Waxing Toward the Leo Full Moon

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Len Wallick walks you through a series of astrological milestones over the next week, on our way to the Leo Full Moon. His hope is that this advance notice will allow your own capacity to accommodate increased meaning time to grow apace with the waxing Moon.

Meaning is not in things but in between them.
— Norman O. Brown

Assuming the late Professor Brown was correct, there will be significant meaning for you to find in between now and the Leo Full Moon taking place on Tuesday just before 6:09 pm EST (23:09 UTC). Hence, this advance notice — so that your own capacity to accommodate increased meaning will have time to grow apace with the waxing Moon.


Like all oppositions of the luminaries (Sun and Moon), Tuesday’s Full Moon in Leo will find Earth between Luna and the Sun (in this case, an Aquarius Sun). Also, as with all fully lit Moons, Tuesday will find you, and everybody else at the same time, precisely in between lunar conjunctions with the Sun (also known as New Moons).

Therefore, any meaning to be derived from (or discovered on the way to) Tuesday’s Leo Full Moon will be neither distant nor elusive. It will be directly under your feet and in the moment — of that, you may be assured.

You may also be assured however, that the meaning to be found between now and the Moon’s next maximum illumination will be more manifold than usual.

That’s because the Aquarius Sun opposing Tuesday’s Leo Full Moon will itself be rather precisely (to the degree) between seasons. While the Sun reaches the middle of Aquarius once a year just like clockwork, halfway between the Capricorn solstice and Aries equinox, the luminaries are rarely in opposition on the same day.

Additionally (as explored here earlier this week), at the time of Tuesday’s Leo Full Moon Mercury and Jupiter will both be in between their respective retrograde and direct stations.

Finally, just at the moment of Tuesday’s luminary opposition, the Leo Full Moon will be in between Uranus (in its Aries lair) and the Sagittarius conjunction of asteroid 2 Pallas with the Great Attractor. All together that forms a very tight grand fire trine overflowing as much with mystery as meaning.

At the same time, the Aquarius Sun will find itself at the midpoint of not only a season but also a sublime and nuanced sextile from Chiron (in Pisces) to Pluto (in Capricorn).

Whew! That’s a lot of in-between for one Full Moon, and implicitly a lot of meaning either to be found, confronted with, or caught up in.

So that you will be able to work your way up to accommodating all the meaning Tuesday’s Leo Full Moon might offer (as opposed to being overwhelmed all at once), what now follows are some temporal milestones. In between now and then, they might help you to expand your capacity to reflect the occasion even as the Moon expands in luminosity.

At about 6 pm EST later this evening (Thursday), the Gemini Moon will be in between an opposition to the Sagittarius conjunction of Pallas with the Great Attractor and a sextile to Uranus in Aries. This will be a good time to think about that fire trine the Moon will form when it reaches Leo.

Think about how flow (which trines represent, among other things) can make things easier but also sweep you away, depending on your relationship with it. Think also about how symbolic fire relates to both presence and consumption.

Overnight between today and tomorrow (Friday), the waxing Gemini Moon forms a tense square with Chiron’s position in Pisces. Thus, as Chiron would have you do, give some attention to whatever subject matter comes up with your next sleep (or lack of it).

When the steadily augmenting Moon enters Cancer as Friday segues into Saturday, it will be applying to oppose Pluto in Capricorn while also moving to form a flowing water trine with Chiron. Both of those lunar aspects will become exact early Sunday morning. Use that time to compare how your feelings have evolved from thoughts today.

Finally, when the Moon enters Leo after Monday is well underway (12:41 pm EST), it would be a good time to bring your experiences from the later half of this week forward and (if necessary) pull yourself together.

So, that’s your proposed protocol, in order to be on top of the flow rather than be pulled under with it, and to be looking up rather then cast down. Observing these markers may allow you to be both present and open to accommodate the illuminations of what looks to be a Leo Full Moon implicitly wound up with meaning, even as Tuesday winds down.

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Len Wallick

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20 thoughts on “Waxing Toward the Leo Full Moon

  1. P. SophiaP. Sophia

    Thank you Len..much to contemplate, but also maybe stand back and listen to see what comes up, develops and grows on its own.

    The Full Moon will be conjunct natal Mercury 13+ degrees. Also Trans Juno is positioned there. Opposite Sun which will be conjunct natal Psyche. In the midst of the Fire Trine, I am thinking discussions to do with creative partnership could be brought forth if held loosly and not in control.

    With your comment of the position of this aspect being “in between”, it led me to notice several of my personal planets are positioned in these degrees. And the transpersonal planets as well are for the most part all from mid to 20+ degrees in between sign and house cusps. With the exception, both Sun and Moon which are at 25-27+ degrees respectively. Just viewing the chart from this perspective, with your reference, reads much to me. Thank you.

  2. Michael MayesMichael Mayes

    I like the specificity. I especially like the idea of comparing today, & tonight’s thought-dreams with Sunday mornings thoughts & emotions. I think some shadow material will come up for me between now & Sunday, as I feel it lurking, but with your gentle guidance, and everything else I have to be thankful for in my life, all will be well.

  3. Bette

    My goodness, this is a lot of “between” indeed! I suppose I might find a way to work with that, given that much in my life the past few months feels like a great, long between-ness!

    The Leo full moon will occur just inside my 3rd house – about 3 degrees past my 2nd house Pluto. Will something that’s been unmoving, move? Who knows! Meantime, Mercury rx continues in my 9th, & Chiron is in my 10th – I’ve just finished a small painting I’ve donated for a fund-raising raffle for my local library – my art continues to heal me (at least) – & hopefully will touch others.

    I enjoy noting the between-Solstice days of the old festivals, before they were “occupied” by early Christians & re-named in honour of saints. Where I live, this time of year is ordinarily very white & cold – a warm place & a good, simple, celebratory meal are comforting.

    Thank-you for today’s guidance, Len. I consider the betweens as I go about the remainder of my day. It’s grey & chilly, but I’ve begun a painting of a bright pink, larger-than-life hibiscus blossom. It seemed to be what my spirit needed just now.

  4. MandyMandy

    I once knew an artist who was giving a workshop called Colour Fusion. It was an invitation to explore and play with colour and texture in a beautiful and vivid abstract manner. I really wanted to take the class but wasn’t able to.
    I feel like I’m taking that workshop this week, though I am (we are) the canvas and Divinity is the artist – painting, bonding and fusing a lively creation.
    The kaleidoscope of the Creator is turning with a splendid new presentation for (of) us and you Len, are a remarkable guide of souls for all of us to see every stroke, dab and splash that goes into the making of it.
    When the above-mentioned artist would finish a piece, I would just sit agape in front of it – absorbing the awe and beauty. Your words of art today will have me doing the exact same thing! Thank you for your beautiful canvas.

  5. Leilani Curry

    Thoughts…feelings…then pulling it altogether for the inspired (you did say look up!) full moon in Leo! Will be quite an opportunity, me thinks!!

    Thanks Len

  6. Len WallickLen Wallick Post author

    Nicolas: Thank you, yes i will – and just think, no matter how far apart we are, it will be the same Moon in common with each other.

    Cowboyjam: Thank you, i agree. If opportunity is the same thing as access – yes. If opportunity is the same thing as conscious participation in the solar system – yes. If opportunity is the same thing as empowerment – yes. i agree with you whole-heartedly.

    P. Sophia: My thanks to you in turn. Wow, that’s quite a transit to your nativity this forthcoming Leo Full Moon will pull in for you. Your idea about “discussions to do with creative partnership” feels spot on for me (and i could not have phrased it better).

    Michael: It is me to thank you for your cogent understanding of my service. Your idea about “shadow material” feel soundly evocative. Just please remember to be gentle with yourself.

    Bette: Speaking of powerful transits to a nativity, it appears as though you have your situation well in hand. Your description of a good meal in a warm place while crafting an equally warm painting has me feeling wistful in the best possible way. Thank you for sharing your insight, situation and wisdom.

    Mandy: Your kind words and generous comparisons leave me feeling grateful. Also, i’m feeling humbled because much of what you describe cannot be ascribed to me. It’s no so much about me as it is the breath-taking astrology, which (like a weather forecaster) i only do my best to describe in a way useful for you. Thank you so very much.

    Leilani: That’s the ticket. Thank you for sounding out as clear as a crystal bell!

  7. Bette

    Mandy, thank-you for your evocative description of art-making! I really need to remind myself often to just loosen up & let the brush & the palette speak, instead of always trying to conrol the piece. Your words are a timely reminder! On those rare occasions when I can free up the process, I’ve sometimes awakened the next day, looked at the piece, & it feels like “Santa came” overnight. I would welcome one of those experiences about now!

    Thank-you for the feedback, Len – I HOPE I have a handle on current energies/events (& non-events!) – rather than letting my passivity prevail too long.

  8. MandyMandy

    Bette, the inspiration was reciprocal! – I’ve been thinking about hibiscus flowers since reading your comment (I have a thing for big flowers).
    Definitely the key to that workshop was having fun and playing, getting a little bit risky with your usual ‘boundaries’. I wish for you the fulfillment of your finest masterpiece!

  9. marilyn

    Mandy, my mother`s favorite too – The song is a masterpiece by itself. The words are so powerful. Maybe there is a meaning behind all of this.

  10. a_prioriMelissa

    Thank you, dearest Len-.

    With all my planets in Leo, I am soliciting as many anchoring strategies as I can.

    The full moon takes place on my natal Jupiter at 14 Leo. I keep asking friends to sit on me.. Literally.

  11. Susanne Thomas

    Thank you Len, I am looking forward to the next days ! A Sag sun, I will be graced with Venus trine my natal Neptune and Mars trine my natal Moon (both in Scorpio) plus a conjunction of Mercury to my natal Venus in SQ on Saturday 31st. And now you are telling me about all the other happenings besides the full moon where the Sun will be one degree from a conjunct my natal Chiron :-) I have an exciting weekend lined up doing a workshop on Trauma Release (TRE) and I can only imagine these days to be healing and empowering – timing was as divinely perfectly ‘accidental’ as much of what ‘is’ – and your articles are giving me insight and ‘letting-it-happen-ness’ (you will have to make sense of this literal translation from an otherwise untranslatable word from German) :-) Thank you

  12. Len WallickLen Wallick Post author

    Marilyn: Thank you for your affirmation of Mandy’s observation, and thank you for participating in our collective effort in search of meaning here at Planet Waves.

    Melissa: You have my empathy as regards to the transits to your natal chart. To offer what are hopefully balancing thoughts for you, please consider how a “Jupiter return” (Jupiter returning to the sign and degree it was at when you were born) is not only a once-in-12-years event, but also potentially (in the words of Robert Hand) “a very fruitful transit.” Since your Jupiter return this time around will be repeated three times to form a net continuum over many months (as transiting Jupiter in retrograde sweeps forth, back, and forth again over your natal Jupiter position), perhaps there is a more productive outlet for you other than being a seat cushion. Hopefully worth your consideration.

  13. Len WallickLen Wallick Post author

    Welcome to Planet Waves! Your comment came in while i was writing my immediately previous reply. i did not intend to neglect you.
    Given the transits to your natal astrology (as you describe them), you appear to be absolutely correct describing “these days to be healing and empowering.”
    As to the translation you asked for, the word “spontaneous” would appear to be appropriate. Also (as with performance artists) “improvisational” might work. Both words are appealing because they are not entirely passive, implying a creative and active participatory role available for you while also releasing attachment to outcome. Please, how does that work for you?
    i hope your weekend workshop goes well. Please be gentle with yourself. Thank you for your comments here!

  14. MandyMandy

    Marilyn, thank goodness for our Mothers and all that they passed on to us. Yummy milk. As the recent reading by Sarah indicated – “Boobs, boobs everywhere!”

  15. a_prioriMelissa

    Ay, invert that cushion metaphor (and the service therein) and you’ve got my meaning.

    Fire! Fire!

    Thanks for the nod on the Jupiter return, Len. So much to study there, in the quieter moments.

  16. Barbara Koehler

    Hey Len, even though I’m reading your advice after-the-fact, it helps me see how the astrology affected my blind period (4 days between Wednesday and today) when I couldn’t access the Internet. Very re-assuring to know I navigated that space and time without major mishaps. Thanks and forgive my tardiness responding. (Hope I can get in tomorrow for your Tuesday blog!)

    I’m almost overwhelmed by the depth of tomorrow’s Full Moon in Leo. Wow, all those 14’s plus a 13 and 15 placement. . . . seems pretty synchronous energy for a little old Leo Full Moon. In the December Winter Solstice chart Venus was at 14+ Capricorn( where Pluto is now) and sextile Chiron at 13+ Pisces, with Mars halfway between them in Aquarius, making me feel that tomorrow’s Full Moon will fulfill much of the solstice prophecy. There was a tight grand fire trine in that chart too, between Ceres, Eris and Jupiter, and with the Moon conjunct the Galactic Core to boot. I believe we are finally getting our major marching orders from the Universe with the arrival of this little Leo Full Moon.

    There was also a septile aspect (51+ degrees) between Neptune and Venus at the Solstice indicating a fork in the road of destiny. Now Venus is conjunct Neptune (exact yesterday on February 1) that might explicitly show how these two planets are expressions – on different levels of consciousness – of the same energy. Never a dull moment anymore, eh?

    With Ceres exactly sextile Venus on the Feb 5 followed by her squaring of the nodes, it could be a gut check regarding how the weather (Mother Nature = Ceres) is influencing our attitudes regarding global warming, climate change . . whatever. At the Solstice, Ceres trined Eris who brings to awareness our unwillingness to admit our weaknesses, and Jupiter who (especially in Leo) does things in a big way to make us understand the big picture. This might signal a time (this Full Moon) that Venus and Neptune, operating on two different levels (octaves) will use their divine influence to push for an awakening in the human race. A major wake-up-and-smell-the-toast-burning kind of thing.

    Just a thought. Hope to be back soon!

  17. Len WallickLen Wallick Post author

    Barbara: Thank you for persisting through your computer problems to share your erudite additions and wise, deeply appreciated thoughts. We miss you when your computer holds you back. We love it when you weigh in here.

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