Sagittarius 2017

Posted by Eric Francis Coppolino


Here is the 2017 horoscope archive for Sagittarius.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Dec. 25, 2017 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

Saturn has departed from your sign, and moved on to Capricorn. This concludes a distinct three-year phase of your life, one that had the power of the mythic Saturn return. Over these next few weeks, take it slowly and get used to your new environment. You’re not under the same kinds of restrictions as you were, nor do you have the same boundaries to keep you contained. This means you have more freedom, though it’s worth remembering that most people find actual freedom to be distasteful, frightening and not worth the effort. This is why, over and over again, both individuals and societies drift into situations where they have less and less of the stuff (something currently happening in the United States). By this time, you’ve learned a lot about being your own most important authority. You know that you have to run your own life, and not let circumstances dictate your choices. Take some time and test out your new way of being.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Dec. 18, 2017 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

Most of this week’s astrology is focused on your sign, and there’s quite a bit. Three interesting points: Saturn leaves Sagittarius after nearly three years, Mercury stations direct, and there’s a New Moon conjunct the Galactic Center. All of these symbols describe renewal, release, and expansion. It’s as if you’re being set free to experience a taste of your future. This will happen whether you plan it or not. It doesn’t matter where you are or what you’re doing; you will see evidence that your environment is changing. Notice who is around you. Notice the opportunities that emerge. Notice your impressions of the weather. Celebrate the most basic elements of your life and your surroundings. As Saturn changes signs, you may notice that a certain shaky, quaky feeling goes away and you discover that you’re made of more solid stuff than you previously thought. This will help you focus your plans and place emphasis on keeping your commitments, whether to yourself or to others.

Planet Waves Weekly Horoscope for Dec. 14, 2017, #1180 | By Amy Elliott

As we’ve all experienced, when you open a pressurized container, the gas or liquid inside rushes to come out. It’s an apt metaphor for a decidedly common human trait: cause a person to feel trapped in some way, or forbidden to do a specific thing, and the desire to break the bonds becomes a powerful drive. Saturn finally leaving your sign Tuesday night is likely to feel like a momentous release. You’ll want some time to play in the open air before getting down to business: namely, being yourself with bells on.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Dec. 11, 2017 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

The astrology in your sign isn’t just the magic teacup ride. It’s not the double-loop roller coaster. It’s not the fun house or the tunnel of love. It’s the whole darned amusement park, in all sincerity, outstripping anything I’ve ever seen (and Sagittarius, for whatever reason, always puts on a fantastic show). However, two elements stand out. Venus is in your sign, which is providing you with resources, charm and a blessing from the goddess. And Saturn has just cleared its conjunction to the Galactic Core, and is about to enter Capricorn. This is the culmination of a major phase of your life. Mercury retrograde is calling you to review the last three years carefully, to consider what you’ve learned, and to spot anything unresolved and clear it up. Then, prepare to plunge forward into the unknown, that favorite haunt of Sagittarius. You were born for adventure. Your mind is big enough to wrap around the whole world and a good bit more. Stand your full height, and light your flaming arrow.

Planet Waves Weekly Horoscope for Dec. 7, 2017, #1179 | By Amy Elliott

This week for you may be an exercise in establishing boundaries. You are perhaps feeling as if you have a lot of responsibilities to various people, including family members and partners. Yet there’s only one of you; and you need a certain amount of time to be by yourself, and to reflect, however cheery and gregarious you may usually appear. You should honor that, especially now. By all means help where you’re needed, but don’t be a martyr.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Dec. 4, 2017 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

Mercury is now retrograde in your sign, and this will be an unusually revealing, perhaps complex, week. For you, Mercury is the planet that represents both relationships and partners. Questions of attachment and commitment are likely to come to the surface. Discussions might verge on going out of control, and you would be well served to wait three or four days before engaging people on intense issues, or letting them engage you. You have a right to keep some distance, and you happen to have that skill as one born under your particular sign. Take the distance you need, gather information, and figure out where people are coming from. You may decide that certain individuals have a good point, and that others are being truly ridiculous. Within the sphere of your own life, you’re the judge of that. You must be, because nobody can do it for you. One other thought: you might consider avoiding alcohol for a few days, and the people who use it.

Planet Waves Weekly Horoscope for Nov. 30, 2017, #1178 | by Amy Elliott

Recently you’ve been discovering a whole new side to your already variegated personality. During this Mercury retrograde phase you’re likely to develop your understanding further. If something turns out to be different from what you expected, don’t allow that to put any dampers on your interest or excitement. This is the season when things are not what they seem, and when we’re liable to judge in haste. What you learn now might just be a clue to a far more affirming revelation. Let it unfold.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Nov. 27, 2017 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

As you know, Saturn is about to leave your birth sign, after sailing back and forth through it for the past three years. Saturn in one’s sign — conjunct one’s natal Sun, or moving through the rising sign — has been about the process of coming to terms with yourself. Sometimes this feels like a burden. Sometimes it’s about rising to the occasion. Other times it’s about coming back to what you want even if you keep getting drawn away by distractions or other commitments. Right now it would seem to be about a making a decision. You might feel that all you’ve done and been through the past few years comes down to this one thing, and it may involve how you handle a relationship. It may involve how a partner is responding to your need for more independence, or to your process of becoming self-actualized. Take it slowly. This situation is not as dense as it seems, and the appropriate actions or solutions to the riddle will be obvious.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for December 2017, #1177 | By Eric Francis

After nearly three years, Saturn is going to leave your sign this month. But not before it finishes its one contact to the Galactic Core in 30 years. We have with this image, or metaphor, one of the most tangible factors in all of astrology (Saturn, which builds, structures and regulates our perception of time) making contact with one of the most intangible (the Galactic Core, a spiritual homing signal). This is describing you bringing something into existence, based on what might feel like inspiration so subtle you cannot feel it. Alternately, you may feel cut off from your usual sense of inspiration and adventure: this depends on whether you consider Saturn a friend. You are a driven and inspired person. Your vision for life far exceeds what expectations others might offer you. You knew more than your guidance counselor and probably a lot more than your parents. Saturn in one’s sign is always about fundamentally coming to terms with who you are. For you, that means the past few years have been about fully claiming your vision, your values and your right to be the person you are: the one who sees the world as different from how it currently is. Saturn will move on to Capricorn, lifting some pressure from you, and having given you something that nothing else can. Remember what you have learned, and who you are becoming.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Nov. 20, 2017 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

This week, Saturn, now at the end of its three-year run through your sign, does two things. One, it is now exactly conjunct the Galactic Core for the first time in 29 years. This is a moment of awakening, when the discipline you’ve applied to your self-development (particularly professional, but also deeply personal) might reveal its results. Second, Saturn (the symbol of structure and what does not easily change) makes a conjunction to Pholus (a small, hot, potent planet that tends to open or rupture structures). Something you’ve been working through, or dealing with, is about to give way. This is a genuine point of breakthrough for you. You don’t have to do much except participate. However, where an intimate relationship is involved, pay close attention to what someone you care about deeply says to you. They hold a key, an activating ingredient, or a certain fact about you that will be essential in the progress you’re about to make.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Nov. 13, 2017, #1176 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

The theme of denial comes up this week, which puts you on notice to notice what you might be denying. The first thing to consider is yourself. Do you owe yourself anything? A good meal, a good time, a righteous decision, or remembering an important priority you set aside? There has to be something, and it’s likely that when you make your list, and put it aside for a while, you’ll remember the most important item last. Meanwhile, make a policy of taking account of what you know, and what you know to be true, and making sure you actually use that information. The biggest denial factor seems to relate to your own knowledge and awareness, as if you’re being hypnotized by some mysterious force in your environment. Wake up! Pay attention! Draw yourself out of any form of wishful thinking. You don’t need to dream, and you don’t need anesthesia. Reality is better.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Nov. 6, 2017, #1175 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

Mercury has just entered your sign, which will clear up some lingering questions you’ve had about a relationship. Yet if Mercury is doing its job, you’ll have better questions, and you’ll ask them sincerely. You might do it now, while the subject is fresh in your mind and while relationship partners are in the mood to speak. Everyone will benefit from a real conversation, conducted in person, face to face, with all devices left in your bag or in the car. Relationships must never be taken for granted: not the brand-new ones, not the cute old couple sitting on the park bench, and not anything in between. Right now you’re the moderator of the conversation. You set the tone for the quality of communication, and the emotional content you’re willing to share. If you listen with open ears and an open heart, you will learn surprising things about the people closest to you.

Planet Waves Weekly Horoscope for Nov. 2, 2017, #1174 | By Amy Elliott

You’ll likely find some opportunities are opening up on the career front, or within your daily life. You might benefit from reviewing and maximizing your efficiency. Get organized and kick any habits of procrastination or distraction. Everyone needs relaxation time and this moment is certainly no different; just don’t let anyone or anything send you off on a tangent. Remember what you’re ultimately aiming for, and do your best to keep the path clear and straight.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Oct. 30, 2017 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

Look closely at your life, and ask yourself whether you’re happy with the direction that events are progressing. Take the time now to point yourself on the correct trajectory, which may involve making a series of small moves over the next six weeks or so. All of these decisions will add up to something, particularly if you start to make the connections. Note that a close partner is in a similar decision-making process, and may be leaving certain facts out of the conversation. It’s important that you not be angry about this. Nobody is intentionally hiding anything from you. Leave lots of space for others to share their personal truth, even if it seems a little late in the game. Actually, that’s not true: it would seem that a close partner is just finding the words to express their point of view, and this has not been easy. So take this one step at a time.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for November 2017, #1173 | By Eric Francis

Let’s continue to focus on the movement of Saturn through the last degrees of your sign, which might only occur twice or maybe three times in your lifetime. Saturn is the lord of the material plane; that is, of physical reality and its structures as we know them; and that has a lot to do with time. Saturn is now conjunct the Galactic Core: a spiritual source, and a homing signal. The combination of Saturn with its orientation on matter, and the Core, with its spiritual focus, represents the quest of all true seekers: how does one live in accord with divine intelligence on this level of reality, with all its madness? Now you have the story of your life short enough to fit into a fortune cookie. You are going through an integration process that will build in intensity through the winter solstice. This will put you in a position where you feel compelled to make decisions that guide your life based on your actual values. At this new stage of your life, if you know something is true, you must act on it. If you understand that some things serve your purposes and the greater good, you must choose them, rather than what harms. Combining the Galactic Core and Saturn, the one thing for which there’s no room at all is self-deception. Write that on your birthday cake.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Oct. 23, 2017 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

This week, the Sun enters Scorpio, and it will soon make a conjunction to your ruling planet Jupiter. This is affording you protection, and it’s waking you up to the truly beautiful potential that you possess. Once that happens, be sure to stay awake, and dare to do the impossible. The thing is, you just might succeed; especially since just about everything (as in every last thing) that we now take for granted was in fact considered absurd, ridiculous or stupid right up until the time it existed. As previously mentioned (and as will be mentioned several more times), Saturn is passing through the late degrees of your sign for the next six weeks, forming a conjunction to the Galactic Core. This is a period of achievement. Finish the projects you’ve started the past three years, clear your runway, and get ready to take off for new horizons.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Oct. 16, 2017, #1172 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

The next eight weeks are a formative, even critical, period in your life. In that time, the mighty Saturn will move through the last degrees of your sign. This has not happened for 29 years; it won’t happen for another 29 years; and in any event it’s happening now. This movement describes the end of a process that began three years ago. Saturn in your sign is about fundamentally coming to terms with who you are. That’s the simplest, most direct and most accurate way to say it. You’ve been through the lemon squeeze; you’ve had some trials and tribulations; you have probably moved up a few notches in the world; and you are most assuredly at least three years’ worth of effort better at what you do. The next two months are a time of completing this process, before you move onto the next level. Make sure that all of your contacts with others are complete. Take care of the details. Remember you are the one and only leader of your life.

Jupiter in Scorpio Horoscope for Oct. 12, 2017, #1171 | By Amy Elliott

The past few years have almost certainly seen you grow a good deal wiser in terms of self-discovery. Now your ruling planet has moved into your most sensitive area, which promises to enrich and nourish your inner life. There might be challenges in working with this material, though by now this is familiar territory. You really have nothing to fear. This is essentially likely to be a year of preparation: of laying the groundwork for the moment when you can emerge fully into the light and be seen in your true identity.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Oct. 9, 2017 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

Commitments and responsibilities are making you rise to the occasion of your vast potential, especially professionally. Contrary to the rumor that Sagittarius is all about the broad strokes and the big picture, but hates the details, you are a taskmaster at the moment. You have the ability to manage many complex tasks that absolutely must be done right. Somehow you are not only balancing these two seemingly separate aspects of the world, you are integrating them. This may feel like bouncing back and forth between focusing on your wider mission, and then moving to some specific elements that need attention, and then back. Keep going with that process until everything integrates seamlessly. Note that Jupiter’s sign-change this week will bestow you with a kind of clairvoyance. This might manifest as eyes behind your head, or the ability to ‘remote view’ and see what is outside the reach of your vision or hearing. Pay attention to what comes through.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Oct. 2, 2017, #1170 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

It’s probably been an interesting week or two. Your official planet, Jupiter, and Uranus, are still in their rare 180-degree face-off. This is awakening you to your potential, and prompting certain long-overdue changes in your life. In a word, Jupiter-Uranus is about progress. The key to Jupiter and indeed to Sagittarius is about going beyond optimism. Uranus is squeezing the potential out of Jupiter like the new, improved electric orange-juice machine. That jolt of current coming from Uranus is updating your brain and reminding you to actually do something with all the skills and resources you’ve accumulated or developed. You may find yourself making fast decisions this week as the Moon and Sun approach their opposition aspect, in the form of the Aries Full Moon, which is Wednesday. Whoever you are and whatever you may do, your creative prowess is at an all-time high. Indulge your talent, your passion, or your pleasure, as you will.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Sept. 25, 2017, #1169 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

This week, Jupiter in Libra and Uranus in Aries align in a rare opposition aspect. For a Sagittarian, this is pure inspiration, as if you could compose a symphony based on the clattering of pipes or write a brilliant drama from a few moments of dialog you overheard on the subway. There’s so much action in the sky this week that to tap in anywhere will be like trying to capture a waterfall with a spoon, though you have a distinct advantage: Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter — the star of the show — is a large sign, associated with the very largest planet. You contain a cosmos of your own. If anyone can handle this energy, and make the most of it, it’s you. Yet you need to focus your awareness and be attentive. There are many factors in the environment that insist on both mindfulness and a spirit of participation, rather than merely observing. Of course, it will be interesting to watch, and there will be plenty to stoke your sense of humor. Much more is available.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for October 2017, #1168 | By Eric Francis

After nearly three years of Saturn in your sign, you’re finally starting to get some results. Well, that’s Saturn for you; though in the scheme of things, a thousand days is a short time to develop anything that truly makes a difference. You have arrived at a moment of both contact and commitment. You’re at a turning point, where you first need to evaluate your progress since this time of year in 2014 (which I know feels like forever ago). This has been a deeply formative time for you, during which you’ve had to reckon your desires with your abilities. If this is working correctly, you’ve pushed yourself, worked with discipline, and had a long encounter with your seeming limitations. If you’ve experienced losses, you’ve also received the gain of a deeper connection with your aspirations and your capacity to get things done. The remaining three months of this year represent one of the most significant transitions of your lifetime so far. Saturn in your sign will make a series of conjunctions to slow-moving (though not widely discussed) planets in your sign, and a conjunction to the Galactic Core. You are engaging the practical side of spirituality: putting your devotion to good use, embracing the concept of service, and living the truth that one of your core purposes is acting as if to hold the world together.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Sept. 18, 2017 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

Beware of the toxic influences of others, particularly anyone who attempts to threaten your integrity. You are a person with a mission, striving not just for an agenda or an accomplishment but to take your game up to a whole new level. You possess a wide diversity of skills that mean something as individual entities, but mean even more when you multiply them by one another. Be aware that your process of aspiration (it’s a process, and also a journey) may stir up certain insecurities implanted in you by your family. You may get to that point where you have to choose between worrying or any other form of anxiety, and your substantial drive to get the job done. If, for example, you express your power in some way, and feel a stab of insecurity, you will have to decide what to do, right in that moment. What you can learn here is how not to be a slave to someone else’s fears.

Planet Waves Weekly Horoscope for Sept. 14, 2017, #1167 | By Amy Elliott

You may have been frustrated by what you perceive as a series of inconveniences or obstacles on the path to your present, possibly long-cherished goals. However, you’ve almost certainly come along further than you think; and now could very well be the moment when you begin to see concrete results. Two things to note: One is that you will likely still need to communicate with the right people in order to steer accurately into port. The other is to be realistic in what you ask for once you start to notice your wishes are being granted; remember, you can aim for the stars, but getting there takes actual rocket science.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Sept. 11, 2017 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

There are two sides to your nature, where work is concerned: the big-picture visionary, and the obsessed taskmaster. At the moment, your astrology is leaning heavily in the direction of wanting to get everything done, impeccably and immediately. That’s well and good, except your other role is more important: being the idea person. It’s likely that someone close to you can herd the kitty cats and tie up the loose ends of projects. If you cannot delegate the stage management task, you can ease back on it, mainly keeping track of time, of the time things actually need to be done, and who is doing the doing. Ensure that your communications are efficient and complete, so that you save misunderstandings and thus conserve energy. The mental posture you need is the big wide scene, the long arc of time, and your gift for orienting on the future you want to create.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Sept. 4, 2017, #1166 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

All the emphasis of your solar chart is now shifting to your 10th house of reputation and achievement. That also means accountability. You might, however, be over-emphasizing the responsibility aspect of things, which could hinder your ability to get things done. If you proceed with foresight rather than merely worrying about the impact of what you do, you’ll make a lot more progress. Consider what you intend, and be mindful about unintended consequences. Said another way, at the moment, there’s a limit to how impeccable you can be and still get anything done. One helpful key is to notice when your own concerns seem like those of your parents. For example, you know you can succeed at what they might never have dared to try. You might bend a rule that they would never even consider messing with. Most of all, you’re far likelier to strive to achieve something difficult even if you’re uncertain or insecure.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Aug. 28, 2017 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

It will soon be time to take your professional or career plans up a few notches — but not quite yet. Rather than taking action, make a list of your goals, and organize them in order of your priorities. Then, consider the steps you would take to meet each one of them. Most significantly, spot the ways in which taking one action will advance your efforts toward two or more objectives at once. Rather than have a fixed strategy, follow along with the play-by-play of your own life for the last week or so of Mercury retrograde, and notice all the amazing things you learn. The real kicker will be figuring out how you would do something vitally important, if you entirely disregarded the negative expectations that seem to be coming from one of your parents. This may be an influence from the distant past, or as recently as yesterday; it’s still influencing you, though you’re in an excellent position to see this for what it is, and set yourself free.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for September 2017, #1164 | By Eric Francis

You’ll need to keep a high level of influence, and at times control, over all of your projects and affairs. You’re in that spot where every detail must be aligned with your grand plan. The gel has not fully set, and you still have considerable influence over just how that happens. Focus on the order in which things need to be done, and laying the groundwork for the future through careful preparation. Focus on who your closest colleagues and allies are; now is the time to firm up arrangements. Several turning points to keep in mind are Mercury changing directions on Sept. 5, which will help resolve any tension in work-related partnerships, and get some additional cash flowing; the Sun’s ingress into Libra on the 22nd, which will raise your visibility and shift your priorities onto the big picture; and your ruling planet Jupiter’s ingress into Scorpio on Oct. 10, which will refresh your creative well and allow you to draw energy from a much deeper place. There are likely to be many people and many seemingly separate projects involved. You are the conductor of this orchestra, because it’s your life and your vision being expressed. Just keep reminding yourself over and over again: this has nothing to do with your parents, except perhaps what you learned from them. You are the next generation. You are the future.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Aug. 21, 2017 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

One of the core questions in the life of any Sagittarius concerns the details versus the big picture. You’re a big-picture person until you need things to go absolutely, positively correctly — at which point you morph into Micromanager-in-Chief. This works as long as you’re aware of the seeming dichotomy. The sign Virgo plays prominently in your astrology, as a standing feature of your chart, and particularly now, as the once-in-a-lifetime eclipse streaks across the American continent. It is indeed time to emphasize the details, though you must never lose track of what they add up to. An artist installing a large mosaic must focus on each individual tile or stone, though the final vision must be kept in mind, and infused into every tiny piece of the whole. This will take practice, and it will take devotion. You may discover a whole new approach to the big picture versus the details: there is no conflict.

Planet Waves Weekly Horoscope for Aug. 17, 2017, #1163 | By Amy Elliott

Your sign is well known for its independence and adventurousness. You can often be found deep in uncharted territory while the rest of us are still scratching our heads and trying to decipher the map. Yet occasionally it’s handy to slow down and let other people catch up, if only so you can check in about your route options. This week, there might be at least one person — particularly in the position of teacher, or similar — who has a bit of wisdom you may benefit from hearing. Be prepared to listen.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Aug. 14, 2017 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

You’re experiencing a series of openings, which will require you to be flexible and to exercise both your talents and your options. Decisions you make now will influence your life for years to come, and the most significant of those is how you feel about yourself. Your most important choice in this lifetime is to focus on your purpose. If you seem to be lacking information about what that purpose is, you need to pay closer attention to yourself. Personal meaning is not about being pulled by external forces, though they may seem to have an influence. It’s about feeling your own inner movement as a source of guidance. The question is not what should you have faith in, but what do you already trust? If you’re wondering where to go, ask yourself where you’ve always wanted to go. Remember that the ‘external world’ is symbolic. It represents things that already exist within you, and that get all of their meaning exclusively from you.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Aug. 7, 2017, #1162 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

This week, Mercury stations retrograde in the angle of your chart associated with accountability, responsibility and leadership. This is an indicator to take things slowly and in incremental steps. You need to be aware that you’re not working with full information, which is typical of the week that Mercury stations retrograde or direct. There’s always some key data that will be shaken out of the cosmos, and you need to pause major decisions until you have a grasp on what that is. You may feel like you’re acting in a sincere and noble way, only to discover you did the opposite of what was necessary. Take this approach through the whole Mercury retrograde — the really interesting information comes to light at the very end of the process, during the first week of September. It will be worth doing this, even if it seems inconvenient. Both your reputation and the common good are at stake. So: one calm, calculated day at a time.

Aquarius Full Moon Moonshine Horoscope, #1161 | by Len Wallick

If you can think back and recall a period of transition sometime between ten and twelve years ago, you will have the perspective you need to understand your present situation. If memory does not serve you quite well enough to remember what your life was like as the previous decade was entering its later years, you will not be far wrong to think of yourself as somehow returning to your native element at this time. What water is to a fish, and what the air is to a bird, resonates with what the next few years could be for you — if you will but envision it coming. For now, and for as long as three years to come, it may not be obvious how well you are equipped to make the most of what you have, while also making a bigger difference than you can possibly know. Ultimately, there will be clarity about having come into your own, but if you want to get a head start, keep at least one eye out for what looks like home.

Monday Morning Horoscope for July 31, 2017 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

You will need to make decisions this week where you do something challenging for our world: set aside any self-interest. That does not mean harming yourself. To the contrary, something is clearly unacceptable if anyone is damaged in a transaction. Setting aside self-interest is something different. Being willing to pay a cost, or expend political capital to get the right outcome, is different. This requires a rare form of objectivity, which will mean considering the interests of everyone who is involved. You will need to account for who is the weaker party. You will need to be alert to anyone taking advantage of anyone else. You are in a position to stand guard over an important situation and ensure that truth and justice prevail. This has nothing to do with your personal success. Of course, being in a position to do the right thing is a direct result of what you have accomplished, and a big part of why you went to all that trouble.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for August 2017, #1160 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

One of the most challenging aspects of maturity, success or bold achievement is clearing the psychological baggage of others out of the way. Most of the problems we deal with in life are not our own. They belong to our parents and other ancestors, and must be treated as such, if they are to be addressed efficiently. That, in turn, frees up the bandwidth to take care of your actual karma, and to fulfill your actual agenda. With the total solar eclipse later this month, you get an opportunity to purge your consciousness of some inherited problems, most likely ones imposed on you by your dominant parent (and potentially other persons who had power over you as a child). In order to take advantage of this, you must not be afraid of ‘betraying’ any of these people. You must be willing to stand apart. This is about nothing less than claiming your birthright and, in a sense, your destiny. There’s always a delicate transaction when authority and influence are seized from one generation by the next, in each individual life; and for you that time has come. Set yourself free from the fears of your parents and your grandparents. Cut the cords, cut the apron strings, let the dead be gone and commit to living your life on your terms. If this isn’t scary, you’re not doing it right.

Monday Morning Horoscope for July 24, 2017, #1159 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

Over the weekend, the Sun and the Moon entered your fellow fire sign Leo, which is stoking up your confidence and your sense of purpose. As a Sagittarius, you can handle this better than most. Yet, because Saturn has been in your sign for so long, you may be eager to push the edges of your newfound freedom. Ease back on your restlessness and carefully consider your possibilities. Understand that your potential can describe your future, if you take yourself seriously enough to recognize that you do, indeed, grow. You don’t need to impress anyone; you don’t need their permission; you do need to trust yourself. When travelers who had come thousands of miles reached the Delphic Oracle in the ancient days of Greece, they were met with the message: Know Thyself. Take that as your mantra.

Monday Morning Horoscope for July 17, 2017 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

Go light on emotionally charged discussions. Even if you have concerns, considerations or issues, take a circumspect view of yourself and of others. You may feel like you’re really, really right, only to get it all off your chest and wonder what the heck you were thinking (or feeling). Rather than assume you know how someone feels, listen for clues, and ask questions that draw them out. Over the next few days, planets will begin to move into fire sign Leo, which will lift your spirits, and reveal all these seemingly complex emotional situations as being much less meaningful than they have seemed. Yet don’t fall for any traps late in the week or into the weekend, as you may be feeling the pressure. How would you do that? Don’t blame anything on a relationship. Just feel what you feel.

Planet Waves Weekly Horoscope for July 13, 2017, #1158 | By Amy Elliott

On one level, aspects this week suggest you might enjoy some time out with friends, or just out of doors. Set aside space in your calendar to do what makes you feel connected with the world. On a somewhat different level, there’s an opportunity to bring about any necessary changes in your more intimate relationships. Another word for relationship is ‘alliance’. The question is: in what cause? If you have a shared passion in the wider community, that’s likely the key to taking things forward.

Monday Morning Horoscope for July 10, 2017 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

Many people who think they’re sexually liberated don’t even have a clue. Anyone who is squeamish about their body or that of their partner has some territory to cover. Anyone worried about being ‘found out’ is simply trapped. Those who cannot speak honestly about their desires, or vocalize their pleasure, have before them a vast territory to explore. Often this territory will be entered in an awkward way at first. You might stumble in; you might find yourself in seemingly the wrong place with a seemingly inappropriate person, and go with the flow. This is a creative discovery process, meaning that it involves entering the unknown, learning something, and responding in an inventive way. Here is a key: At the core of everything I’m describing is a form of nourishment that can only be accessed through daring self-exploration. These nutrients are not available on the surface. You must go deep, and you’re being summoned to do so.

Monday Morning Horoscope for July 3, 2017, #1157 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

Money is too important. It has become, in our times, the meaning of life, the solution to all problems, and that which cleanses any sin. Sensitive people are getting sick of the stench. You know how much more there is to existence: you are in touch with this elusive thing called meaning. Later this week, an unusually powerful Full Moon takes place in the angle of your chart that addresses money, resources and values. You are getting the message, from both within and without, that it’s time to live for what you know to be true. That means actually having a standard of veracity and of corresponding conduct. But there is more. This unusual lunation comes with a discovery, or a breakthrough: you get to a new level of self-understanding, and of commitment. And that will give you the feeling of setting yourself free to live your life, your way.

Monday Morning Horoscope for June 26, 2017 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

Keep financial discussions and sexual discussions separate. Both are likely to come up. They are part of a related issue; however, you must use your intelligence and keep them distinct, for the purposes of having sane and productive conversations. One thing I suggest is talking about money in the living room, and talking about sex at the kitchen table. Shift the usual settings for these conversations; in particular, away from the bedroom, and toward places they can happen on level ground. There is a risk that these discussions could get mired in all sorts of emotions, which would be confusing and not so productive. Also, it would be wise to attend to business in a businesslike way, and to do so before attending to pleasure. Then there will be plenty of time to work things out in bed.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for July 2017, #1156 | By Eric Francis

You know that you must do what’s right, even if it’s the more difficult option. This might involve a financial decision. It might involve making some kind of seeming sacrifice for a partner. It might be a spiritual matter that’s compelling you to be true to your own ethics and values, rather than those of someone else. The emotions and challenges at the outset are unlikely to last long; the first few steps will require the most effort and care, until you figure out that you’ve made the right decision. This means the right decision for you and, potentially, someone you care about dearly. Said another way, your loyalty must be to the future and not to the past. You are faced with doing what is right now, not what might have counted as right at some point long ago. One of the deepest inborn traits of Sagittarius is the ability to go against what is trendy. At the moment, it’s just wildly popular to throw one’s most deeply held values to the four winds, do what will make a person seem cool, and claim to have integrity. Thankfully for everyone, you have a much higher standard. You are now being confronted with the importance of honoring your own values. This is a genuine transition for you; it’s also an investment in your future.

Monday Morning Horoscope for June 19, 2017 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

This week is the solstice, the longest day in the Northern Hemisphere. That’s a turning point in the space-time continuum, a turning point for the culture, and it represents an especially positive development in your life. From the look of your solar chart, you’re going deeper into a commitment; your heart is leading the way and your mind is following — which is the right order. This is not the kind of commitment that involves signing on the dotted line. Rather, it’s the kind that comes with a deep personal transformation. You become ‘another person’ in the sense that there’s a clear before and after. There’s nothing contrived about this. You don’t make it happen; you feel it happening and you go with the feeling. Someone close to you may be taking a strong lead. All you need is trust.

Weekly Horoscope for June 15, 2017 #1155 | By Amy Elliott

Listen out for an idea that could help you change the way you see the past, and potentially break free from a tendency to judge yourself too harshly. To a great extent, especially when it comes to interacting with others, you have the blessing of a level head. It would be as well to draw on that now, especially in the cause of finding the most productive way forward. So long as you recognize that this is about being fair to yourself, not about blaming anyone else, you’re thinking along the right lines.

Monday Morning Horoscope for June 12, 2017 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

This week, the Sun in Gemini forms a face-to-face meeting with Saturn in your sign, which may be a moment of truth in a relationship. Yet you have no need to fear the truth, only reason to welcome it. One thing to remember is that others may perceive you as being a bit stuck in your position. If anyone seems frustrated, take a more flexible posture and remind them that you’re open to the possibilities. That doesn’t commit you to anything except being considerate, which really means being willing to consider what they have to say. The thing you can trust is desire. Healthy relationships are held together by attraction, and if you feel that cosmic and biological force working its wonders, you’ll be reminded what you’re doing there in the first place. That’s your common ground.

Monday Morning Horoscope for June 5, 2017 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

Intimacy is the deepest longing of most people, and the thing that’s the most frightening. Yet the only thing we have to fear is ourselves. Your solar chart is reminding you to feed yourself on what you can only have when you’re vulnerable and allow yourself to explore. Often this eludes words, though this week, Mercury arrives in your relationship sign Gemini, which means that the universe and the people in it will seem more conversant. You may be surprised at how direct others are being, and how direct you can be. Therefore, if there’s something you want to talk about, now is the time. If there’s an agreement you want to make with someone, now’s the moment to make your proposal. Just make sure it’s a real conversation, to which you bring your love and your flexibility.

Short Monthly Horoscope for June 2017, #1154 | By Eric Francis

This is a passionate moment, and people feel passionately about you. That might mean sex takes you to a new dimension; there are some exciting possibilities for investment, meaning someone who invests in you. The thing to be attentive to is nourishment. Any exchange must not only taste good and be filling, but also be wholesome. For as mystical and adventurous as Sagittarius is, one of its greatest assets is finding a home in what you might call the erotic cosmos. This is a shared space where you and those you love can take care of one another.

Monday Morning Horoscope for May 29, 2017 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

This is the week to practice not taking things personally. That’s much, much easier said than done, but consider this: that which is not meant for you is not personal. Just because something seems directed at you does not make it personal. Thankfully you have the Sagittarian power to stand back and let the sparks fly all around you. If you stay primarily in observer mode, you will learn much about people’s true colors, and what they’re made of on the inside. If you find yourself in a discussion with an intimate partner, do your best to be soft, flexible and open-minded, and actually listen until you have an idea how they perceive reality, including how they perceive you. Do your best not to act in a way that’s parental, officious or pompous. Assume, for the moment, that they’re right.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for June 2017, #1153 | By Eric Francis

It’s challenging learning how to be easier on yourself and also more disciplined at the same time. Yet that’s the challenge you face at this stage, and fortunately it’s a riddle with a solution. However, you won’t be able to get around the need to pull out the stops and focus your efforts on something that may be difficult, and that requires a large investment of your energy. So the ‘going easier’ aspect of things may be about cultivating a state of mind where you settle in for the long haul and commit to both long days and a long growing season. This calls for a special mental outlook, where it may be necessary to disconnect from your desired outcome for a while, and invest yourself fully in the process. That will do two things: it’ll remove a distraction, and at the same time, open your mind to other possibilities for where you’re going, including something that appears to manifest randomly. The way the summer and autumn shape up, it looks like no matter how hard you work toward a specific outcome, success will come in an unexpected form, in an unexpected way. Therefore, you can use goal setting as a kind of guidepost, to keep you heading some general direction rather than going in circles. Just remember to focus on the quality and integrity of your work, rather than the goal.

Monday Morning Horoscope for May 22, 2017 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

The Sun has joined Mars in Gemini, the relationship angle of your chart, which should help you bring your partnerships onto more level ground. Mars slowly working its way across your opposite sign the past few weeks has been a bit itchy and scratchy, except of course when the passion heats up and all of that goes away. One thing to keep in mind is that your Sagittarian self-direction and independence are running high these days, even as you seem to be taking an unusual degree of interest in relationships. There will be developments within your relationships that help teach you not just how to balance out those two seemingly different interests, but rather how to integrate them and treat them as aspects of the same thing. Healthy relationships are made up of individual people, rather than halves of a whole.

Weekly Horoscope for May 18, 2017 #1152 | By Amy Elliott

There are a good many reasonable things that can be said in favor of emotional self-sufficiency. It supports independence. It lessens the risk of disappointment. The problem is this: we’re social animals really, and with rare exceptions can take detachment only so far. Self-respect is one thing; retreating from human warmth is entirely another. Allow for some intimacy in your life; cultivate mutual trust and share the healing power of affection and physical contact. There’s really nothing like it.

Monday Morning Horoscope for May 15, 2017 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

You may need to assert yourself or work extra diligently at your job this week, though it will be worth the effort. The one thing not to stress over is money. Your assessment of your financial position may not be accurate; it’s likely to be driven by an emotional point of view rather than a mental one. So the first thing to do if you have questions about money is check your balances. Then you can decide what to do about what you discover. Put most of your energy into your creative and work processes, taking advantage of your abundant energy and what promise to be some exciting opportunities to get your work out to the world. Keep a positive attitude every moment that you can. Don’t sweat the small stuff, because it’ll only get in the way of your creativity and overall brilliance.

Scorpio Full Moon Moonshine Horoscope, #1151 | By Len Wallick

Doing the right thing for others need not mean making a sacrifice yourself. Whether in a couple or a collective situation it’s nearly always possible for each of those involved to feel like a winner after any form of interaction has been completed. You in particular are now in a better position than ever to facilitate scenarios where every participant in a given social situation emerges as a victor. In a way, the consequences of every personal choice you have made over the last year-and-a-half have in fact been lessons. If you think back to only about two years ago, you will be able to see how those self-made tutorials have reshaped you. Even more to the point, from where you are now, you should be able to look ahead as much as two years and see what and how you might contribute towards reshaping the world in a similar way — one relationship (or set of relationships) at a time.

Monday Morning Horoscope for May 8, 2017 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

You must be honest with yourself before you can expect others to be honest with you. After all, you set the standards of your own life. One particular relationship may be playing on your insecurities, leading you to wonder whether someone you care about is on the up and up. Set any fears aside and presume the best in people, if you care about them. Mars, the planet of desire and motivation, is now making a long square aspect to Neptune, which is going to exaggerate your fears and suspicions, and the chances are that they are entirely unfounded. If you must handle any deeply personal questions, do so in a way that does not seem judgmental, accusatory or untrusting. Put your emphasis on having fun, which may turn out to be bolder than what you usually do for recreation.

Short Monthly Horoscope for May 2017, #1150 | By Eric Francis

Your own insecurities may be getting the best of you. You need to get the best of them, first by recognizing how you actually feel. With Mars in your opposite sign Gemini all month, you may feel like others are pressuring you or are being verbally aggressive. You may be confident but you’re also sensitive. Certain comments may go right into you and not seem to come out. Recognizing that, you must hold your boundaries and choose your company carefully. Holding your boundaries means standing up for yourself, and learning to say, and mean, “This is not acceptable.”

Monday Morning Horoscope for May 1, 2017 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

There’s a creative solution to everything; creative means based on ideas rather than on labor. It means looking at every situation from at least three different angles, so that you can take a novel approach. At the moment, novel translates into efficiency: many problems that seem to be lingering around were already solved, or the solution is close at hand. One thing to be mindful of is the law of unintended consequences. Look at the results of any seeming solution in terms of the negative and the positive effects. The right solution has no unintended negative effects, and will expand to have a positive effect on related issues. Remember that even simple problems can have several correct answers, and you want the one that serves you the very best. All that said, if you consider yourself an artist of any stripe, this is a particularly rich week to do your most innovative work or have the big breakthrough. Stay focused and use your time well.

Weekly Horoscope for April 27, 2017, #1149 | By Amy Elliott

You seem to be at a breakthrough stage of your personal development, and are beginning to feel more at home amid all the changes that have taken place. A part of you that may have been concealed or internalized is now gradually emerging into the light. There is still some progress to be made, but you can see the outline. If you feel ready, now might be a good time to involve someone you trust; or perhaps you may just enjoy spending time with a partner and having a bit of fun. Doing that might inspire you further, as well.

Monday Morning Horoscope for April 24, 2017 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

Saturn in your sign is providing you with an important stabilizing influence. You’re also getting the message that you must make a series of structural adjustments if you want to maintain your way of life. One of the most useful methods of maintaining stability is taking the initiative on making incremental changes as you need to make them, rather than putting them off. Note that you cannot really count on the commitments or promises of others at this time, since most people around you know far less than you do, even about some of the most obvious or most personal matters they’re confronting. Don’t be misled, and don’t worry about being a leader. Rather, lead yourself competently. Keep your headlights on, and if you find yourself in the middle of a fog, slow down, relax and aim your car down the middle of your lane.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscopes for May 2017, #1148 | By Eric Francis

Saturn’s presence in your birth sign (or perhaps your Moon sign) describes this as one of the most important times in your life. This is the transit that’s about fundamentally coming to terms with yourself. It may seem like someone is imposing limits on you, but that’s the Saturn principle: what you don’t structure in your own life gets structured for you (i.e., criminals who cannot control themselves run the risk of prison, which is a rather structured life). Right now your chart is exploding with creativity and, thankfully, at the same time, Saturn is making itself known. These two things are not only happening conveniently at the right time: it’s a miracle of karma that they are; or rather, a perfectly paired combination of factors to cultivate you into a fully functioning artist, musician, writer, healer or whatever form of mature adult you want to be. Make no mistake: this is about maturity, something that’s in exceedingly short supply these days, and is not especially rewarded in our outlaw-loving culture. But this is not about them, it’s about you. ‘They’ can break all the rules they want; ‘they’ can lie, cheat and fake their way to the world record or a big income or stroll down the red carpet. You have another mission. You’re here to do things the real way, which may indeed be the hard way. So be it.

Monday Morning Horoscope for April 17, 2017 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

You have a rare opening, most likely financial or professional, though as you approach an actual decision you may feel some fear or apprehension. That doesn’t make it the wrong thing for you. It’s natural enough to feel some anxiety around any big choice, especially if you have something to lose. So don’t just back off and go the other way without giving all sides a fair hearing. Lately you’ve had a tendency to be somewhat narrow or over-focused in your career ambitions. Especially in times of overwhelming change, such as we’re in right now, it’s necessary to hang loose and to feel the wind and the weather. To some real extent you must consider what’s the right thing to do every single day, even if that means continuing what you were doing yesterday. Leave yourself room to modify your plans, and to allow genius to slip in through seeming error.

Weekly Horoscope for April 13, 2017 #1147 | By Amy Elliott

Your ongoing project seems really to be taking shape, and you’re starting to see the finish line. A little cooperation just now will likely go a long way. Don’t balk at either asking for help or lending it. People need one another. The presence of a suitable support network can only enrich your work as it develops, especially in terms of bouncing ideas around. What you’re doing certainly has great personal significance and is perhaps almost cathartic for you; but it has also expanded beyond that. Take appropriate precautions by all means, but you need to let someone in.

Monday Morning Horoscope for April 10, 2017 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

If you stay aware of your feelings, you’ll be more in harmony with the world you live in. That’s because the world around you is experienced, perceived and colored by your feelings. It matters less what they are and more that you experience yourself honestly. This will remove a barrier between you and everyone around you; that, in turn, will open up your potential and your options. Slow down the movie until you meet your experience on the level of a poet or mystic: in full color, soaking in your emotions. You may discover a key to life if you practice that kind of mindfulness over the next week or so, as the distinctly Sagittarian planet Chiron merges its energy with Venus. This is more than a sensory trip: it’s about grounding in your existence: on a planet, next to a star, in a galaxy.

Short Monthly Horoscope for April 2017, #1146 | By Eric Francis

If you keep your focus, you will make major progress pulling together some long-range goals over the next few weeks. Remember that you cannot have absolute control over the process or the outcome. That’s good news because the real progress occurs through happy accidents. Therefore, keep an open mind and pay attention to the fine points. You can plan and structure things all you want, and then when you’re least expecting it, you make an error or notice something subtle, and that opens up some vast new possibilities. Keep your experiments going, and take careful notes. You will need them.

Monday Morning Horoscope for April 3, 2017 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

The Sun in Aries is encouraging you to take some creative and romantic risks. That means doing things that are fun and exciting but where the outcome is not certain. I’m not talking about danger, though only you know whether your seatbelt is fastened when you drive, and whether you’re sober. Assuming that you’re clear-headed and acting responsibly, you have plenty of space to experiment, and to do so boldly. The world in its current form is obsessed with safety, most of which is a head-trip. The safety most people are really after is about protecting their fragile ego, which I suggest you throw to the four winds. Your ego is the very thing you want to go beyond if you want to be an artist, lover or adventurer. That’s helpful because art, love and adventure will teach you who you really are.

Aries New Moon Moonshine Horoscope, #1145 | By Len Wallick

All things considered, it’s probably a good thing to sustain and nurture an inner child. If you have children of your own, it’s healthy for both you and them if you have the ability to see the world through their eyes. If you are not a parent, a functional inner child will endow you with the knack for meeting members of younger generations more than halfway, thereby widening your sphere of influence. Most of all, the presence of an operative youth within will continue to mentor you no matter how old or accomplished you become. Age alone does not confer wisdom. One of the oldest and truest proverbs has to do with how some of the most succinct, coherent, and truthful statements are frequently made by the young. Give your own internal kid a fair and frequent hearing. You will be better for having listened.

Monday Morning Horoscope for March 27, 2017 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

Please remember what inspired you and filled you with creative light over the past week or so, particularly the past weekend. Do everything you can to keep those ideas and, in particular, that feeling in your heart and mind. Creative ideas on the level you’ve been experiencing them are often fleeting. But if you get busy now, and let nothing stop you, you will engage the process of manifesting your vision. A rare alignment involving many factors — including the Galactic Core (rarely used by astrologers) — reveals that what you do now can plant the seeds of creation and quality of life for years to come. Indeed, you may have already reached the turning point you’ve wanted to find for so long, though you won’t know unless you actively cultivate your ideas and weave your dreams.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for April 2017, #1144 | By Eric Francis

You’ve been on a creative roll lately. Art and passion (closely related in astrology) are always a gamble, though you seem to keep winning every time you throw the dice. Over the next month, the level of personal risk involved in your creative expression deepens. You’re swimming upstream within yourself, toward a destination. The kind of vulnerability and sensitivity you may experience is the kind that everyone born under your sign knows about, and very few care to admit. Plunge in and go for it. The water is not nearly as murky as it may seem, nor are the questions you’ll face as overwhelming as they may appear. Yet there’s no question: the circumstances of your life, and the aspirations you’re being called to reach for, are summoning you to a new level of introspection and emotional contact. To reach into this place will require facing old pain, legacy material from your fantasy, and those age-old questions of whether you really belong here, and what you’re actually doing here. These cannot be accessed merely by asking, wondering or enduring. Yet you can liberate yourself by exploring, in earnest, the roots of your emotional being. If you’re an artist, your art will get better, and if you’re a lover, your love will grow. As a born explorer, this is one of your ultimate quests.

Monday Morning Horoscope for March 20, 2017 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

Right underneath any pressure or burden you may feel is some extraordinary potential. This is akin to the Sun being blocked by the clouds; it’s still there — you just can’t feel it at full intensity. The clouds, though, are in your mind, and you have the power to clear them; to see through them; to disregard them entirely and proceed anyway. There’s a bold and beautiful light shining through you. Of all the signs, you possess the most direct spiritual connection, so strong that at times you must deny its existence. It’s time to stop doing that. Moreover, you’re now free to recognize that you are the agent of manifestation of the universe’s will. This is not so outgoing a role as one might think; the work is mostly done within, through seeking deep inner contact with your source, and making all of your decisions based on what you learn.

Weekly Horoscope for March 16, 2017, #1143 | By Amy Elliott

It looks as if something (or someone) has kindled your enthusiasm or curiosity to a high degree. I suggest you go along for the ride and see where you end up. The pressure on your emotional life of late has probably not been easy to handle, and a holiday from all that could do much for your wellbeing. If certain past events have contributed to the tension, you may be able to view them now from a different perspective, and with any luck your heart will be substantially lighter. For now, I hope you will thoroughly enjoy your newfound pleasures.

Monday Morning Horoscope for March 13, 2017 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

One thing that’s never written about Sagittarius is the depth of your emotional sensitivity. The brash and bold qualities of your sign cover up this fact, though they’re also a defense against it. You’re a visitor from a galaxy far, far away — though here on Earth, it helps to be a little vulnerable. This is the prerequisite for trust of any kind. Trust is the basis of relationships. And you must trust, in order to determine whether someone is trustworthy. You’re the one who has to ante up first, though. You must extend your goodwill, and then see how others respond. In any event, one thing I see in your charts is that a long-entangled emotional problem is working itself out. Yes, you’ve done this before, and you’ve only had partial results. Now you have the wisdom and the means to resolve this issue. But more important than anything, you are ready.

Moonshine Horoscope for Virgo Full Moon, #1142 | By Len Wallick

Keep a lookout for two things this month, and they may very well lead to some of the best years of your life. First, keep an eye out for a personal connection where none existed before. The way things are moving in the sky right now, the person (or people) you were never previously inclined to trust could well become your best friend (or friends) ever. Maybe it will be because they have changed. Perhaps it’s the changes you have been through. Probably, it will be a combination of the two — along with recognizing yourself in each other, which makes you feel both safe and comfortable with those you had kept at arm’s length. Speaking of safety and comfort, the second thing to be alert for is how a new or previously strange place could suddenly become the home you always wanted.

Monday Morning Horoscope for March 6, 2017 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

Approach-avoid behavior is often about guilt. It doesn’t usually look that way, because the approach seems affirmative and sincere, while the avoidance seems to have no connection to anything, or to something abstract. They are connected, however, by the person in whom this is happening. Start with yourself. Notice how you feel when you back off from someone or something that you want. This may be subtle: you’ll need to catch a glimpse of the sensations that are going on between the lines and below the surface. Is something too good, too creative, too much fun, or too self-indulgent? Does something you want seem like too big a risk? Or are you getting snagged on the responsibility and the commitment that come with real freedom? In truth it may not be any of these things. Guilt usually signs its name in invisible ink, if at all.

Short Monthly Horoscope for March 2017, #1141 | By Eric Francis

Focus on the art rather than the gallery opening; on the writing rather than the bestseller list; on the song rather than the concert. That is, substance is what matters most; how you present what you’ve created matters less, for now. Get the creative aspect of what you’re doing right. Put everything you’ve got into it. Fill it with your life energy. The presentation will come naturally once your project or idea has enough momentum of its own. When the time comes to go public, which seems inevitable, you’ll want to get it right the first time.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Feb. 27, 2017 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

One way to look at cause and effect is as a linear series of steps. Another way is as a dynamic between ground and figure, or between an entity and its surrounding environment. We’re all familiar with the ‘one thing leads to another’ method. Ground and figure causation explores the environmental dynamics as the factor that leads to any manifestation. Your life right now is a study in your environment. This works many ways: from your immediate surroundings and how you experience them (currently a rather complex equation), to your social environment, to vast and wide questions of existence. Rather than trying to take things one step at a time and deduce how things got to be the way they are, consider how you respond to your environment and what you do to shape your environment. This requires slowing down and suspending the usual rules of logic. The question to ask is, “How am I a product of my surroundings?”

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for March 2017, #1140 | By Eric Francis

Walt Whitman, the father of American poetry, wrote, “There was never any more inception than there is now, / Nor any more youth or age than there is now.” Translation: we’re always at the beginning of our lives; we’re as young and as old today as we’ll ever be. In recent years, you’ve been feeling the passage of time. And more lately, you’re starting to feel the benefits of time and of experience, which is a sign of maturity. Something in your astrology is leading you to take a wider perspective, and to see yourself as part of a much larger context than you ever have. Your growth process has brought you close to the inner core of your spirituality, and this is providing you with information about how to use your time wisely. Your current solar chart describes the meeting of your inner child with your inner parent. It’s time to reconcile the two, and to emerge into your life as an independent and autonomous adult. You are done parenting yourself. You don’t need to parent anyone who is not actually your own child, and even that has its limits. This means guiding yourself based on your own values and principles. It means making decisions based on what you know matters to you, rather than the influence others try to have on you. Commitment begins with honoring your promises to yourself.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Feb. 20, 2017 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

Shadow implies light. One cannot exist without the other. At the moment, if you’re experiencing some darkness, you may be blocking your own light. In consciousness, that means fear and insecurity. You might have a sense that your safety is in some way threatened. Mainly, it’s threatened by your own apprehension about the future: remember that the primary thing consciousness experiences is itself. Therefore, you would be wise to understand that dynamic. And then you can go toward the light. This will take many forms other than the kind you might need sunglasses for. Your light is found in your motivation, in your inspiration, in your desire to serve and, most of all, in your curiosity. God does not appear as a thunderclap from the heavens. Rather, your inner voice speaks in your own spiritual language — and will never frighten you. Your true inner voice will lead you out of the darkness and into the light: so listen carefully.

Planet Waves Horoscope for Feb. 16, 2017 #1139 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

In the Organon, Samuel Hahnemann’s treaties on healing, he says, “If something aggravates, remove it.” You would be amazed (or perhaps not) at what an alien thought this is to many people, despite being so obvious. If something is making you sick, get it out of your environment. If the whole environment is toxic, then you must get out. In Pisces, your 4th house, Chiron points to physical contaminants; Nessus points to emotional ones. These might be a presence in some form now, or one you’re still cleansing from previous experiences. The presence of Neptune, however, complicates matters, by adding the factor of denial. Neptune can act like a substance to which one is both allergic and addicted. It can also anaesthetize one to other problems in the environment. Under one scenario, it’s possible to respond to the signals and the demand for vigilant awareness of Chiron and Nessus by denying them or pretending they’re not there. You will need to navigate these seemingly dissonant influences within you now. Chiron and Nessus serve profoundly important purposes, which involve healing your past and grounding you in the present. Yet if you succumb to Neptune, you will not get the benefits of these influences. Of course, Neptune in the 4th can make a difficult situation tolerable. Though where Neptune is concerned, you want to set boundaries, in particular, time limits. It’s easy for a month, a year, or a decade to get away from you, if you’re not paying attention to time, and working with a concept of your limits. It’s through these types of diversions that we see so many potentially powerful, undeniably creative people waste their lives on chaos, pain, and struggle. You have the power to overcome this, to the extent that it’s influencing you.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Feb. 13, 2017 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

The thing to remember about this time in your life is that you have options. You are never boxed into your reality. Of course, Saturn in your sign may convey the feeling that you’re being held down in some way, though it’s not true. Saturn’s role is to help you give shape and form to your ideals. Meanwhile, Sagittarius’ ruling planet Jupiter is in Libra. These two placements form what’s called a mutual reception: Saturn is in a sign that Jupiter fancies, and Jupiter is in a sign that Saturn fancies. This is a rare and beneficial condition, which is the main reminder that you’re never trapped. You can always find a way to make things work; there’s always Plan B, which may be better than Plan A. So live as if your options are open, and don’t be afraid to commit when the time and place are right. You can still honor your commitments and have the flexibility that you require as a basic mode of existence. Whenever you need another way, say out loud: there is a better way.

Planet Waves Horoscope for Feb. 9, 2017 #1138 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

The 5th is the house of art, playful sex, and games of chance. It’s also the house of children and the kinds of fun that children like to have. You have Aries in this solar house (or whole-sign house), which in part describes why you’re so adventurous; yet Aries can have the feeling of being all about you, and you don’t necessarily need playmates to have a good time. Contrast this with the emotional complexities of the 4th house. With Venus retrograde across Pisces and Aries, you’re allowing a vent from the emotional pressures and healing work of your 4th to enter the expressive realm of the 5th. To me this looks like art therapy, sex therapy or play therapy. If you’re carrying any burdens, stress or tension from the Pisces zone, populated as it is by centaur planets that are making you focus on your healing process, Venus is saying: express yourself. At a certain point healing must become celebrating life, if it’s to be meaningful — or if it’s to have a purpose. What you’re likely to find is that creative self-expression puts you in contact with who you are. There’s plenty going on in Aries right now — it’s the seat of the hottest, boldest and most chaotic astrology in more than 50 years. But Uranus and Eris (which are in Aries) can be alienating and difficult to grasp. Venus makes Aries personal for you. Contact of Venus with Pisces makes it even more personal, and more emotional. Imagine that this course of events is creating an energy conduit from your emotional house of security (Pisces 4th) to that of sex, creativity and play (Aries 5th). If you use this, it will let off pressure.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Feb. 6, 2017 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

The reason you need to set boundaries and limits is so that you can see the greater possibilities. This could take many forms: limiting your commitments, organizing your time so that you have some mental space to think, and only dealing with people who take you seriously (to name a few). And you must increase your level of both respect and self-respect sufficiently to notice a difference in how you feel. It would be too easy to squander beautiful, meaningful opportunities for smaller and more limited ones. You would only do that if you don’t see or at least feel the potential that you have. But potential is just that; it’s meaningless unless it’s combined with discipline, commitment and absolute sincerity. Your life is now under the influence of Saturn, who is the taskmaster. That means you must become the master of your own affairs, and moreover, your emotions. To the extent you can do those things, you will be able to succeed on your own terms.

Planet Waves Weekly Horoscope for Feb. 2, 2017 #1137 | By Len Wallick

Being forced to make some big choices can be a stressful thing. It need not be so for you, however — at least not at this point in your life. You are in a fortunate position. It appears that some (if not all) of the choices you now face come down to one thing: setting an example, or following one. The sort of issue being referred to here has to do with lives you have witnessed, and possibly even sampled. Now you get to decide whether to emulate or differentiate. This is not a matter of choosing between bad or good. You are not compelled to select between right and wrong. The issue is what works for you, and what does not. The one choice you should not make is not to choose at all. You are only one person after all. Now it is time to make it known who and what you have decided to be.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Jan. 30, 2017 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

Mars has come storming into your house of art, play and passion, after many weeks in your house of insecurity. Venus is about to follow suit. You can now stop worrying about what might go wrong, and do your usual thing of taking action and expecting things to go brilliantly. You’re being invited to take chances in art, in romance and in adventure. You may have to lead the way for others who are reluctant; don’t let them stop you (you rarely ever do). You will have plenty of company soon enough. Mars changing signs represents a genuine vibrational shift for you; and if you stay alert and notice this change, you’ll also discover there are many other people already on the level of awareness where you want to be. Feel your own creative passion, and notice who around you is awake and aware.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for February 2017 #1136 | By Eric Francis

Saturn is in your sign, and that may describe certain emotional challenges you’re facing. It might seem as if these challenges are coming from outside you. Yet your inner life is where the energy is flowing, which includes your emotions and also how you respond to events in your environment. You’ll make more progress on the kinds of maturity that Saturn is here to teach if you keep your locus of awareness internal. Spend as much time alone as you can, and really feel what amounts to a world that you contain. You’re integrating certain experiences from your distant past, on the way to finding your way to the present. This will continue through the late winter and into the spring. Yes, it’s more typical for the Sagittarian quest to be an adventure in the world. It’s bolder and more daring to take your desire to unravel the mysteries of the planet into your own heart and soul. As you do this, your relationships will change. You will be more sensitive to how you feel about people, and you’re more likely to notice the subtle influence they have on you. And when you branch out into the world, you’ll notice different things and feel more connected to your inner core; more receptive and approaching a more harmonious state with the people around you. Go in before you go out.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Jan. 23, 2017 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

You remain well-supported, grounded and strong. You’re also unusually sensitive, and may find yourself reacting spontaneously to influences in your environment. Remember that the crisis of any family member or living partner is not necessarily your crisis. Pay attention to that boundary. You may feel inclined to be of assistance. You may have just the healing balm or reassurance that someone needs, though you would be wise to keep some emotional distance. Not a lot, just a little: just enough to remember that you’re in a facilitating role. One thing you can do is advocate for justice where you notice that advocacy is needed. Your voice will matter. Your opinion can make an actual difference. This will be all the more meaningful if you get no personal benefit from the outcome.

Short Monthly Horoscope for February 2017 #1135 | By Eric Francis

Your chart is a study in how seriously you can take life, and how much fun you can have at the same time. This is not a contradiction; and if it is, it’s the kind that produces the talented and creative people you respect the most. Current aspects are offering both discipline and a sense of adventure. It’s your focus and dedication that make the adventure possible. This is the line that separates the Brownies from the Girl Scouts. It’s true that there are times when pleasure comes before responsibility, but when it does, you’ll know you earned it well.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Jan. 16, 2017 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

The more confident in yourself you are, the more generous you’ll be with close partners. The more insecure you are, the more likely you are to hold them to a standard and to be picky about the details of what’s happened in the past. Notice that you are the variable. Your point of view shifts how you perceive, and therefore treat, the people you care about. Therefore, focus on your self-assurance above all else. You may be feeling more emotional than usual; more oriented on your needs rather than your desires; more sensitive to the views of others. You can experience these feelings with no corresponding need to defend yourself or to assert yourself. You’re not usually the one who needs the reminder to be more objective and detached from your feelings; that’s your specialty. Today I’m here to remind you to take a deep breath and a step back, and remember that people care about you — and that you can be confident of that fact.

Moonshine Horoscope for Cancer Full Moon #1134 | By Len Wallick

A rite of passage would seem to be in store for you sometime this year. Most likely you will be able to see it coming, thanks to long labors on your part to earn an acknowledgment of your accumulated efforts from others. That being said, there’s a good chance you will find yourself going through some pomp and circumstance in 2017 that you cannot now foresee. To make the most of any moments when you are either expectantly or surprisingly ushered through a threshold into a new level of being, first remember to be humble. Even if you are not invested in the primacy of ceremony, others who are important to you very well may be. Share your moment of honor by showing respect for the dignity of those who helped get you there. Perhaps more importantly, look ahead. Like a wilderness campsite, a rite of passage is always to be treasured, but is not often a place to dwell forever.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Jan. 9, 2017 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

You may be feeling edgy, though your life is pretty stable at the moment. You have your options open, and you have some excellent ones to work with. Treat this time in your life as a point of maximum leverage. Tune into the goals that seem important to you now. They are likely to be the same ones that will be relevant in 10 or 20 years. You know what you want, and you have the passion to make it real. Now comes the long journey of investing in yourself: in cultivating your talent, in directing your finances toward your personal business plan, and most importantly, in focusing on what is really significant. The beauty is you know exactly what that is, and you can actually do it if you want. If you don’t focus on instant rewards, the ones that develop over time will seem that much more worthwhile.

Short Monthly Horoscope for January 2017, #1133 | By Eric Francis

You’re on a quest to increase your value, which is to say, to get paid more for what you do. That’s admirable; yet you need to ensure that despite your wholesome motivation, you’re thinking clearly. Pushing a lot of motivation into an uncertain mind is like shining light into a fog. You need to develop some clear strategies, one of which is to sustain your drive for financial success over the long run, a little bit every day. Don’t confuse greed with the kind of organic success you’re seeking. You are gifted and that deserves creative and spiritual rewards.

Monday Morning Horoscope for Jan. 2, 2017 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

Mercury will move to forward motion in your sign on the 8th, and it would be wise to delay the signing of any contracts till then — later if you can. It will be easy to delay things because everyone is feeling the effects of the current retrograde. Anyone who pressures you into making a commitment before that time, or before you’re ready in any form, is not someone you want to work with. Better opportunities are in the offing.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for January 2017, #1131 | By Eric Francis

You seem to be taking possession of yourself. Yet you don’t want to be any more attached to yourself than you prefer other people to be attached to you. You like space, and the freedom to define yourself. These are the same ideas that can guide your relationship to yourself. The one thing you might look at carefully is the influence of your family. Physical distance from them does not resolve that on its own. You might review what they taught you about money and see if those ideas serve your growth and happiness. Where emotional matters are concerned, pay careful attention to anyone or anything that makes you angry. Though it’s usually considered a ‘bad emotion’, the transformative power of anger is real; and because there is so much anger in the world, using it for some wholesome purpose is necessary. Your conflicts will teach you who you are. Once you figure out their message, you don’t need to overindulge them. Rather, pay attention to your feelings and how you respond to others. What seems to be a slight annoyance might be concealing something deeper and more passionate. There’s a reason that both Tantra and Buddhism respect anger, which is that used consciously, it has the power to transform your life. The key is awareness, and the desire to grow. These you have, and can offer in any situation.

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