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With Love From Borasisi | Eric Francis Coppolino
You might assume that a planet named after a character in a modern work of fiction couldn’t possibly have any relevant astrological interpretation. You’d be wrong. In fact, Borasisi — named after a god in a fictional religion in a Kurt Vonnegut novel — holds a crucial key to understanding the role of belief in our present moment. Click here for full article.

You Are Who You Are | Eric Francis Coppolino
2011’s ‘Your Sign Is Wrong’ hoax, which spread like feathers at a pillow fight, was a rare trip through the news for astrology. This time, our old profession attracted attention because an astronomer announced that the dates for the Sun signs were wrong. In this essay I explain why the movement of the constellations does not matter — and what the attention paid this ‘controversy’ says about us collectively. Click here for full article.

Cue: Be One (or The Kuiper Belt Turns 20) | Eric Francis Coppolino
Astrology is based on the premise that the shape of the solar system reflects the shape of consciousness. If that’s true, the edge of the solar system would represent a boundary or edge within the psyche, a place where familiar territory ends and the unfamiliar begins. Here I consider the still-unnamed 1992 QB1 and how its discovery moved astrology (and our self-awareness) beyond the idea that death is the ultimate power. Click here for full article.

Beyond Astrology | Eric Francis Coppolino
Astrology is unusual in that doing it well requires a person to draw upon many different fields, integrate them and put them into practical use. In this piece, I propose several programs and concepts that could be taught in a diversity of direct participation and workshop formats in service to educating students of astrology in an integrated, vital way. If you’re a student of astrology at any level, this piece is for you. Click here for full article.

Chiron in Pisces: The Missing Piece | Eric Francis Coppolino
On April 20, 2010, Chiron entered Pisces for the first time since it left in 1969. Think of Chiron as being like The Beatles. The Sixties were a tumultuous, often frightening time in history. But in the background, The Beatles were putting out a constant stream of peace and love. Whether you were born in the ’60s, were a full-on Flower Child, or just want to understand our current astrology, this article is essential to understanding Chiron in context. Click here for the full article.

This Is About Chiron | Eric Francis Coppolino
Chiron, now included in a class of objects called centaur planets, has the distinction of being the first comet-like body studied closely by astrologers for how its cyclical properties and natal positions comment both on the life of an individual and on social movements. The November 2014 probe-landing on a comet opened the door to understanding more about objects like Chiron. And the more we know, the more directly we will be able to address the psychological fear factors associated with these objects. Click here for full article.

Advent: Chiron in Pisces | Eric Francis Coppolino
Chiron is one of those things in astrology that really does need an introduction. Though the discussion has gone on some places for more than 30 years, there are relatively few cohesive and balanced discussions of what this energy represents. If you’ve been looking for a relatively comprehensive collection of my writings on Chiron, this is a must-read. Click here for full article.

Top 5 Events of 2015 | Eric Francis Coppolino
In this “clip-and-save” article that is open to all visitors to this site, I give a quick recap of the major astrology of the last year, and offer a handy overview of the most significant astrological events to watch for this year. I’ve also included a bonus event from the realm of astronomical exploration. Click here for full article.

What’s Your (Pluto) Sign? Wait — Let Me Guess! | Eric Francis Coppolino

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    I’m new here and i’m wondering if you have a place on your site that has the charts that you’re talking about? I’d like to get the data and enter it into my astrology programs to see what I can find out.

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      Thank you Tom. I dont have a chart ive seen. Your help would be welcomed. I am new and am looking for answers. Really am happy to have found planet waves. You all are doing a supreme job. Many blessing carol

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