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I am blazing along on your Spring Reading, a 12-sign tour of inner space connected to the events of late April. Those events include a lunar eclipse on April 15, the grand cross on April 23, an eclipse of the Sun on April 29 and Mars stationing direct on May 19. I anticipate the reading will be available late this week.

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The Spring Reading includes a generous audio reading for each of the 12 signs and rising signs that takes a new look at the events I’ve described above. I cross-reference the readings so you can make the most out of the whole package. It is still available to our clients and readers at the pre-order discount, which is one-third off the after-publication price.

Today the Sun is opposite Mars. This is the midpoint of Mars retrograde, which began on March 1 and which ends May 19. The past two nights on the Planet Waves daily, I’ve taken a look at the Sun opposite Mars aspect, in the posts Sun opposite Mars: Let’s Get Real, and The Universal Solvent. Amanda added the post Be Real With Others, And Yourself.

I have also taken a close look at Sun opposite Mars in a fun edition of Planet Waves FM that explores the charts and the creative work of Anne Rice, George Carlin and David Lynch, all of whom embody this aspect. This is an awesome edition of PW FM that you’ll want to set aside a free moment to listen to. Note, it has been updated to iTunes and should appear soon.

On Sunday night, Dan and I recorded our Music Appreciation Hour — a fantastic program on scales and music theory. You never would have guessed that an hour-long discussion (and demonstration) of scales and melody patterns could be so much fun, but it really is.

Finally, here is your Moonshine Horoscope by Genevieve Hathaway, which covers the Libra Full Moon of April, which is also an eclipse of the Moon. A new horoscope by me will be in Friday’s member edition.

Thanks for tuning in.

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PS, Oh! One other thing. We are back with Monsanto Watch, which will publish each Monday night. Here is the new edition and here is the link to sign up for the free weekly mailings. I am inviting all environmentally conscious people to participate in this community service journalism project.

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