippers can keep their lies; not only don’t they influence you, you must stand up to this false philosophy, both in yourself and in society. Establish a commons in your life: hold the space for an authentic, equitable exchange of resources. This is leadership in action; there are goals and results involved. There are competing interests involved. There are those who will immediately take advantage of any fair system, and you will have to address that factor as well. Note that there are aspects of this that will happen in your ‘official’ capacity (such as your professional role) and outside of any official capacity, and perhaps even out of sight of others. Another way to describe the aspects that are developing in your chart is that you are shifting your concept of self-interest into a full embrace of the conditions of the world around you. Your role is to use your power, your knowledge and your experience to uphold the personal values you have stated many times are precious to you. Acting on those values requires taking a chance, not the least of which is wondering what all those greedy people will think of you when you insist on fairness and integrity. What they think of you is their issue; what you do is yours.

Planet Waves Inner Space Horoscope for October 2012

You need fewer, better friends who understand that friendship is more than palling around. It’s a matter of mutual support and integrity. Some of the people who will become more significant in your life over the next few years you already know. Some you’ve yet to meet, though the situation is similar with both — their presence will come into focus as you make certain recognitions about your own self-worth, your value to others, and what this informs you about your role in the world. This is about a phase of settling in: it’s as if you relax into how you present yourself, what your purpose is and accepting what you offer to others. That will have a way of commanding the loyalty and respect of those around you, based on both emotional harmony and sense of purpose.

Friday, September 21, 2012. Weekly Horoscope #918

There is an imperative on emotional maturity right now; consider this a kind of professionalism in the face of change, uncertainty and the demand for leadership — that is to say, your leadership. You have a unique, and well-seasoned, perspective on the unsettled quality of the moment, though you are also in full contact with the potential that’s lurking beyond the chaos. In times such as these, people who can offer a steady example and have a vision are the ones who have the opportunity to shine, while everyone else is scrambling around. Now, as for the maturity piece: this is a learned skill. It’s learned from experience and by following examples, and you have both. The pace of events is about to pick up; you must slow down, long enough to confer with certain people you trust (most likely older than you) and to make reasoned decisions that you don’t have to reconsider. Take things one step at a time — that number is one, not two. And if you find yourself positioned high up, use that as a means of gaining perspective, rather than demanding respect.

Friday, September 14, 2012. Weekly Horoscope #917

If you’re feeling the urge to be spiritual, I suggest you go for practical. ‘Spiritual’ is almost always a ruse, and too often it’s a cover for egotism. It’s almost always a way of saying that the allegedly spiritual person is better than someone else, and too often it’s used as an excuse for hypocrisy. If spiritual means anything at all in real terms, that would be about ethics, honesty and friendship to the people in your environment. This is why I suggest you stick to practical, which is to say, love is what love does. Get away from theory and get down to the business of taking care of the people you love, and the people who take care of you. This is likely to extend into your professional life, an aspect of yourself that has been under major development the past three years. That comes down to one theme: your professional relationships are real, and call for the same respect as anyone else.

Friday, September 7, 2012. Weekly Horoscope #916

It’s time to update your resume and portfolio. This counts if you’re the CEO of a multinational company, a sophomore art student or anything in between. I suggest you focus carefully on what you’ve accomplished since 2009. Speaking of that particular year, you may have done more than you think; it was not a ‘lost year’, as you may be inclined to think — though I suggest that you do a careful, month-by-month review and see what changed. Meanwhile, the process of updating your resume will provide a forum for you to track everything you’ve achieved and accomplished. The first draft of this list needs to be in long format, including such activities as helping others with their career or business ventures, any activity that raised your public profile, and people you met who had an influence in your life. Then, tighten it up for public consumption. I think there’s a good possibility that in this stretch of time, you ended one volume of your professional history and began another. Now, as you proceed, you need this organized inquiry into what you’ve accomplished as a foundation to stand on, and as a reminder of what is possible.

Inner Space Horoscopes for September 2012

September 2012 is the last full month of Saturn in Libra. I suggest you do a review project, on the topic of responsibility, leadership and your reputation. Let’s go back in time to Oct. 29, 2009 — when Saturn first touched the shores of what’s called your 10th solar house — the one that addresses themes of authority in every form. Where were you then? How did you feel about who you are, and what you do? Did you have the self-respect to command the respect of others? I suggest you track what you’ve learned since that day, and take full ownership of it. I know there were ups and downs; that is life, though everyone knows that humans tend to learn more from struggle than from achievement. Make sure you learn from both.

Friday, August 31, 2012. Weekly Horoscope #915

If you’ve learned nothing else the past three years that Saturn has been in Libra, your house of career and reputation, it’s that you need to expand your horizons. Have you done that? Have you looked over the teacup walls of the thing that you used to call your career? What for you might seem like a wild experiment would feel to those around you like a basic wholesome idea. Therefore, you can afford to push a certain limit, which may be associated with how you identify yourself as a ‘responsible person’. You usually take this too far, and much of it is an image, anyway. If you set the image aside, you’ll see that you need a lot more room to maneuver. You might also notice that in truth, your responsibilities are a shared burden, though when you’re in a position of leadership, your most significant role is to provide some ethical guidance. Open up this discussion with the people around you, including (when appropriate) those you consider to be in a position of authority over you. You don’t simply do what you’re told; you do what everyone agrees is the right thing.

Moonshine Horoscope by Genevieve Hathaway, standing in for Planet Waves Weekly #914 for Friday, August 17, 2012. Edited by Eric

Have you noticed people gravitating to individuals who are open, raw and real in what they share with the larger public? In an era when much of our interaction with another person is their projected image, a dose of authenticity is attractive and refreshing. This applies to you, too. Individuals who are entering your life now are interested in meeting the genuine you. Authenticity involves sharing all parts of yourself, including the more tender emotions. It also means understanding the concept of pretense, and avoiding it. Trust is involved, trust that exposing the softer, more sensitive aspects of yourself will be met with a positive response. Working from this place attracts those who are best suited for you, and also allows the other person to know when you need some emotional buoying. You present a tough shell, but you’re softer than water inside. Focus on the idea that the people entering your life will embrace your fears and insecurities — and love you for them. This is a form of self-acceptance, though it really helps when others set the example for us. — By Genevieve Hathaway

Friday, August 10, 2012. Weekly Horoscope #913

You’re at a critical juncture right now, and more is at stake than you may realize. I don’t mean for this to stir up any anxiety. I suggest you relax and loosen up enough to take your situation — and your potential — seriously. One thing that you must be mindful of is honoring the chain of command in any corporate or professional system. Without breaking ranks, you can work politically to build a consensus and get your way, and you do seem focused on a particular outcome. While you may not be in a position to take authority from others, you are certainly in a position to persuade them to use their authority. You just have to go about accomplishing that goal in a way that is savvy and which accesses your deepest professionalism. That said, you have more official power in this situation than you may recognize, and even if you are acting within the bounds of your jurisdiction, I suggest you work the territory smoothly and never for a moment seem to act like the boss.

Friday, August 3, 2012. Weekly Horoscope #912

You want to think like a chess player when it comes to your professional aspirations. Clearly, you’re brewing something up, though it’s now time to think five steps ahead. It’s true that you cannot exactly predict the choices of others, though you do know their general tendencies. Over the next week or so, however, there’s going to be a shift in the planetary pattern — and the pattern of your life — that may have you rethinking your most important goal. The feeling will be of something ‘settling in’, as if you shift from the mental level of a topic to understanding how you feel about it. That information will make it easier to map out your game plan. As part of this, you’re likely to have a collaborator at some point soon, at least on the level of understanding your agenda. I suggest you open up your thought process, once you’ve identified someone as truly having your best interests at heart. The emotional grounding piece is the one they will be able to help you with.

Inner Space Monthly Horoscope for August 2012

Mind your ethics. That is to say, your awareness of ‘right and wrong’ needs to be an ongoing study that you reconsider from situation to situation. There is no strict code except the need to question yourself, and to be alert to the particulars. The more involved in leadership you are, the more important this will be; there are various temptations on the radar, such as to take advantage of power to cheat justice in some way. In particular where a joint financial arrangement is concerned, you may feel that it’s possible to get away with anything. It’s not. What is possible is for you to co-create a situation that works for everyone, which in any modern concept of ethics would be the focus. This requires flexibility and, at the moment, you have it.

Friday, July 20, 2012. Weekly Horoscope #911

Make sure that fairness is on top of your list of things to aspire to over the next week or so. You want to be fair, and also give the impression of being so. Do not seem arbitrary. Include as many people in your decisions as you can. It’s a fact of your situation that you must take charge, though there are several ways to do that. Particularly in the business world, we live in a time of power exercised for its own sake — and you now have the power to replace that with something better. I suggest you apply your political skills and think for the future. Know who your best allies are, and put them to work for you. You’re approaching a point where you will need to make a decision where you may not have the flexibility to be as open as you do now, and the goodwill and trust that you build over the next few weeks will help you significantly when this time comes.

Friday, July 6, 2012. Weekly Horoscope #910

There’s no debate that people are free: both you and the people close to you. This is true no matter how trapped anyone may feel, by whatever they think is trapping them. I suggest you take some time over the next few weeks and consider the agreements you have with others, or what Carolyn Myss calls ‘sacred contracts’. Those are all up for review now, which does not mean cancellation but rather a clear evaluation. Consider the commitments you have to others, the commitments they have to you, and where these promises intersect with your life path. You need to ask some basic questions, such as, does this agreement serve to benefit everyone involved? Under what circumstances was the agreement made? What was its purpose and does your arrangement still serve that purpose now? This is an approximately one-month review phase, so you actually have time to think — and to feel — your way through the questions.

Friday, July 6, 2012. Weekly Horoscope #909

Express your leadership skills in moderation. You will seem bossier to others than you feel within yourself. In your own mind, you’re just doing your job and fulfilling your mission. To others you may seem to be swaggering, arbitrary and even unfair. Therefore, make a habit of being diplomatic. If you’re making a decision that influences others, make sure that you get their input, and offer them some evidence that you’ve considered it carefully. The thing to emphasize is fairness, and remember that what’s fair in your mind may not be so in the perception of others. This is why you want a collaborative effort, even if you’re in a leadership position where you get to be the one who makes the final decision. You may have the upper hand today, but you will need allies in the not-so-distant future, during a phase of your life when your negotiation skills will count for a lot. So I suggest you make a point of refining them now.

Inner Space Monthly Horoscope for July 2012

Avoid the temptation to base your relationships on your attachment to the past, or to the way you think things were. It would only be a distraction, and you don’t have time for that now. You have many significant responsibilities to attend to, and setting things right won’t necessarily be a simple or fast process. I suggest you embrace that complexity, and make sure you focus on one agenda item at a time, starting with what you decide is the most important. If you do this with some persistence, you will build your confidence and gradually bring a sense of order to what may seem entirely out of control right now. One potential distraction is unhealthy emotional attachment. Do your best to keep your focus right now, and stand back from those who obsess over the way things were.

Friday, June 29, 2012. Weekly Horoscope #908

There are those times in life when you actually feel met, and this is one of them. Pay attention to who you encounter and stay sensitive to your environment. You’re in a position where you can be noticed, by which I mean seen clearly and recognized for who you are. A diversity of factors are conspiring to make this one of the most interesting weeks of the year. This is not a passing trend but rather a threshold through which you’re moving. Look at the world every day through new eyes. Be present in every moment; get yourself out of automatic mode and guide yourself consciously from moment to moment. Without expectations, assume that every encounter is a meaningful encounter — this includes people you pass in the elevator, the TSA agents at the airport or meeting a dog. Then apply that to everyone else you meet; listen to what they say. Honor the unknown, and call yourself fully present from moment to moment.

Friday, June 15, 2012. Weekly Horoscope #907

It’s time to integrate your approach to health and wellness. There are basically two ways into the matrix — conventional and holistic. For example, a conventional approach to weight loss would be cutting calories; holistic would be looking at everything you eat and developing a nutritional plan. You may be someone who tends to go from one end of the spectrum to the other without much time spent along the spectrum. Integrating the best of conventional and holistic approaches is especially important where treatment of any chronic illness is concerned, even if the conventional side of the equation is input from a doctor that you trust. There is a time and place for painkillers or antihistamines, but that place is limited; plus, there’s a ‘natural’ alternative to every drug, and I suggest you find the ones you need. Yet an approach that fosters prevention and bringing your system into balance is helpful because you’re more involved in the process, and you have to learn the issue from many sides in order to get results.

Friday, June 8, 2012. Weekly Horoscope #906

It’s not always about sex, but usually it is — especially lately. And when that’s true, there are those moments when you have to unleash the furies. You don’t have to release them all at once, though — try letting them out of their cages one at a time, and see how that feels. Meanwhile, every time you worry about your ‘reputation’, I would propose that’s a mirage for fear of your own power. In other words, what you believe is ‘bad for your image’ (or some desire that allegedly threatens your position) may be the very thing that is good for your strength and integrity. You seem to feel like you’re visible right now, and like you have some influence in the world. This is lining up with your passion and a touch of inner chaos in a way that might threaten to unravel everything you’ve built (which seems to be trapping a lot of energy). If that’s true, then I would say keep going.

Friday, June 1, 2012. Weekly Horoscope #905

Every time I hear the words ‘sexual healing’, I think — that’s a beautiful thing, but where would anyone go for that? We live in an era when even therapists and psychologists are terrified of having the sexual conversation with their clients, concerned that they might be sued for malpractice if something is taken the wrong way. Yet the pain that many people suffer is driven directly by their need for sexual healing, which connects to and influences the emotions on every level. If this describes you, I suggest you be open about this fact with yourself. If you can do that, you can take the next step and develop a description of your situation, so you know what your healing goals are. If you can state a problem coherently, the solution is usually right around the corner (borrowing from A Course in Miracles, “Let me recognize the problem so it can be solved.”) Remember that your sexual past goes back to the time of your conception (what I call the conception drama) and may go back even further. Be open to healing and trust that the right assistance will arrive — most of which, in truth, will come from you.

Inner Space Monthly Horoscope for June 2012

You are changing in ways that you feel but have not necessarily put a name or a clear description to. Actually, changing is too weak of a word to describe what is happening; an unusual momentum of growth has taken over your life, and it’s now moving at full strength. What you’re doing is penetrating a kind of emotional veil that was cloaking your true strength from yourself. This is allowing you to emerge as someone who may have been clear to you as a child, but who was gradually fogged over as you became an adult. A simple way to express this idea is that your soul is pushing its way through the layers of your personality and into manifestation. This will not happen all at once, though you’re about to take a very significant step along the way.

Friday, May 18, 2012. Weekly Horoscope #904

The world around you may seem to be spinning out of orbit, but you are grounded and safe. You have what you need, and if you don’t, you can go a long way by opening up to receiving it. That sensation of opening to receive — so rarely remembered, if it was ever experienced before — is a gentle feeling. There’s no struggle, no question of deserving, no push or pull. It’s as natural as a sponge absorbing water. You have something more, though — the ability to self-create. In a sense, you are absorbing from within, which is one of the exalted creative stages because it means you can access your inner well and have something unusual to express. I would add a note about any health worries you may have: this is the weekend to put them behind you, whether by recognizing they are merely fears, or by deciding what action you can take to resolve the issue.

Friday, May 11, 2012. Weekly Horoscope #903

Have you ever paused to wonder why so many people seem to have heart attacks over the whole gay thing? What, exactly, is the shock, that anyone might be attracted to anyone else? We could extend this to mixed-race situations, differences in generations and people of wildly diverging political persuasions for whom this fact is blotted out by the love they feel for one another. The power of attraction is working magnificently in your life right now, and the crazier the diversity, the better. Any hangups of the past can be seen as precisely what they are — somebody else’s bad idea, based on nothing but fear. Taking this to a more personal level, I suggest you experiment with going past any anxiety you might have about who or what you’re attracted to, or who is attracted to you. The weirder, the more interesting, the more unconventional, the more fun you will have. For extra pleasure, play with the idea that everyone is a mirror.

Friday, May 4, 2012. Weekly Horoscope #902

How do you respond when others act like they are totally insecure? It’s tricky enough to even notice when this is happening. People display their neuroses in all kinds of creative ways, sometimes as bravado, sometimes as approach-avoid behavior, and sometimes as inconsistency. Often to figure out what’s going on below the surface, it’s necessary to be truly discerning, which means to see past your own subtle fears. It’s even safe to assume that people are going to be coming from an unstable or uncertain place, expecting the world to count them out of the game. The more encouraging you are, the more willing they will be to reveal their vulnerability, and thus take a step into authenticity with you. You can, with no damage to yourself, define one of your primary roles as being supportive of the ideas and plans of others — even if it’s moral support you’re offering. This will take a lot of pressure off of your social environment.

Inner Space Monthly Horoscope for May 2012

Remember that God isn’t always watching you. You’ve heard that ‘He’ is lots of times, and at least let’s consider that it’s a disturbing thought; what you do isn’t anybody’s business but your own. That is, it’s not if you don’t make it so; therefore, take your space. You might actually have to do something like experiment and consider the consequences later — if there are any. That’s the problem with thinking you’re being spied on: guilt makes it difficult to know what you’re really entitled to experience. Therefore you have to stretch that particular boundary and see what you discover once you do. One risk you run is the discovery that you could have had a lot more pleasure in your life, which I would rate as a positive, given that you’re still very much alive.

Friday, April 27, 2012. Weekly Horoscope #901

With Pluto moving through your birth sign, you are in a prolonged period of deep introspection. At times it may come with the sensation of being pulled so far into yourself that the light from the outer world does not reach you. Yet the Sun’s light is essential to feeling warm, strong and alive. Recently, you have started to make contact with that light, and have entered a period of revitalization. There will be a boost to your emotional resources, a chance to infuse your soul with the liquid light of Vitamin D. Take time this week to indulge in activities that make your highest sense of self feel alive and connected to the universe. Get out into the sunlight. Resist the urge to do more work (or housework). When you’ve fully charged your fuel cells, work will have an effortless feeling, and being introspective will be replaced by the sensation that you actually exist. — by Genevieve Hathaway

Friday, April 20, 2012. Weekly Horoscope #900

If you quiet down what your whirling, rapidly moving mind is saying, you’ll discover that you know something in your gut, and knew it all along. Given that this something is about you, you might wonder how it is that you somehow missed the obvious. That’s always a good question, though the obvious is so bold and has such deep implications that I could see it making you a little restless. You might say that the truth is so large that it’s difficult to see, something that’s often the case. The central theme here is who you are becoming. You’ve been in a transformational process that has been working under the surface layers of awareness. Yet now it’s starting to bubble up to the top. You are seeing the extent of the changes you’re going through, and this in turn is giving you a sense of your trajectory. What you’re getting now is just a little sample of the incoming energy; this will gradually ramp up over the next six weeks until you discover, somehow much to your surprise, that you really are this entirely different person you suspect you’re becoming.

Friday, April 13, 2012. Weekly Horoscope #899

The Sun opposed to your home planet Saturn this weekend is a reminder that true strength comes from within. Authentic motivation is something you carry in your body, not something that you get from your environment. Yet if there is one environmental factor, it’s a sense of grounding in your personal space. You need a measure of emotional stability in your life, no matter how challenging that may be to create. Notice all of the factors around you that are designed to knock you off balance, which in turn creates the need for things you don’t really need. These influences range from advertising to religion, which are basically the exact same social force. When you feel complete in yourself, you feel capable of anything. This is not a mirage — it’s actually true. I suggest you take time this weekend to cultivate that sense of grounding. Go where you feel the most sane and secure. Take some time and make a simple improvement to your living space. Pause and actually get enough rest — and then notice what happens to your anxiety level.

Friday, April 6, 2012. Weekly Horoscope #898

So much of what’s happening around you must feel like an enormous debate about nothing, conducted by people who don’t believe what they’re saying. Fortunately, you’re situated such that you’re out of the direct line of controversy, though people you care about seem to be caught up in the storm; this could provide a way in for you. I suggest you keep your distance on any issue that doesn’t meet one of two qualifications — the first being that it directly affects you, and the second being that it has a significant impact on your environment. These guidelines will filter out anything that’s abstract, or designed to distract (the concepts are similar). As you have noted, there are a number of dog and pony shows in addition to the wrestling matches and smoke screens. Stay true to your mission as you have stated it to yourself many times, and make sure that everyone around you knows that’s what you’re doing.

Inner Space Monthly Horoscope for April 2012

Leadership implies service. When the service aspect is removed, obsession with power rushes into the space, which is precisely not what you want. There are at least two levels to what you offer the world. One comes from the visible aspect of your position: what you’re expected to do, and what you observe needs to be done. The other is subtler, even covert. It’s what you do for others because you can make it happen. You’re the one who decides whether any such action is ethical, and whether you’re willing to face any consequences (the first question is the more important one). Then you act because you can. This may involve assisting someone through an obstacle they could not get past on their own. This may give you an idea — how to do this for more people.

Friday, March 30, 2012. Weekly Horoscope #897

Keep a close eye on any developing situation involving a contractual matter. Delay committing to any agreement not only till both Mercury and Mars are direct, but also until you feel like you have a true understanding of the situation and where everyone is coming from. I suggest you use the ‘know when you don’t know’ principle in place of any shade of false certainty — that may take some extra self-awareness. We humans tend to paper over when we have missing information, though just like wallpaper covering a hole in the wall, there’s an obvious weakness palpable to the touch if not the eye. As regards contracts, I suggest you make sure you actually can deliver anything you’re expected to promise — and if you cannot, say so as soon as possible. If you’re hesitating on any commitment, I suggest you investigate why — there may be a good reason, and if there is, you want to know what it is. The current astrology is perfectly arranged so that you’ll get to the bottom of any shaky situation. Proceed with the faith that you’ll be told everything you need to know.

Weekly Horoscope # 896 for March 23, 2012 — by Priya Kale

The dynamics within a domestic situation or family are changing, demanding your attention. You may feel a little like a lost child in your own home, something may be too close for comfort, or it may be a blast from the past that has you feeling rather emotional. You are at the start of a new cycle now, which has the potential to bring you greater material and emotional security. Don’t be afraid to go deeper into your past and confront childhood fears and insecurities so you can move forward with less baggage and a clean slate. Also re-examine childhood beliefs about what you once thought security meant and ask what is true for you today. Your parents’ idea of security need not be your own. If you’re worried about how this may affect long-term plans and goals, as long as you are honest about your priorities, you can trust you’ll find a balance that works. You are not a child anymore, and once you realize that, you can start making important choices about the foundations you want to build your life upon. — by Priya Kale.

Friday, March 16, 2012. Weekly Horoscope #895

You seem to be in the midst of an emotional tizzy of some kind, though it may be subtle. Mainly it’s messing with your confidence, but I have a suggestion. You’re better off, for now anyway, being a little off-kilter, as if you just stepped off of a boat and can still feel the motion of the waves even as you step on dry land. I suggest you feel each step you take, putting your feet on the ground carefully and one at a time. You have an opportunity to take nothing for granted. This may involve a specific emotional matter very close to home. The astrology for the next few days might make you inclined to jump to conclusions and be emotionally reactive — that won’t help. Bide your time and listen to what others are saying, and listen to what that deep voice in your belly is saying to you. You really do know how you feel, but it just may take you a little while to figure it out, and to feel confident that how you feel matters. There is no rush. Remember that, especially when you’re inclined to speed things along.

Friday, March 9, 2012. Weekly Horoscope #894

One dimension of Pluto in Capricorn is that energy of concentrated lust and soul reaching deep into you and turning over fresh, humid and fertile parts of your psyche. That crust you used to live in just doesn’t fit anymore, though the better news is that you figured out it simply isn’t practical. Now that you have freedom of mobility and a craving for life, look at what’s being offered to you. Notice the opportunities for creative pleasure that you’re drawing to yourself. Don’t misread that one; they are not merely ‘coming your way’ — rather, your inner momentum and willingness to explore a different facet of yourself every day are acting like an energy magnet. Therefore you can trust what’s traveling in your direction, and you never have to give up your power of choice whether you want a certain experience or not. Remember that nothing is stopping you, there are no shoulds or should nots — only action and its results. At the moment, your astrology says that pleasure is prudent.

Friday, March 2, 2012. Weekly Horoscope #893

Your feelings are loaded — and loaded with information. Over the next few weeks you may be making many discoveries, potentially involving a range of subjects including your family, your father’s family, certain misunderstood events of the past, your local community and your current living environment. I suggest, however, that you pause before you make any decisions based on any of that information. At this stage, once you decide something, you’re likely to discover something else that shifts or even radically alters your viewpoint. No information is final at this stage, and you have so much left to learn that I suggest you consider it an ongoing process that will last a while. I don’t know if you’re excited about any of this yet, but you’re in a dimension where one discovery will lead to another, and eventually you’ll be hooked on the process of learning and the experience of your perception changing. We both know you have a craving for history and the truth of what went on in the past; you now have access to one of the most interesting attics of your life, so take your time exploring.

Inner Space Horoscope for March 2012

Bono has a line of poetry that I’ve pondered for years: “You don’t know if it’s fear or desire.” Now is a fine time to do a study on the differences. You’re living in an entirely new environment right now, whether we’re talking about physical location or an emotional state. Many things you previously held as permanent are showing signs of coming unstuck. Many emotional tendencies you’ve lived with your whole life are suddenly coming under the microscope. I see in your charts a deep craving to know yourself, even if these new developments are shaking you at your roots. The brilliant observation contained in Bono’s line is that there is a fine line between fear and desire, and sometimes we’re afraid of what we want the very most.

Planet Waves Weekly Horoscope # 892, for Friday, Feb. 24, 2012 | By PRIYA KALE

Can you trust what someone is saying to you? And can you trust yourself? You may not be sure quite what or whom to believe at the moment. But a New Moon in your 3rd solar house, the one associated with communications and your community, suggests where you are willing to clear your mind of preconceived notions, clarity will come. Our thoughts and opinions are much like ripples in a pond that distort our ability to see reality for what it is. Avoid any temptation to gloss over the truth. Also be conscious of how much of what you believe is subconsciously influenced by your mother’s ideas of the world. The more you can be honest with yourself, even if it is painful to do so, the easier it will be to express yourself to others gently and compassionately. And you will find others can handle it pretty well. In a relationship, or conversations with partners — speak and listen with your heart. It hears and sees things your ears and eyes do not. And your heart is dependable, wise and will guide you toward unveiling the underlying reality of any situation. Then you can see the potential that exists, allowing you to create a vision into a solid reality. — By Priya Kale for Planet Waves

Friday, Feb. 17, 2012. Weekly Horoscope #891

The job of any leader is to get people working together. Humans are motivated by making money and going to war, so you might say that the job of any humane leader is to find motivations that are neither destructive nor based on greed. That’s another way of saying honoring life and what we do with it for its inherent value, which you have a gift for noticing and expressing at the moment. State the obvious both when writing and speaking. Get feedback and make sure people are onto what you’re talking about. It seems inevitable that you’ll be involved in some unusual depth or amount of written communication, and I suggest you begin any project by defining a clear strategy. The kind of writing you’re doing now is not about being inspired, though that would help. This is writing that has to work, like a sheepdog or plumber has to work. I’m not suggesting that you not use elegance or beauty, but rather that you set goals for your projects, so that you give yourself guidance and you have a way to measure whether your efforts are getting results.

Friday, Feb. 10, 2012. Weekly Horoscope #890

I suggest you be cautious of any ideas that equate money to power. They are likely to be turned against you. You can think of money as creative potential or energy, but that is different than this thing we call power, as in the power to get people to do things, or to motivate you to action. If you’re looking for motives or inspiration, find more imaginative ones. You might think in terms of what inspires people to cooperate toward a creative goal, or any goal, for that matter. These days it seems that ideas have more energy than cash when it comes to focusing the energy of groups, and there’s certainly no shortage of those right now. I would note that there is a bold, new quality to what is coming through, which may seem to challenge your preference for what is tried and true. Yet it’s a fact that time marches on, and you’ve been trying to light the fires of progress for a long time.

Friday, Feb. 3, 2012. Weekly Horoscope #889

There seems to be some unusual potential opening up in your relationships. This is based on two things, I believe. One involves your gradually finding your way to people whose values are similar to your own — similar enough to have a real conversation. The second is the gradual dissolving of the formerly strict partition between ‘lovers’ and ‘friends’. There is a third factor as well, which is that you’ve experienced just about every insecurity about yourself that a person is capable of feeling, and you’re now ready to stand on more solid spiritual ground. Ideally, this combination of factors would lead you to make braver, bolder choices in life. It would lead you out of your shell and make you willing to at least approach other people on potentially equal terms. There seems to be something holding you back. Can you figure out what it is?

Friday, Jan. 20, 2012. Weekly Horoscope #888

Many religions feel that if you’re a good person, God rewards you with wealth. I’m wondering how you feel about that theory, and related issues, like how many patently evil people have so much. My theory is that financial success involves two things: one is how you feel about yourself, and the other is motivation. Now, many people feel positively horrid about themselves and make a lot of cash — I don’t count that as success. Your astrology is encouraging you to work out a meaning of success that includes faith in yourself and faith in something beyond yourself. However, I suggest you take them in that order, and do everything you can to withdraw energy from the expectations of others — especially your parents. In case you’re in a religious mood, every time you think of the concept God or spirit, insert your parents into the equation and see how it adds up.

Friday, Jan. 13, 2012. Weekly Horoscope #887

You’ve been questioning your role in the bigger picture and here comes a moment of deep clarity. Remember though, clarity also means confronting important truths and getting to the core of the only question that matters: “Who am I?” You are evolving and letting go of a carefully carved identity you’ve long ago outgrown. In letting go of false ideas about yourself, you can be free to reach for your noblest ambitions fearlessly, with the curiosity of a child in a new world. Choose your mountains wisely and you can reclaim your power to make choices that feel right for you as you pursue goals that are truly worthy of your efforts. Trust the rewards of this process; this will go way beyond just the tangible. And if you haven’t looked in the mirror lately, you are beautiful — body, heart and soul — and worthy love, not just the hope of love.

Friday, Jan. 6, 2012. Weekly Horoscope #886

Any secrets you may be keeping from yourself will soon come to light — and you may wonder what the hush was about. However, what you’re about to discover — either about yourself, or about something deeply meaningful to you — has the power to shift your perception of life — and that means, the path of your life. Most of the time seemingly little revelations are forgotten as fast as they emerge; it’s time for you to recognize the power of an idea. Now, the thing about ideas is that they are like seeds (and not everyone recognizes the value of these). In the present case, we’re talking about an idea equivalent to an heirloom seed. It will need to be cultivated and cared for, and this takes time, patience and continuity. The initial excitement of possessing the thing must develop into something more mature — with a focus on continuity and respect for the growth of living creatures.

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