A Great Experiment — The First Aquarius New Moon of 2015

Any experiment that yields results is a successful experiment.
— Rudolph Ballentine

When the Sun and Moon symbolically merge to occupy the first degree of Aquarius at the same time on Tuesday at 8:14 am EST (13:14 UTC), you might want to prepare for a great experiment. Even if you follow astrology, the experiment could yield results you have never seen before. Even if your are a skeptic, the experiment could change your life.


Begin your experiment by observing one undeniable fact. Then, proceed to develop a theory that correlates with that fact. Finally, check in with others and test whether your theory works for their own observations and correlations.

The undeniable fact is that Tuesday’s Aquarius New Moon will be the fourth New Moon in a row in the very first degree of an immediately successive sign, with no “approximate” necessary

It all started with a New Moon and solar eclipse in the first degree of Scorpio on Oct. 23, 2014. Then came the New Moon in the first degree of Sagittarius on Nov. 22, 2014. After that, a New Moon and Capricorn solstice of Dec. 21 (or 22, depending on your time zone), 2014. Finally, next Tuesday, Jan. 20, 2015.

Such a thing rarely happens. Two months in a row, sure. Three months, pretty interesting. Four months in a row, fuhgettaboutit.

Except, please don’t forget about it. Four New Moons in a row in the first degree of successive signs is a pattern. It is one heck of a pattern. And, believe it or not, it’s just the beginning.

It is the Sun and Moon combining their energies as they rarely do (in the first degree of a sign). Then, repeating that combination over an inordinate and improbable period of time to show you a pattern which segues into yet another pattern. That other pattern starts next month, and goes on just as precisely and continuously for another month more.

Additionally, the luminaries (Sun and Moon) are, simply and factually, the brightest lights in your sky. You have known and watched them since you were a child. No mumbo jumbo. No abstractions necessary. They are at least as real as anything else in your life, and so are their patterns.

In concluding their current pattern and connecting to a subsequent pattern, the luminaries are practically begging you to get up and get on with what could be one of the grandest, and yet one of the most simple experiments of your life. In addition, you are being given plenty of time.

Of course, some people just don’t want to know. If you are among them, that’s your business. It’s your choice to just accept what you get. Just as it’s your choice to trade personal power (voter registration, right to assemble, collective bargaining rights, etc) you don’t want for a promise of security. Good luck with that experiment, please let us know the results.

Other people want an astrologer to tell them how to think, or what it means. Before you embark on that experiment, please at least remember that the Sun and Moon will not be extending such a personally and universally accessible offer again for a very long time.

Besides, one of the reasons you read here is because you want to practice some astrology, right? Well, here’s your chance. Please consider what passing up such a birthright says about what you think of yourself. Challenge astrologers with complex and/or confusing inquiries. Make us earn our money. This one is for you.

Begin seizing the chance you were born to have now by finding a corresponding pattern in your life. Don’t worry about what you don’t know. Focus on what you know as a fact because you have lived those facts over and over since the Oct. 23, 2014 Scorpio solar eclipse and New Moon. You probably know plenty. It’s almost certainly more than enough to do this experiment.

If you need some guidance to get you started, here is a first possible grasp. Many astrologers have an arguably sound idea that a New Moon in the first degree of a sign will correspond with the initiation of a pattern that lasts quite a while — maybe until the next Full Moon. Maybe even until the next New Moon.

Anything like that happen for you over the last three months? Perhaps something like the legendary (albeit silly) long swings from vine to vine performed by the fictional character Tarzan? If so, correlate those observations with what happens in your life beginning Tuesday. Unlike swinging on vines, all you have to fear are results of some kind. Then, you will be set up and prepared to continue your experiment with the next Aquarius New Moon in February.

That’s right, there will be two Aquarius New Moons this year.

So happens the New Moon of Feb. 18, 2015, will be in the very last degree of Aquarius. That’s a change of pattern. Hence the experiment. Your experiment. To find out what it will mean. But wait, there’s more.

Following the second Aquarius New Moon of 2015, there will be a New Moon and total solar eclipse in the very last degree of Pisces On March 20, 2015. Literally hours before the Sun enters Aries to start the whole shebang over again with a vernal equinox.

What lasts five months, begins with a solar eclipse, ends with a solar eclipse, and possibly contains information you can use to at least win a bar bet? Well, now you know.

The only question is whether you are up to a great experiment. Just be sure to check in with others and verify — or better yet — revise your results. It will be something nobody will ever be able to take away from you because nobody gave it to you. The results of your great experiment will be yours.

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49 thoughts on “A Great Experiment — The First Aquarius New Moon of 2015

  1. Cowboyiam

    Welcome back Len.
    This challenge you pose is somewhat elusive for me in the moment but I assume it will become more clearly defined as I ponder it over the next few days. I have been boldly aware that breaking out of the box I have been in is what I want and that there are consequences for doing what I want. With the process set in motion now I’m faced with the fallout and nervous about how I will handle it. Freeing myself from shame seems the possibility now and that of course is a seriously challenging. To ask forgiveness – but to hold no shame – and to leave behind the world where shame is the tradition that holds it together; that appears to me as the road less traveled that I am embarked on. Maybe now is the moment of total release for all my limiting patterns. I want that. I want to fly like an Eagle – above the clouds.
    For now that is my best guess but its one I feel deep energy and courage for dealing with.
    With universal help and guidance my task is complete. Source adores me and that gives me courage and power over those elements that might object.

    1. Cowboyiam

      Len – if this string of comments(45+) hasn’t proven to you how much you mean to this community then nothing ever will. I sense that you are still very ill and that is hard but I am sure you are aware of the why. With no idea where this is going – I say this sincere, I love you Len. You Are.

  2. Len Wallick Post author

    Cowboyjam: Thank you, good to be back. Good to simply be here. Please, let us start with a word you use: challenge. How does that feel for you.? Does another word (like opportunity) work better? Try it on. Experiment, and remember that its an opportunity available to everybody on Earth at the same time. Maybe you have an even better word that could serve as the doorway into a new life for somebody you don’t know and never met. It could happen. As far as “the fallout, and nervous about how you will handle it”, does considering it to be part of the experiment change the perspective please? Also, give yourself a break as regards to shame. Does anybody not feel it at times? Also, it’s probably that some people you look up to and respect have successfully dealt with shame through some some sort of therapy or counseling. Experiment. And if you forgive yourself, is that not enough? Eagles fly above the clouds because they have wings. Planets fly above the clouds because that is there place. Unless you have wings, consider experimenting to find your place. You go good as it is. Look at how people appreciate your contributions here. Now, experiment. Please let me know if my response is not satisfactory for you today.

    1. Cowboyiam

      Len, first a correction. Its “cowboy I am” or cowboyiam. Has a deep meaning for me.
      Anyway, You are being cryptic but I like it. I think I have the opportunity to overcome gravity, not literally but figuratively. If I shift the focus I have about the consequences for what has transpired I may change a challenge into an opportunity and possibly avoid what I don’t want to have while creating what I do want – without the drama. What I know and what I speculate are equal, depending upon my focus. I think you are suggesting that I look intently in the direction of my highest desires. I think I’m right – yes?

  3. Lizzy

    Yes, welcome back, dear Len, and thank you. I’m so sorry you’ve ben so sick – but delighted that our love and well wishes helped you through it. Am reassured by this wonderful piece that you are feeling lots better now. I am indeed in the middle of a kind of experiment – which involves a huge shift in consciousness and perception – and at times i feel optimistic, while at other times I feel I’ll never take flight. But you’re so right, Len – plenty of time s what is needed – and the word that keeps coming up for me, once again, is ‘patience’. Take good care of yourself !

  4. Lizzy

    Such a beautiful response to Cowboyiam, Len. I was thinking , Cowboyiam, how shame was a deep part of my life for many years. I thnk this stuff feels so overwhelming because we are usually carrying the shame of our parents – that goes back generations (Eric has written about this), and is not ‘ours’ as such. That’s why I think it’s so hard to deal with. I foun it helped me a lot to see it in this light – as something that wasn’t really mine.

    1. Cowboyiam

      I have shame where it exists but I don’t take it so seriously anymore. When shame is a present feeling I know I am in a negative vibration – and so work to find a higher vibrational perspective. Its just part of the scenery that shows mw where I am broadcasting from. Its more a tool than a reality. Shame was the main teaching I was trained into and so it is a big deal for me. I feel like every major advance I have made in coming to terms with who I am has had a showdown with shame as the battle line. What I know is Source adores me and I’m getting to – or am here now – the point where what the others think is not my focus. I’m letting go of the good opinion of other people. That’s the most devastating loss possible in the world of SHAME where I come from…..

  5. Len Wallick Post author

    Thank you, Lizzie. Never has the importance of taking care of myself been so front and center for me. Your own experiment reads as a truly grand enterprise. And you have nailed the approach. We have not even seen the other side of the pattern yet. It appears as though you have the situation in hand. With your blessed and talented hands, how could anything be lacking?

  6. Nicolas Salinas

    Lucky me, I get to be the first comment. Well Len, first thing is that I’m happy that you’re better, at least if you wrote this it means you managed to drag yourself to the nearest computer to create. I hope you’re feeling as good as you think you should soon enough. From what I perceive I find this article very good, in fact I think you gave it even more this time, creating from your knowledge, inviting us even more and generously shining a light on what you’re talking about. I was very intrigued by what you were saying, couldn’t find what you were talking about but then as I kept reading something started rising from within myself until I knew what it was, what was my contribution or the pearl that has been in creation in my experience of this pattern. I’ll have to verify as in any experiment but I’ll just say for now, for me, it has to with women, with the possibility of a wife at least as an idea, waves of love rising and sinking through these months, shedding of old skins or old thoughts that have not proven to be the true road. My mother has been involved in this unfolding, peaking with a letter on Christmas about this even though it is very rare for her to write a letter to me. A few days ago, a gathering in memory of a girlfriend of mine who passed away unexpectedly, who I always think of as “the one” but I was too young and unconscious and maybe even foolish to realize it and now it’s too late, she was an Aquarius but our love I’m sure was a Pisces kind of love, although with much air. It’s also interesting the signs which you state, very significant in a misty kind of way, Scorpio going to Pisces. My natal moon is near the end of Pisces, my Sun is in Aries. Well, I could say more but I might be wrong if I think I got the point, I’ll have to see plus I may have extended my comment too much, thanks Len.

  7. wandering_yeti

    Hu thanks for the heads up. The Cardinal Full Moon cross was just hours before my Solar return which happened when the Moon was on the local midheaven. My musical persona made a couple of open mic appearances and then went invisible. 2 lunations in Aquarius you say? Well that solar return also had 3 planets there which is where my Venus and Jupiter reside. I have an idea that has yet to sprout: to pull together a band that’s composed of musicians capable of trading spaces so we can all both lead and support the others- a musician’s collective. And not just a band: something like a witches coven that also has the support crew a band needs. Maybe they’re musicians too and we all serve the others when we’re not in the leader spot. This is going to take team effort. There’s really no such thing as a ‘solo’ artist.

  8. Len Wallick Post author

    Nicolas: No worries. Your words are first for me in some undefined and discreet way. And (as Mozart may have said of notes), as many words as it takes is what it takes. It’s SO GOOD just to be able to read your words. Yes, i did give it more this time. It is so very gratifying that (as you put it) something arose from within you to meet my words half way. What a great narration you have shared! We all have mothers. It’s a great and indispensable connection we have with each other regardless of the circumstances and how it is felt. i too lost a lover to sudden death when i was very young – my heart goes out to you on that account. Not incidentally, Alice Bailey has referred to Aquarius and Pisces as having a deep relationship. It appears as if you do have the point regarding a great deal more than what i wrote today. May your experiment provide you with results to share.

    Laura: Thank you. NO intent to be dismissive here, but the New Moon at “1 Libra” was in the second degree of Libra – just as a baby on its first birthday is entering its second year. The first degree of any sign is the birth degree. After that are birthdays.

    wandering_yeti: Thank you for sharing your sprouting idea. A great experiment indeed. May you inspire other musicians who have tasted something of what you have to hive-up and be more than the sum of gifted and vital parts. To paraphrase Margaret Mead (i believe) such a collaboration can change the world.

  9. jinspace

    Len – Welcome back!
    Wow – yes, I see the pattern you’re pointing to. You’ve described what I couldn’t while I was living through it, even though I recognized there was some repetitive cycle going on. The entire autumn I had the feeling I was hitting a reset button once a month, realizing I was edging away from my Big Important Project (it is, really) because I’ve given it all I can for now – for several years – but utterly clueless as to what I should move toward. This is life-change territory, which always implies many big decisions, not just one. Suddenly and effortlessly on December 22 it all clicked into place, and yes, it involved working with that very abundant New Moon.

    I’ve been paying her very close attention since then, which brings me to the New Moon & total solar eclipse in the last degree of Pisces on March 20th. In a nutshell: I’m a Leo, and my 5th house cusp is 29 degrees 43′ Pisces. I am giddy with anticipation.

  10. Len Wallick Post author

    diego: Thank you for mentioning that, it’s worth a lot! Looking forward to your continued contributions!

    jinspace: Thank you. It is so, so, so, very good to be back. It’s exciting how you have picked up on the pattern. Now, watch and see your experiment develop. Will Tuesday’s New Moon represent one more swing (or, as you put it – “reset”)? If so, you will be on your way toward a very interesting opportunity for comparison at the February 18 and March 20 New Moons. That latter lunation on your fifth house cusp should be a chance for you to roar. i would be giddy too. You go.

    1. Cowboyiam

      Len, jinspace, that got me thinking….. My MC is 28:44 Pisces – my Juno (life partner) is at 27:53 Pisces and the New Moon and total Solar Eclipse on March 20th is at 29 Pisces??? Wow That’s the first degree of my tenth house. My Descendant is 14 Capricorn where Pluto is and has been for a very long time. All of this drama in the heavens has affected me deeply and what you may be suggesting is that my life purpose takes on new orders this spring. I’m humbled in anticipation now.

      1. Cowboyiam

        Man I just ran the date forward and guess what – on March 20 Pluto will be on the first degree of my seventh house 15 Capricorn. This long slow destruction is coming to a birthing of a beautiful new reality – PERSON – Soul Journey stuff for me. God I love this group!

      2. jinspace

        Cowboyiam – I looked at your comment again and realized we’ve got a very similar Juno placement. Different sign (mine’s in Leo), but it’s 1-1/2 degrees into my 10th house. Thinking of some of the ways this has so far played out for me, one is that I find it’s impossible for me to work at any career I don’t truly love. Put another way, I have a tendency to “marry” my career. When I did eventually marry a person, my husband soon became my work partner as well. It wasn’t much of a stretch, because we already were both doing the same thing. Could any of this be food for thought for you? 😉

        1. Cowboyiam

          Well Jinspace my Juno is at 28 Pisces on my MidHeaven at 28:44 Pisces so just inside my 9th. However I am married to a women who loves me beyond question. She seems to be on this trip with me no matter what and we have gotten to a place of such freedom together because we don’t hide anything. I seem to be the one who pushes the limits of acceptability in finding myself and she is always able to handle the truth and adapt to it. In that process she always find new truth in her own psyche because of acceptance. We are just good together and it feels fated. I believe there is a calling for use that will eventually unfold in a way that we will understand why we are here together. Yes I struggle if I try to do mundane tasks for money. I need to love my career.

          1. jinspace

            Cowboyiam – oops. I misread. Still this is so interesting. I’ve got Sun conj Uranus + Venus all in my 9th, the house of Saggitarius; no wonder I married a Sagg. How you describe your relationship with your wife sounds so familiar. Fated, indeed. We knew early on our deep bond involved a past life connection, & each tuned in independently to what, where and when that had been (drawing the same conclusion). Sagg unions are by nature exploratory and work best with loose reins. We’ve given each other the greatest freedom to explore – we live apart. But we share a closer bond with one another than we do with anyone else, and have an easy, lovely and loving open relationship. It’s very unconventional, most people can’t get their heads around it, but we’re not living for them. We’ve “let go of the good opinion of other people.” (Brilliant phrase!).

            BTW, in re Juno, be glad you haven’t got that in the 10th. For me it’s also meant being the object of a lot of professional jealousy, which isn’t fun. 😛

          2. Cowboyiam

            Jinspace – “letting go of the good opinion of other people” is a Wayne Dyer quote. I helps me through the hard times.

  11. Yoniyoganidra

    Welcome back Len, and thank you for a compelling and encouraging post.

    For me this pattern has felt like heaven and earth have been weaving their signature vibes deeply into my bone marrow. There are moments when one feels predominant, and then suddenly the other, always moving towards that sweet tender moment when they are equals, only to start another round of alternating predomination…. at times I want to ask “whose on top!?”

    Riding Infinity has never felt so powerful. Words like Phoenix (my Playa name) and Bridging keep themselves close to my pondering’s.

    “Me Tarzan”…”Me Jane”…maybe it is time to be the vine.

  12. aWord

    An experiment and an experience, Len. With natal Venus (still!) at 0.57AQ, there may be some good in the results of upcoming and continuing Sun/Moon. Looks like Merc is reversing position on natal Chyron and transiting Venus is a..l..m..o..s..t at natal Merc. come early next week as well. Mars will have just left his conjunction with natal Sun – maybe there will be energy for all this experimenting and experiencing.
    Glad you’re feeling better! Thanks for being here.

  13. Laura Wells

    Right on, Len. 🙂 I am going to pull up my chart this weekend and see how all these Baby Moons play out both back to October and forward into the next couple of months. Thanks for a great read, as always.

  14. Kelly K

    Winding back the clock

    0. Solar new moon eclipse 23rd of October in Scorpio
    1.Mercury was at the point closest to the sun on Oct. 25 and stationed direct !
    2.Venus attained superior conjunction behind the sun on Oct. 25
    Now I am recalling events..

    3. Mercury will be station retrograde on the 21st Jan 2015 on the new moon

  15. Lizzy

    “I’m letting go of the good opinion of other people. That’s the most devastating loss possible in the world of SHAME where I come from…..” – me too dear Cowboyiam! That’s exactly how it was for me – but I’m letting go of it too. Thank you for your courage and eloquence – and good for you!

  16. Barbara Koehler

    What’s it all about Alfie? I’ve read that the first degree of any sign is the most potent, most pure – in this Tuesday’s case – most Aquarian. No blending from the last sign into the next sign, no doubling of rulerships, well in some cases I guess there would be, and Aquarius is one of them. Saturn and Uranus.

    What we as a whole have been witnessing is a battle between the old (Saturn) and the new (Uranus) as expressed through Aquarian energies. For several decade we’ve dealt with the extremes of various polarized fields; males vs. females, rich vs. poor, conservative vs. liberal, old age vs. youth, individual vs. community, rural vs. urban . . _____________ fill in the blank.

    Who better to symbolize this dichotomy than Saturn and Uranus? Where better than in Aquarius?
    Part of the consciousness raising project which the Universe is providing us humans are in-your-face examples of these polarities. Now the 2 rulers of Aquarius (Saturn representing the old and established vs. Uranus representing the new and untamed) appear to vie for top ranking.

    The world is getting smaller and smaller thanks to the freedom of Uranian technology provided through Aquarius. Stability through established societies which allow outlets for minimally disciplined activity is Saturn’s contribution to Aquarius. Our need for stability and our need for freedom have reached an impasse.

    Yet we still duke it out the old way; winner takes all. When will we learn that it’s not either/or, but both/and? No losers, everyone’s a winner, everyone shares.

    During times when Aquarius is void of transiting planets the polarity is not clearly defined but last year Uranus and Saturn spent much time in orb of a quincunx demanding an adjustment. In August 2014, we had a full moon in Aquarius featuring that quincunx. That’s when a woman threw a shoe at Hilary Clinton, Steve Colbert announced he would leave his satire comedy show for the established CBS Late Show replacing Letterman, and the Bureau of Land Management released Bundy’s cattle. 🙂

    This month Venus and Mercury in Aquarius gave us the Charlie H and the Paris Kosher market massacres, not to mention Africa’s slaughters, all in the name of adherence to Saturnian belief systems. Death to anyone who dares to express freedom from these belief systems. Only days away from this new moon in Aquarius, do we dare hope for some accord? Well, Uranus will quintile (72 degrees) the Aquarius new moon and Saturn will sextile it. A quintile affords “the opportunity to work with energies that transcend the physical level of manifestation” when using the spiritual will. (F. Sakoian and L. Acker, The Minor Aspects).

    On the other hand, a sextile affords a cooperative and harmonious flow of energy between planets. There’s every reason to believe that the more developed (evolved) Aquarian energy could make inroads into finding solutions to these thorny differences. Uranus will be conjunct the south node and opposite the north node, square Pluto, and trine Juno; a pattern suggesting certain revolutionary (Uranus) actions be ended (south node) while attempting cooperative partnership activity (Libra NN, Juno) could move us forward.

    The New Moon’s Saturn is approaching a square to Neptune diluting some of the hard edge of Saturn’s defensive posture while Mars conjunct Neptune could either mellow the aggression or makes it crazier. Even the 2 benefics, Venus and Jupiter are opposed in the NM chart suggesting a balance of good vibes could be reached between the personal (Venus and the political (Jupiter). It’s worth watching.

    Good to have you back Len and thanks for providing this great experiment for us!

    1. jinspace

      be – I know it’s been said many times & many ways in re Saturn vs Uranus, but your description of their qualities slugging it out in aquarius is the one that’s going to stick with me. Thanks for connecting the dots. Great lesson.

      “No losers. Everyone’s a winner. Everyone shares.” In a former career I was a negotiator. This was so much my philosophy that it became my reputation in the industry. I got a lot accomplished, and everyone was happy, always.

      If you feel like getting your toes tapping, here’s a favorite funky anthem to the satisfaction of win-win: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J-GkwIRbLw8 😉

    2. Cowboyiam

      Barbara, Loved you comments.
      (Yet we still duke it out the old way; winner takes all. When will we learn that it’s not either/or, but both/and? No losers, everyone’s a winner, everyone shares).
      That is the answer. I sense the higher vibrating possibility as closer and easier to tune to now – so it appears I am in an evolutional opening allowing more freedom from competitive self interest. I guess the only thing to do is walk through that opening and not look back; the rest of the story is a miraculous adventure we must write together.
      I’m beginning to realize what goes on below that level of consciousness must be seen as an emotion, the emotion of fear. Fear is only felt as real when I focus on it, so turning away individually, putting on the blinders and moving into the new, is all there is to do. Every time I look back my old shame filled competitive world will still appears as though real. I cant save it, only me. But ironically it might be that – it is me!

      Humbling and mind blowing at the same time.

      First I believe, I have to stop trying to fix anything or compete for any reason – then everything must reflect my new consciousness – so I see a cooperative unconditionally loving world, or at least that is the possibility from a highly evolved awareness. But taking score of my progress by analyzing the problems along the way just shows how far I have to go, in letting go.

      Getting into that state of perception of remaining calmly confident allows a distance from the drama going on below. That’s the point where I am standing today, calmly confident that something larger than life is calling my attention and my job is to surrender to its serenity, which feels extraordinary.
      I think the astrology you site as the energetic setting for this expansion is spot on.

  17. Carolynkc

    Glad you’re feeling better, Len.
    For the last 2-3 years my world was falling apart. It seems I was being gaslighted, (manipulated to feel incompetent and crazy.) Just in passing, I am a Libra Sun conj Neptune, Aries Rising, Virgo Moon.
    Since the Scorpio New Moon, I know I am re-inventing myself in a positive way. The Witness is reflecting on the thoughts, feelings, and reactions of that cardboard pop out persona I have known existed for a long time but could not stop living through to the detriment of my social life.
    I see more and more clearly the choices in behaviour I choose which sabotage my interactions with people. There is something about looking for like, I use the word advisedly, in all the wrong places.
    Having been in bed with the flu for about 4 weeks, I have had time to ruminate and reflect.
    Thank you for giving a forum for me to explore these on going changes.

  18. marie hawthorne

    Thank you, Len

    Somewhere round 23rd October i was looking at some pics on my laptop and it crashed – complete system failure requiring software replacement, so my main birthday present was an operating programme reinstallation with retrievable ‘old’ files partitioned on the main hard drive.

    This week (or is it longer…?) i’ve been having what i can only describe as a very long ‘uranian’ moment, and just when i thought i’d escaped it, i received news that a friend and former work colleague passed away last Friday, which dropped me right back in it. I think i’m still in it now….

    It’s a long story….but, i cant blame shame and forgive (them) in one gesture – it isn’t really about ‘them’ at all: and there is a part of me that really doesn’t want to forgive and thinks it ‘should’, even though there is nothing to forgive, and it’s not for me to judge in any case. hmmm.

    Oh. Saturn-Uranus.
    Oh. House 4950 at 0+ Aquarius.
    Oh. Tuesday, then.
    (Thanks be!)

    Love, Nilou

  19. Mandy

    Your down time seems to have tapped into some incredible inspiration Len, guiding us all to discover and be our best selves. Thank you for sparking my excitement! I love it when you say “But wait, there’s more!”
    These New Moons have felt like a powerful Mandelbrot sequence or the stages of flower petals opening.

  20. Barbara Koehler

    Jin and cowboy. thank you.

    jin, you have a head-start on us with all that negotiating experience, and we look to you to set an example. Hope you have some Libra energy (planets) that don’t tire easily! Thanks for your comment.

    cowboy, Orpheus was told “don’t look back” when he went to Hades to beg for the return of his wife Eurydice. His beautiful music on the lyre compelled Pluto to allow this, but only if Orpheus would not look back to see if Eurydice was still behind him as they climbed back to the surface of Earth. Alas, Orpheus feared she wasn’t keeping up on their ascent, looked back to check, and lost her.

    Today Orpheus is conjunct Neptune in Pisces, so your fear has a source but this source, Neptune, also symbolizes the greatest faith. Many times on this path we share there will be doubts about its validity and that’s because we have been indoctrinated to doubt faith in an invisible and seemingly improbable dream. Never mind, the gods are forgiving and time and time again, they pick us up and dust us off and remind us they want us to keep believing in their promise.

    Astraea was the goddess who vowed to never leave the humans, in spite of their awful weaknesses. Today Astraea is at 8+ Aries. Do you have anything near or aspecting this degree? If so, she is talking to you and all of us, reminding us that it isn’t a speedy trek, nor a short one, but it is leading to a peaceful and pain-free life for everyone who can resist the temptation to quit and turn back.
    p.s. Remember that Chiron’s orbit is between Saturn and Uranus so remember that he bridges the space between earthly wisdom (Saturn) and the promise of freedom (Uranus) and teaches us how to navigate the crossing and speak the new language. Take advantage of his help when it is offered as it is now. His sextile to Pluto is still within orb and today they form a yod with Isis in Leo. Isis has the gift of being able to restore to wholeness and new life, and right now, at 14+ Leo she is adjusting (part of the yod requirements) in order to negotiate tough terrain. We could use you now jinspace!

    1. jinspace

      “Chiron’s orbit is between Saturn and Uranus so remember that he bridges the space between earthly wisdom (Saturn) and the promise of freedom (Uranus) and teaches us how to navigate the crossing and speak the new language. Take advantage of his help when it is offered as it is now. … Isis has the gift of being able to restore to wholeness and new life, and right now… she is adjusting in order to negotiate tough terrain. We could use you now jinspace!”

      Be – I’m here! Here are some of the ways I negotiate in both my public and private life. They have never failed me (though I’ve occasionally failed them – nobody’s perfect 😉 )

      1. Everything in life is negotiable, but that doesn’t mean you need to negotiate everything. Save it for what really matters.

      2. Negotiations are exchanges, and everyone wants to feel they’ve gotten something they want or can at least live with. You may have to give up something in order to get what you most want or need. Decide beforehand what you’re willing to settle for, and what you’re willing to give up.

      3. If you’re not willing to make any concessions, you’re not negotiating, you’re giving ultimatums. That may be necessary and even reasonable in a given situation – some things in life are really not negotiable – but that will mean accepting an unwanted outcome & adapting to it, or moving on.

      3. Nothing is so important that you can’t walk away from the table. Just knowing that will give you the confidence to walk away gracefully and in a position of strength, should you decide to. You haven’t lost – you’ve made an active choice. Most people will respect you for that, and those who don’t are probably not people you want to surround yourself with, anyway.

      4. Be fair not only in the deals you strike, but in how you get there. In all negotiations, be diplomatic and gracious. That doesn’t mean giving up the farm just to keep things pleasant. It does mean don’t whine, yell, bully, belittle, or gloat. Likewise, don’t accept such behavior from your opponent. (See number 4.)

      5. Sometimes it takes a long time to strike a deal. Don’t expect to get it all hammered out at once, because that rarely happens. People need time to mull things over and consider their options. If you’re making little or no progress, or if you feel you’re losing ground, step back, let all parties agree to keep thinking about whatever’s at stake, and agree to talk again. Then do just that.

  21. aWord

    Thanks for mentioning Astraea at 8+ Aries today, Be. That’s my natal moon/eris conjunction (also conjunct “Sara” a name of consequence for me).

    This is certainly not a speedy nor short “trek” – and with Saturn square sun (for a good while as he morphs into a saturn return) I can certainly use Astraea’s dedication to optimism. Or hope.

  22. Barbara Koehler


    Is that your natal House at 0+ Aquarius? If so, I’d love to hear how that plays out in the coming weeks. This New Moon squares the solar eclipse last October at 0+ Scorpio. In that solar eclipse Jupiter was in a quintile aspect to Sun-Moon-Venus-Pallas (remember, transcends the physical level?) and Jupiter can symbolize good fortune. If this new moon in Aquarius highlights home problem issues for you, remember to use your spiritual willpower to transcend them. The gods are with you.

  23. Susan Flynn

    Len, thank you for your words of wisdom. That sounds trite, I know, though if you could understand how your looking at the new moon in this sequence is helping me uncover and understand what is going on with me…..Oct 22 is the day of the shooting here in Ottawa, where I live, where the gunman shot and killed a guard at our national war memorial and then went into our house of parliament where he was killed after a gun battle. Something with our security happened at my work during this violence, and I realized the next day I was in deep shock. I have been off work since Oct 29, trying to put the pieces together. Because of the shock, I didn’t think to look at the day after to see what was going on astrologically, just the 22. The new moon on Oct 23 was opposite my natal moon in the last degree and minutes of Aries, and my natal Venus at 2 of Taurus. In synchronicity, I had drawn a tarot card and asked what my breakdown was about, back in early November. I drew the Moon. Early today, this morning, before reading your post, I experienced a flash of anger at my mother at a memory from my childhood I am struggling with, and suddenly a piece fell into place. Of course it’s about my mother. It’s about my childhood, and what is secret in my family, and how it has affected me. And there, in your article, you put, look at the series of extraordinary new moons we have had. What is the pattern? I already feel more whole, more complete than I have in my life, with the help of a good therapist, as I work my way through various traumas from my life. The new moons were helping me see my childhood in a new way, from the 11th house through to the first house (next week) and then my third house – Pisces. Plus, the Pluto-Uranus square is from my first house (Pluto) to my IC (Uranus), directly going to my roots of my self. Whew!

    I should add that natally my Moon and Venus trine Uranus, while my Sun squares it (all very tight orbs), so my breakdown hasn’t been as bad as it could have been. I am coping in my life, though discovering how much my parents did shape who I am after all. I am very curious what the end of sign moons will bring next for me in this pattern. I hope that they will show me the way to letting go of what I no longer need to carry with me into the future, and that I can chose my own beliefs and better ways of reacting to life, now. Thank you so much for this article.

    I am happy you are feeling so much better and back again. Your articles always have something interesting in them to think about and reflect on. Take care and hope you are getting stronger every day.

  24. abenasara

    I’m just starting to work with these dates. I’ve just looked up the Sabian symbols for the first degree of the signs of the four New Moons; as well as the last degree of the following two New Moons. It feels like a big transformation is coming along with the change of pattern. The Oct. 23 New Moon was significant for me because either on the 23d or 24th (not sure which) a friend committed suicide. He had introduced me to the person I was with at the time his death happened. The person I was with and I received a visitation from this mutual friend who passed on that day – but we didn’t know until over a week later that he had passed. The circumstances were rather bizarre. Now I’m wondering if some events that followed were catalyzed by his death. Will have to check back in my journal for the other dates. Will post more later…. Thanks for this Len – it feels important to me to do this experiment!

  25. Pam

    Len does the Mars ingress to Sag 13 Sep fire all these moons too?

    ( I looked at that chart (in my simple way) in error – thinking of the saturn ingress and for some reason chosing mars – it meant alot to me and how it hit my chart (mercury, how zeus and typhon were conjunct, atropos, etc etc) – I had read 448 psychosis the day after that ingress, a story for me that began with meeting a friend of SK’s on the 25 June 2000 – i had told that story to an erudite friend and finally looked up the ‘please open the curtains’ reference I had to try to corroborate it in some way).

    so glad you are well again too…

  26. Yoniyoganidra

    Thank you so much for your wise words on negotiating. I love promoting PW’s ….to friends and clients whom I feel would benefit from Eric’s brilliant work and this time, I am going to focus on your comment too.

    Boy I just came to read Len’s encouragement again in preparation for the New Moon…life is so rich here at Planet Waves.

    1. jinspace

      Yoniyoganidra – I thank you, too. I’m glad to be able to offer something really useful here, and truly grateful for your letting me know you found it worth sharing.

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