Navigating an “Interesting” Week

Posted by Amanda Painter

Photo by Anthony Ayiomamitis

Amanda Painter looks at the busy astrological week that we’re heading into, and considers ways to navigate the cultural, personal and astrological energy at play. Keeping your heart open, your expectations light and your ears, eyes and mind sharp could be very helpful.

Dear Friend and Reader:

We’re leaving one astrologically busy and “interesting” week behind and entering another that looks like it will meet the bar, if not raise it. I’m witnessing a number of responses in people I know: everything from a kind of curious detachment to stressed-out overwhelm, full-on engagement, and attempts at escapism. And then there are those whose commitment to holiday traditions are like an unshakable fortress.

Star trails over the lighthouse at Cape Melagavi, Greece. Photo by Anthony Ayiomamitis.

Star trails over the lighthouse at Cape Melagavi, Greece. Photo by astrophotographer and friend of Planet Waves Anthony Ayiomamitis.

The thing is, we’re not fortresses. We are made up of these amazingly interdependent and dynamic systems. Our physiology, our psychology, our energetic fields — all of these things are in constant flux.

Sometimes we can predict them; sometimes we get surprised. Always, our inner fluctuations and cycles interact with those of the people around us, and with our environments. Again, sometimes in ways we anticipate, and sometimes in ways that are mysterious or that open up a new option, a new way of being.

Something about the recent astrology and the events of this coming week speak to these ideas more than ever. Perhaps it’s that so much activity is focused in the mutable sign Sagittarius, especially late in the sign where the inscrutable Galactic Center is. Maybe there’s something about having Mercury retrograde so close to Saturn (lord of structure) changing signs, and so close to the solstice, that is especially disorienting in the face of trying to meet the demands of a season that’s especially pregnant with traditions in Western culture.

Whatever it is, chances are good that hanging a little loose this week will be helpful — at least, in terms of your general attitude and responses to specific hiccups. Obviously there are high-priority responsibilities that must be met (such as the ones that keep a roof over your head and food on your plate). In the case of those, careful scheduling and lists will likely be your friend — as will be the protocol of double-checking all details as Mercury gets stormier as the week progresses.

Last week’s Monday Astrology Diary covered some themes of Saturn entering Capricorn pretty thoroughly (as does Eric’s current Monday Astrology Diary, from a different angle), and this week’s horoscopes below do the same. Here’s a brief rundown of the other major events, including Monday‚Äôs New Moon in Sagittarius::

Tonight into tomorrow at 1:30 am EST (6:30 UTC) is the Sagittarius New Moon. This is the Sun and Moon making a conjunction in Sagittarius, and it happens conjunct the Galactic Core — the center of our Milky Way galaxy. You might want to make extra effort to remember your dreams when you wake up. Even just noting your general feeling-tone or frame of mind could offer a subtle layer of useful information as you set some intentions for this lunar cycle — especially since this New Moon occurs so close to a seasonal turning point.

On Tuesday, Saturn ingresses Capricorn at 11:49 pm EST (4:49 UTC). Although this brings a shift in tone, it will likely be one that feels ‘natural’, since this is Saturn’s home sign. The ground might actually start to feel more solid again, though you could still notice a slight edginess thanks to the Sun being late in a sign at the end of a season — on top of Mercury getting stormy.

If that starts to describe how you feel, remember that many things are more optional than they appear. It’s okay to say ‘no’ — and Saturn, strong in Capricorn, might assist in finding and strengthening boundaries where needed.

Thursday, Dec. 21, is the solstice — the longest night and shortest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. The Sun joins Saturn in the first degree of Capricorn — an extension of the Aries Point — at 11:28 am EST (16:28 UTC). If you have a solstice intention-setting practice, you might consider weaving in some observations about how your personal life and that of the collective are intertwined. What comes to you in terms of new ways you might actively engage both, or how you might use one to inform the other?

Note that trans-Neptunian object Quaoar is also newly in the first degree of Capricorn, as is the asteroid Eros. The cozy 0+ Capricorn collection of Sun, Saturn, Quaoar (family patterns) and Eros (passion or joie de vivre) are all square the trans-Neptunian object Salacia (goddess of calm seas) in Aries. I have not fully teased out this aspect pattern, but there seems to be something here about the potential to integrate a ‘calm’ or centered sense of self with the awareness of ‘responsibilities’ to the family structure. Heart-centered energy could be key, along with healthy boundaries.

Finally, on Friday, Venus makes a conjunction to the Galactic Core in late Sagittarius — a little less than six hours before Mercury stations direct in mid-Sagittarius. Mercury changes its apparent direction that night at 8:51 pm EST (1:51 UTC Saturday).

This says to me: keep your heart open and your eyes, ears and mind sharp. Mercury stationing direct can have a way of revealing information — particularly the kind you did not even know you’d been missing until it comes to you. Spiritually, all you need is love. Practically, however, you also need to pay attention, take your time (ease back on the multitasking this week!) and listen carefully. It really does help.

Yours & truly,
Amanda Painter

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