Boston: Seeing (and feeling) through the toxic haze

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We’re working carefully to sort out the charts and factual data on yesterday’s bombing of the Boston Marathon. The chart for the event has Neptune close to the horizon — there is a haze surrounding this event. Try to see and feel your way through that, to something more nourishing.

This is obviously an upsetting situation, on every level, from empathizing with the people who were hurt and killed, to the fact that the event yesterday was dedicated to the Sandy Hook school shooting victims, to the disruption of the awesome tradition of the Boston Marathon.

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Eric Francis. Photo by Johanna.

There is the sensation that this could happen anywhere. Many are experiencing pain and confusion. One typical response will be to shut down; another will be to succumb to fear.

Subjecting ourselves to toxic imagery over and over only spreads the poison. I would encourage you to keep your perspective. You may be the one person who actually has some of that, and can offer your support to people who need help being stabilized. Try not to let them knock you off balance.

The news media has no story right now, so there is little point filling your mind with the same video tape shown over and over. There have been no actual developments since the initial incident. The allegedly big news today is that authorities have asked for people to provide copies of any digital images they might have.

And before this happened, there was movement on a number of important issues, from the background check to immigration reform, lame as those proposals were. The discussions were actually happening.

I’ll be working on the story all week, and will share what I’ve learned so far in an edition of Planet Waves FM that will probably be posted tonight. Please check our blog for that update.

Early this morning, Amanda posted a beautiful article in response to what happened in Boston.

I posted some preliminary astrology notes along with the chart, at this link. If you would like to have a look at the charts yourself, I have pulled together an interesting set, which you may download free (and share with others).

Monday’s Daily Astrology post on the blog covered the latest astrological shifts on a more personal level. Mercury entered Aries over the weekend, and is making for quick minds that want to act on their ideas. Venus, in Taurus as of Monday, is offering some much-needed grounding. The Sun will join Venus in Taurus on Friday, helping to swing the balance a little further toward the sensual, the receptive and something more grounded.

We do not have a horoscope for you today; Tuesday, April 23, we’ll be sending out Genevieve Hathaway’s Moonshine horoscope for the Scorpio Full Moon. I do suggest you review your April monthly horoscope — which covers the Aries alignment that we’re in the midst of right now.

We’ll see you Friday with an edition covering the events at the Boston Marathon and what they mean in a larger context.


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