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In this column, Len Wallick posits a shift in perspective to go with a shift that is in the process of being implied by the sky. All he asks is that you have faith in your innate ability to understand without explicitly being told.

If astrology were an exact science, it would be possible to anticipate the course of earthly events as far into the future as we can predict celestial movements. Obviously, that’s not the case. Context and correlation are essential. That’s how astrology often works so well to provide deeper understanding in hindsight. Yet, there is undeniably something more.


As with great music and many other forms of art, astrology is implicit rather than explicit. The same can be said for some works of pure mathematics that have had to wait a long time before somebody came along to recognize a worldly application.

One reason to have faith in yourself and other human beings is our innate ability to work with the implicit. To cite just one example, you don’t have to be told what Beethoven meant to say. You recognize it in correlation to, and in the context of, your own life. Even if the style of a given artist is not to your taste, you know what’s elegant and compelling, and what’s not.

It is precisely your ability to sense a lot without benefit of an explanation which is so very compelling about the astrology of 2018 so far. It started with something plain to see. The civil calendar most of us use told you a new year had started. At the same time, weather permitting, you could look up and see a Full Moon.

In the days since, a significant number of planets came into proximity to one another on the zodiac during a relatively short period of time. As that was happening, a lot of long-standing issues reached a point of coalescence and corresponding precipitation.

Then, just this week, a significant number of successive celestial events (the initiation of a new lunar cycle quickly followed by the Sun changing signs, to name just two) indicated something more still in the process of developing.

In essence, that process implies a substantial shift in what you might call background. As result, context is in flux. Old correlations no longer hold. Redefinition is underway, and evident both in the sky and in your life.

The concept of a “new order” (a phrase originally coined thousands of years ago by the ancient Greeks — and maybe even before that) has finally become so old and outdated as not to resonate with experience anymore. It feels empty because it is.

If, on the other hand, somebody were to say or write “new environment” or “new climate” nobody would need to explain it to you. As profoundly implicit as they are, that particular pair of alternative phrases is bound find a much richer and more vivid correlation to, and context in, your everyday life than “new order” ever will.

That single, self-evident fact may be distressing to those invested in an old order which, for a long time, has been continually disguised under a series of new-order fleeces. The better to fleece you with, perhaps.

And that is where we are as the Sun (self-emblematic of conscious awareness) moves out of Capricorn (the sign of establishment) and into a new background of expression in Aquarius (the sign of a defined collective; or, alternatively, a collective redefined) to begin this weekend.

Among the only pertinent questions from this point forward are whether and when the familiar light of both the actual and symbolic Sun will be recognized to be shining both from and upon something unlike, but not necessarily unlikable.

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Eric is busily working on The Art of Becoming, the 2018 Planet Waves Annual; and we expect to publish by the end of this month. You can pre-order all 12 chapter-length signs here, or you may choose your individual signs here.

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  1. Barbara PeasleeBarbara Peaslee

    Thank you Len Wallick! Aquarius is coming in on little cat feet…like fog. I have an affinity for fog as it is soothing in that it is gentle in arriving and delivering it’s message. What the reaction will be can be considered, not rushed.

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