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Planet Waves Daily Oracle for Friday, April 17, 2020

Today’s Oracle takes us to the Libra monthly for June 1, 2001.


Venus, the planetary goddess of Libra, has spent several months in your opposite sign Aries. My sense is that this has enhanced your experience of dualism, that is, the idea that life and relationships are made of opposites. Yet these opposites contain one another, and you can, if you look, see a bit of yourself in everyone you meet, and in all situations in which you are called upon to act. In these days people will, as well, see you from more of your own viewpoint, and perhaps more like the person you know yourself to be on the inside. This is a greater blessing than you might have imagined, because you get the chance to resolve some of your doubts about who that person is. For a little while longer, I would say it’s really safe to trust the reasonable things that people say about you, whether these are compliments or criticisms. At least you can consider everything you hear, and make decisions on your own about what makes sense, which is a good start.


The Saturn-Pluto conjunction is separating, but still strongly influencing our experience. While this event will happen two or three times in the lives of most people, this particular instance is a moment of convergence and reckoning for the world and for us as individuals.

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Planet Waves Daily Oracle for Friday, April 26, 2019

Today’s Oracle takes us to the Pisces weekly for September 14, 2012.


You’re under less pressure to accomplish great things — and therefore, more likely to do so. Making it big in the world is only occasionally linked to talent alone; many extremely talented people live in obscurity while others get all the glory. Success is also not linked to how ambitious you may be feeling at the moment. Rather, it’s about your intentions, your preparation and timing. Fortunately, those are the things you’ve got going for you right now. You’ve been on this page for a while, and I suggest it’s where you keep your emphasis. Preparation is on two levels — your awareness of what’s going on around you, and learning the facts of any situation you find yourself in; and it includes personal preparation, which means taking a step when you’re ready to take it. This brings me to the question of timing. Readiness is an important part of this, and so is being aware enough to know when to pause, and when it’s time to make a move — even if you don’t feel quite ready.


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