Intimations of Justice

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Almost imperceptibly, this morning’s Sagittarius Full Moon was closely followed by the end of Jupiter’s retrograde. In that sequence of events, Len Wallick proposes intimations of power, justice, love and the echoes of immortal words from a century only recently past.

It would not be surprising if slower-moving planets outside the orbit of Mars were an originating inspiration for the proverb (variously stated over the centuries) that the wheels of justice grind slowly but thoroughly. Assuming that connection, we might expect events during the coming months to verify whether (or how) the adage remains valid.


The Full Moon earlier today was more than just an indication of where we are in the current lunar cycle. Less than an hour after the Sagittarius Moon precisely opposed the Gemini Sun, Jupiter resumed direct motion after more than four months of retrograde motion and nearly three weeks occupying the same degree of Libra.

Three weeks in one degree of one sign is almost imperceptibly slow. In addition, even though Jupiter is now direct, it will not vacate that same degree until July is well underway. Even so, you can mark today down as the turning point when a planet emblematic of power’s magnanimous side (among other traits) resumed progress in the sign symbolized by the balance-beam scales of justice.

It is not without pertinence that Libra is ruled by Venus. As the eminent astrologer Robert Hand has averred: “In its highest manifestation, Venus is love.” Nor should it escape notice that Libra is a cardinal sign, representing (among other things) an initiating quality.

Hence, intrinsic to Jupiter’s turnaround today are a promising (and inspiring) combination of earthly qualities implicitly beginning to express.

Yet, and ultimately, what the skies indicate is only potential — not fate. It is in your (and our) hands to determine whether celestial prospects actually manifest on Earth. Making that determination and taking the necessary action are, in effect, your (and our) cosmic job description.

It is thus appropriate to leave you with a short video (linked here) of one human being who, without a doubt, did his job admirably well. In the wake of Martin Luther King’s powerful words on the relationship between love, power and justice, nothing more need be said — but much remains to be done.

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