Involution: Planet Waves 2017 Spring Reading



  • 30 minutes of audio/visual
  • recorded in studio quality
  • includes all 12 signs
  • the reading is available as YouTube presentations as well as downloadable audio for listening on your device when you’re on the go

“Your work has moved me. It has helped me to begin to understand what I have been through during this lifetime, and what I have come here to do. Planet Waves is like a place I always knew existed but could never find. Until now.”
— Anna B.

“Words fail me when I try to express my amazement at and gratitude for your incredible talent. As everyone else tells you, you are describing my life (and helping me through).”
— Joyce Smart

“Once again, I can’t get over how you tick all those boxes, and more. Once again, am bowled over by your extraordinary gifts, preparation and wisdom, dear Eric, and am filled with inspiration, courage and joy by your words.”
— Liz Glanville

Video sample

Written Previews

Before I recorded each reading, I wrote a preview that served as a general outline and someplace to focus the theme. You may read any or all of the 12 signs below.

ARIES Preview | TAURUS Preview | GEMINI Preview | CANCER Preview | LEO Preview
VIRGO Preview | LIBRA Preview | SCORPIO Preview | SAGITTARIUS Preview
CAPRICORN Preview | AQUARIUS Preview | PISCES Preview

Price for all 12 signs: $57.57
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Price for individual signs: $21.21 for the first and $14.14 for each additional sign
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