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If you make a habit of reading about astrology, you will probably notice the Sun in a more than usually leading role over the next week. Today, Len Wallick shows how much of the solar system is — and will be — symbolically singing a solar refrain. To take your place in the chorus, all you need to do is keep the Sun simple.

When it comes to the Sun’s role in astrology, the simpler the better. In his book Horoscope Symbols, the inestimable Robert Hand probably put it best, concisely referring to the Sun as “day, light and consciousness.” Over the next handful of days (at least) the astrology will function as if to emphasize the Sun’s central role in both tangible reality and metaphor.


Tomorrow, the Sun will share the same degree of Sagittarius with another of astrology’s emblems of executive function: Saturn. Interestingly, that conjunction will come with a supportive sextile aspect from symbolically sovereign Jupiter (ruler of Sagittarius) precisely sixty degrees away in Libra.

As if in counterpoint to the simultaneous props the Sun will receive from both Saturn and Jupiter tomorrow, there will be an amazingly timed encounter with an asteroid of nominal serendipity.

For astrologers who see fit to use them, smaller objects orbiting the Sun often serve to reiterate major planet themes while also adding informative detail. Tomorrow will be no exception. Among the solar system’s more compact members is a group called “Apollo asteroids”.

Like many figures of ancient mythology, Apollo was conceived of as a complex multi-tasking entity. Even so, there is no denying Apollo’s close association with day, light and its source: the Sun. To simplify things, Apollo asteroids are so named because their orbits come close to the Sun – often crossing Earth’s orbit in the process.

Tomorrow, the Apollo asteroid which (so far as we know) comes closest to the Sun will be making its nearest approach to Earth (about 6 million miles) until the end of this century. That object is named 3200 Phaethon, and its relatively close encounter with Earth will come as it is speeding through Aries, the sign in which astrologers consider the Sun to be “exalted”.


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In mythology, Phaethon was Apollo’s errant son who took the family car (the Sun – or solar chariot, if you will) for a spin even though his driving skills were less than adequate. Because poor Phaethon could not stay in his proverbial lane, Earth was nearly frozen and burnt over the course of one disastrous day, forcing Jupiter to dispatch him with a bolt of lighting.

For astrologers, Phaethon unavoidably invokes both the Sun and Jupiter, albeit as a contrasting motif. When taken in holistic context with the rest of our current and impending astrology, Phaethon’s role tomorrow would seem to emphasize the Sun most of all. The prominence of the Sun will then continue through next week and into the week after that, even though (for those of you in the Northern Hemisphere) this is the darkest time of year.

If you are reading a lot about the Sun’s role in astrology over the next couple weeks, you should not be surprised. In more ways than one, the Sun will be at center stage for some time. When you consider any such reports in the context of your own life, you would probably do best to keep things simple. To the extent that your place on Earth minimizes the time of day and light, consider responding by maximizing your focus on being alert and aware. If you can do just that, the Sun will be working for you around the clock.

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  1. Amy Elliott

    Thanks for the lesson on Apollo asteroids! I did not know about this class.

    Intriguing myth, Phaethon. The Greeks had a lot of myths about people who got into trouble because they tried to usurp the gods in some way. Phaethon wanted to be like the gods, but crashed and burned essentially because he didn’t know what he was doing.

    Funny ole world.

    1. Linda Maypuma pink

      Amy… sure is mind-bogling to witness how long we want to be doing this eh?! Crazy!

      Len… always, merci!!

      Let’s all shout out our LOVE for Beeeeeee.

      Beeeeeeeeee MISS UUUUUUU

      p.s. LOVE to ALL including meself ;-) :)

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