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Len Wallick taps into the courage and strength it can take just to show up to witness and be witnessed in the world some days — themes at play as we approach Friday’s ‘blue’ Full Moon in Aquarius. Much has happened in the world (and likely in your own life) since the first Full Moon we experienced on the first day of July this year.

Thank goodness you are still here. July has been a long month thus far. You have been witness to a lot. Hopefully, what you have endeavored and endured has also been witnessed, and with compassion.


Although witnessing does not exert the same level of energy as it does to take direct action, it still in fact takes energy, intention and focus.

To attest to what you have seen (as in the reader comments we cherish here), which becomes a form of participation, likewise requires some effort — effort appreciated by the recipient, whether they take time to acknowledge it or not.

On some level, all of you know that what you have served to witness is remembered somehow. In some way we all get the hint that nothing is forgotten.

That’s how it’s important to act as if your every deed makes a difference, because it does. Perhaps even more important, however, is to note (and testify to) the acts of others as we would want ourselves to be noted and remembered.

For in a world where so much seems to go wrong so often, it’s vital to recognize that most people are just like you. It’s important to proceed with the certainty that nearly all of us are trying to do the right thing in the right way to achieve the best outcome for everybody involved.

Of course, it’s a learning process. Each of us can almost certainly think of how we might have done better with a little more work, and a little less sleep. Yet, it does you no good to get wrapped up in ‘if only’. What you should have, could have or would have done after the fact is not worth your regret, it is only worth learning from.

In order to apply what you learned so as to to do better, it helps to witness and integrate the teachings of those who serve as a better example. People such as Judith Gayle, who counseled us here on Planet Waves this last weekend to go beyond either demonizing or idealizing those we witness. Or Christine Louise Dietrich, who on the same day patiently taught Planet Waves readers how devotion to another mortal is best offered to the divine within that being (and how devotion to the divine is best expressed towards the mortal beings through which the divine manifests and makes itself known).

Human beings have long intuited that another expression of the divine is in the motions in the skies above. Among those motions, the most easily witnessed and understood are those of the Sun and Moon. Hence, it is both instructive and indicative that July should end as it began: with a Full Moon.

The first Full Moon of July was in Capricorn, heavily aspected by the outer planets so as to imply that your part would be historical, somehow. Even if all you did was witness (and hence record into immortal record through the divine’s expression in you), that will have been enough. And you will have done well enough by posterity simply to still be here to testify.

Then, in the middle of July, the Sun and Moon converged in the same degree of Cancer for a New Moon. That New Moon was timed so as to appear as if the Sun and Moon came together to hold each other close while we were all holding our breath, as we waited to witness what word would come from both Pluto and the stressed financial centers of the world.

Now we approach July’s second Full Moon in Aquarius on Friday shortly before 6:43 am EDT (10:42:52 UTC). Over the next several days, as the Moon moves from the end of Sagittarius (when today started), through Capricorn and finally into Aquarius to oppose the Leo Sun, you might want to consider how best to observe the event.

Surely you will not want to trivialize all you have served to witness, and taken pains to learn, by chattering idly about what (or what does not) constitute a ‘blue’ Moon.

Rather, you might want to attest to the courage, erudition and strength of those who have faced every test and overcome every doubt, done so with a resolve to persist in and for all that their inner divinity can be said to be. Just like you have. Which is more than enough reason to reiterate to others (just as the last Full Moon of July is symbolically reiterating the first) the first sentence of this piece: thank goodness you are still here.

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Len Wallick

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15 thoughts on “Your Witness Also Serves

  1. DeborahDeborah

    Thank goodness you and PW have been here to get us through so many rough waters during this drought of compassion and reason. This month of crazy days has brought breakthroughs and breakdowns with my Leo Sun, Mercury, Venus, Pluto, and Lilith, setting my red head on fire, with Moon in Sag, curious, restless, and yearning to ride ahead wild without a saddle. Libra ascendent has kept me balanced so far as I absorb knowledge of the universe and activate the coping mechanisms that PW so lovingly offers every day. Thank you. I’m still here.

    1. Len WallickLen Wallick Post author

      Deborah: Thank you. There will never be any drought of reason and/or compassion here at the Planet Waves oasis so long as you and others like you constitute part of the emblematic aquifer with you participation. Please remain here with your thoughts and words to keep it that way. We are grateful for all you are – Sun, Moon and ascendant. May the services offered by Planet Waves continue to constitute refreshment for you in turn.

  2. Barbara Koehler

    Awwww, thank goodness YOU are still here Len! I hope you realize how much we appreciate you and what you witness. And testify to. If we weren’t all together in these changing times (and sometimes it seems we are not all together) it would be tempting to just quit trying. It is, like you say, a learning process.

    I thank you for your comment regarding the planetary assault against the U.S. Moon on Judith’s weekend essay (if that’s what the above link was to, it didn’t work for me!) and you might already be aware of the intense effort being mounted by the Universe’s Learning Center Centaur program. If not, then think for a moment about the nasty battle of words going on between the Republicans contesting for a place on the debate team.

    Then recall if you will the nature of centaur Nessus and how the U.S. Sibly chart’s Nessus might respond to a conjunction from transiting Neptune (there’s no border that can’t be crossed). Recall as well that U.S. Nessus is square the U.S. Uranus (now that’s a first!). In Gemini the Verbiage sign.

    Note also that transiting Uranus is now conjunct the U.S centaur Chiron the Teacher (and opposite the U.S goddess Juno who doesn’t feel she gets the respect or power she deserves).

    Finally – lest you forget – let me reminded you that transiting Chiron is now square the U.S. Warrior Mars in vituperative Gemini and opposite the U.S. Neptune in fault-finding Virgo. It is quite shocking (and provoking) to many of us who really are trying to do the right thing.

    It’s my opinion that these mortals expressing centaur (only half mortal)-like characteristics are indeed acting as Shamans or Healers for the Body of Man, specifically as it resides in the USA. They are bringing up (and out) the anger and bitterness that has produced disease within our countrymen in an effort to cure and restore health. It is part of the learning (and healing) process. I rather doubt these mortals are aware of the role they play in our evolution.

    And so we witness. Next step is the Aquarius Full Moon you talked about. That Full Moon will be one degree from the U.S. South Node which is exactly conjunct the U.S. Sibly chart’s natal centaur Pholus. There will be a quiz following. Pass the wine and prepare for the brouhaha.

    1. Len WallickLen Wallick Post author

      Barbara (be): Thank you for mentioning what you aptly call “…the Universe’s Learning Center Centaur program.” That’s more than clever. Indeed there is more more to centaur activity lately than your deeply appreciated correlation of both “natal” and transiting Chiron and Nessus with the U.S. (Sibly) chart. Led by 10199 Chariklo and 10370 Hylonome beginning a long (albeit interrupted by retrograde) transition from Sagittarius, the centaurs are in a long process of dispersing more widely on the zodiac, correlating with a wider disseminating of learning (and, as you mentioned – also healing) as they do so. Finally, it’s interesting that you should mention wine in correlation with this particular Aquarius Full Moon – when both the Sun (quincunx) and the Moon (semi-sextile) will be essentially out of aspect with Neptune. If my Latin is correct, at least some of the ancients (like Ptolemy) appear to have interpreted “out of aspect” as “invisible.” Hence (to the extent Neptune might be said to correspond with intoxicants) one might be well advised to use caution with the wine as the luminaries move toward opposition early Friday, for the consequences may be difficult to foresee.

      1. DeborahDeborah

        Good cautionary advice, Len. Guess I’ll rethink the wine and stick with calming cannabis and Planet Waves for full moon refreshment. Again, many thanks.

  3. DeborahDeborah

    Thank you, be. I’ll be up late studying for the quiz with a bottle of pinot noir and a tincture of cannabis oil and chamomile as a restorative sleep aid.

  4. aWord

    Len, as Be says, thank goodness YOU are still here, as for me, I’m not so sure that I am. Regardless of my presence, yours is invaluable and I thank you for your many reassurances that even as we may hold our breath, finding it difficult to relax into that restorative and necessary in/out movement, the planets at least can be counted on to continue with theirs (movement).

    1. Len WallickLen Wallick Post author

      aWord: Stay with us – please. We all love you here at Planet Waves. Few have been called to witness what you have, so only a few can understand. Even so, those of who have no prior experience being where you are care deeply. We care for who you have always been. We also want who you are becoming to know that our love for you is unconditional.

  5. spacesurfer

    This last month has been pretty intense, things started around the middle of June, I got brave and decided to tell someone who works in the same place as me that I liked them on a work social evening as we were getting on really well and I have liked them for a while. I have never ever had the courage to do this before and single for many years. What adds more fuel to this is that I am gay and this person isn’t…so it felt like even more of a crazy follow your heart leap of faith. Thing is this person never said yes or no, the person did appreciate my honesty. We went out in July had a lovely evening and we enjoyed each others company, since then we have been sending the odd message to each other to which they have now stopped, last message I sent was end of last week. Sometimes I start to regret that leap of faith even though I felt compelled to, like there was pressure building up inside me for so long. I am just hoping there won’t be any awkwardness when work begins again. I have also had two job interviews sandwich between a work meeting about another review and possible restructuring process, the last one was a few years ago and things didn’t work out positively and I’ve never fully recovered . I didn’t get either of the jobs I went for though I was deemed appoint able for one of them. So life is currently feeling intense, overwhelming and I have been finding myself quite emotional these last couple of weeks. Aries sun, Taurus moon with Leo rising.

    sending love and light your way Len

    1. Len WallickLen Wallick Post author

      spacesurfer: Thank you for the courage you have shown in both laking a chance on love and sharing a bit of your life for us to witness. Believe me, i do understand the “overwhelmed” and “intense” you refer to, although in may case it is showing up in a different way having to do with (often) not enough hours and (sometimes) not enough energy. i daresay many here at Planet Waves can relate. The main thing is that you have been in action. You acted to interview for other positions and you acted on what your feelings. In all cases you appear to have acted appropriately while taking responsibility. You appear to be doing the right thing consistently. What more can anybody ask? As regards to transits to the “big three” of what i take to be your natal astrology, patience would appear to be the key for you. Remain in action as you have been (responsibly and appropriately) and the Capricorn solstice should seen you having come through what you are going through now and in a palpably different “space” to surf.

  6. Amy Trafford

    Dear Len,

    Thank you.
    Your words radiate with love and respect and I feel them in my roaring anemone heart.

    It is lovely to be led back through the month so gently and gracefully.

    I am grateful for the opportunity to take an even deeper breath and feel all that this month has held for me and all that has opened in me, and continues to.
    The word that comes into me is “nourishment.”
    As the fire, rhythm, vibration in the skies/me burns so bright, it is both the seed and the perfect food to grow whatever magnificence is unfolding into flower.
    Ever a mystery beyond all mystery. Aliveness and energy and love.
    This blue moon, all of it, for each us. Here we are together.

    Thanks again.

  7. Jeanne

    A wise wizard I know talks about the vital importance of being witnessed. Be it in our healing, processing, or our life journey. This always struck a cord for me when he would speak of this. There is something alchemical a transference of energy shared and wisdom gained as we witness for each other.
    Len, you and all the Planet Waves writers offer much to assist in our growth and transformation on this beautiful planet that is our home.
    Thank You All

    1. Len WallickLen Wallick Post author

      Jeanne: Please pass my thanks on to your wizard, and please accept additional thanks from me to you for your validating comment here today.

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