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Timing may not be everything, but it’s a big part of life. Timing is also pertinent to astrology. As Len Wallick observes today, the next handful of days will give you a chance to practice timing with Mercury, Venus and Mars. What results could conceivably change the way you relate to both those planets and the signs they are about to move into.

Some basic principles of astrology carry over to life in general. The importance of timing is but one case in point. If you need daylight to complete a particular task, it’s probably a good idea to start in the morning. Specific to astrology, there is the ancient practice (still observed by some) of planting seeds during a New Moon.


The reasoning behind planting at a New Moon is simple. Once every month or so, the Sun and Moon move through the sky together for a day while also sharing the same degree of the same sign. On that day, the old cycle of lunar phases ends, and a new one begins — unseen like a seed in the ground.

Right now, we are about three weeks from the next New Moon. In addition (and as noted in this space previously), it will be a while before there are similar meetings among planets which can be observed without magnification. Even so, astrology observes events other than conjunctions that can be interpreted as auspicious when it comes to scheduling. An example pertinent for the very near future is when a planet leaves one sign behind to ingress another.

There are many ways to express the relationship between a given planet and a┬áparticular sign. Shamanic astrologer Sheila Belanger compares a planet to an actor and the sign to a costume. You might also think of how some young athletes move with the seasons from one sport to another. You could even get extremely abstract, such as Bertrand Russell did when describing Einstein’s relativity as an interaction between “event” and “field.”

Regardless of how you describe it, an ingress is significant. Hence, you may want to consider going beyond merely paying attention to what happens when first Mars, then Venus and finally Mercury leave old zodiacal territories behind to engage afresh over the next handful of days. You may want to experiment.

This coming Sunday, Mars will end a traversal of Gemini that started back on April 21, and move on to the next sign: Cancer. Two days later (on Tuesday, June 6) Venus will at long last enter Taurus (one of its two astrological dominions, along with Libra). Just hours after Venus transitions, Mercury will make a similar Tuesday entrance to one of the two signs it rules (in addition to Virgo): Gemini.

The astrology of three sign changes within three days is inherently complex. This particular preview however, will be short and sweet. In short, you could plausibly devote the time between now and the middle of next week to safely try something (or things) that you have curious about. Then, beginning Wednesday (or soon thereafter), endeavor to repeat as closely as you can the same experiment(s) after Mercury, Venus and Mars have all re-ensconced for the longer term.

The nature of your ventures need not be especially adventurous. The first step is to satisfy a personal, but as of yet unsatisfied, intrigue. Then (after Mercury, Venus and Mars have re-positioned themselves), the next step is to contemplate how much you brought to the new experience versus how much the experience brought to you.

Simply trying a new type of coffee later today or tomorrow, then following up with another cup a week later could be all you need to do. The idea is to subject your desire (Mars), tastes (Venus) and thinking (Mercury) to unaccustomed exposure (which correlates to a new sign).

The protocol described here is to be your own astrologer in a very real way through the use of timing. It’s a chance to transform what previously had been only a story into life — your life. If there is anything to astrology, the time is right.

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Len Wallick

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Besides endeavoring to be of service to all of you here at Planet Waves, Len strives to live in Seattle while working as a professional astrologer. To contact him for an astrology reading you can send an e-mail to: His telephone number is 206-356-5467. In addition to his profession, Len contributes to the Seattle community without monetary compensation by serving as a Reiki practitioner and teacher through classes and outreach offered by the Seattle Reiki Mastery Series modality.

11 thoughts on “The Time is Right

  1. Geoff Marsh

    Many years ago, I was a regular reader of Jonathan Cainer’s daily astrology column, originally in the press here in the UK and then online. One regular feature was his “Thought for the Day” which pondered questions about the cosmos, physics and astrology and invited readers to comment.

    On one occasion, I emailed him about the seeming disparity between our solar system and Bode’s Law which states that there is a correlation between the distance of each planet from its star and indicates that there should be a body where the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter is situated ( I wondered if the belt was, in fact, a planet which had not survived beyond the early years of the solar system and, if so, what human attributes it might have represented in our astrology had it survived to become our fifth planet.

    Jonathan’s researches in response to my question seemed to indicate that it was more likely that the asteroids were never fused to form a planet rather than that it had been blasted apart by collision; my enquiry regarding its possible astrological significance was therefore dismissed. I suggested that a computer model of the orbits of all the major asteroids in the belt could be run backward in time to determine if these various pieces of rock were ever one, but this fell on deaf ears. I suppose the question would be: “Who would pay for such an elaborate and intensive computer investigation just for the benefit of astrology?”

    Now that the time is right, Len, I feel obliged to raise this question again. Today I read a report, first published in January this year, about NASA’s interest in asteroid Psyche ( which they think may indeed be the iron-rich remnant of a planet’s core.

    Given this asteroid’s name, I would suggest that this former planet would have come to represent cosmic awareness in astrology. If the planet did indeed exist and was then destroyed it does not bode well for the psychological well-being of our solar system’s inhabitants. NASA’s main interest in Psyche seems centred on the value of the minerals in the core remnant. It indicates to me that evolution has brought us to the point where our environment has been reduced to its fiscal value. Fossil fuels are profitable, never mind they destroy our habitat. Sound familiar?

    Was our evolution on Earth doomed almost from the outset because a planet was destroyed which should have given us a privileged insight into the intelligence needed to survive in this cosmos? Is the current disregard by #45 for our planet’s welfare nothing more than an astrological lack of intelligence?

    There must be millions of different life-forms out there, so I don’t suppose we’ll be missed.

  2. Bette

    Geoff, have you looked into Zechariah Sitchin’s books? The former planet Tiamat was, if I recall correctly, once where the asteroid belt now is, & he does mention a collision.

    1. Geoff Marsh

      Thank you, Bette. I’ve not come across this author before so I shall enjoy following up your suggestion. I’ve always wondered what part of the human experience such a planet might have represented.

        1. Geoff Marsh

          Oh, Ramona, that is so timely. Thank you. Back in 1966 I visited an amazing fortune-teller who told me several things which started to manifest almost immediately. One piece of advice she offered was that the name George would be very important to me throughout my life – and so it has turned out. I mentioned this story to my sister for the first time last Saturday because I expect to meet a former colleague called George at a counter-culture reunion in a couple of weeks’ time. We last worked together in 1975 and he has since designed himself a very successful career in publishing.

          And now Dr George King – the pinnacle of Georges, surely? Glad to read that he was also an Aquarian, just like Lewis Carroll. I shall explore this rabbit-hole some more although I’ve always been uncertain where to draw a line between science-fiction and future-fact. Perhaps there isn’t one. I saw the film ‘Arrival’ over the weekend and it set my kangaroos a-hopping.

          1. Ramona

            Geoff, happy to hear the reference was of some value to you. Cool story. Best wishes for the reunion.

            Me too – my kangaroos were set a-hopping with the movie Arrival. That blurring of past/present/future. Flash forwards. The feeling of what tense is this? operating throughout the movie.

            Maybe time is static, and it is us who are flowing through?

  3. Sue Edwards

    For me, the incessant drama is the worst part. Drama, drama, drama, we’re all addicted to it. Maybe it is simply time we evolved beyond it and learned how to rise above our fear(instinctual) levels? At this time I suspect recognition and realization of our upper levels of awareness and greater Self, is what will lead the way to surmounting our creature nature. Expanded levels of awareness are accessible to us (and provide the understanding of another level of physics) once we move beyond any tendencies to “weaponize’.

    And yes, it may very well take 3-4 generations to clear out these tendencies due to the way our thinking has been programmed. Kind of like the story of Moses wandering in the desert for 40 years, in order to clear the group consciousness of a slave mentality. There are at least a couple generations of us that have only known warfare so conflict is what is expected and what determines comfort zones. Trump and his cronies very much express the normality of this group. In order to create conflict, I have to first create parts.

    The numbers give me a clue. What has been labeled the Millennial generation has far greater numbers in it that any other generation currently alive. It surpasses the Baby Boomers by a wide margin, making it so the generation(s) in between don’t really have much weight. And the Millennials have all been pre-programmed from within to desire and seek Unity. One world, one people.

    From the looks of things to me, situations have been accelerated and it just may not take 3-4 generations now to accomplish this goal. The grasping fossilized fools are only inciting and mobilizing numbers against them. Apathy no longer reigns.

    I cite the sign and symbol of Sagittarius. The Man part has to gain control over the animal part and govern before we can eventually release ourselves from it and become the arrow. I call it part of the “long game”.

    1. Geoff Marsh

      I agree with your sentiments as well, Sue. We shall see this week whether Millennials have been motivated to register to vote for the first time in sufficient numbers to affect the outcome of the British general election. You’re right, it is a generational divide. “The young have had it too easy,” was one comment I heard recently from an oldie who had survived roaring profligacy and economic depression followed by a five-year World War only to end up in a quagmire of drugs, gender dysphoria and urban terrorism.

      The result of the election should be known by the time of the Full Moon in Sagittarius on Friday (12:09:30 UTC), and it might give some indication of whether “the long game” has become any shorter. Here’s hoping.

  4. Sue Edwards

    Thank you for your response Barbara. I’ve been sensing very deep shifts happening on our inner levels. It seems to be building in momentum and intensity, as we are exposed to the emanations from our Galactic core or Source. (Whatever we want to call “it”.) We’re like salmon caught swimming upstream trying to find the new flow.

  5. Sue Edwards

    Mu hope, too Geoff and thank you for sharing your experience on the matter. I’ve heard the same sentiments from other “oldies” and it makes me want to gnash my teeth. I’ve been guiding my kids to try to be understanding of it, as their life experience is so presumed and disregarded. I know how hard my kids have worked.

    Lucky for me I don’t have their same problem. I can look an oldie in the eye . No age card can be played on me. Underneath the bluster, I know there is fear, especially insecurity and doubts of self worth. I explain that the oldies feel threatened, because today’s world is so different than the one all oldies grew up in. If and when “competition is the name of the”game” and we know we can’t compete, it most often feels threatening.

    All oldies are having the challenge of shifting our expectations. Like the example you shared, past experience has programmed expectations. Which are hardly likely to be positive and benevolent. The sooner we shift our expectations and beliefs, the sooner that positive and benevolent future we Be.

    Before Peace can ever become a condition of our World, it has to become our response to it.

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