3 thoughts on “A Cycle of Sadness

  1. Jere

    I’ve always called it a ‘vicious circle’.

    Eventually, when enough folk are fed, sheltered, and educated, this shit too will pass.

    Here’s to Peace in the world,

    I Love you all.

  2. Pam

    Hi Jere – I agree!

    And astrological analysis so that you can understand yourself and your circumstances a bit in context. And Mercury; where to find your solutions and how.

    Otherwise (generally; for those mercury people linked to books as soul information), The Undiscovered Self by C G Jung as one education idea. ‘Creating an ego that will not break down when incomprehensible things happen…’ tho that is from Memories Dreams Reflections.


  3. Pam

    ps – or any Jung – just so grateful I stumbled on Jung in the library and read scads and scads of his work. Just looking at this material again, I rmember the updraught I felt – psychology and alchemy (impressive results presumed possible in the title even if not immediately evident), anima animus, the shadow, mandalas, symbols, collective unconscious, myth, individuation, his dream that to enter the inner sactum he had to stoop, the door was low (symbolically if you can’t bring yourself to bend the knee or stoop your head – not a thing of pride but practicality, you can’t get to the fount of knowledge…)

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