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Next week starts off with the confluence of a change to civil time-keeping in the U.S., a first quarter Moon and the beginning of a very special time of year. As Len Wallick explains, the net result will probably require you to make adjustments, and almost certainly will enhance your power to create, by actively changing the rhythms of your life.

According to some ancient traditions, we are moving into a special time of the year. Astrologically, the period begins with the Sun precisely in the middle of Scorpio (which will take place Sunday or Monday, depending on where you are), and ends when the Sun enters Capricorn for a solstice.


The name for this special period of time from the Scorpio cross-quarter to the Capricorn solstice will vary from one culture to the next, but there is a common thread: the ratio of daytime to nighttime goes askew. In the northern hemisphere, days get shorter. In the southern hemisphere, it is the nights that decrease in length.

When days and nights lose any semblance of symmetry, it is not uncommon to perceive time differently. With a different perception of time comes a different consciousness. A different state of consciousness, in turn, changes how you evaluate possibility. What previously seemed impossible might soon look plausible. On the other hand, so-called ‘slam dunks’ and ‘no brainers’ could soon cease to become a sure thing. Hence, depending on who you are, we are about to enter a period favoring astonishing miracles, fertile chaos or a bit of both.

This year, it’s interesting that both a change in civil time-keeping and a prominent lunar phase will take place precisely as the Sun reaches and passes the middle of Scorpio. As Sunday begins, daylight savings time will end in the U.S. Monday, the Moon will reach its first quarter in the middle of Aquarius, separated by 90 degrees from the Scorpio Sun.

With changes from standard time to daylight savings time and back again, it’s usually necessary to make some adjustment. At this time of year, the ‘fall back’ is advertised as being able to get you an extra hour of sleep. The reality is often a bit different. As result, a natural phenomenon that initiates a period of time distortion will be given a boost by an unnatural human intervention. Know that ahead of time, and you will better know how to adjust yourself.

To have a lunar first quarter concurrent with both the Scorpio cross-quarter and a temporal adjustment of human creation will add another layer to the experience. The Moon’s gravitational influence on Earth’s seas is undeniable. The effects of gravity are not nearly as pronounced for smaller bodies of water, however. There are no discernible tides on ponds, or in your cells. Instead, it is likely that what you feel of the Moon is more a memory of cellular life’s probable origins in our rhythmic oceans.

Memories can manifest as realities if one is not aware enough to put them into perspective. Being present to what is actually happening at any given moment puts recollection of past events in their proper place as only part of the picture. You are now a creature residing predominantly on land. The Moon and its phases are now more usually indicative of how you connect with the Earth (and with life), and less likely a matter of destiny.

The first quarter Moon is the halfway point between a New Moon conjunction (Sun and Moon in the same degree of the same sign), and a Full Moon opposition (Sun and Moon in the same degree of opposite signs). If you think of a New Moon as correlating to initiation and a Full Moon as corresponding to culmination, the first quarter can then be taken as a moment when the outcome is in the balance. What happens will depend, at least in part, on what you choose to do — or not.

Hence, the astrological implications for this coming week. Awareness will be huge. Being present in the realities of the moment will be essential. Knowing that adjustment will be necessary will prepare you. Making choices will empower you.

It will not do to live in the past, or to give power away next week. Above all, pay attention to potentials that time seemingly out of time will present. Just as with music, creative potential increases when rhythms of memory are changed with conscious intent in the present. Next week could very well be your time to shine — not because of influences out of your control, but rather because you will implicitly have a greater chance to exercise influence over what’s actually and truly yours.

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  1. LizzyLizzy

    Thank you for this lovely piece, dear Len. As often happens with your writing, it resonated on a deeper, less conscious level – and made me feel happy and buoyant.

      1. Linda Maypuma pink

        Just love reading you guys! Folks your gracious style at expressing all encompassing sincere gratitude is tremendously grand and classy; just.gotta say… and high5 PW everyone :)

        Seriously guys and gals… when i read you i m instantly transported within a feel-good sentiment of ‘all’s good in my world’.

        much thanks, and be well, lindeelou

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