One thought on “A Brief History of Liberal Demonization

  1. Amy Elliott

    This neatly and cleverly highlights the double standards political leaders have been applying to the right and the left.

    Consider Dilma Rousseff – the ex-president of Brazil who was impeached out of office. She actually didn’t do anything too nefarious – her personal finances were clean. Her successor has apparently now been found to have been involved in corruption far worse than she ever was, and yet he’s still in office.

    Then there’s the ongoing drama in the White House. What’s it going to take before Trump gets impeached? Yet Bill Clinton was impeached for an affair. That was all it took. He most certainly was a far from perfect president, yet the hypocrisy of the right is blatant and utterly egregious: he was a Democrat, therefore any excuse to remove him from office will do; Trump is a Republican (or at least he is in their camp), so he can do no wrong even though the evidence that he’s committed actual treason is mounting.

    Here is why I think this is happening, at least in part: the left has the moral high ground. It’s becoming increasingly clear among people (fundies aside) that capitalism isn’t working, at least for the very large majority of people; it’s also visibly evident that capitalism requires prejudice and inequality, not to mention the trashing of the environment. We’re evolving away from that, and the position of the right is fast becoming a throwback, supported only by the very rich, and those who are duped into nostalgia for the halcyon days when we could all be openly racist and sexist and other -ists and destroy other people’s lives without having to worry about consequences.

    So in order to give the right any kind of feasible position, liberals are being held to impossibly high standards, solely by virtue of believing in the right things, and the right wingnuts are being let off the hook because all they believe in is themselves and the big daddy in the sky they’ve created in their own image.

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