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“Concepts are provisional affairs for apprehending reality;
their value is in the grip that they provide”
– Marshall McLuhan, 1951

Astrology means being aware of your environment. It’s a branch of environmental studies, and of ethics. Astrology is what you do with it.  Astrology is when you use the information you have to come up with an original idea in a new context. Astrology is what you contribute to the people who need your help, and to the body of knowledge.

Here are some of the basic resources we will learn how to use.

Chart for the class: Become Your Own Astrologer | Simplified Version |

The blank wheel | What you can do with it

The mechanical pencil

The legend or glyph key

— Your own natal chart

Your personal notebook

— Your blog or Facebook

— Why books are important | My top book selections

— What to do with astrology books | Example by Smith | Example by Hickey

— Call up old astrologers on the phone

— Don’t take readings so seriously

The ephemeris in book form | Sample Page

The aspectarian

Online aspect search

Chiron printable ephemeris

Online programmable ephemeris

The Thoth tarot deck | The Book of Thoth

Then I will look at some more advanced tools:

— Horary astrology and why it matters so much: All astrology is horary astrology. | Seminar 1 | Seminar 2 | Seminar 3

The Table of Essential Dignities

The Thema Mundi

Whole Sign Houses (write to me for the PDF)

An astrology dictionary — wow just 48 cents! Worth every penny!

— How to use those lists of keywords (for asteroids or for minor planets)

— Horoscope columns

The Sabian Symbols wow! just $44.69! Worth every penny!


Extra Resources

My article on the history of the minor planets

Eris: Facets and Fragments of Self

Light Bridge: The 25-year Span

History of Monsanto

Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden

Planet Waves Annual Editions

It’s All About the Houses (resources)

3 thoughts on “Become Your Own Astrologer – Resources

  1. Cynthia

    Thank you for an amazing list of foundational resources and fixing the links. I got some real gems from the class, including (but not limited to):
    Watch the game (of life) by casting charts
    Develop a healthy relationship with the Unknown
    Astrology is a system of relational knowledge
    Layering as a concept for continued learning and growth

    and the Bottom line: Learn by doing!

  2. Rochelle Leal

    I totally agree with you Cynthia. Eric, you’ve provided such an amazing amount of resources to get started with. I have to agree that casting your own charts provokes a deeper understanding of the various parts of astrology: planets, signs, aspects in relation to each other. I loved what you said about reading all you can about , say for example, Venus in Aquarius, before adding your own ideas about that placement. You validated so much for me. And I love the idea of blogging, or at least writing down one’s ideas about different aspects. Thank you for such a great course and for such awesome resources.

  3. Jennifer

    So amazing to have such a variety of resources for the course.
    May I suggest that you link to ABEbooks? They are independent booksellers, and generally the price of books, and shipping costs are lower. So, it is a win-win scenario all around.

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