A New Normal

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We have entered a season of scholastic graduations. What was for many a normal existence of a student in school is now about to become a new life. Len Wallick sees a parallel in the astrology at this time, and offers some implicit options for you to co-create the new normal.

With the Moon now in Pisces until Sunday, the stage is set for the Sun to ingress Gemini shortly after 4:30 pm EDT (20:30:51 UTC) tomorrow. When you look at what’s going on concurrently with the zodiac as a whole, the beginning of solar Gemini this year can be said to signal the start of what could be referred to as a new version of what’s normal.


It is actually no big deal for what’s normal to change. For example, most of you have lived through more than one continuous decade during which you went to school nearly every weekday.

Then, one day, that was over and a new normal had to begin. For many, daily schooling is replaced by being compelled to show up for work. Now, and interestingly just as a season of scholastic graduation is getting underway, one can almost hear the strains of “Pomp and Circumstance” playing from above.

Start with how Uranus and Eris are just now separating from a months-long continuum of three conjunctions in late Aries. Then, add how the recent Mercury retrograde ended precisely in the very narrow gap that had opened since the final meeting between Uranus and Eris. Next, fold in Mercury and Venus only now getting up to their usual speed of motion around the zodiac after many weeks of uncharacteristic sluggishness.

Finally, consider Mars, which is currently about two-thirds of the way through Gemini. In the longer scheme of things, it is quite unusual for Mars to be ‘ahead’ of the Sun, Mercury (now in early Taurus) and Venus (currently near the Aries midpoint) all at the same time. That’s because the average zodiac speeds of the Sun and Venus are nearly twice that of Mars. For its part, Mercury is capable of clipping through the signs at almost four times faster.

Yet, and indicatively, Mars pulled out in front of three faster objects just as Uranus and Eris were oscillating in merger to very possibly conceive a new era. Now, the Sun, Mercury and Venus are catching up. Mercury will be first to meet Mars, smack in the middle of the sign Cancer on June 28.

As July 26 segues into July 27, the Sun and Mars will finally (and after a long courting) share the same early degree of Leo. Last (but not least), Venus will conjoin with Mars about two-thirds of the way through Virgo on Oct. 5. By then, it should be possible to evaluate whether transition to a new normal is either in process or being brought along.

Transitioning from school to a similar schedule of attendance in the workplace heralds a new era in the life of many young people. For each person, it’s a different process. For some it is easy and short. For others it is challenging and long. Nobody, however, goes back.

Even those who resume or subsequently add to their education never return to precisely the same lifestyle left behind after graduation caps and robes have served their purpose. The same thing tends to happen for groups, and the world as a whole.

If the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Uranus, Eris and more are saying anything coherent right now, it’s probably that a new normal is in your (and our) not-so-distant future. During the transition (which looks to include at least most of what remains of 2017) will come choices.

You can choose to deny or resist the only constant in this world: change. Usually, any attempt to hold off what’s inevitable does not work out so well. You can also elect to go with the flow and let things happen. Sometimes that works out very well, and sometimes it doesn’t. In every case, however, the choice of a passive (or even receptive) approach affords little in the way of an opportunity for a do-over should the results be unsatisfactory.

Indeed, there are precious few do-overs. The old normal always passes. A new normal follows. If you can see the transition coming, however, you have yet another option

Absolute control over the future eludes even the most powerful and self-assured individuals among us. It is possible, however, to participate. Provided that your anticipation and timing are accurate enough, you can contribute to co-create any new normal before it takes shape and sets into place.

Assuming that this particular reading of our current astrology is anywhere near realistic, it’s definitely not too late to initiate or join something both proactive and cooperative yourself. By doing so, you will go a long way towards assuring that any possible new normal includes at least some of what you want, and need, it to be.

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5 thoughts on “A New Normal

  1. Linda MayLinda May

    Lennnn !! :)
    (Or anyone else please)

    I m all researched out. Cannot find the degree of sun transit mars in leo. Jul 26/27. (And… is it midnight EDT??)

    thank you sooo much, whomever :)

  2. Geoff Marsh

    According to my researches using Serennu.com, the Sun is exactly conjunct Mars at 4 Leo 12′ 29″ at 57 minutes past midnight on the morning of July 27th (UTC). This should occur, therefore, at 20:57 on July 26th (EDT).

    Hope this is correct and helps, Linda May.

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