4 thoughts on “At Cosby Hater Headquarters…

  1. Eric Francis

    This whole situation is so over the top it’s difficult to wrap my mind around…I am sure I’m not alone in this.

    His chart has a poor rating from Rodden. I’ve looked at it a couple of times…maybe we can get that going, using a noon chart.

  2. Amanda Painter

    Little by little, the Cosby story is seeping out.

    Wasn’t it during the autumn Scorpio eclipse season that this story really hit the fan and grew some legs?

    This just in yesterday from The New York Time — kudos to Matt Bors for featuring Cosby in his comic this week:

    Bill Cosby talks in graphic detail about his calculated pursuit of young women in a previously unpublicized deposition

    Saturday, July 18, 2015 8:25 PM EDT

    He was not above seducing a young model by showing interest in her father’s cancer. He promised other women his mentorship and career advice before pushing them for sex acts. And he tried to use financial sleight of hand to keep his wife from finding out about his serial philandering.

    Bill Cosby admitted to all of this and more over four days of intense questioning 10 years ago at a Philadelphia hotel, where he defended himself in a deposition for a lawsuit filed by a young woman who accused him of drugging and molesting her.

    Even as Mr. Cosby denied he is a sexual predator who assaulted many women, he presented himself in the deposition as an unapologetic, cavalier playboy, someone who used a combination of fame, apparent concern and powerful sedatives in a calculated pursuit of young women — a profile at odds with the popular image he so long enjoyed, that of father figure and public moralist.

    In the deposition, which Mr. Cosby has for years managed to keep private but was obtained by The New York Times, the entertainer comes across as alternately annoyed, mocking, occasionally charming and sometimes boastful, often blithely describing sexual encounters in graphic detail.

    Read more » <http://p.nytimes.com/email/re?location=4z5Q7LhI+KVBjmEgFdYACPLKh239P3pgVYFaq/0qKkqAMX4r/wTY+2G68RkDMXdjW8b39eU7WPkfFQLvn9FR7yRKOuogNGYOudW6aC2Boc9vwZyqnvw4EbeCgX0SMm9EvfKg5w2rYy242O7HjL4dLEo3IqWBHg7SN7txE8D8BQS6gBkem2RgzkZXKmiQ5jYGOTN0eHgea0DCqHAG9M38EueXUc+V5XaM&campaign_id=132&instance_id=60057&segment_id=74952&user_id=7829fd3b36de534e8bbf2e591a4f5e90&regi_id=62211377>

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