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Weekend Tarot Reading — Sunday, Mar. 6, 2016

Posted by Sarah Taylor

“There is a wisdom to what has been taking place if you neither identify with what your mind might be telling you about who’s ‘winning’ and who’s ‘losing’, and if you can shift towards the change that this is pointing you to.” This week, Sarah Taylor explores the skirmish you’re leaving behind, and the realm of personal authority that’s calling you into greater integrity.

Weekend Tarot Reading — Sunday, Feb. 21, 2016

Posted by Sarah Taylor

There’s a threshold on the horizon — one where you’re able to redefine where you’re headed in a particular area of your life. Right now, Sarah Taylor suggests, it makes sense not only to listen to where you are being guided, but also to give yourself a helping hand by taking stock of the assets and liabilities you’ve accrued along the way so far.

Weekend Tarot Reading — Sunday, Jan. 31, 2016

Posted by Sarah Taylor

This week, Sarah Taylor talks of a new experience that may be emerging as a potential: that of no longer feeling separate from a world that not only holds you, but gives you life. It may be an entirely visceral experience of belonging — but this belonging will not be to another person, but rather to life itself.

Weekend Tarot Reading — Sunday, Jan. 24, 2016

Posted by Sarah Taylor

Where are you being called to pay attention to a toll exacted on something that holds, nurtures, provides life? Where is the voice of natural authority being drowned out by an agenda that will stop at little or nothing to exact its price? Sarah Taylor invites you to see where battle lines are illustrated in this week’s reading, and how much power you have to influence your circumstances.

Monday Tarot Reading — Monday, Jan. 11, 2016

Posted by Sarah Taylor

Today’s tarot column includes a few thoughts from Sarah about the death of musician, writer, and performance artist David Bowie, before she addresses this week’s cards, where you’re invited into an act of alchemy that has at its heart a paradox: the choice to transform a conflict — by taking your hands off the wheel and allowing something else to take the lead.