Eco-astrology: All Aboard the UK’s Poo Bus!

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150+Bio-Bus Maiden Voyage[2]

What does the astrology for a bus powered by biomethane gas generated from human sewage and compost look like? In the case of the UK’s Bio-Bus, there’s a lot of planetary action in Sagittarius in the 1st house, and Mercury and Saturn teaming up in Scorpio in the 12th.

By Amy Elliot and Amanda Painter

Monday was the maiden voyage of the U.K.’s first Bio-Bus, otherwise known as the “Poo Bus” due to the nature of its fuel, The Guardian reported Nov. 20. [Please note the discrepancy between the date reported by The Guardian and the date and time listed on the Bath Bus Company’s website, which has been used to cast the chart.]

The Bio-Bus is powered by biomethane gas generated from human poo and food waste. Photo by Wessex Water/PA

The Bio-Bus is powered by biomethane gas generated from human poo and food waste. Photo by Wessex Water/PA

The bus is powered by biomethane gas, formed from treated sewage and food waste; one tank, which requires the annual waste of about five people to generate, lasts up to 186 miles.

The gas is produced by energy company GENeco, whose general manager Mohammed Saddiq told the newspaper: “Gas-powered vehicles have an important role to play in improving air quality in U.K. cities but the Bio-Bus goes further than that and is actually powered by people living in the local area.”

The bus’s first trip, scheduled for 8:00 am GMT (local time), certainly fits the bill with the Sun, ascendant, Venus, Ceres, Pholus, the Moon, Vesta and the Part of Fortune all in Sagittarius, which rules travel. All but the Sun are in the 1st house, which Eric has described as “The Continuing Story of I Am Becoming” — and alternative, green fuels do seem to be central to public transportation’s continuing story.

Sagittarius is a fire sign — fitting for a chart about something being burned, and especially a fuel designed with the ‘big picture’ of the overall health of the planet in mind. Fire is also present in the form of a grand fire trine linking the Sagittarius planets with those in Aries and Leo. This grand trine not only reinforces the theme of a gas being burned, but also emphasizes the cyclical nature of biomethane gas: we eat, we shit, it gets used to power our transportation to jobs so we can afford to eat…and so on.

Since this is a transportation story, a quick look at Mercury shows it conjoining Saturn in Scorpio in the 12th. Not only is this story about a new transportation fuel ‘structure’, but it involves a transformation of waste into something of value (deep transformation being a Scorpio theme).

The Bio-Bus brings into a collective use the results of our least-public bodily functions — the ones we tend to relegate to the background, the shadows, the category of ‘unmentionable in polite conversation.’

Eric has described the 12th as, “the end of the story or the time before the beginning.” It’s the perfect description of sewage and compost, if you think about it. Although being the 12th house and all, most people riding this bus probably won’t.

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