Bourgeois Bubbas


By Jen Sorensen.


The Sacred Space of Self, the brand new 2018 Spring Reading, is now available for pre-order. This set of 12 video presentations will cover Chiron’s transition into Aries, and Mars retrograde in Aquarius over the summer. Pre-order soon for best value. You may read more about what Eric will be covering in your Spring Reading here.

One thought on “Bourgeois Bubbas

  1. Glen Young

    Venus in Gemini is also the esoteric ruler of the twins as she now opposes the GC from the 27th degree Sabian Symbol: A young gypsy emerging from the woods gazes at far cities. Venus’s esoteric rulership of Gemini is the rainbow bridge between the personality and soul. Venus is also the ruler of Taurus where the discovery degree of Chiron can be found: 4th degree of Taurus Sabian Symbol: The rainbow’s pot of gold. In Eric’s recent post (The Taurus New Moon), he writes: ‘Study carefully what happens in these first days of Mars in its new sign’. Because Mars has ingressed Aquarius and is squaring the ruler of that sign: Uranus in Taurus. Very near Mercury (exoteric ruler of Gemini) in Taurus and in mutual reception to Venus; add to that is Venus is Out of Bound, a little out of control, stretched, or over the top during these periods. It just seems to me that you have contrasted this moment very amazingly well; the Mars themes that are taken place in Aquarius.

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